Do Not Go to Belize City: Belize City Crime

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I wrote this post about Belize City crime 9 years ago after I was told “do not go to Belize City” and I ignored that advice.

You can see in the comments below it is a controversial topic.

Belize the country is a beautiful place with safe tourism. However, I continue to recommend avoiding Belize City or spending little time there.

Sign than says Licensed to Sell Drugs and Poisons

Belize City Crime

Belize City crime is rampant and Belize City is dangerous. I know it’s a harsh statement.

But in the world there are only a handful of things I know to be true, and this is one of them.

This is the reality of Central American capitals. As much as I adore Guatemala and Nicaragua. I also do not recommend spending time in Guatemala City or Managua.

30 Must Try Dishes: Belizean Food

Despite the warnings from several friends and a quick read of a traveler’s Lonely Planet on the bus ride here, I decided to go to Belize City anyway.

How bad could it be?

Bad. Really bad.

I understood why people described it as “dirty, dodgy, scammy.”

On the 10 minute walk from the bus station to the hotel I was asked for money twice, hissed at several times and I beginning to understand the negative reviews.

Belize City waterfront with boats in the water

Not a Great Start

I stayed at the Belcove Inn and asked the women at reception about how safe the city was.

They had what seemed to be a rehearsed response, “it’s the same as any big city,”

But then followed up with, “just stay on the main streets, don’t wear jewelry or carry all your money on you.”


So I picked up some dinner and beer from a woman so lovely it started to changed my mind. Maybe I was misjudging it?

Regardless I decided it would be a night in.

 On the way I saw a guy in a van screaming at two street dudes that he “wanted his fucking money”

Belize City waterfront with restaurants and hotels

Then I passed by three guys sitting in a two-seat tinted Mercedes with California plates.

I kept walking. Quickly.  

I met a couple from Saskatoon who were on their way back home. They told me not to go out at night without a group, and even then to make sure to take a taxi even a block or two.

Chicken and rice with coleslaw and Belikin Beer in Belize

On a brighter note, the stewed chicken with beans and rice that I bought at Jenny’s roadside stand was amazing.

So tender and spicy, it made staying in worth it.

Confined to the patio facing the river, I met Dulio who I eventually realized wasn’t just staff. He was hired to guard the hotel.

No one else was staying there so we passed time talking about the city.

He had seen the country evolve from British Honduras to Belize and rise of crime throughout the 80s. He agreed that Belize City is dangerous.

Belize City street

He attributes the crime due to drugs and the fact that the US extradited any foreigner convicted of a drug crime.

It meant the underbelly returned to Belize City and back to their old ways.

Now, almost everyone in Belize has a close friend or family member who died due to drug related violence.

The next morning I ate breakfast next to the hotel and listened to two guys talk about the crime.

There had been nearly 30 shooting deaths in 3 months. I finished breakfast and bought the first ticket to Caye Caulker.

Belikin Beer sign, national beer of Belize

Is Belize City Dangerous?

I left feeling somewhat guilty as I hate to say that people shouldn’t visit a city; but this is one you can definitely miss.

2014 Update: 
I’ve had a lot of people share their feedback about Belize.  I stand by sharing my experience on Belize City crime but in no way does it represent the entire country.

Just as Guatemala City doesn’t represent Guatemala or Managua for Nicaragua (you may want to read this story of how many tourists are getting robbed in Nicaragua).

I understand maybe the hotel I chose wasn’t in the best neighbourhood. But I didn’t know any better at the time.

If you’re traveling as a family you’ll also want to check out how to enjoy Belize with kids

Many people want to know if Belize is safe. I can see every day read this post, searching “buy Belize complaints”, “belize crime” and “Belize city crime.”

I do think it needs to be shared that there is crime in Belize. Just like in any other country but crime in Belize City is prevalent.

Many people have asked my opinion for travel in Belize and while I would like to return I don’t yet have much experience in the country so I’d like to refer to you my friend Lorenzo’s site: Belize Adventure.

He is from Belize and moved to Canada a few years ago. Working in tourism, I think he provides a really balanced view of the country and can provide really great recommendations.

I wrote this post almost a decade ago. Yet, I would tell tourists to spend little time in Belize City.

Belize has many beautiful things to offer, it’s best to move onto other cities.

Is Belize safe? What you need to know about Belize City crime and why you should avoid spending time here.

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  1. Shoot if I knew you were going there I would have gotten you to pick me up a bottle of poison.

    1. think twice before you past bitter comments. Belize is beautiful yes it has flaws like any other country we are still developing but you need to look at you country before you talk about others.I am very proud of who i am and where im from and i found what you said very disrespectful and rude you should worry about your manners instead of our faults.Poisons are sold in the states too so dont make it seem inhumane

      1. I think they were alluding to the above photo that says they sell poisons. That is unheard of for pharmacies in North America. They were just trying to be clever, not attacking Belize.

        1. U mothers that said shit about my country. Every where has danger and crime okay. So stop making belize look bad.

      2. Belize city is dangerous and you shoukdnt try and shame people into saying different. There are many dangerous cities belize city is one of them. It is iresponsible. What if i came on here and told u thst Detroit michigan was safe. I would be setting u up to get robbed or killed.

        1. I grew up in the city all my life. I movedd away to America. During my18 years in America we were bombed by terroists via planes, numerous military attacks, public concerts bombed out and schools shot up, right here in my town. I was sexually harrasssed and groped on multiple times on the Chicago redline, plus raped multiple times in college via date rape. I have “never” seen these in Belize. In America I don’t feel safe to be honest it’s so funny hearing you say this. I have partied in Belize city every time I visit late at night and still no problems . No one I know was shot killed or murdered or robbed in the city. EVER And I am 35 years old. I visit a few
          Times a year. Clearly you are jumping on the band wagon for statistics and ratio . The Population is extremely low so our stats will show higher than normal rankings (country Population is 350k) so really hearing you speak of being what I Call a spoiled American who want luxury and burger king every corner. You were no way in danger so stop it! And the Canadians best friend was arrest for murder you are speaking off. All these foreigners come to Belize to commit their crimes where they think they will get away with them… sex slave? Who is paying for these things? Who
          Is paying. For the cociane your country snorts up their nose daily. Belizeans don’t do drigs besides liquor and weed.. just not Us more first world thing . Funny . Judging is bad. You are spoiled and being “discriminatory” to not culture but to poor people. If you want to blame anyone for your less than perfect vacation , then blame the British for robbing us;$ if you want to help send money to
          Clean up
          The streets

          1. I was born in Belize, I go at least 3 times a year . It’s dangerous, proof is news 5 and news 7.
            Given the amount of people vs crimes it’s rated one of the most dangerous.

          2. Every ply neighbor is from Belize and I have went above and beyond be neighborly and he is just a jerk I can only hope not everyone from Belize is like him , if it’s all that then
            Go back all I can say.

          3. Hey the sky train and surrey are not safe at times lol so get over it it’s a fact about Belize

          4. Damn girl, you can’t get through the day without getting raped.

          5. Soooo why don’t you move back there if you’re so scared of America? Give me a break…

      3. We don’t sell “poison” at pharmacies in the United States – at least not advertised that way. Poisons hurt people.

        1. Very Good to Know, do some pharmacies sell fake medicines?

        2. Isn’t Plan B a poison that kills unborn babies? That is available in Canada and the USA, so whats the difference??

      4. Thanks I love Belize and I have been loving every moment of it I don’t care what people say about Belize to itis magical and the school in Belize are good education for kids that have good Cayes and beautiful animals and plants and wonder people here so if your coming to Belize you will enjoy it.

        1. Ridiculous is a wrost place very dangerous in San Pedro in the last month over five omicides, after sunset you can’t go outside… much cheaper and better mexico

      5. Nice comment. Single female possibly relocating for business in a B&B. I’m exci, scared and need a citizen of the beautiful country for advice

      6. I love Belize and it is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. The people are friendly and caring You can find dangerous places in any backyard!

      7. I think that as any country Belize has bad and good places, all i can say is that i born in Belize and there i spend the greatest times of my life, yes they are dangerous places but that was all this turist coul see, i saw a great educational sisten, exelent hospitals and i can continue, but the best of all, very kind people with diversity of cultures. God Bless Belize.

        1. Spelling lol

          1. Chad Johnson says:

            No judgement and FYI my wife is from Belize and I own a home near Belize city! But why do all the belize people here have poor spelling and grammar when they talk about the great school system?

      8. Fred martinez says:

        So funny that you think that it is dangerous. But here in the states in our own country we have 30 murders at least on one weekend.

        1. Anthony Nugent says:

          I had the great blessing of serving 2 × 6month tours as a british soldier , in total I was @ the airport camp 4 roughly 4 months close to B.C . We as squaddies were advised not to go to the south side of the city . I also had the experience of staying many other places between B.c & ppunta gorda in the south with frequent weekend visits 2 the queys I LOVE the country & the population , certainly, go with a couple of other travellers & exercise common sense but from the many places I’ve spent time in , this Scotsman would reviisit in a blink , embrace belize with your heart & you will (I reckon) always hold a place in your heart 4 it , without doubt.

        2. I live in a nicer suburb of Las Vegas. There is some crime mostly in downtown and N area, but we definitely don’t have 30 murders and rapes every weekend.
          I am sure that there are many nice parts of Belize and probably some safer suburbs of even Belize City. Even Detroit and Chicago have some nicer neighborhoods. I think the writer was warning tourists to be careful in that city and go to other cities in Belize. I don’t think he was putting anyone down. Better to be safe than sorry. And remember every larger city has pros and cons, some just have more of one! I hope to go to Belize, but probably not spent time in Belize City.

