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Florence, Italy

I never really write about the actual blogging side of my life because usually it is quite boring. In between eating great food and seeing heavenly places the reality is that I am a slave to my netbook.

It is not the dream that most people have in their heads.

But I am tied to a really wonderful community of (mostly) supportive bloggers that are wonderful to meet. So when Italian blogger Michela asked me if I would participate in Girl Geek Dinners Toscana in Florence by Skype I did one better I used my Eurail pass to attend in person.


Rivoli Hotel agreed to put me up for the night and it was just a short walk to Casa della Creativia to speak alongside two Italian travel bloggers about how we started in blogging, how we make money if we do at all and the role of social media.

I was really nervous because there were so many people there, most with their noses down furiously tweeting about the event. I was worried I would have nothing to contribute but like everything in life, I had a whole lot to say.

Maybe it was just the European influence but I was able to just relax. The speeches were just the beginning of the night where I met some amazing people in marketing, social media, art and writing.


I had no idea but these dinners are held around the world and I’m going to start checking them out when I visit new cities. It was a lot of fun meeting locals with common interests and I think I may try to see if there is one in Toronto.






  1. says

    Ahh I’m glad the photos I took of you came out great! I’m glad you invited me to come along with you on this. It was interesting to see and mingle with so many amazing people. You of course did an amazing job and gave a lot of good info.

    Miss ya~
    Jaime recently posted..Photo Round Up – Week 45 & 46

  2. Carmie says

    You look so calm and relaxed with that mic in your hand..but I don’t see your knees knocking! I love the first picture…I would recognize you from that!

  3. says

    oh dear Ayngelina, you were great!
    we had such a wonderful time in Innsbruck and London that we could not miss the opportunity to organize smth together in Florence!
    thank you once again for coming and be such an inspiration for italian travel bloggers :)
    hope to see you soon, take care!

  4. says

    New follower, found you on food bloggers of Canada. I am loving your site. What a wonderful opportunity to travel somewhere fabulous. I bet you did amazing. I am about 4 hours from Toronto and have been desperate to attend some form of blog conference. New to it still and learning a ton but would love to meet up with people who do it. Doesn’t seem to be anyone local for me to share foodie nuttiness with.

    • Ayngelina says

      Well there are tons in Toronto that is for sure. Have you attended any of the Food Bloggers of Canada events? I’m really eager to meet the community.

  5. says

    Sorry to have missed you in florence – i’m another toronto expat, but have been living in florence for a dozen years.
    I looked up the GGD toronto thinking during my recent visit to my parents’ house i might get out one night… the group however seems rather inactive, and rather nerdy rather than geeky if you know what i mean. Face it, we italians know how to do these networking events like nobody else.

    • Ayngelina says

      Well now with Travel Massive I’m not sure we need one – although, I do love how there are also artists and people from a variety of fields. Once I get work under control I’ll consider it.

  6. Shannon says

    Nice photos, and I see Jaime helped you out a bit too :).

    I would like to see more posts like this from bloggers who attend blogging events or travel events, etc (I know Brendon(sp?) Van Son does).

    I only have one question: the title isn’t misleading (how dare I say that and try to be supporting!) but it seems to me guys were present there too?

    just FYI I enjoy reading your blog from your perspective as I do anyone else’s :)

    • Ayngelina says

      I try not to blog about blogging, some people like to do it but for me its just the means to tell the story. But in this case it was a personal story as I was flattered to be asked and then travel 49 hours to do it.

      Yes there were guys there! I think they allow 15 or 20 percent of the tickets to be sold to men but it’s a women focused event. It’s nice because I don’t think you need to be totally exclusive but at the same time it was really interesting to meet so many female entrepreneurs and artists.


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