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Toronto, Canada

I have been using Eagle Creek packing cubes since I left for Mexico four years ago. While I have spent those years contemplating the ultimate packing list, Eagle Creek cubes have been one of the few constants:

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I’ve been using the same packing cubes for 4 years and they barely have any signs of wear and tear. But that didn’t stop me from taking Eagle Creek up on the offer to review more of its gear.

Gear Warrior Wheeled Duffle 32
I normally travel carry-on or with a backpack but I’ve never purchased online. I actually love the videos that come with each product because bags have a lot of features that I don’t really understand but watching the video I was surprised that I wanted a wheeled duffle. But it’s really lightweight and was great for places like Jasper where I needed to bring some heavier clothes that wouldn’t fit into carry-on.

tarmac awd 22

Tarmac AWD 22
My experience with carry-on luggage has been one disappointment after another. My luggage takes a lot of abuse through the winter, cobblestone streets, muddy roads…I’ve spent more money on carry-on luggage than I’d like to admit – mostly because I really like 4 wheels instead of 2 and that comes at a premium price.

I’ve been using Eagle Creek’s Tarmac AWD for a couple months now and I think it may outlast anything I’ve had to date. Two things I love about the exterior are big, rugged wheels and the back of it is a hard polycarbonate shell so as I rolled it down slushy winter streets the backside didn’t get wet.

I also like how the interior can be separated into two pieces and I’ve used that feature a few times. The zipper is big and looks a bit clunky but with all the travel I do I just want something that is going to last and I think this is the bag.


specter cube

Pack It Specter Cube Set
I wasn’t a fan of these when I first started using them. They do help organize packing but they aren’t as structured as my beloved packing cubes. But I used them on an overnight trip in a yoga bag and realized because they are so light they’re perfect for shorter trips with small bags.


packable day pack

Packable Daypack
So I haven’t used this yet but I’m so excited to have it because it’s perfect for me. I actually don’t travel with a daypack – ever. I think backpackers look stupid (sorry it’s true) with a big back on their back and one on their front so if I make sure I can fit it all on my back. That means I’m usually only with a purse, which isn’t really practical for a full day out. I like that this is super small and the black is sleek looking. It will be going everywhere from now on.


packing cube

Pack-It Clean Dirty Cube
I have including packing cubes as my number one recommendation for travel so many times and thought it would be good to check out one with two sides. Basically they are the same as the originals but you can pack on both sides or use one for dirty clothes.

When I first started traveling I used the full cube, half, and quarter but found that eventually I was only using the halves because they were smaller, easier to pack and I could keep all my tops in one and bottoms in the other with underwear and socks in the quarter cube.

These cubes are essentially the halves but you can pack on two sides, this makes them twice as thick. I’d rather have two singles and just pack as needed. Packing is like Tetris and so I’d prefer the flexibility of singles.


pack-it protect-it

Pack-It Protect-It cubes

I cannot rave enough about this product. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. For the past four years I’ve been keeping my electronics in socks and scarves in my packing cubes, praying I didn’t break anything. These are studier, padded cubes that are fleece-lined with interior dividers. My Olympus OM-D E-M5 is small enough to fit in it along with another lens, charger, and other gadgets. It has made my life so much easier. I also have the small version which I put in my purse to keep things organized if I’m out for the day.

Overall I’m really impressed with the durability of Eagle Creek. While I still prefer the original packing cubes it’s a bit of a personal preference as I’m sure others would lean toward the light-weight Specter cubes or the ease of the double cubes. But it’s been enough of a view of Eagle Creek gear to know the quality is there, so much so that I’ve got my eye on the Adventure Weekender Bag, which is perfect for my goal of packing lighter.



  1. says

    I travel with the Rincon Vita 75. I love it even though I’ve found that it is actually a bit too big and allows me to carry more stuff than I should. I’ll probably downsize eventually but will likely still go with Eagle Creek. I also use their packing cubes which I seriously wouldn’t want to travel without and you’re right they last forever!