      9. I have lived in belize for multiple years and i can back this person up, the cities are a mess, that includes Belmopan and San ignacio. Belize is a beautiful country, but the mentality and the people are “under educated” and the country cannot improve.

        1. jane jager says:

          for your misunderstanding, people in Belize are very educated. Some Belizeans are smarter than your own country’s citizens. Don’t try to be a discourteous tourist and say such negative word towards the people of my country, as a whole! I’m a smart and intellectual human being ,and
          A PROUD BELIZEAN. Also very educated might I SAY!

      10. Exactly what u said was correct.but do u know one thing my brother who is perseuing mbbs course was stabbed with knife and hit with rod on head last nyt while he was on a walk to his hostel….now we can’t afford the cost of treatment because we are poor Indian family…no one is there to help us…at this time it is genuine to a family like us to treat Belize as a dangerous one…I’m sorry if my words are hurting.. if u can please help my brother who is still fighting in the hospital….hoping for the best help from u sir..

      11. Who cares about you being offended. One of the problems is people like you who don’t care about foreigners being robbed and killed. You’d rather not be offended, which conveniently leads to more money coming your way. A few dead? That’s ok as long as you’re not offended.

    2. Belize city really is no different to certain parts of USA where I lived for many years in3 different States. Like Northern Blvd. in Queens you do not walk there at night, but quite safe in the day, I should know I am Belizean but live in the Uk and at present visiting BZ. My family also owns 2 Restaurants in BZ city (Neries). One advice I would give to anyone visiting BZ do not use Heritage Bank, as it is the worse Bank on BZ. Their ATM has a habit of eating up people’s cards before they even get the chance yo enter their pin, and they will not give it back to you no matter how many ID’s you have. They are bastards. At San Ignacio the best priced hotel to stay is the Plaza Hotel, cheap and cheerful but clean , right opposite Roots Wraps and Smoothies. This is dead center of town , alive all night and safe.Hopes the info is helpful.

    3. The only poison around is you, bitter and twisted . I am a very proud Belizean, and my Country dies not have the amount of crime that America has, like the senseless shooting in Orlando. We don’t need Idiots like you in our Country anyway .

      1. U must be stupid. Belize is much smaller than the great USA and the law enforcement there is a joke.

        1. Law enforcement in the USA is a joke. If you’re black or Latino just try to report a crime happened to you.

          1. so much hate for America>>>>> Great America ,Belize is a third world country ! so stop acting like there is nothing wrong with the country

    4. The poison is kept on hand and only sold to certain higher ups to poison stray dogs that they can not catch, SADLY. Not sure if any other uses, don’t know if I want to know, smile.

    5. I understand that you say Belize is dangerous because trust me I know but I go stay think you are overeacting because Yea Belize is dangerous but not that dangerous. Look at it this way, atleast we don’t have bombs and try to kill out people. Belizean are not dumb and I find it very disrespectful that you think of us this way because it’s like you’re telling people not to come here when Belize has beautiful scenery to offer to people who want to come visit. If people OT tourist want to come and visit it is okay because not everyone is Belize kill. We don’t bite and I don’t care if I get bad reviews because if I have to defend my country, I will so don’t try to let us look like the bad people here

      1. It’s a shame that anywhere in the world there live bad people. I’ve been telling anyone who will listen. The bad people are there, because the good people let them do what they want to do. Ergo being bad. If the majority of the people would pool their resources and demand justice from the unjust. There would not be any bad people in any country. But we are all guilty of this. Like the late Harry Truman stated. The only thing we have to fear. Is fear itself.

        1. “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”: FDR’s First Inaugural Address.
          When good people do nothing, evil wins. I plan to spend the rest of my days in Belize. I have spent time in many countries and find Belize the most attractive place to live. Anyone who has a differing opinion I say go where ever you feel comfortable. I’ve found mine, you should find yours.

          1. Julia Smith says:

            I feel so sad when i read that post this person write about Belize my openion she/he got an impression as enter and hold onto that . i am 58 years old and live to see the changes in Belize concerning crime . Yes Belize has change to bad i remember once long ago Belize was named the secont most peaceful country . But the world has change . I watch news about killings a vast amount of people in schools , Churches, concerts ect in america . We havnt come to that .There are people who actually come and explore Belize not like that wrighter in this post , They enjoy Belize and are surprise that its not as bad as people make it to be . I am lds and the lds missionaries can tell you they walk or ride bikes all over and none is harmed so far . Iv never heard of one of our missionaries being robed or beaten and i have been a member of the church for 38 years . not saying it wont happen sometime because its not a perfect world crime do happen . Belize have so much to offer thst that person miss . In the outback . Maya ruins beautiful river area rainforest caves ect.

        2. Correction: F. D. R not Truman

      2. She’s also afraid of Guatemala City where I frequently walk alone at night. The writer has some kind of ptsd or is just a scared person. Most people on this planet are benign. Don’t be so afraid of us.

        1. Ayngelina Author says:

          There’s nothing wrong with being cautious of Guatemala City. You would be misleading people of crime in the capital if you said otherwise.


      Guatamala wife and I parked rental jeep at border as not allowed and then walked along road after driving from tokal ruins. we saw people like a bus stop waiting and asked if a bus stop? they said pedro is coming to town and always gives rides. We hopped into a flat bed truck with engine hoist and went to first town. we had a ball passing a mayan pyramid with sun setting behind it and so wish i had a camera with a sun burst behind it high up from road and told to look by locals or would have missed it. sing song creole english wa s fun and the upgrade in living apparent on crossing the border. We have done many third world countries and would never walk the streets of a american ghetto / black city like detroit or south central LA. Soo funny when airheads with no expierience do stupid stuff and then say ohh a dangerous country. kept wallet in front pocket, carry some cash like what you can lose and enjoy and use cards at hotels and shooping if possible or eating in modern restaurants. Loved guatamala and belize and drove jungle to and from belize. casual drive in and a high speed none stop drive back in night because you do not want be easy target at night and do not recommend night jungle rides lol. It is a very fun country as long as you treat it like detroit or los angeles hehee. The villages were welcoming and friendly. Had a cold coke in the bottle from a jungle store and we always carried a bottle under our seats to trade lol. Natural beauty is amazing. I have now had a great 17 years in south pacific on cebu and island trips around cebu. retired to philippines as it is very close copy but like mexico with english lol.Once you have been to a third world country and learned to use common sense to avoid losing unwatched stuff or pick pockets you will love it and want to see more. I just did 6 months in las vegas 3 minutes from where 500 people were shot to death. we were never out at night and in fear of any outdoor gathering after that and could not wait to return to south pacific. My son has been raised in california and philippines cebu and even offered a room with relatives and job, he could not wait to return to cebu city where people were walking streets at night and enjoying the night life Not Manila!! .Americans have a great place to earn, third world countries far better to retire or bug out for weeks or months and spend it lol. Americans are very sheltered and most do not have any idea how to act outside the SLAVE prison called america. BREAK OUT AND WAKE UP!!

    7. Their poison is like the drugs we have in America. They are bad for ya either way. so don`t go around complaining about everthing cause you’ll never get anywhere.

    8. Hell….with your good looks we’d go somewhere

      else like Hawaii where we could fuck at sunrise ?

      and sunset while resting up during the day.

