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Avoid Tourist Traps and Eat With Locals

Hi! I’m Ayngelina. Welcome to Bacon is Magic!

I don’t consider myself adventurous. But my life has certainly been an adventure.

Ten years ago I left a boyfriend and a career in advertising and bought a one-way ticket to Mexico to travel on a career break.

I didn’t speak Spanish and I had no idea where I was going.

Later this site became my full-time job. I am both the editor and publisher.

In addition to sharing my picks for the best food around the world, I manage a team of small team of amazing contributors who share their tasty perspective on the world.

Want to join the team? Send me an email!

Ayngelina Brogan in Mexico City

We Won’t Let You Look Like a Stupid Gringo

We don’t call ourselves foodies. We are food hunters.

We try to travel places longer, make friends with locals and find out how to get off the tourist track.

We create guides to make you feel comfortable knowing that you can go to a country and know exactly how to order, what to get and how to fit in with local slang. Learn:

  • Where locals eat and which restaurants are worth the hype
  • How not to look stupid, with local etiquette from what time to eat to how to pay
  • Should you haggle, when and where it’s appropriate
  • How much to tip
  • Where to stay
Ayngelina Brogan in Victoria BC

Nearly 200,000 people read Bacon is Magic site each month looking to find insider’s tips for where to eat on their next vacation. It has appeared on:

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Meet the Bacon is Magic Team

Rease Kirchner is a Spanish-speaking, ice cream loving, long-but-funny story telling freelancer.

She specializes in travel writing with a focus on culture and local stories.

Rease strives to weave humor and honesty into every piece, while still offering useful information and advice.

She has spent 6 years living abroad, split between Buenos Aires, Argentina and Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Rease has been published on outlets such as National Geographic and Fodors, amongst others.

Ryan Osborne is a mother of two and photographer. 

She specializes in food, family and lifestyle writing and is always curious about how we can do better

Ryan balances a hectic lifestyle of running a household with two children under 3 years old while maintaining her sanity with humour, realistic expectations and a whole lot of pretzels.

A passionate traveller and hiker Rhun has had the privilege of hiking some of the finest trails in the world on four continents.

After a good hike, trying the local food and enjoying the culture of different countries is one of my main pleasures when travelling.

When not sampling the local trails or food, he regularly writes on subjects including travel, food, web development and other passions.

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