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Toronto, Canada

Every single day I get an email asking if I want a free download because it’s going to be the next best thing for travel or food. I always politely decline because I’m already on Facebook, Twitter and I’ve become so obsessed with posting food on Instagram that I don’t have time for another app.

But I’ve seen a few other bloggers like Liz and Kate rave about Trover, knowing them both personally I was a bit more receptive, which they describe as:

A visual guide to the best of everywhere, sourced by travel gurus and culture hounds, gut-checked by peers, and lusted after by aspirational newbies. Accessible via web site and iPhone app, it’s a community for awesome-obsessed people to share their photos, get recognition for their discoveries, and find inspiration for their next jaunt. 

I’m not traveling at the moment but it was the perfect opportunity to see what people had posted in Toronto and if it was the standard tourists sites or truly unique information.

I was hooked in minutes.



Photo-based, Trover pulls up images with tips of what is closest to you and as you scroll you move farther out. I found some tips I would offer and others I had no idea were in my neighborhood. I could immediately see why I would use this when I traveled because I was already planning on hitting a graffiti alley a few streets away that I had no idea existed.



Trover actually helps me eliminate two other programs I once used for travel. I use private Pinterest boards for travel planning. They are good to plan but it’s sometimes awkward once on the road to pull up the board then pin then website of where I wanted to go. With Trover lists the information is on the photo. I also removed Foodspotting because it would show photos of food nearby but with Trover I can view both food and cool attractions nearby.

Local tips are difficult to find and with results showing you in order of proximity it means you could just turn a corner and see something cool.



Trover doesn’t have a lot of food, yet. So this month I’m working with Trover to populate food tips for Toronto.

You can find me on Trover here.


It gets even better.


Trover is hosting a contest from April 10- May 1. Simply upload a photo and write #TroveOn at the beginning of your description with interesting details about the location and you’re entered to win $750 or other great prizes. The photos are judged by me and a couple other bloggers with full details here including where to send the bacon bribe!

You can get the free Trover app on iTunes, and wherever you are please upload food photos so I know where to eat around the world!


Disclosure: My work with Trover is a paid program although I really do love this app and am already using it to plan my next trip in May.




  1. Best holiday destinations says

    Nice pics!!!!!!!!!!! looking a delicious food and fantastic market.I will surely plan my upcoming vacation to this place.thanks for posting nice views……

  2. says

    That’s amazing. Pinterest is awesome but definitely awkward to use once you go. Are they going to have all sorts of places on their or just big cities?

    My hometown, Portland Maine, could fill this app up. So much good food there.

    • Ayngelina says

      It looks like even smaller places are on Trover as well. I was shocked at how many people were posting on Toronto.

    • Ayngelina says

      Toronto is a great city for food. I’m actually hoping Trover will have great content when I hit Italy next month.

  3. Sofia Rhodes says

    Thanks for this post. I am trying new places in Toronto and thanks to you, I got many places where I can go and eat.. Yummy..!!!

  4. says

    I have been SO hesitant to download another social media platform as I feel really overwhelmed. However, I’ve been reading a lot about Trover lately from the travel blogs I love and I am going to go ahead and try it! I am planning a trip to Europe next month and think this could be something really cool for me to utilize and to share my finds, too!

    • Ayngelina says

      I feel the same way. I kind of gave up on Pinterest but this one is such little work. When I was at the coffee shop I just pulled it up to see what was close and I was surprised as a local what I was missing out on.

  5. says

    Like you, I am super hesitant to sign onto another social media account (um, I literally just started a Facebook page). However, I am super visual so if I were to commit, it would be to this one! Love the twist you’re putting on it.
    Alex recently posted..Blissing Out in Bocas del Toro

  6. says

    This is great! Is it just for Toronto? I should’ve used it when I was there… would love it to be introduced into other cities around the world and then I’d def download it. My friends developed a food app called Cheersy in Perth that shows you the latest food deals close to you, which is pretty sweet. Maybe they should incorporate user images too, that’d make it tops!

  7. Kristy says

    I will try to use Trover too and let’s see if I can also be one of the many people who will be hook at it. Anyway, thanks for recommending it to us.

  8. Selma says

    Sounds like a fun mission … also everything your touch appears on the “What’s Hot” list … coincidence? :)

  9. Tina says

    Love your pictures, those foods looks really great. Never been to Toronto, but when I find my feet there, definitely will try Trover. Thanks for sharing…


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