Ecuador is Mighty

More than the Galapagos. Ecuador packs in beaches, mountains and jungle in a small country.

I can’t say it’s underrated because really I think it’s just unknown!

Everyone raves about Costa Rica, but I find it devoid of culture. Foreigners have ruined it and replaced much of it with yoga retreats and vegan gluten-free cafes.

Ecuador has the Amazon jungle, the Andes mountains, the Pacific coastline.

And of course the Galapagos Islands.

Yet it also has such a rich culture grounded with the living history of its Indigenous people.

Indigenous people are throughout South America and may be the largest group of indigenous people in the world.

Today 2.5 million Ecuadorians speak Quechua. And many others speak regional languages.

It isn’t a culture that is hidden away or only recognized for special occasions.

And that gives Ecuador a special energy and spirit.

And while Ecuador is not perfect. It has handled the balance of tourism much better.

It is still possible to have authentic experiences, that weren’t simply created for tourism.


The geography of Ecuador determines what people eat in different parts of the country.

In the Andes, Ecuadorian food is full of pork and root vegetables like yuca.

On the coast it’s common to have seafood with coconut milk and rice whereas the Amazon has the most unusual food of it all – albeit not so tasty in the heart of the Amazon.

Wherever you go, aji is on every table. It is a hot sauce that is fruity and spicy and my absolute favourite in the world.

I have marked dishes that are Vegan (V), Gluten-Free (GF), Dairy Free (DF)


Bolon de Verde
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Pescado Encocado


This small country has everything.

You can see snow and go to the beach in the same day. That’s how diverse traveling in Ecuador can be.

Ecuador has a whopping 11 international airports and 23 other controlled airports so it is possible to fly most to the most popular cities in Ecuador.

But I prefer the bus. You can cross Ecuador by bus from North to South for only $20. It costs $12 Quito to Cuenca, and

The views of the countryside are some of the most spectacular. And you miss them when you take the train.

And Ecuador’s economy uses US dollars, which makes converting to CAD or any other currency much easier.


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