      1. I think saying “Do not go to Belize City” is something that you really shouldn’t say. I’d say “I wouldn’t recommend going to Belize”. Its being a bit harsh doing what you did. I’m 30 although I was born her in the USA, my family on Mom and Dads side are from Belize (last generation anyway) and I had the experience of going there starting from when I was just a few Months old many times. So I’ve seen it change, heck I even was there and got to see the Queen of England when she came to visit back in 1993. I also went to kindergarten there since my mom decided to stay there when I was 4 turning 5 and we lived with somee of our family still there. Back then was different, my cousin only 6 months older than me would go with my grandma and walk at night and not worry about getting mugged or for us as kids kidnapped. My grandma owned a Chinese restaurant and a businesses as well (though one of my uncles and his wife managed that). But yes back then we could go out at night and play and my uncle had a boat so we went to the Cayes (where my Aunty had some of her family) and played in the same and swam. Back before all the tourism began lol. Now a days you can still go to Belize City and have fun, you just have to use common since and should go with at least 1 other person. I have family on my moms side and there has only been 1 incident which was my grandma (who moved there from China back in 1950) was walking down the street and someone ran up behind her and snatched her purse. 1 she was a woman, 2 she was alone, 3 it was in the 90s so after 40 years living there. This can happen basically anywhere. I live in Topeka, Kansas and I hear about hold ups, robbery, shootings and deaths everyday. So let’s see use common since when you go there, like I said go with at least 1 other person, don’t go out at night in dark places stick to the public party areas, don’t wear jewelry, don’t take all your money with you at once, make sure you keep it well placed out of pick pockets (maybe zipped up if possible), don’t give money to this begging people (its hard but if you give just 1 a little the whole flock will come after you begging), never drink water from anything accept bottled water (back when I lived in Belize we used to boil the water before we could drink it) now a days they just use big giant bottled water at homes. So the sink and shower water is fine to use for their purpose and to obviously gargle your mouth, just don’t drink it unless you want to get sick. Its true Belize as gone down hill from what it once was, but it is still a place you could go see and I think Belize City (the largest city and former capital) is a place you defiantly should go to. You just need 2 things a friend(s) and common sense. With those two thing and a bit of planning of what you want to do you should have a great time. I would know I’ve gone back multiple times from a few days up to about a month and so has people from this rest of my family considering grandpa had 11 kids. Although they were brought up in PG, But Belize City was once the capital, has the largest population of any were in the country with different places to eat, rice and beans, garnaches, tamale, empanada, fry jack (Granny’s was the best tho ^_^), and much much more! Heck if you’re adventures, I herd somewhere on Queen Street they were even selling iguanas, and I’m not talking as for pets, lol. From Believe City you can get rides to check out multiple near by Maya Indian sites that have been uncovered. It’s amazing to climb up and gaze down and around in wonder of how amazing it was to have built all of them and to imagine what it was like back then. Sometimes they even preform rituals like they the Mayas would in the old days so who knows you could catch that. A great restaurant to check out is called Old Belize, its amazing! It even has a manmade beach that dives into a large pool with a 90ft drop slide, giant floating trampoline, can play volleyball on this beach and has a tropical rainforest with animals you can go into and see, or you can take a 15 min train ride through there. I’d prefer to just walk. Look up “Old Belize” and you can check out the website. But yes the food is absolutely amazing, a must visit for anyone who goes to Belize City. Also you can go tubing, zip lining, the museum is pretty cool to. One nice thing is if you do your research before you go you may enjoy it more. Plan ahead of time to get a room and check on the internet what its like to. Some may have ratings and even pictures. Of course since I had family I didn’t have to find one, however that’s just in BC, other places in Belize I have and have made sure to check ahead of time. I’ve been in a room with 2 small beds, a tinny fridge and no AC tiny yucky bathroom. Then again I have also been in a room with two queen beds, a role out bed (if i wanted free), a love seat, coffee maker (with different coffees and sugar), 3 cups, ice, 3 bottled water, free body wash, shampoo, lotion, free WiFi, mid sized fridge, AC, has a built into wall safe that you can change the password and put your stuff in, 46inch flat screen TV, comfy spin chair for the desk and two lamps on two tables on either side of the bed with bibles in them and of course phone for room service. So I’d depends where you go… Considering the fact that out of 11 kids 2 remained there, 1 travels back and forth fairly often, 6 have gone back multiple times to visit and only 1 (the very 1st one that was born that only spoke Chinese never left China) had never been to Belize, that’s not bad 10/11. They also have kids and grandkids who have gone and love it, that again shows they go back and enjoy it to. Out of the actual 7 who live in the US and do go back only 2 of us stay with my uncle (the others aren’t as close) plus they usually go in groups of a giant family (which is again smart). However for me I’m an only child and currently if I go I would accompany Mom (divorced family). So that’s why we stay at my uncles, it saves money. The collage I went to here in Topeka, Kansas “The University of Washburn” even has a class for a semester worth 3 credits where you study about Belize and do a presentation about it, then you actually get to go to Belize, mainly Belize City with your Professor for about a week or 10 days and help out down there with children and learning etc, etc, etc. If it was that bad of a place I don’t think Washburn would allow that to happen. And Washburn is surly not trying to be looked down upon, especially due to its reputation for making some of the best lawyers. Overall, you just need to plan ahead and use common sense. It’s as simple as that, I know that from fact, I just went down there in Jan, 2019 for my grandmothers funeral. All you have to do is use common sense… hope you get used to Kriol, lol!

        P.S. I saw what seemed to be like a few racial comments while reading, I won’t point them out but you know racism’s b/s. So I’ll tell you what, if you read above obviously I’m a minority. I’ll even tell you: 50% Chinese, 25% Guatemalan, 25% Scottish. I am proud to say this and if you got a problem with any of this… well to bad what ya gunna do, hahaha! Finally, crime is everywhere even here in the states, use COMMON SENSE and you will drastically increase your chance of being safe.

    9. Well everyone has their own opinion, I’ll share mine and will try to be as honest in my view from my experience. First off I am a US American, and I was born there. I’ve lived the majority of my life here (so far 33 years) and have enjoyed it I suppose. However my mother and father along with those from their generation were either born in Belize or grew up there before before coming to the USA for either HS or college. Both of them are in their 70s but still have their Belizean accents.

      I have had the privilege of going to Belize multiple times to visit family that still lives there. I have family in multiple cities/towns. However Belize City is where my mothers family is. The 1st trip I made I don’t even remember because I was only 4 months old back in 1989 when babies got free seats on planes. Mom and I aperently went every year to go back and stayed for weeks. We have pictures. When I was 4 and she took me she actually decided to stay there with my grandma and other family for a year with me (1993-94) and sent me to kindergarten there (you can start school at any age as long as you are potty trained). Those days even in Belize City I do recal being there, and it was amazing. I even was lucky enough to see the Queen of England who happened to visit when I was there Were! We could walk around even in the middle of night with my grandma and not worry about anything. Stores use to stay open late (my uncle has one on queen street) and my grandma owned a Chinese restaurant there as well. We also went to the cayes as on my uncles boat to have fun.

      After that year I returned with mom to the USA and stayed there not going back to Belize until I was probably 18. By that time things had changed. We no longer could go out at night and walk around. And shops closed earlier when it got dark and now had locks with metal bars and complete covers. To be honest after Belize got its independence from the UK it slowly got a bit more dangerous over time in certain areas do to there no longer being British guards and changing rules. There was also eventually some corruption in some parts of the government like in another of other countries, however Belize is less populated and harder to control.

      After going back multiple times and spending weeks there it’s basically stayed the same. In reality to be honest as I said I have a large family. Both on my mother and father’s side that were born from the 30s-60s. My mother’s side alone has 10 siblings and my fathers side has double. With my generation and use having children so far with some still living in Belize and even in Belize City there haven’t been any deaths due to being assaulted or shot by accident or mugged. The thing is people who live there know how to use what’s called “common sense” which is needed in basically all Belize but especially in Belize City.

      It can be safe and fun to go to Belize City, but you have to think before you act. Some things you want to do is make sure you go out only during the day. Always go out with someone else not by yourself (not to be sexist but especially women) no offense. Make sure not to walk around with expensive jewelry. Always stay on the main roads and don’t take side streets. And again try to always be with someone, a group of family or friends is better. Also plan ahead from people you may know or from websites or YouTube with reviews of nice places to visit, stay or eat. There are some nice spots and fun things to do. I do have to say I recommend visiting other parts of Belize 1st and not spending too long in Belize City. But Belize City is visitable, just use common sense.

      I plan to go back to Belize itself since I have family there in different areas eventually. And I always will make sure to stop by Belize City because I do have 2 of my grandparents buried there. Like I said just us common sence and you should be fine.

      1. Ayngelina Author says:

        Thanks so much for taking the time to write a thoughtful comment with lots of great perspective and advice. I really appreciate that you contributed to the conversation in a meaningful way instead of just exclaiming that I’m stupid and wrong.

  2. Alouise says:

    A family friend of ours always makes a yearly trip down to Belize, but they don’t ever stay in Belize City. They say there really isn’t much there to see anyways. Hopefully the rest of the country will be much better, I’ve heard it’s beautiful. Can’t wait to read more.

    1. DualCtzn says:

      My point of view: I am a mid-30 year old Belizean-American (Black) who holds duel citizenship and has traveled to BZE more than 10x in my life. My family there is large; most live in the City, Cayo, and other neighboring towns. I live in a recently gentrified ‘inner-city’ hood of Brooklyn, NY. I have traveled to over 20 countries covering all but two continents. I witnessed opulence and poverty within walking distance of one another in many areas ( Upper East Side vs East Harlem), and countries like BZE is no different.


      Ayngenlina has a right to her opinions and observations. Her claims are neither irrational NOR racist, which by definition asserts that she is harboring superior views over Belizeans. She brings preconceived notions and eyewitness accounts to this post.

      Here are a few factors that affected Ayngelina’s experience.
      1. She roomed in an undesirable area. (Let’s be honest, BZE City, in my opinion, should look and feel like the port area in Grand Cayman but BZE is a DEVELOPING (not 3rd world) country. It doesn’t have the financial infrastructure like Panama City or the Caymans). My advice to travelers– head straight to the Cayes when you arrive in the City. There’s very little, according my NYC standards, to experience in the City.
      2. BZE crime rate has skyrocketed due to drug transport and drug related gang violence. “Due to the extremely high murder rate per capita, Belize is the sixth most violent country in the world, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, with an average of over 40 homicides per 100,000 residents… Much of the violent crime in Belize occurs on the south side of Belize City, home to several street gangs.” Read here: . (Let me be clear, my male cousins, citizens born and raised in the BZE, now carry legal firearms on person or in their cars in order to thwart would-be attackers. They escort me everywhere, especially in the night.)
      3. She only staid in the city two nights before heading to the Cayes. (OBVIOUSLY, her post reflects 48hrs and not a full well-planned week or two in the country. Why are people reacting to her comments as if the comments were reflective of a longer stay?)
      4. Being a foreigner or Yankee (Belizean from who raised in the States) matters. (I get the feeling that any ‘ir/rational’ fear she experienced was in part due to being a stranger in a new place and selectively listening to nefarious comments. However, locals can spot a foreigner, even me, a meter away. This dynamic affects one’s perception of one’s environment. I’m not insinuating that white foreigners are easier targets than black ones, but it may be true in in less desirable areas in the City.)
      5. She is a LONE, FEMALE (and white) TRAVELER. (Belize City is NOT a %100 safe place for this profile to travel. I traveled from north of Cancun through BZE to Guatemala with a friend one year and experienced ‘tense’ moments in the City. I felt safe for the most part bc I knew my family was a phone call away, but I’d be lying if I said my Spidey senses didn’t go off a few times. Also, I had to whip out my BZE passport to not be charged higher prices at certain establishments. My Criol sucks!)

      So in all, respect her comments. They are not totally off-kilter. Future travelers should come in pairs or small groups and visit the many places listed in others’ posts—most of which are not in BZE City or Belmopan-the most violent areas. Hey, call Leonardo di Caprio and ask to visit his private island!




