Surprising Facts To Why Bacon Is Healthy For You

Is bacon good for you? Find out 5 reason why bacon is healthy. You'll be surprised!

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Bacon has held a bad reputation for health for several years and many people wonder if bacon is healthy. The claims that bacon is high in fat, causes high cholesterol and ultimately leads to serious health conditions are not entirely true. Bacon does have some surprising health benefits that make it a great addition to a diet plan when it is eaten in proper serving sizes.

Healthy Nutrients In Bacon

The concern that bacon will ruin good health is a myth. According to Heesa Phadie, bacon has healthy nutrients that make it a useful part of a healthy diet. Bacon contains thiamin, vitamin B12, zinc and selenium, which are all vital nutrients the body does not naturally produce.

The B vitamins are a necessary part of fighting anemia and maintaining high energy levels throughout the day. Since bacon contains natural B vitamins, it is healthy for the body. The vitamins are needed to move nutrients around the body through the circulatory system and a deficiency can lead to serious complications.

Zinc and selenium are vital antioxidants that are necessary for immune health. When the body does not receive enough nutrients and antioxidants, cells can start breaking down at a faster rate and the health is compromised. Bacon is useful in fighting health problems because it contains healthy antioxidants.

Fat in Bacon

Bacon does contain fat, which resulted in the concerns to personal health. While bacon has some fat, it does not contain the most harmful form of fat. According to the website, bacon does not have any trans fats. The most harmful form of fat is trans fats, which are created fats designed for preservation.

Bacon does contain fat, but the amount is exaggerated. A single serving of bacon has less fat than many consumers assume. According to Boss Hog on the website, bacon has less fat and cholesterol than many popular cuts of beef and chicken.

The low fat content when compared to the amount of nutritional value is surprising. Boss Hog explains that bacon has the highest protein to fat content of any meat, which makes it a great option when following a high protein diet or after exercise.

Improved Mood

The meat is surprisingly nutritious and good for mental health. Bacon is a natural mood enhancer that helps encourage positive mental states. According to, the umami in bacon is an addictive substance that has a neurological impact on the brain.

Boss Hog on Bacon Today states that the meat causes a happy and blissful effect after eating it. The effect causes improved mood, satisfaction and lowers stress levels.

Since stress is a serious complication to physical and mental health, it is important to take measures to control the harmful emotional state. While several other options are available to reduce stress, many solutions take time. When time is short, grabbing a piece of bacon can help enhance mood and reduce stress levels within a short period of time.

Protection To The Heart

A surprising fact is that bacon is healthy for the heart. Bacon contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are the same nutrients found in fish. The healthy benefits of omega fatty acids are the reduced cholesterol and improved overall health in the heart.

Despite the myth that bacon causes heart disease, it actually has a positive benefit on the heart and body. High cholesterol is a problem for many individuals, but a serving of bacon can help reduce the bad numbers while raising the good numbers over time.

According to Boss Hog, choline is another material that helps protect the heart from damage and disease. Bacon can help heal the heart and other organs in the body due to the choline that is found in the meat. Choline is suggested for healing abnormalities and is a good element to add to a pregnant woman’s diet due to the impact on fetal brain development. Choline improves fetal brain development when it is eaten regularly during pregnancy.

Reduced Rates Of Brain-Related Illnesses

The health of the brain is vital for the entire body. The brain is the organ that controls the body and ensures everything functions appropriately. When problems develop in the brain, it leads to odd behaviors, memory loss and ultimately death when it is not properly managed.

According to Boss Hog, the choline in bacon is not only useful for the heart. Choline is a necessary component for the health of the brain.

A diet that contains choline on a regular basis will show reduced rates of memory loss over time. It is used in treatment for mental impairments, including Alzheimer’s Disease and similar dementia diseases. Studies have shown that choline improves memory, intelligence testing and reduces the speed of damage to the brain from dementia.

The impact on the brain is useful at any age. Since it improves memory, bacon is a great addition to breakfast during the school years.

Bacon is not bad for the body or health. Since the meat contains a high level of nutrients, it is a useful addition to any diet. The key to eating bacon and gaining health benefits is keeping the portions to reasonable sizes. When eaten in proper portion sizes, the amount of salt and fat is a negligible concern and the health benefits will outweigh the possible downsides associated with the meat.

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  1. Lisa says

    How ironic that I came upon this article when I was just about to make a trip to the corner store to get a couple packets of bacon and bread to make a bacon alone sandwich. I have a terrible craving for bacon. Don’t know why but I always have to eat a slice of raw bacon before I cook it and no, I’m not crawling with parasites either. Unfortunately I can’t share bacon with my dog as she can’t digest it.

    I LOVE bacon! I’m gonna enjoy my bacon tonight and I’ll eat an entire package at once I love it that much.

  2. Gabrielle Benham says

    Protection to the heart – is the most “surprising fact” you have mentioned. Well, I know that bacon is rich in iron since all of the meat are rich in iron though but when say it is good for the heart? well, I’ll give the benefit of the doubt, besides I love bacon. However, there are several factors to be considered before eating bacon – as what you have said it is renowned because it is high in fat, causes high cholesterol and ultimately leads to serious health conditions which I really believed. Perhaps, a certain food has nutrients that others may not have AND may not good in our health because of the medical condition we have.


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