A Small Favour That Helps a Bunch

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Toronto, Canada

Last week when I wrote that learning how to poach an egg actually helped me figure out what direction I wanted to take the site in I didn’t divulge that there has been a lot going on behind the scenes.

Slowly I’ve been studying and shooting more and more video and it’s become a huge passion of mine and something I am focusing on this year.


Here’s where I need your help


I’d love for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel – you don’t need a fancy YouTube account or have to jump through hoops – if you have an email address just click here to subscribe.

It’s just one small step to help me with much larger goals. In other big news I’ve signed on with Taste Made, a YouTube network that shares food videos, which means I’ll be able to learn from some of the best people creating food and travel videos on YouTube.

And if you haven’t checked my videos out yet here are some of my favourite.


Fishermen in Ecuador


Foraging Mushrooms in Girona, Spain


Brazilian Food – Morning at the Sao Paulo Market

Video allows me to share what it’s really like when I travel. I’m able to capture the spirit of a place in a manner I wouldn’t have in writing or photos. So if you enjoy the site I’d love your help – just click here and become one of my newest YouTube subscribers.




  1. Sofia says

    Your videos are pretty inspiring, although I admit that I prefer photos, there’s one thing videos have that photos don’t.. videos don’t lie. They don’t need photoshop to become pleasing to the eyes; what you shot is what it is.

    • Ayngelina says

      Thanks Sarah, I use an Olympus OM-D E-M5 with a prime lens, it’s really small so people feel less intimidated when you stick a camera in their face :)


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