        1. i go to belize 2 or 3 times for the year i love it i do not recomend belize city to new strangers but belize is a paradise on earth to enjoy. belize has beatiful districts ful l of flowers happy people genuine forest animals lakes rivers sea beaches and beautiful cayes all fun you can have at the beaches

      2. Jennifer Allan Robateau says:

        I agree. My husband is from Belize. When we go back & visit family, we pay for everyone to join us out at a resort in the Cayes…we split our time between the city & the Cayes. It is night & day. I feel safe when I’m with his family in the city though.

      3. Thank you. This is all I’m sayin’

        That most of the negative comments all over the Internet about Belize City are from White people. After all the Internet is populated by and run by mostly Whites. I got robbed on a busy main street in the middle of the day in Tijuana and I’d been told my entire life that I’d “blend in” there, being medium-skinned among “dark skinned” people. Obviously WRONG. I’m enough “darker” than most of Northern Mexico to have been treated like “black” and obviously they thought “American” even though I hadn’t opened my mouth yet! Hell, Ciudad Juarez was safer (at least out on the streets. There I got robbed IN the house I was staying in, again the other house-guest apparently assuming I was “American” because I was speaking English and stole my Irish passport out of my purse right next to my head in the middle of the night!)

        I especially like the part about whipping out your Belizean passport to avoid getting overcharged as “American.” Good one.

    2. I was born in Belize it is no different from any other country I live in New York and the crime her is mush more than any other country so don’t be shard to go to Belize it is a lovely place to go it has crime like any other country .

      1. lance gore says:

        Great day to you
        My name Is Lance , I am 50 full of life and a zest for adventure, .I am looking to invest, I was thinking Playa but after a strong suggestion from a friend he shared Belize is the place., I have a few questions, if you had 250k where would you buy a home with a pool ? should I buy a car there? actually would a truck be better ? and if you could ship anything there from Canada what would you ship? .
        kindest regards Lance

        1. Left the swamp says:

          After a ten year adventure in Belize, my husband and I returned to Canada two years ago. I know there are different strokes for different folk, but please read my book about Belize before you take the plunge.

        2. Left the swamp says:

          @ Lance.
          Think twice! Been there done that.

        3. Yes you can get a nice property here for that cost! remember its 2 to one. american $1 is $2 bze. Do wish you the best

        4. great price cheaper rates and we are located in placencia, where you can both experience land and marine environment. Feel free to check out our website

        5. I want to go open an eco-hostel inQuintana Roo area of Mexico near bacalar~~Want to invest??? lol

      2. I think Belize is better than states you guys your crimes your kids how they look their clothes are so short belizw gets it off states you guys are so fake wake up belize is nice have you gone somewhere like belize were ever you are you are welcomed we are not racist we are true if you wonder why belize is the way it is because the society made it that way like the whole world plus you are so brave to put this out about a country like that then you are darn brave i wouldn’t put tjis out think about how rude you are to write this think about states by the way i am not putting fault on others i a, saying the whole world is this way think before you say . I am nine and I have to tell you jezz

        1. Learn english dummy.

          1. Vicky you are rude why would you call a child a dummy you’re a bully. I just got to say it that way.

    3. belize is like any other ciy voilence and crime are innevitable our population is small and the violence is not as bad to the size also people hissing after u is something i believe they do all over the world maybe where u come from thier comments alittle more ruff all in all u came with a negative effect of the place anywhere u go u should never walk in dark allies or strange areas late at night so the things u dodge in my beautiful country would be the same in urs, 2 most killings are gang related barely any tourist gets harased yes u will be hussled because u seem to be an easy dollar. its not as bad as yall make it to be in chetumal they dress as police and rob and kidnap, nicaragua and guatemala are a lot more dangerouse than belize. a lot of guatemalan are now coming across the boarder and cause ing havoc in our country and causing a bad name for belize when belizean(creole,garifuna,mestizo,) are actually very nuce and genuine person its these gangsters from america that are influencing a great culture.drugs money women thats the cycle now adopted by our country thanx to foriegn influence

      1. Ayngelina Author says:

        I’ve been to Chetumal, Nicaragua and Guatemala and also warn people when visiting Managua and Guatemala City as they are also dangerous cities.

        1. Om wow we have to warn you were you go

      2. Ana Tebah says:

        Recenty, I parked downtown Dallas and went exploring. While walking, a fight broke out on the street and when I return to my car it was vandalized. Why is Belize different? It’s a case of cultural ignorance when it come to tourists. They don’t know what NATURAL beauty is.

        1. Thats wrong states is worse you could be killed any where so…

        2. Amen!

          1. You’re awful, Breannie. You’re encouraging people to spend time in a city with one of the world’s highest crime rates. Facts are facts. However, I just got back from the Cayes and all the locals say they avoid Belize City, too. They don’t think it’s safe either. Not like Caye Caulker or Ambergris Caye, which are amazing.

    4. Belizean citizen says:

      Trust me do not go to the south side of Belize city it is the most dangerous side.If going to the smallest town in the country “Benque Viejo Del Carmen ” the best hotel that I have stayed in is Hotel Flores Villas. Enjoy You stay at Belize.

  3. Sounds intense but makes me curious at the same time!

  4. Sounds like my kind of dodgy town…

    hola – ¿dónde puedo comprar drogas?

    I’m totally kidding…

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Since when do you know Spanish? Is it from your Jane and Finch days?

      1. Are yo from the Toronto area?

    2. We speak English in Belize -_-

      1. ISRAEL ramos says:

        i born in belize..and raised in the country better known as village but i worked in beilze city as a salesman carrying thousands of dollers with me…only one time two guys tryed to rub me but they were totaly unsuccesfull…i use to drive every little lane in the city i was never afraid…i never carried a gun…but now am living in southern michigan and am looking foword on going to visit belize for three weeks…with no fear…

      2. No we speak crwole most thats were you get gyal and bwye

  5. marianne says:

    I just had the time now (since you left…) to look at your blog…be careful lady
    enjoy the looong trip and food, can wait to read more posts
    miss you

  6. Chinese Girl says:

    Quite depressing, you may list more details of the scams and dangers so people can learn. It is good you have a nice food there which lessen your bad experience.

    1. Wait what the heck that is rude. This is the prob you dont think before you say

  7. That is pretty fair, you can’t possibly like every place you go to. Thanks for being honest. We absolutely hated Kazakhstan but will be giving it another try this Summer. (Did not like police shaking us down for cash on stupid non-existent infringements like certain paperwork. They just wanted money.)

  8. Nick Laborde says:

    I was in Belize City last month and I couldn’t walk 3 feet without someone trying to sell me some drugs…of course Coke delivery trucks with heavily armed guards is usually not a good sign.

    1. Hay when you plan to come back to belize, i do private tours and I can make reservations and everything for you!!

      1. Left-the-swamp says:

        Would that ‘everything’ include sex tourism?? Fortunately there are now laws to protect children from all that abuse.

        1. omg stfu we’re not thailand you know nothing. and anyways the only reason sex tourism exists is because of wanting fat white people like you.

          1. So true. Belize is a wonderful country. I’m from the states and now live in San padro Belize. Like any other place in the States there are bad places you shouldn’t go. next time find out where your going b4 you land !

          2. I Live in western Belize, been to BZ city many times. Didn’t see sex tourism any more than Portland , Maine where I’m from. It isn’t just fat white people. In my area it is fathers, brother, cousins, black, brown and white sexing the families. Of course many damaged children end up in a cycle they cannot end. BZ city at night is foolish. Daytime not any worse than most US cities. I’ve been to a hundred or more.

          3. Left the swamp says:

            Educate yourselves. ” You cannot change what you don’t acknowledge”!
            Belize is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor. The UN Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons reported Belizean women and girls were subjected to sex trafficking by family members, but the government has not arrested family members engaged in this form of trafficking. Child sex tourism, involving primarily U. S. citizens, is an emerging trend, concentrated in areas where tourism is important to the local economy. Sex trafficking and forced labor of Belizean and foreign women, girls, and LGBT persons, primarily from Central America, occurs in bars, nightclubs, brothels, and domestic service. Underage girls are reportedly present in bars that function as brothels. Foreign men, women, and children—particularly from Central America, Mexico, and Asia—migrate voluntarily to Belize in search of work; some may fall victim to forced labor in restaurants, shops, agriculture, and fishing. Traffickers often recruit through false promises of relatively high-paying jobs and subsequently subject victims to forced labor or sex trafficking. Trafficking-related complicity by government officials, including allegations of involvement of high-level officials, remains a problem.

            The Government of Belize does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so. Authorities did not initiate any new investigations or prosecutions in 2014. Victim identification efforts significantly declined, and the lack of proactive victim identification resulted in the arrest, detention, and deportation of potential victims based on immigration violations. The government did not investigate or prosecute any public officials for alleged complicity in human trafficking-related offences. (Abridged)

    2. stop this i live in belize and you are telling a lie you do know any thing so stop . bacon you do not know any thing

      1. Deborah Dunn says:

        I volunteer in Tbilisi, republic of Georgia. I love it but my family would love to have me in a country closer to USA, where I am from. Belize has been suggested to me. ????? I am reading everything….I am not convinced…Tbilisi is amazingly safe, great public transportation, wonderful friendly people.

    3. erick molina says:

      dude we it’s not Guatemala it’s Belize, the coke delivery truck in no point has a guard, the bigger stores bearly has security.. its not so dangerous as it seems. don’t be stingy and go to the rich areas in the city.. Belcove is a cheap hotel for those who cant afford.

