The Complete List of Long Haul Flight Tips

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The best collection of long haul flight tips, that make cramped spaces and hours on a plane so much better!

I’m only 5 feet tall and so I never really think about comfort when flying. I always have lots of room and can sleep anywhere at anytime.

I didn’t realize how bad it was for others until I flew with my ex to Europe.

I knew enough to arrive to the airport early so we wouldn’t have to rush or if he was “randomly chosen” for additional screening.

When you travel with someone who has tattoos it’s good to give yourself extra time to reach the departure gate.

Things went so smoothly, until we got on the plane and I realized we were a bit unprepared for his first long haul flight.

It can be tough to sleep and you don’t want to arrive exhausted in Rome.

There wasn’t much I could do except suggest a nap and take note of what to do so that others won’t make the same mistake.

Santa Clara Cuba airport

Long haul flight tips


I’m not so picky when it comes to food. I’ll pretty much eat anything but many people have sensitive stomachs and often have to decline a lot of food.

You do not want to be on a long haul flight and be hungry. Next time we’ll Bring snacks, like nuts, dried fruit and a couple protein bars.

I’ve seen some people bring cup of noodles and ask for the hot water they add to tea,

Unless I’m flying on Air France where delicious French cheese is included, I generally order a vegan meal.

It means you’ll get beans and rice with fruit for dessert instead of some kind of dicey meat.

Although I don’t recommend that for flying to Spain, my mother and I had an atrocious meal and she didn’t eat – thankfully I had snacks.

Upgrade to the Front Row

Most often window seats are great for sleeping and legroom- except for very small planes where it is angled.

It’s best to find out what kind of plane you’re on in advance. Sometimes paying to upgrade to the front row is worth it.

Travel Neck Pillow

This may be one of the most important long haul flight tips.

I once loathed neck pillows and I previously couldn’t fathom dragging one around for an entire holiday.

But this J-Pillow or this inflatable travel pillow are fantastic, especially if you’re a couple and someone needs to sit in the middle seat.

Stay Charged

I don’t want to sound privileged by complaining with these long haul flight tips.

But unbelievably many still planes that don’t have power sources at the seats. This means your iPhone is probably going to die before you land and you’ll be forced to listen to on-flight music.

I really like the LinearFlux LithiumCard because it’s lightweight, the size of 5 credit cards and has two outlets.

The complete list of long haul flight tips: What to pack, what to eat on a flight and how to avoid jet lag.

Seat Selection

I had been traveling solo for the last 5 years so I never paid to pre-book a seat or worried about legroom.

Big mistake.

As soon as the flight settled in the person in front of us fully reclined their seat.

This left 12 inches between my ex’s face and his television screen.

If you’re on a budget and don’t want to pay for the seat reservation check out Seat Guru, which has airline seat maps and a comfort rating system.


An eight hour flight can get a bit grimey. Keep these travel-size (under 100ml) products in your carry on:

  • Mouthwash
  • travel toothbrush
  • moisturizer
  • hand sanitizer
  • deodorant
  • lip balm
  • moist wipes

Block Out the World

Of course everyone recommends an eye mask and noise cancelling earphones but they can be so expensive and I’m not even sure I can justify $400 for them.

But I did find these great Monoprice Noise Cancelling Earphones just over $100.


As tempting as it may be, this is not the time to break out yoga pants. You want breathable layers as flights can be hot and cold.

If you’re tall and can pull off wide leg linen pants or cute harem pants go for it.

I tend to wear a free flowing dress and throw tights in my bag.

Whatever you choose, a cardigan and cotton scarf and socks are key as you never know how cold a plane can get until you’re freezing and have to buy their crappy $12 blanket.


One of the best ways to fight jet lag is to stay well hydrated, which isn’t really possible if you’re waiting for the attendant to give you 100ml every 2-3 hours.

Bring a waterbottle and when they come by ask if they can fill it.

Most are happy to accommodate, only a few times have the attendant given dirty looks, which I just ignore.

If you want to step it up even more consider bringing Emergen-C for your water.

Not only does it have Vitamin C to ward off your coughing fliers but more importantly it has electrolytes to help keep you hydrated.


This is more of a “do as I say not as I do.”

I love to have a glass of wine with dinner but if you want to avoid jetlag the best thing to do is abstain from alcohol 24 hours before the flight and during the flight.