    • Ayngelina says

      I started with a 60L in South America, then moved down to a 50L and then a 40L. I would really love to travel with carry-on size only but my blogging gear takes up so much room!

  2. says

    I love packing cubes! Sadly, the ones I took to South America eventually disintegrated (they weren’t a quality brand). One thing I did really like about them, though, was that they had a mesh front to them, so I could see what was in each of them without opening them all up.
    Arianwen recently posted..SUPBall: the Sexiest Sport Known to Man

    • Ayngelina says

      I’m actually shocked my original ones are still in really good condition. I organized mine by type of clothing – tops in one, bottoms in another.

      • says

        I use them almost like stuff sacks, so I don’t need them to have any kind of structure. I use one for my emergency kit (headlamp, duct tape, emergency bivy, and my fire starting kit).

        I had a fun time with the TSA recently where they took out all my packing cubes looking for something…then the TSA agent asked if I wanted to put them back in. I declined and let her struggle with it. There was a method to my packing and she couldn’t figure it out. :) Eventually she gave in and I packed everything back in. I gotta say, having packing cubes made it SOOOOO easy!
        RenegadePilgrim recently posted..A Day in the Life of a Hospitalera

    • Ayngelina says

      I just love it because when I have to rifle to the bottom of my bag I don’t have to go through a pile of clothes!

  3. Marie @Budgeting for Travel says

    I remember my uncle gave my brother an Eagle Creek packing cubes, he is a ship captain and he told my brother that it’s very good to use especially in travelling. Until now he still uses this packing cubes.

  4. TopRew says

    I have been also useing Rincon Vita 75 for a long time and it is simply amazing. I cannot imagine my traveling without it…

    • Ayngelina says

      Some people want to save money and just use plastic bags – I have way too many awful hostel memories of jerks and their plastic bags!

    • Ayngelina says

      Seriously they have always been my number one recommendation. Someone just asked if they could use ziploc bags in advance. I tried that long ago – not the same!

  5. says

    Hi there,
    I’m preparing for a year of travels around the world, and I’ve been doing a lot of research on bags. My carryon will be my full size camera backpack, so this means of course that I’ll have checked luggage. I came across the EagleCreek Tarmac AW5 25 at a store while I was traveling and took note of it, as it looked to be a good choice for when I’m ready to make the selection. I see that you chose the 22. Did you think the 25 was too large? This will be my 1 suitcase for all of my travels, so I’m hoping the 25 will be as perfect as it can be (and maybe the 28 is too large. Not sure if you saw the 28 version). Anyway….fingers crossed that this will do the trick! Thanks for your post.

    • Ayngelina says

      How many litres is your backpack and where are you traveling? Normally I travel with about 35L total (backpack and carry-on bag).

  6. says

    My backpack (camera gear and computer only) is 24L, and a bit oversized the carryon dimensions for some of the larger airlines! (fingers crossed)…. it has no room for anything else and is very heavy with my gear)… Thus, all my other STUFF for the 8 months or so of travels will have to be in a suitcase…. Where to? Not 100% sure yet… Italy for certain (+France, Spain), southern Africa maybe, Argentina maybe, Bali maybe, Dubai maybe, Mexico for certain….wherever my camera, heart and opportunities take me.

    Camera backpack:

    • Ayngelina says

      Here’s my advice, you don’t pack for 8 months you pack for 1 week and then you pick up stuff you need along the way. So don’t worry about all the possibilities of clothing you will need just decide your first destination and pack one week there – you’d be surprised how cheap it is to do laundry around the world. As you need more clothing you can always buy it on the road.

  7. says

    That’s great advice! I will try my best… it will certainly be challenging though, because I’ve been buying items over the past year or so for my travel wardrobe, and I won’t be able to bring it all! But I do love picking up special things along the way, especially clothes – so I better keep that in mind:)


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