Street Art of La Candelaria

La Candelaria Graffiti

Day 205: Bogota, Colombia

So I wasn’t blown away by the museums in Bogota; in fact I was mostly disapointed with the Museum of Modern Art as I thought a country with such a tumultuous history would produce some of the most interesting art.

After all, terrible times often promote artistic genius.

However, the first day I stepped in La Candelaria, a popular neighborhood for backpackers, I knew it was the right place for me.

Sure it’s a tourist village with sushi and sandwiches aplenty but the first day I walked around for hours photographing the graffiti.

Graffiti intrigues me in every city as it often speaks to the culture’s undercurrent. Once you get by the tagging and random vandalism you see some of the most interesting artists.

In my home city, Toronto, there is a graffiti alley and each year it is repainted, not to restore the alley but to encourage new artwork.

Around every nook and cranny there is something to see in La Candelaria, the neighborhood is completely saturated with spray paint and a photographer’s dream and here are just a few:

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  1. Ayngelina says


    It’s the one that stretches just South of Queen West, I think it may start at Ossington. Just hit the alley by Queen and you can’t miss it.

    A couple of years ago the city had a map on their web site that stretched along a few streets to do as an afternoon walk.

    Also if they haven’t torn in down yet I climbed under a fence at the Brickworks to see the graffiti there and took some amazing photos.

  2. says

    Way better than any art museum! I just noticed some new grafitti by my house. It’s actually pretty disturbing, shows a sign that says “no pets allowed,” and then a painting of a dog with a human in a diaper on a leash.


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