If you’re a wine lush like me just remember 1 drink = 2 in the air so it’s easy to get drunk.

This may like one of the bonus long haul flight tips but it’s actually painful to arrive hungover in a foreign land.

Should You Pop Pills?

I know a lot of people recommend Ambien, Ativan or over the counter sleep aids like Benadryl.

I’m not a fan of these as it’s not real sleep and if something happens, like needing to emergency land in another city I’ll be groggy.

Also it’s recommended that you get up and walk every two to three hours.

I have taken homeopathic Valerian and Melatonin which sleep to help relax rather than knock me out.

Whatever you choose try it before you get on the plane to see how it works for you.

Now it’s your turn, what long haul flight tips did we miss? What are your best hacks for a great long flight? 

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The complete list of long haul flight tips: What to pack, what to eat on a flight and how to avoid jet lag.

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  1. I hate flying. It’s boring and uncomfortable and I don’t believe it’s possible to have a truly, “great” flight. Just a less crappy one. I always bring earplugs, an eyemask and a pashmina or some other type of scarf. And of course a hoodie or other comfy sweater that can easily be tied around my waist if I am going somewhere warm and don’t want to carry or wear it once I arrive.

    1. Noraalshamlan says:

      I’m ok with long flights I’m pretty tall I prefer to wear sweatpants and a teashirt and keep a hoodie in my carry-on which is a backpack. for snacks I’m not the biggest fan of airplane food so I go to my local supermarket which has a isle of travel sized snacks . I don’t recommend buying those travel sized toiletries I prefer finding tiny containers in the house and fill them up with my own things it’s cheaper so never throw away your sample tubes or whatever because you can refill them or if your staying at a hotel and they give you small complimentary shampoo , conditioner etc… Once you finish them you can take the bottles home and use them for another trip but fill them up with your old things and put them in your toiletry bag in your carry-on

      1. I agree with restocking your own tiny containers with your favorite toiletry products. Once I read an article on ‘zero waste travel kits’ and inspired me to create my own. Muji has a great selection of reusable containers and GoToobs are good too. Also, I found a reusable 3-1-1 Air Travel Liquids Bag like one from REI so I do not throw away zip locks.

        1. Ayngelina Author says:

          Ahh great idea. I’ve been using my stash of hotel toiletries but I like your idea much better.

    2. I’m just the opposite. I love to fly. I can’t sleep because I don’t want to miss a minute of it!

      1. Carol Jackson says:

        I’m with you, Tam. I like escaping from the real world, always have several choices ready on my kindle, and like curling up in a ball in the window seat. I even (usually) like airline food.

  2. Agreed on everything! I always wear a dress and have leggings, a scarf, and jacket. Sometimes you get on a plane and it’s hot but 20 minutes into the flight it’s an artic tundra. I also hate neck pillows because of their bulk ones but I have an inflatable one for the extra long flights.

  3. Great tips! I never worried about my seat on short flights when I was traveling solo, but now when I fly with Andy, whether it’s a short or a long flight, I will pay extra to make sure we have good seats together. He has a pretty bad fear of flying, so not getting seats together is NOT an option. I’ve also started realizing I really need to bring my own food on flights since I’m pretty sensitive to a lot of foods too.

  4. I do not enjoy flying – not because I’m afraid of it or because it’s so boring but because I’m super claustrophobic and hate anyone I don’t know touching me. A five hour flight from YVR to YYZ is about the limit of my tolerance IF all conditions are good. But a 9 hour flight to the UK makes me break out into a cold sweat weeks in advance. If I’m travelling solo I always pay for an aisle seat so I can stick my legs out and have some empty space on one side of me! Also, I’m a grazer so lots of snacks and water and I load my iPhone up with podcasts, which I find easier to listen to than watching a movie for some reason. (maybe it’s that screen 12 inches in front of my face!). And puzzles like Sudoku – they can absorb me for hours and make time go faster – I also tend to hunch over the little seat tray table when I do them which also makes me feel less crowded by my seat mates. Great tips!

    1. How do you deal with being claustrophobic on the plane. I will be traveling to Hawaii and feel the same way about being on the plane.

