San Blas Panama: Sailing from Panama to Colombia

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Day 113-119: Somewhere between Panama and Colombia

I was on the fence as to whether I should sail from San Blas Panama to Colombia.

The accounts of the trip were polarizing; some people had a disastrous time with cokehead captains beaching their ship on sand bars.

Others spent the entire time seasick but then there were those who said it was a highlight of their trip.

When I arrived in Panama City I decided to suck it up and instead of taking the cheap $100 flight, I would shell out four times as much for my first sailing expedition.

Our hostel said the trip was 5 days with 3 days in San Blas Panama, islands which are just off the Caribbean coast.

Interestingly, the indigenous Kuna Yala tribe have self governing authority over the islands and a part of the mainland.

It’s a must-see in Panama so I figured for San Blas Panama alone the sailing trip would be worth it.

me sailing header

Plus I really wanted to wear a big floppy hat.

Day 1: Porvenir and Chichime

Season joined me on the trip and we met our shipmates –  a couple from England and an Aussie from Melbourne who once managed one of my favorite bands, the Cat Empire.

Along with Captain Mike and First Mate Dan, also from Australia, we sailed out to the first island.

Taking time to swim in the bath-warm water we were treated to a postcard perfect sunset as Captain Mike and Lach brought out their guitars.