I Live in Havana, So Why Did I Take an Intrepid Cuba Tour?

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Looking for the most authentic Cuba tour? I’m on a quest to find it.

I have been based in Havana for 18 months. I’m not 100% living there as I have to travel often for work. But when I’m not working I’m in Havana.

So why would I want to take a Cuba tour?

The longer I stay in Cuba the more I realize just how difficult it is to see the country independently.

Many travelers arrive in Havana and manage to see Vinales and Trinidad.

But to travel the country, especially if you don’t speak Spanish, is difficult.

Many people think to see the “real Cuba” you have to do it independently and painfully organize each step yourself.

I wanted to see if this Cuba tour could show the authentic side of Cuba without the hassle of struggling through Spanish and negotiating prices at every step.

But let’s answer the two most important question on everyone’s mind:

Is Cuba Safe?

Plaza Vieja in Old Havana
Plaza Vieja (Old Square) isn’t actually the oldest in Old Havana, Cuba.

I am surprised at how often I hear this question because I worry about my safety in Havana as much as I would in Toronto.

Cuba is considered the safest country in both the Caribbean and Latin America.

That doesn’t mean it’s a crime-free utopia. There is petty theft and pickpocketing.

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    I would never leave my purse on the back of my chair in Havana – nor would I do that in Rome. 

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