      1. Ayngelina Author says:

        I’m short and I’ve never had that issue but I really had to change how I flew when I started traveling with Dave. After a disastrous trip to Italy where he felt so cramped I promised him from now on we would pay the extra $20-50 per seat so we could either sit in the first row or the extra row, the one with extra leg room. It was never something I needed but it has changed his flying experience. If you can spend a bit more it really helps you to have more space in front of you.

        1. Book a seat as far forward in the plane as you can get so you’re not looking at row after row of people in front of you, and if it’s a flight long enough to sleep on, I take an over the counter sleep aid (about half the normal dose – just enough to make me relaxed) so I can doze for most of the flight.

      2. Paying for extra leg room and choosing aisle seats are a must if you experience claustrophobia. A low dose of Xanax is quite a help to reduce anxiety around this. Avoid caffeine. Keep the area around your legs clear.

        I gathered these comments from other articles I read about relaxing on flights:

        Life doesn’t always afford large blocks of do-nothing time, but when those blocks come, you should try to appreciate and enjoy them.

        Recline your chair, put on your headphones, throw on some chill music, close your eyes and relax. Try visualizing all of the cool things you’ll be doing when you arrive at your destination.

        Above all else, it’s important to remember that all flights will eventually come to an end, so try to sit back, relax and keep positive. Focus on what’s ahead. Just think: you are headed somewhere fun, or at least different from the everyday. No matter what —you are on your way.

        1. Ayngelina Author says:

          Agreed on the extra legroom, if the flight is long the money is well worth it.

      3. I have a good amount of anxiety with flights to the point that I can’t sleep on flights at all. A doctor prescribed a very low dose of Valium for this and it allows me to relax just enough and doesn’t knock me out. It probably would work for claustrophobia as well.

  5. I would add that you should wear travel socks on long-haul flights and walk around the plane once in a while.
    Also “Live” in the time zone of your destination and sleep to usual times of your destination and not just whenever. This way you will avoid the worst jetlag ever.

  6. Some great tips! We just booked flights back to Canada for a visit. Leaving Dublin and heading to Calgary I think the overall flight time is 9 or 10 hours. I dread long haul flights and much prefer to do shorter flights with a little time between getting on another plane.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I’m short so I love long haul flights because I can just sleep or binge watch television but now with Dave it’s a different game and we’ll be looking for shorter flights with stops.

  7. anil_traveller says:

    Some great tips in there. I always make sure I have a nice book to read, there’s only so much time the in-flight entertainment can actually entertain me for. 🙂 So yea, a book or if kindle is your thing then long hauls are a good time to catch up on your readings. 🙂

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I traveled for years with a kindle to the point where it broke, but I loved it.

  8. Stephanie - The Travel Chica says:

    For plane food on long trips, I like to bring a couple of hard boiled eggs, sliced apples, peanut butter, almonds, and a granola bar.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I like all of this but hard boiled eggs, the smell would make me vomit.

      1. I would be furious if a passenger brought out hard boiled eggs during a flight. Absolutely the wrong thing to do!!

    2. CreepingJennie says:

      On behalf of the other passengers, please don’t bring hard boiled eggs. The smell is horrible.

    3. Also, please don’t bring peanut butter. For some the smell is as bad, if not worse, than hard boiled eggs and there is also the allergy issue.

    4. Joan schultz says:

      The smell of eggs is so rude, and so many flights won’t let you have peanuts because of alergies.

      1. Ayngelina Author says:

        Have to agree, eggs and tuna should be banned.

        1. I just made a recipe for a chickpea salad sandwich which is packable, does not have an aroma that would bother other passengers and can hold up for several hours. See this article – scroll down to the recipe (click “view on one so you don’t have to tab through each recipe on its own).

  9. Call me crazy, but I love long haul flights. I think because of my profession, I love the solitude that a flight provides. My longest solo trip was 14 hours and I usually go non-stop from SFO to Europe. I also like the higher chance of getting my luggage if I checked and the general reduction in complications that a layover includes. I also love Air France!

    I don’t normally sleep much on flights. My favorite way to sleep though is to bring my very soft, thickish scarf. Wrap it around your neck a couple of times and make a knot at your chin (think nest for your head). This method supports the back of my neck and holds up my chin, and keeps me warm.

    I always get a big bottle of water after security because it is tough to wait for that tiny glass from the flight attendant.