      1. i totally agree i am a belizean i know there’s places in america that is just as dangerous as anyway else in the world we are a small country so the little crimes that do occur seen like lot but it really is not.we are very friendly, kind people

        1. Ayngelina Author says:

          I have no doubt that the country or even the city is full of kind people. If anything I think helping tourists just avoid spending time in the city and moving onto other areas would make it a more enjoyable holiday in Belize.

          1. New York is more dangerous than belize are you kidding. But there’s not post on your bloig highlighting the dangers of that city. You have to understand that this blog post unfairly indoctrinates other potential trourists into a racist and biased perception before they’ve even planned their trip, to a country whose whole economy depends on tourism. I grew up in Belize my whole life and moved to Paris. Guess where I’ve felt most threatened for my life? Not Belize. The city of love. You obviously still have the outlook of a 15 year old leaving their little tiny po dunk home town for the first time to have been so shocked at Belize. Consider deleting this article.

          2. you stayed at the cheapest part of the city…please stop be so over dramatic…. the city is beautiful if you tried the north side. But i guess you did not research before you travel here…

          3. Samantha you can’t go round accusing whites of being racist just because they’re saying something you don’t like. Do yo I am suprised you can work out how to use your computer.

        2. Belize is not that bad..Come on people..don’t be sooo EVERYWHERE in the world has their bad areas. Even in the city is actually nice. You just need to do more search to know where to go. Seriously!! who goes somewhere and does not do enough have a research to where to go and not to go. Belize is awesome but just like every other City in the world..they have a few bad areas.People can be so over dramatic!! hahaha poor thing.

    4. IgnoranceIsAHellOfAThing says:

      ummmm you have got to be kidding me…you must be speaking of Guatemala City. Belize city does not have guarded coke delivery trucks and, having lived here all my life, and having had several family and friends visit, I have to say that this claim is ridiculous. The crime in the city is mostly between gangs or drug lords. Besides, every country has its areas that aren’t that appealing. Belize is known for its preserved natural beauty: beaches, forests, caves… No one ever claimed Belize City was the best place in Belize. It’s the same way you wouldn’t vacation to Detroit for the ambience.

      1. U ignorant Belize is broke no money ..why do u have to bring guatemala into this..guatemala is 1000 times better than your lil piece of land that the brithish stole from us..

        1. Lol can sure tell ur a Guatemalan. Kinda sad I have that same blood running through my veins. But unlike you my family is from Belize on my moms and on my Dads the only reason I got Guatemalan blood in me is because my grandma on my dads side is from Guatemala but moved out of your country to Belize. The British never stole part of your country, all of you are born and raised in school thinking it was but it wasn’t get over it and face reality. If the British wanted the could of just taken over your country back then. So chill out, the entire rest of the world on the maps and books have it marked Belize was British Honduras and now is Belize. Grind it into that thick scull of yours. And no I’m not I don’t live in Belize, I was born in the US. Like I said I don’t even have Belizian blood in me I have Guatemalan blood 25% of it in my veins and I’m not stupid thinking Belize (formally British Honduras) was stolen from Guatemala. You guys will never get over that b/s will you. Its time your country and its people grow up.

    5. I am a Belizean and i love Belize its a beautiful country. It has a lots of resources like the lagoons, maya ruins, mangroves and much more its a wonderful country to visit. However the crime rate is really high but most of the crimes are gang related . Belize has six district and Belize city itself is the dangerous part, i live in Corozal which is north of Belize near Chetumal and i’ve never withness of heared about any crime occuring hear. when you come to Belize you’ll always be happy if you are at your designated location. This is common sense, as a tourist why in the world will enter a gang territory and don’t say how should i have known, gang member graffiti their initials on every sigle wall they can find. Don’t listen to the negative comment you hear about Belize , its like any other country having good things and bad things occuring . I’m still wondering if Belize is such a dangerous country how comes so many Americans live hear. American tourist are very lucky financially when their visiting Belize because 1 us dollar equals 2 belize dollars . So i really dont understand why people post false comments.

      1. Ayngelina Author says:


        I really appreciate your perspective here. I agree Belize has a lot more to offer than just Belize City – although if you’ve never seen gang graffiti you don’t know what you’re looking for or to stay away.
        Remember I haven’t told people to stay away from the country, just to avoid spending time in the city.

    6. Stop lying i live in belize

  9. My family cruises every year and I’m absolutely amazed that Carnival has a port in Belize City. I’ve pulled into their twice (and I’m going back next month). The city has absolutely nothing to offer. At some ports, I don’t bother booking an excursion because I know I can find something to do in town…but Belize is a totally different scenario. It’s super sketchy!

    1. erick molina says:

      All those who cant afford to pay an extra cash to book a good tour always have bad comments, Belize is beautiful country.

      1. I agree. it is my FAVORITE port that Carnival calls on! You do have to get out of the port area (just like you would have to leave an airport from a city that you fly into) to see the best that is offered there.

      2. Atleast someone not negative

  10. Michael Hodson says:

    Many of the big cities in Central America are really sketchy — Belize City is far from the only one. I love Nicaragua, but Managua is a total hell hole. Best advice in most every Central American country is probably to avoid the capitals for the most part.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:


      Completely agree with you on Managua, in fact I should have written a follow-up post called Do not go to Managua. Panama City was surprisingly nice – for a capital.

      1. Panama City is super dangerous. I lived in Panama for 3 years, and the crazy and violent things that happened there….. I could write a book! There are more and more muggings, and more and more guns in Panama. I would not advise travel there.

      2. Completely agree on Managua, too. I tried that place twice and all I got was whistled at, leered at (not looked at, and there is a difference!!), expensive as hell if you looked vaguely like a gringo/a, and even during the day I didn’t feel safe. I would try it again if I were not going solo, but I think going alone, I’d do what I had to do and leave.

        That being said, the rest of Nicaragua was stunning, and I still miss it there (Went in 2011).

        1. Ayngelina Author says:

          Yeah I love Nicaragua, but Managua is dicey and it’s common for people to get robbed at gun point there. I know people who landed in Managua and were robbed their first day and they just couldn’t shake it and ended up hating Nicaragua. Such a shame but so understandable.

      3. Oh..Belize is not the capital of its country ok.. Belmopan is 🙂 just making you know!! 🙂

  11. Belize it´s very nive and your web too.I invite all belizeans to visit my

  12. Belice is nice I mean

    1. Belizean girl says:

      Well actually you were right the first time.Its Belize and not Belice.

      1. I think that comment is racist and thats because I am Belizean.

        how you wuda feel star if you taaak to a german and you seh germany and ina deh language deh know it like Deutschland. You neva know that , and bally mussy neem know.

        Give the benefit of the doubt.

        1. True ?

  13. I couldn’t agree more! The request for Belize City is getting more and more popular too so I find myself constantly redirecting my clients. Your newest blog crush ~ Terrah in Texas

  14. Ha! I flew into Belize City as a solo female traveler and stayed at the Belcove as well. I HATED Belize City, and I’ve never hated anywhere I’ve been in the world. I traveled as far as the restaurant next door, the bank, and the dock to catch a boat to Caye Caulker. (That’s a lie, I also accompanied a few other travelers to a casino one night..dropped off by taxi…the whole experience was gross.)

    I met a sweet girl from the UK while on Caye Caulker, and we ended up giving up on Belize and catching a bus to Guatemala instead. I know I should go back someday. It has to be a better place than my first impression of it makes it out to be.

    Happy travels!!!!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you all for these comments. So many negative comments have made my wife and I reconsider visiting Belize City. Anyone have other alternate sites that are safe and enjoyable on the coast?

      1. Ayngelina Author says:

        Belize as a country is beautiful and it should still be on your list. A good friend of mine, Lorenzo, runs and I highly recommend visiting the site as he is from Belize, worked in tourism there and now lives in Canada. I am sure if you reached out to him with what you want to do he would give you the perfect place to visit. He actually interviewed me for his site, you can find more of my impressions of Belize City here:

      2. Chile is a very safe country with an extensive coast line. I recommend going N. to Vina or La Serena. You won’t be disappointed.

      3. Go to San Padro Belize.
        You will love It !

      4. olivia martin says:

        Let me tell u something yes Belize has violence in it’s country but Gaza is the worst. I love my country Belize I know it isn’t the way it use to be back INA di days but I am 14 years I think this country is the best in it’s sights no other country has sight like belize and if u di talk shits what u don’t know about my country shet up……

      5. Elizabeth A Hales says:

        My same thought. Thank you much

    2. erick molina says:

      Jackie Belcove Hotel is the cheapest and low rated Hotel you stayed.. I would be ashamed to say where i stayed. your really cheap thAT’S WHY YOU HAVE A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE

      1. Hehehehe yes Jackie is really cheap and all those who does not like Belize. If you have the money u will have d greatest fun and see and reach beautiful places here, it best you all stay where you are please.

        1. This past April my husband and I spent 3weeks in belize, we were on a very very tight budget , but I have to get him there as I have wanted to move there for 20 years. My evil plan worked! Despite the tiny budget , we went from one end of the country to the other, and just like me,he fell in love with the beautiful country and the equally beautiful people of belize.
          We are now looking for a house in a small fishing village. Although I don’t care for belize city ( I’d don’t really care for any city) belize is where my heart lives. Don’t let one city scare you away from the beauty of a whole country.

    3. Belcove is the cheapest part of the City…if u are on a tight budget..they are actually other places to stay in the city that are better.Do research next time you go ANYWHERE and downgrade the place…poor souls…want to travel and don’t do proper research and cheap

    4. Have fun at Guatemala..i will pray for you…lol seriously…they will surely mug u at gun point..or wont even realize u got mugged!!! hahaha…you guys crack me up…u know nothing of these side on central america…Have fun..stay safe..peace out..and never sleep while in guatemala!!

