Have you met Botero?

Botero Painting

Day 194: Medellin, Colombia

Well I haven’t either, apparently he has several homes around the world and lives in Europe. But you cannot travel Colombia without hearing his name or seeing his work as he is undoubtedly the most successful artist from Colombia.

Born in Medellin, there are copies of his work everywhere, but he’s also donated hundreds of pieces to the city. His work is very recognizeable as he’s most famous for portraying very large people and animals.

Botero Sculpture

Many people have their photo taken with his sculptures, and there’s no shortage of hawkers who will gladly take your photo for a price.

But the most amusing aspect is that the human forms have genitalia and the men have oddly anatomically small bullet shaped ‘junk’ which seems to further encourage people to get a little pervy with the sculptures.

Botero Head Sculpture Medellin

Botero Sculpture Medellin

Botero dog sculpture Medellin

But like most famous artists, Botero came under fire for his use of ‘fat’ art but responded simply with the following:

An artist is attracted to certain kinds of form without knowing why. You adopt a position intuitively; only later do you attempt to rationalize or even justify it.

I thought it was interesting that you could apply this quote to much of life, who knows why we do things, it’s only afterward that we try to make sense of it.


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    I LOVE this post, particularly Botero’s rebuttal to his critics. Who knows why so many of us do what we do. Why are some of us drawn instinctively to seek out unfamiliar experiences through travel? Why are we attracted to certain people and not to others? Just one of the great mysteries of life. P.S. Love the shot of the big head and the big head itself. Makes me want to travel to Colombia just to see them.
    Marsha recently posted..Mission Monday- Solo Savannah – Part VI

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    The pureness of just loving something naturally without reason, what a wonderful message for public art. Thanks for sharing and your photos really capture the statues. :)


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