    Walking every few hours, even doing some stretching in a quiet corner can really keep the kinks at bay. Think of the wait for the bathroom as a chance to stretch out.

    I never go anywhere without baby wipes: gentler and cheaper than adult wipes.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I love the scarf tip as I always wear them as well. I’m definitely doing this next time!

  10. Being Australian I really appreciate these tips! If I want to get to Europe or the US it’s up to 24 hours of flying!

  11. Victoria Sievers says:

    I always set my watch to the local time of the country I’m traveling to and do activities according to the local time. For example, if it’s 11:00 PM locally, I skip the movie and sleep.. This really helps your body get into sync with the local time.

  12. Linda Bibb says:

    We won’t go anywhere without our No Jet-Lag. It’s a homeopathic medication that does just what it promises. We survived a 33-hour trip from D.C. to Bali and were on Bali time and raring to go when we landed.

    A few years ago we cavalierly skipped the pills on a transatlantic flight home. Big mistake. We felt miserable for days afterward and swore, “never again.” Now, we keep them in our carry-ons at all times.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      My mother swears by it as well. We haven’t had much issues with jetlag to Europe but you’re right South East Asia could be a nightmare.

    2. I’m looking at a 20 hour flight to Singapore. We leave San Francisco around 1 AM. How did you figure out when to sleep?

      1. Ayngelina Author says:

        Always sleep and eat at the time that is proper for your destination. If you can fast throughout the flight it’s ideal but I’ve never been able to do it on long flights.

  13. Good list! Investing in noise-cancelling headphones was the best thing I did for long-haul travel.

    The one thing I’d add is simply: bring a book. Some times the seatback monitors don’t work, sometimes the audio output is faulty, and sometimes – like taxiing and taking off, it’s not always allowed/convenient to watch something.

    Electronics (Kindle, iPad etc.) can stop working but a book doesn’t turn off! A book you can get lost in, that’s a really fun read, also helps 🙂

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      That is a really useful tip and one that was once the #1 essential!

  14. Good Tips. When I was younger I could cope with those 14 hour flight legs from Australia to the North America, or Europe but not any more. Now I try to break it up into shorter legs by flying via Hawaii and even stopping over for a couple of nights, or breaking the trip to Europe into 3 legs instead of two and taking advantage of airport hotels for a shower and a nap. And I always choose an aisle seat for any flight longer than 3 or 4 hours, so I can get out of my seat and wander the aisles and stretch when ever I want to.

  15. Flight socks are a must! Didn’t wear thwem on my trip from Heathrow to Goa and I regretted it

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      My feet always get cold, even on summer flights.

  16. I like these tips, especially the vegan one. Never would have thought of that to make an in flight meal a bit more healthy.
    For long hauls, I try to bring books, and those new adult colouring books! Both don’t run out of power, and can help relax. I also hate travel pillows, so I bring a big scarf and a small travel blanket. Just small enough to put into its own case. As a lady, and I think this should be universal for both, always bring panty liners or an extra pair of underwear. It’s a small detail, but can save a sudden itchy hell when you’re on vacation, and don’t have a drug store with canesten on hand.

  17. These are all great tips although I’ve never been on a long haul flight that didn’t give free blankets? I also make sure I have medications on hand, wouldn’t want to spike a headache or irritating cough or get the runs without something on hand.

  18. I don’t have noise cancelling headphones, but found an hour long song that was called “white noise for sleep”, or something similar. I’ve had that on repeat on my iPod on so many trips. It helps with the background if that is an issue for you trying to sleep. It is for me.

  19. I flew nonstop to South Africa last May. That’s 17 hours. ( I did upgrade to Economy Plus, which was worth every penny.) In addition to a neck pillow (with a hoodie attached) I took a dollar store beach ball. I inflated it and kept it in the floor. I put my compression sock covered feet on it from time to time and rolled it around for exercise. It helped my circulation a lot. (I had a window seat.) Before I deflated it, I wiped it down with sanitizing wipes. I started taking low dose aspirin before my trip to thin my blood for improved circulation. I like to travel in skirts. Bathrooms are easier to navigate in a skirt. Trust me on this.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      That is an amazing tip. I love the the beach ball idea because my feet never touch the floor so I always have to put them on something.