    5. Racist i hate you why don’t you all take a trip to states oh i guess you hate belize cause its not corrupt

  15. Belize is no that bad sure it as some violence but everywhere has violence you act like you live in heaven no kills no gang well bitch open your eyes because everywhere has violence and thing
    so stop talk rass about places that you don’t even know

    1. no luani, not all cities have violence and gangs or killings everyday.

      i guess i live in heaven?

      1. Alejandro says:

        all stupid comments on Belice are just of fucking Jerks… Belice has one of the best adventure sites and place that your country can offer to you to see or live. dont be stupid, be realistic and know the fact..

        1. erick molina says:


          1. kevin south says:

            what a cunt! Belize sucks! stupid people and and crooked cops! Face it! your country is a shithole!

      2. we do not have violence and killings everyday..please…stop be so dramatic!!! and everywhere in the world has bad areas…people who made/makes bad choices..please ppl…learn facts before u post crap…people who read these that know thinks ur dramma queens 🙂

      3. No everywhere has violence jus ur not open to it

    2. Left-the-swamp says:

      You sound like a gang-member from South Side! No wonder murder and mayhem is on the increase in Belize, as you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge – one hears the same justification from everyone, “because everywhere has violence and thing”. And yes, I know the place very well. It is no jewel by the sea!

      1. like really? I think you should shut the fuck up

    3. manners??? get some.

      only an opinion.
      don’t get so upset and nasty!
      Chill out!

  16. now I really wanna go! thx.. you put it on my list:P

  17. First of all i tell all my friends here in the states that belize is not for pussy its for ppl that know the reality of a 3rd world country. Its violent, they will steal your jewelry, they will steal your shoe, if u have a sexy thong they will steal that too if u get what i mean. After all that belize is home for belizeans and who dont like it its their choice. SO go to belize if u want if not then dont go its just boils down to choice.

    Dont hate the country dont hate the ppl this is not heaven. so boooo

  18. Todd | Todd'sWanderings says:

    I don’t know, that chicken and beer looks really really good 🙂 Plus I have a soft spot in my heart for dangerous hell holes.

  19. An honest report! And so you that the silver lining was a good meal 😉

  20. I have to say I’m a bit intrigued by Belize City now 🙂

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

      1. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Belize and even move there but after reading all this, I think I will go to Figi!! THANKS 4 THE HEADS UP!!!

  21. Andy Jarosz says:

    Had exactly the same feelings about Belize City. We arrived into town from Caye Caulker around 10am with half a thought of spending the day and night there before moving west. Within an hour we’d booked a $30 flight down to Dangriga and were off (much more appealing place).
    I heard a stat that came out of Belize Tourism surveys of cruise passengers: of those who got off the boat and didn’t leave Belize City, 99% said they would never return to Belize. Of those who got off and went on an excursion (to the jungle or wildlife parks) 75% said they would come back.
    If there is a city in the world with a shittier reputation than Belize City I’ve yet to find it.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Wow fascinating and not surprising fact at all. I was just talking to Mica at about how terrible the city is and she was robbed there.

      I have yet to hear anything good about the place which is really sad.

      1. Like every cities, there are security issues, Go south to Punta Gorda, You will find heaven there

        1. Ayngelina Author says:

          I would agree that most capital cities have issues, but Belize City is a bit different.

          1. Ayngelina, Yes Belize City has it’s bad side.. tell me would you go to a cheap hotel in the Bronks, or downtown Miami amongst the Latino’s or how about a cheap hotel in Houston, New Orleans, San Francisco where gangs are a dime a dozen.. hmmmm and the list goes on.. all these cities mentioned before,, drugs, whores, bad dudes, bad gals.. people you don’t mess with even a group of you.. you ought to lay off a bit on Belize City..don’t you think???

          2. First of all Belize is not the capital, it use to be. The capital is Belampan is the capital

          3. All the Belizians that are getting upset should realize, this is a blog about TOURISM and how her trip went! Following that, OTHERS had similar experiences. 350,000 people is NOT a large city. I live in CHICAGO with 14 MILLION people. Clearly, in any city, sometimes there are places you don’t go. Again, this is blog is about tourism and travel and what people experienced. If your from Belize, your immune, apparently, to what is considered ok as it pertains to drugs, guns and violence! PS Im from Chicago, its a shit hole, don’t visit!! lol

        2. Right on track, everyone knows that Belize city is not the place to visit. try the other towns where you will still find civility Punta Gorda is still alaid back town where one can feel safe.

          1. Ayngelina Author says:

            I know, I’m not saying all of Belize is dangerous just Belize City. Nice to see you agree.

    2. I want to live in Belize. And yes, lately many places around the world that hasn’t experienced much violence, they are now. Granted that there are extremely nice places to go, but to get there one truly has to be rich, and even the rich do drugs.

    3. ummm…i work in the tourism industry..and ur stats are wrong. And i am not just saying that because i am a belizean. In fact i am saying because you judge a book by its cover. the city is actually nice. If you would know where to go. We do have some really shitty parts of the city…but hey..we are a 3rd world country. and I won’t make that as its excuse..but the people themselves who live in the lower class area. But please..before judging and downgrading the City..know and confirm facts…Guatemala is a shittier City

      1. Miss, have you been past Melchor? Or even that beyond that quaint little isle on Lake Peten Itza? Yeah, Flores. Guatemala City, the largest in Central America, has services, infrastructure and development in its posh zones that would take Belize about three decades (hmmm, on second thoughts, make that five decades given the widespread mediocrity of thought I find among my countrymen and hey! in Yours Truly too) to equal.
        My dear Janelle, you’re either plenty young yet, and thus plenty naive, or you haven’t traveled that much, or typically, you have that de rigueur, knee jerk reaction common to so many beliceños who feel it incumbent to defend the indefensible: in this case, et al, the grubby character of Belize City, and by extension, the sacrosanct name of the country itself.

        1. Jacob is a troll don’t feed it… -_-

  22. Just got back from a 2 week vacation to Belize. Was really apprehensive to go there after hearing about all the crime. Originally from Belize, I’ve lived in the U.S. for 26 years before going back. Didn’t go to the cayes, and yes I did follow the rules of the locals. Had a really good time and looking forward to going back in July. Of course I have family there and where I stayed was one of the better neighborhood.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I hate to make such a blanket statement about a city but now after a year of traveling in Latin America I can say it’s still the scariest city I’ve visited.

      1. I guess I’ve got accustomed to scary cities after living in the South Bronx for a number of years, before moving to Orlando Florida in the mid 90’s. I’ve lived in the Pine Hills area of Orlando, Florida for the pass 16 years. The nickname for Pine Hills is now Crime Hills, Orlando, Florida.

        1. Ayngelina Author says:

          So true, Baltimore is much worse than a lot of Central American countries.

  23. We are heading to Belize City in 2 weeks and have contemplated not leaving the airport and catching a flight to San Ignacio – your post has tipped the scale… I’m out! 😉

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I liked reading your other posts on Belize, it makes me think I should return.

  24. Lorenzo @belizepost says:

    So I’m from Belize and after reading your post I’m finding it hard not to be ethnocentric buuut, you’re totally right, Belize City is shady and doesn’t offer tourists anything.
    In the other hand, there are thousands of stuff to do elsewhere. For example San Ignacio, my hometown has many attractions nearby.
    One thing though, you complain quite a bit. ‘Guys hissed at you several times.’ That happens all over Latin America. And in Miami, if you have a big ass, they shout at you: ‘que grocera!’ lol

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I’m the first to admit that I didn’t spend enough time in Belize and have thought about returning because it’s a bit unfair to evaluate a country based on Belize City and Caye Caulker.

      In the last 14 months I traveled from Mexico to Argentina overland so I know hissing is quite common and most often it doesn’t bother me. I don’t know why but in Belize City it just seemed more aggressive, but that could have been coloured by my impression of the city.

      1. Hissing seems more aggressive in Belize City! You have got to be joking!Are you for real. I can only imagine you in Miami.. WOW! Spssssssst vayas alla tampoco..

      2. Please don’t come back!!!!!

    2. dragonfly says:

      I lived in Belize for quite a few years, raised my two babies there until they went to school. Many people know that the hissing is like a wolf whistle, a form of ‘admiring’. I just smiled and walked on when it happened to me. It’s a compliment. I have to say I am dismayed, no heartsick, at all the violence; one of the victims recently in Valley of Peace was a family friend. Regarding your photo of the pharmacy sign….Belize was a British Colony and the sign is what you’d see in the UK too for selling pharmaceuticals. I’m sure you just posted that photo for effect, though. I was back to Belize last summer after many years and would still like to live there again.

  25. Lorenzo @belizepost says:

    Haha, the hissing might have been more aggressive.
    Hit me up if you ever return, I’ll meet you for beers and it will be strictly platonic:P lol

  26. I live in Memphis, Belize city sounds like paradise. Don’t even think about going to Baltimore, I bet you would have a mental break down. LOL.

    Seriously, a 10 minute walk and you only had 2 beggars, sign me up.

    1. I too was born and raised in Memphis… Belize City is like- Imagine what Orange Mound would be like if the cops all went on strike, and at the same time the sanitation department walked out.

      1. Ayngelina Author says:

        Well I wouldn’t be that harsh about it. I just think people need to know what they are getting into when they arrive.

