Food Friday: I am not a dessert person

pineapple cake
Lanai, Hawaii

For most of the world ordering dessert is a treat. It really isn’t for me.

I would rather have an appetizer or side dish. It can be disappointing when I’m having dinner with a friend and they light up as they ask me if I was to split dessert only to have me half-heartedly answer ok.

I like chocolate, but not really after a meal. Cheesecake and creme brulee are also good but I wouldn’t go out of my way to order them.

But tonight I found a really delicious dessert at the Four Season Koele. My mother insisted on having dessert and as we were on a former pineapple plantation it seemed fitting the dessert should reflect that. I have had a lot of pineapple dessert in Maui but this one really stood out. The pineapple was topped with coconut pineapple ice cream – it was amazing.

I would ask for the recipe but I know the reason the ice cream was so good is that the ingredients were fresh, I’ll never be able to recreate that and would rather stick with the memory.






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    Not a dessert person?! Gasp!! If we ever get to dine together on a press trip, you can have my app and I’ll take your dessert. Hahaha

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    This looks delicious and almost sounds light more than decadent. I am a complete dessert person – I eat it almost every single night and have done so since I was a child. Sometimes it’s just nuts and some raisins and other times it’s ice cream for five straight nights.
    Lauren recently posted..Where I’m Getting Married

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    I too like you am not a dessert person and would always much rather have an extra helping of the savory dish than save room for dessert. So this dessert really must have been amazing for a non sweets lover to be raving about it! I must admit fresh coconut pineapple ice cream does sound pretty good….
    Vicky recently posted..Virginia Beach – Photo of the Week

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    Ayngelina, how can you not be a desert person, that is the FINALE of any perfect meal.
    Cheesecake and creme brulee plus pineapple desert, hello heaven!!


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