  20. I always order a vegetarian meal, and not only is it usually better (and better on the tummy) – they usually bring out the “special meals” before they serve everyone else. You can get to sleep faster!

    Hand-sanitizer or wipes are necessary for me when flying. I wipe down the arm rest, TV screen, and tray table. You never know when they have a chance to clean those items!

  21. Catherine says:

    Love this post!! I’m traveling to Puerto Rico soon so this will be helpful (it’s about an 8 hour flight from where I live). You should definitely try SleepPhones from (or Amazon) for comfortable headphones! You can get a corded or bluetooth version for cheaper than the ones you posted!

    Anyway, thanks for the tips!!

  22. Margaret moss says:

    I take airborne everyday gummies before a trip and drink plenty of water so I am well hydrated.anyone can get a blood clot no matter their age, so get up and move around every two hours .no tight clothes that cut circulation. If you arrive and have leg pain or swollen feet, get it checked by dr.

  23. Josh Wilson says:

    Great tips here. I agree that staying charged and seat selection is so key in long haul flights. Great tips here and we will use these on that next 14 hour flight we take 🙂


    Josh & Liz
    Peanuts or Pretzels Travel

  24. Order the kosher meals on long flights….much simpler meals/snacks. And I hate to say this but a glass of wine and 2 Advil pms work wonders. I never sleep on long flights and doing this allows 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep! Eat a big meal before boarding and go to sleep soon after take off.

  25. Former TWA international international flight attendant .flew 747s so that tells you my age! I like to take long flights in the biggest chunks and get them over, and avoid the east coast airports, so I like to fly west coast to Europe as far as I can in the first flight. Always prebook an aisle seat. I can’t imagine being doped up in an emergency situation so Advil PM and always spray decongestant, no drugs. Comfortable knit layers. Temperature always changes. Carry a knit jacket . I always eat before I board and always bring granola bars, crackers and cheese, fruit and maybe a sandwich. Airlines have been known to run out of food or its awful. If I can’t get food i want it! Always carry an empty plastic water bottle and refill it every time I can. On the airplane in my carry on have kindle, smart phone, camera (and various chargers and cords as well as small electric strip AAA and worth every penny, fabric jewelry pouch, lip balm fabric jewelry pouch, two backup paperbacks, eye mask, ear plugs, neck pillow and noise reducing ear buds. Avoid NYC airports and Chicago, lots of weather delays.

  26. I take a small reveal able pouch of baby wipes and a couple make-up remover towelettes, and basic travel-size or sample size make-up items. Towards the end of a long flight, I take a bathroom break to freshen up, put on a fresh face and brush through my hair. I usually have a pouch of disinfecting wipes because the bathroom can be unpredictable sometimes. I always feel a little more prepared to face customs and the airport crush if I feel like my appearance is fresh.

  27. I’ve got the perfect idea: stop complaining. Put on your big boy and girl panties, do planning ahead of time and be prepared. It’s not that difficult to fly long distances if you plan correctly.

  28. Farber@NeckPillows says:

    I am flying to Sydney later this year and have already begun to think about how I am going to pass the time. I have never been on a flight that has lasted more than 6 hours. This is really helpful for me.

    1. Kelly Pritchett says:

      Watch a first movie have dinner then sleep as long as you can. They always wake you with a warm washcloth and breakfast.

  29. C’mon people…a long haul flight can be good for the soul!! We’ve done several..AUS to UK, AUS to Canada, NY to AUS. Each taking up to 30hrs with one stop. Everyone on a plane should be considerate of others and NOT fully recline their seats or pass gas and please be tidy in the bathrooms!! And..if you know you’re going to be locked on a plane with hundreds of people… get something to help stop the cough!!! We’d all enjoy our travels much more.

    1. rolf mandel says:


  30. T Stansbury says:

    I always take slip-on shoes to wear for restroom trips. Socks are great while you’re in your seat, but you don’t want to step in the restroom with only socks on. Yuck!

  31. is pretty informative. You can pick up an extra 1.5 inches in width just by choosing a certain airplane type when you fly.
    I try to have cough drops and lollypops with me when I fly. Also ora-gel if I think about it. Not for me, but for other people who might need it. Especially Moms with little ones.
    Southwest Airlines has a policy for fat fliers that is wonderful. Just book and extra seat and you’ll only pay for one. I’ve used it, and felt much less worried about crowding other passengers. Although people are always polite, I know it’s a drag to have to sit next to a “Person of size”.

