The three best hostels in Colombia

Don't miss out on the three best hostels in Colombia. An unbiased guide by someone who has spent more time in hostels in South America than anyone ever should.

Day 209: Bogota, Colombia

My thoughts on the best hostels in Colombia may not be the same as what others feel. I don’t look for a place to party or score cheap drugs. I’ve seen the good, bad and ugly and have never felt the need to share other than a very early post to reassure loved ones that hostels are a great place to stay.

But in Colombia I stayed in 3 memorable hostels that don’t receive much attention as they aren’t party hostels and I wanted to share them for those that may travel to Colombia.

I’ve been telling all the travelers I meet and finally I just decided if I felt so strongly about it I should write a post.

Double bed in a room

Tostaky’s – Cali

Tostaky’s was part of the reason I stayed so long in Cali. Vinz, the owner, is from France and runs a very clean hostel.

There are only about 15 beds total, 4 in a dorm and the rest in rooms for really low prices. I moved to a private room after being in the dorm for a week and really loved it there.

Bonus points:
– Vinz has a fantastic music selection
– Locals often drop by and will often take you out with them dancing if you want to learn to salsa
– Two kitchens are in the hostel and both are fully equipped, I was in heaven


Chef Joseph at La Serrana hostel

La Serrana – Salento

While everyone stays at Plantation House, La Serrana has been noticed because a visiting chef was creating 10 course meals.

Although Chef Joseph has moved onto the coast I still recommend this hostel. About a ten minute walk out of town on a farm and reminds me of a large farmhouse and is so comforting that I spent one afternoon just curled up on the couch reading.

Although it’s a bit chilly, I had no problem getting another blanket.

Bonus points:
– Awe-inspiring views of the country-side
– Real furniture, they don’t cheap out on big comfortable furniture that begs you to laze around all day

Casa Bella Vista Hostel

Casa Bella Vista – Bogota

Luis, the hostel owner, is actually the reason I decided to write this post as his hostel is not full and it really should be. I found Casa Bella Vista while walking through the Canderlaria.

It’s only been open for 3 months and as I was reading the hostel sign Luis invited me in for a tour and offered a desperately needed map of the city.

There was no hard sell, he just showed me around and the next day I moved in.With two small dorm rooms it’s perfect for people who want to chill out.

Bonus points:
– In the heart of the Candelaria
– Police are generally stationed only a few feet outside its doors.
– If you’re looking for somewhere good but cheap to eat, Luis has great recommendations



  1. says

    Great recommendations. We had a few places we loved while in Colombia as well. The people are just so friendly and welcoming, and that makes such a massive difference in how I view a place. It can really just put it over the top, as it seems it did here with you. Thanks for the recommendations.
    Adam. recently posted..The Benefits of Slowing Down

  2. says

    Always enjoy reading your articles and reviews. These places look very nice. I think it’s great for you to share this information with travelers. I’ve never stayed in a hostel, but I do know that the quality can really vary.

  3. says

    i have stayed in about a billion hostels over my time, and can i say that these look WAY too good. where is the mould dripping down the walls, the empty bottles of cheap rum and the overflowing toilets? ha.
    i do find it weird that some of the best ones arent full. i think the dreaded lp has a bit of a role in that. good work on getting these ones out there!
    jamie recently posted..Mayan Ruins Part 1- Mexico

  4. Ayngelina says


    I think because in South America hostels are a fairly new phenomena so they are built with modern conveniences in mind.

  5. says

    I didn’t stay at La Serrana as I hadn’t heard about it before but I did meet someone in town who was staying there and it sounded so nice I decided to take a walk out to see it. Very nice indeed.

    I am also glad you found a great place in Bogotá as I heard mostly stories of disappointment for most of the “highly rated” hostels in that city.
    Jeff recently posted..Street Art- El Salvador

  6. says

    I met Chef Joseph in Medellin, amazing chef! Also stayed in Bella Vista over Christmas. I had trouble in Bogota, but Luis was amazingly friendly and helpful.

  7. says

    Thanks Ayngelina!
    I’ll be in Colombia soon and I had bookmarked this page.
    Also looking forward to cross from Panama’ to Colombia by boat as you did, -1 day to go I’m soooo excited!!!! :)

    • Ayngelina says

      So happy to hear this. I just heard back from a couple that went to Tostaky’s and said it was the best hostel of their vacation so I’m happy it’s still as good as I remembered.


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