  27. You all sound like a bunch of ignorant jerks that dont know better, if you are from the USA 10 times worst violence happen out here, apart from violence,USA is all about drugs and greed. so before you go pointing fungers at other countries make sure yours is clean, Belize is a 3rd world country dummies, its suppose to be that way. and if your a tourist what the hell you go to these countries to see apart from shells and good water? you dont know what these ppl’s from these places faced and been through. I live in USA and i’ve seen worse. Belize is way more relaxed and mind easing from the robotic life we live here in USA.there is endless things you can do in Belize also the city, i can drink a beer in the public and the cops wont say nothing, but thats a fine here in america. the people of belize are good ppl, just like the ppl in america, its the choices we choose that makes us bad. Belize is a great Place. will never stop going..

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I knew when I wrote this piece it would be controversial. I am not American although I suspect Belize City could be compared to some of the more dangerous cities in the USA. I’m not saying that people of Belize aren’t good, or that people should not visit Belize, but you must agree with me that Belize City is not representative of the country and people on holiday are better to skip it.

      1. you know…Belizy CITY is not as bad as u stayed in the city for how long???? and must i mention that you went to the cheapest part of the city to stay. So to jump and judge the city is very much harsh. I have relatives from the US that brings friends form all over. And they love the CITY!!! please do your research on staying in cities next time. And I know its just a blog..from your ONE time experience but jeez!!! don’t be so dramatic. What you see on most magazines and website are other places than the city which are much more beautiful i agree…but please..again i stayed at the cheapest part of the city.

    2. Herein lies the problem. Whilst the author is being as generous as she can, you’re happy to blanket a country (your own country!) with a grand statement that the “USA is all about drugs and greed”… what a remarkably silly thing to say!
      They say (outside the US) that American travellers are the worst when it comes to evaluating other nations and their own nation, I disagree as I love Americans when I am on the road. Please show that kind side that I know Americans have and show respect to others, rather than calling them all jerks.

    3. I have lived and loved all over the world, homes in Guaruja, Brazil; in Buenos Aires (Palermo), Argentina; Mandeville, Jamaica; etc. So tired of all the jealousy and bull shit about the US. Just once I’d like someone to look up the facts: with all its good and beauty, the fact is that Belize has as many or more homicides per capita as the top 10 US murder rate cities:
      (Restricted Gun Law) Belize = .040%
      (Unrestricted Gun Laws) Chicago = .015% New York = .003% Los Angeles = 006% Philadelphia = .015 Baltimore = .037% Houston = .009% New Orleans = .013% Memphis = .022% Dallas = .001% Detroit = .055%

      1. Now that’s a statement.. Belize City .040 and 2 of the worst US cities, Detroit .055 and Baltimore .037.. That should tell you all you need to know.. Belize City population 350,000 with a murder rate of a cities much much larger. So my question is, where in Belize do Belizians recommend for tourists?

  28. Hey, I completely agree with Belize City being a bit bad. Belize City does not offer anything for tourists to see or enjoy, I haven’t the slightest clue why another place has been chosen as a main tourist area… I am from Orange Walk(shuga city)and commute to Belize City daily to attend classes and I am really tired of having to look behind my back every time while walking. I see tours passing by my school constantly and say to myself “what the hell are they doing around here?”. Belize City is like that because it is the main area in Belize where everyone from all around the country commutes to work, it is more of an area that is like Detroit(and you know how Detroit is). As for crimes and drugs there is a presence, but so was there in my home town of Orange Walk (once known as Rambo-Town) but the government stepped in and eradicated the problem. The government is also stepping in to resolve this problem in Belize City and the criminal activities have decreased significantly throughout the past months… The hissing is common, I must admit I do it sometimes (lol) but it’s a form of a complement in some twisted third world way… I mean we are a third world country so things like what you mentioned should be expected, we are the youngest nation in the Americas, so it takes time to develop into a country that can provide everything we need and what foreigners seek…

    So with that said I hope you probably give Belize City another try. Be a traveler and not a tourist next time.
    *check out Placencia, Cayo, San Pedro, Corozal, Punta Gorda and Orange Walk next time.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I haven’t written off Belize complete, I realize I can’t judge a country but its capital city – especially in Central America.

      1. Akeem Genus says:

        AND PLEASE STOP CALLING BELIZE CITY THE “CAPITAL CITY”…. Belmopan has been the capital of Belize since 1973!!!

        1. Ayngelina Author says:

          Thanks for the correction, indeed when I first wrote the post in 2010 someone corrected me and I realized I had made the error.

      2. Erica Coye-Huhn says:

        I grew up in Belize City and find your comments insulting. When I came to your country to study, I interned at Blumeyer Village Center in St. Louis. It was a rough neighborhood and pretty scary at times. However, the people were living in a tough situation. They were human and struggling. They had blood flowing in their veins like everyone else. Poverty is everywhere lady. Belize City is the a beautiful place and it is a pity you were too shallow to see her beauty.

      3. So y didn’t u first know what ur getting into before coming here ? Nooooooooo please don’t come back stay far far away!!!!!!

  29. I wouldn’t sign off Belize City so fast either. It’s just a matter of practicing safety tips while being in any new environment likely having new elements. I am from Orange Walk Town and it’s a totally different scenery here. We have very descent people and some attractions that would make any tourist’s stay a warm one.

    On a sidenote, I like your domain name. You must like cats too xD

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Cats? why do you say that?

      1. Amber DeGrace says:


  30. Ava Apollo says:

    I only had to be in Belize City to get to the water taxi station, but even that was pretty scary. I climbed into a cab and some crazy-looking guy tried to pull the door back open. I pushed down the lock button just in time. No thanks. It’s a pity one has to go through there to access the water taxis.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Yeah I am very careful not to sway people against going somewhere. I didn’t listen to other people’s warnings but it’s not a great place at all.

  31. Jeff Dobbins says:

    I’m headed to Belize for the 1st time next week, so this is really helpful. Recently had a similar experience in La Ceiba, feeling like a big, awkward gringo with a target on my back. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      You know what La Ceiba is actually a great comparison. It was another city that I was warned not to go out at night.

  32. Cor Verhoef says:

    I spent a lot of time in Belize City during the ’90’s. I absolutely loved the place -I must admit I have a soft spot for rundown hell holes. But that was then. I haven’t been back since, but from what I read in the local newspapers, things have gone really bad now. In the ’90 you could still walk around South Side. Anyone doing that now has to be completely bonkers, unless you’re a gang member. It’s a real shame that this once funky old town has fallen on such hard times.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      It`s tragic because for me it was the first city I visited in the country and I know the rest of the nation is not like this.

  33. John Scooter says:

    I live in Belize City… A WHITE girl that goes there alone is just asking for trouble. Why would you even complain if you are so stupid to go there? You are just asking to be a target… big camera, white girl… OH wow! Supriseeee people making 3000$/year are spotting you. You were asking for some attention and you got it.
    Try being a regular gringo like me, looks poor, doesn’t wear a 2,000$US camera on his neck… I get in no trouble.

    Too bad they didn’t kill you.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      That`s a fairly harsh remark. I hadn`t experienced a city in Central America that was like this at all, it`s a shame Belize City is like this.

      1. IgnoranceIsAHellOfAThing says:

        clearly you have not been to many places in Central America, and, if so you must have had your eyes closed the entire time.

    2. Amber DeGrace says:

      Judging from that last comment, you are part of the seedy underbelly of the city. Shameful.

    3. @John: Internet bravery at its best. Too bad about your tiny penis.

    4. TammyOnTheMove says:

      There is no need for such a horrible comment John. How you can say something like that is beyond me. Ever heard of freedom of speech? No? Well, look it up!

    5. Sounds like a person from a hellhole speaking with a gun in hand looking for trouble. Am glad didn’t visit da Belize City last month, if I ever go I would bring a machete or samurai sword with me…..

      1. Belizean girl says:

        Believe me, we are much more happier than you that you didn’t make the trip.We have enough trash there.Don’t need anymore.

  34. david thompson says:

    I have been to the country of Belize 4 times and I love this place. On March 20th, 2012 the UN names belize the 5th most dangerous place in the world. In 2010 it was number 5 out of 197 countries for murder rate. Do not kid yourselves it is not only Belize City. I love the country because there is something about a place that has a degree of danger and I hope that keeps american tourist out.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I`m not American but while I would return to Belize, I would have to take a pass on Belize City. It`s not something I`d like to experience again.

      1. I doubt you would say where you are from. Then we could judge your town. I totally agree with Jim, I have been to Belize City and stayed at the Best Western and the Princess, no worries no problem. Bennies has a damn nice hardware store there, better than the U.S. and Brodies supermarket has everything you need. Sure don’t go out to cheap run down places and look for trouble, what idiot does that?

        1. Ayngelina Author says:

          I know you have only read this post but I am actually open about everything, including where I live which is Toronto. I have read many critiques of the city and I think everyone has a right to state how they feel about a place.

    2. Belizean girl says:

      Totally agree with you David Thompson.For me,less is more.The less people go to Belize the more peaceful it will be and no more bitching about how horrible of a place it is.American tourists are the worse.They bitch and complain about everything like their country is paradise.If you show up with negativity on your mind then that is all you will see.Take that shit somewhere else please because we really dont need it.