  32. Hi to All,

    Am Traveling First time to Asia Countries First time Please any body suggest me a un forgettable place in Asia rather than Manila. So i can visit with family and have a Great Summer Tour.

    1. Kelly Pritchett says:

      Spend a day or two in cities then get to the smaller towns. You can research many suggestions on this website as well as

  33. I fly frequently. I suggest wearing comfortable shoes. You may have to run on airports to catch your next flight.

  34. Caroline Keeble says:

    I have in the last couple of years flown from Australia to Europe. I use a neck and foot pillow, take snacks, eye mask, ear plugs and effervescent vitamin C, always take a collapseable cup as I got sick of security taking bottles of water from me. Only ever take on board luggage, and no more than 7kg in hand luggage, as airlinew will charge you for extra weight. I always exercise, and and treat myself to a gin and tonic with dinner. I also take with me chamomile tea and hot chocolate to settle me for a good sleep.I find an iPod and books, plus the kids movies great entertainment. I choose the aisle seat, so I do not have to clamber over people to go to the bathroom and if you sit in your seat correctly, you do not get bumped or knocked by people. If you think about how to pack for a flight, who needs first class.

  35. Have had several England to Oz trips of around 27 hours and will always dress comfortable but smart. You never know when they want to upgrade someone and someone dressed smart stands more chance. Also I will ask for a bulkhead seat, more room even if you do have to wait to see if there’s one available and are last on. Compression socks, low-dose aspirin and a neck cushion are essential. Noise-cancelling earphones and a emergency charger are a great idea too.

  36. Kelly Pritchett says:

    In addition to hydrating on the plane I super hydrate for th full 24 hrs prior to flight, that way I’m near a toilet to do this and it does help with jet lag. I always get an aisle seat. Easier to get up and walk or do a few stretches. If you feel around on the bottom back of the aisle arm rest it will usually have a release tab or button to raise the armrest easier to slide out or stretch. (I’m tall). Brookstone has THE best eye mask and neck rest. Always have the headphones, a pair of clean panties and wear layers in case your luggage is “delayed”. And lastly a pashmina so versatile on a plane.

  37. Mary Anderson says:

    Just returned from. Italy, ordered vegan…big mistake! My husband ordered Kosher and it was wonderful! We flew Delta. Don’t sleep, just be ready to jump into the destination time zone and go! We always do this and never, ever have jet lag. On most airlines, the front row is not the best because you cannot stretch, whereas you can stretch your feet under the seat in front of you. Alcohol and caffeine are no-nos! On long crowded flights, I keep sanitary wipes with me when I use the lavatory!
    Bon voyage!

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Good suggestion! Maybe kosher is the new vegan.

  38. A Road to Travel says:

    We have the same situation as you. We do always book the free seats but on any flight, we try to take the inside and outside seat in a 3 seat row and most of the time the middle is left empty. We fly on a regular basis and for me long or short those are my most exciting days. Nothing makes me feel alive and excited about the destination than knowing I am going to fly the next day. Getting to my next destination is what the travel lifestyle is all about.

  39. I almost hate to share this long haul tip, in case everyone starts doing it. I a,ways bring a full sized IKEA pillow. They’re $2 and come rolled and shrink wrapped. So they’re about the size of a loaf of bread, and easily fit in my carry on purse. Sure beats those mini airline pillows, and actually makes it possible for me to sleep on a plane.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      This is one of the THE BEST tips I have ever heard.


  40. Kirti Sharma says:

    I love travelling at different places, enjoy different foods there, meet different people and more over love to learn new things about different cultures. But i hate the time that i have to spend in flights, airports, Its too boring. Nice idea shared by Lisa but i can’t sleep comfortably in plane. So not much useful for me.

  41. Business Class!

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I must admit in some cases upgrading is definitely worthwhile, especially flying to Europe.

      1. way too much!

  42. Don’t forget to sanitize after walking the aisle and touching the seatbacks! I’m fanatic about using wipes on everything at my seat but didn’t think about the seatbacks until after our last long flight. Lots of excellent ideas here. Thanks

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