      1. Wow! Haven’t read all of the stream, but the lead article and the last post in response made me want to wade in. Have you ever been to Chicago, Detroit, New York, L.A., , fucking Washington, DC???
        Where do you get off warning people away from a city in a country that you have spent, maybe, 30 hours in?
        People who are no different than you (except, maybe, less blindly biased) live in that city and most of them are a lot friendlier and honest than a lot of people you’d meet anywhere.
        I’ve been to Belize about 12 times in the last 10 years and have spent a night in B City about 5 times. Stayed in the ‘safe’ side of town 4 of those times and in the ‘dangerous’ side of town for one night in Feb. 2013 at the Belcove Inn. Difference? Antiseptic (nowhere to get a beer) v. real(stores open a 3 minute walk from the Inn). Without being simplistic, as was the lead author on this piece, go to B City, and the rest of this beautiful country and exercise the same common sense that, hopefully, you do in any of the cities named above, or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

        1. Ayngelina Author says:

          I do appreciate your response, if you read through the comments you can see this post has been really polarizing. Some people are quite angry at what I wrote and others are in agreement. I do stand by what I said. I have spent quite a bit of time in Central and South America in the last 3 years and there are few places that have made me uneasy – Belize City is still one of them. I’m not saying that about the entire country but I do think people need to be wary when in Belize City.

      2. can you tell me the truth about Belize? best areas? what do u think about Corozal? good n bad ?

  35. coconutdave says:

    My first trip to belize city was in 1972 it was a shit hole then as it is now.I just got back from belize and honduras.belize for 5 month honduras for 9 months.If you bring fear with you that is what you get back.If you see poor people you will get nothing but contempt.If you walk without fear with love in your heart you will meet wonderful people even in belize city!by the way I just got back from Laceiba honduras lived there 3 months had a great time

  36. Ayngelina Author says:

    You are far heartier than I am. I did visit Honduras, and La Ceiba overnight but it was during Carnaval. An hour before I got there someone had been shot outside our hostel and the manager there also warned us the best thing to do was to grab something to eat and just stay inside for the night.

  37. Michael Figueiredo says:

    I fully appreciate your honest opinion in this piece, Ayngelina. Not all cities are meant for tourism and like you said, not all countries can be judged by just one city. (I don’t get why that one commenter thinks cats=bacon either! LOL)

  38. Wow, what a friendly conversation going on here (sarcasm)…

    I’ve heard lots of negative comments about most of the Central American capitals…so I’m not too surprised to read this post about Belize City. Better to seek out the smaller, friendlier towns…

  39. Most of these posts are completely wrong. I’m originally from Florida. I’ve live in Belize City almost all my life and I’m also in the business of helping foreigners in coming to Belize, Retiring, Setting up Businesses,Real estate, etc. I can tell you that Belize City is a cool place to be. The cayes are around Belize are much more suited for tourists, but the city is an adventure in it’s own. And no, there aren’t people offering drugs every 3 feet….that’s ridiculous. I think a lot of posts here and just over exaggerations. If you really want to find out more about Belize send me an email at [email protected] or [email protected]. I will be more than willing to help you understand.

    1. Belizean girl says:

      Maybe they are being offered drugs every 3 feet but guess who first started that shit? Yes those same tourists.That idea had to come from somewhere.I cannot tell you the numbers of tourists that were busted trying to take drugs back on the ship with them since all this tourism bs began…then they complain how shitty the place nice!

  40. I find it bizarre at best that people are either denying your experience, or blaming you for it.

    You went to a place, experienced things that were too negative for you, reported on them and made a recommendation.

    I don’t even see anything controversial. Some places have no merit. Sounds like Belize City is one of them.

  41. It’s nice to see posts like this – a lot of travel bloggers either refuse to write about places they dislike or always say good stuff. I’ve heard bad things about Belize city – and it sounds like you had a nightmare there. I am curious about it though – I guess If I ever go I’ll have to try and blend in and be inconspicuous lol xx

  42. Raymond @ Man On The Lam says:

    I was in Belize for 2 weeks about 3 years ago, and honestly, it’s not somewhere I’m likely to revisit. Just driving through Belize City I had the heebie jeebies and the first words out of the mouth of the owner of the rental home I had in Caye Caulker were: “Make sure you lock the doors when you go out. They’d steal the pennies off the eyes of the dead around here.”

  43. Brendon of Nerd Travels says:

    Really interesting post I was considering going to Belize city near start of my trip through central america maybe ill try some other places in Belize instead or head to Guatemala first 😀

    1. Belizean girl says:

      No, better yet,please do try Mexico who happens to be is our next door neighbor,so they would rip you off blind.I pray you do.

    2. IgnoranceIsAHellOfAThing says:

      Go ahead. Guatemala City would make Belize City look like heaven. P.S. good luck at the stop lights

  44. I am really surprised that Moneysense Magazine ranked Belize as one of the top six places to retire in luxury when it is also in the top six most dangerous countries.
    Sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper.

    1. oh no hunny belize is not dangerous so stfu about my country

      1. Ayngelina Author says:

        I am not saying the entire country is dangerous at all but you must admit the capital city is not safe.

        1. Belizean girl says:

          You sound like a programmed robot.If you had done your home work right,your blog would be totally different.Yes there are crimes in Belize city but it is all being done against my fellow Belizeans and not to foreigners.The killings are gang related and turf wars.You talked about drugs so let me enlighten you.We are so good to tourists that when they are caught with drugs in Belize,they would simply end up with a small fine instead of prison time, unlike what America would do to anyone that are caught with drugs.Whether you all believe it or not,we value tourist and their well being.Shit happens no matter where you go,whether its in America or in a third world country.Like dude said before..this is not heaven so don’t expect angels and harps.Wherever you’re from,im sure your country isn’t all that prissy either.

        2. IgnoranceIsAHellOfAThing says:

          Were you robbed? Did someone scam you? Were you assaulted? Last time I checked, begging was not a crime, so I would just like to understand this “danger” of which you speak…A lot of the city is shabby and underdeveloped, but saying its one of the worst in Central America is a blatant lie…unless, in your opinion, being hissed at is worse and more dangerous than sleeping in a hotel where a murder had just occurred.

          1. Nyet, she didn’t need to be robbed or assaulted to feel the vibe of the place, Ignorant. I lived for x years in the City (came of age there, actually) and know my way around. But it is what it is, and if you, on some subjective, flag-waving, ostrich-headed “nationalism” feel obligated to deny what is wrong with us, then wallow in it, buddy. It’s called MEDIOCRITY. But, Hurrah! our “forefathers” won the glorious fight at ole St. George’s Caye… 🙂

        3. Belize city is Not the capital of Belize y do u keep saying that ohhhh I know u read so old shit about bze get ur facts right Belmopan is our country’s capital ohk read and comprehend pls .once again ur giving out false information. I wonder if u can sue for that,lol.

  45. I Hate Tourists like u says:

    Fuck you and stay the motherfuck in your country you stupid punk. It seems as if though you are afraid of life and entering a new country. I guess this was your first trip outside your comfort zone. Your essay was quite subjective and stupid fuck you and stay in your country bitch.

    1. Lost World Luis says:

      Wow! The hate in your reply is intense. Though I agree that this post may be subjective and based on a short time in the city, I can say two things:
      1. I had an extremely similar experience during my visit to Belize City
      2. I have travelled extensively and so has the author of the post.

      I guess there really is no need to reply to a comment like yours, but I have free wifi, some time on my hands and what the hell 🙂

    2. Man, where will Belize be without it’s tourism?!!!

      1. Belizean girl says:

        FYI we would still be the most peaceful country in the world like when I was growing up sir.I remember one of my aunt that lives in NY use to tell me that when people would ask where Belize is,she refused to tell them because in her mind,they would go to her country and ruin it.Well she was right.Before Belize started this tourism BS,we were once known as the most peaceful country in the world…then tourists happened.You took your drugs and everything else bad down there (like John McAfee did),then years later,you sit back and complain how horrible it is.Pains me deeply to read these comments.

      2. erick molina says:

        Belize was without tourism before. you think tourism built Belize? buay fock off!!

  46. Jaryd Krause says:

    Haha love it! sorry I’m not laughing at your misfortune but at the city general. I also spent a night in Belize city waiting for the next ticket out of there to Ambergris Caye and also felt it was very rough and grim. I even stayed indoors that evening, I think the most positive aspect of the city was that people speak English there, and I was glad as I needed a break from Spanish. How did you find Caye Caulker and did you dive? My favorite dive site I have ever done was in Belize, so beautiful.

    great blog too, Cheers

  47. So I’m from belize and yes you should stay out of belize city. Visit the rest of the country, it is beautiful. The mountains, caves, mayan ruins, etc..

    1. Belizean girl says:

      What shitty advice to be giving to these people? If you’re really from Belize then you know fully well that all those killings in Belize aren’t being done to tourists.Its all gang related and no one wants to hurt them.Shame on you Diva.

    2. BelizeanMaya says:

      I totally agree with Belizean Girl. Just FYI the Capital of Belize is Belmopan. Belize City is no different than any other Major City in ANY country. I say that because I’ve been in the U.S. for the past 20+ years. When you are a tourist in ANY country you should behave like one. You were at a hostel in a residential area and not in a resort area. Belize is not called “Nature’s BEST kept secret” for no reason. There are AMAZING parts of Belize that I do hope you get to visit. I respect the bloggers honest opinion but just felt the need to defend my country becausee it has so much more to offer.

      1. Ayngelina Author says:

        Thanks so much for writing a thoughtful opinion, I really do appreciate it. I would never tell people not to visit Belize the country but I do often tell people to minimize their time in Belize City.

        And yes I realized I made a big error when I called it the capital city, my apologies on that one 🙂

  48. Tom @ Waegook Tom says:

    I’m just going to be a pedant and point out that Belize City isn’t the capital of Belize. Belmopan is. Belize City is merely the largest city.

    And to other commenters, I suggest you actually read the post. Nowhere does Ayngelina say Belize is a horrible country, she simply doesn’t like one city. Chill out.

  49. I am going to Belize end of this month and even though i read all of these comments and yes i think about them i have to make my own picture.My boyfriend is from Belize and is now living there again so i can not wait,and who knows,maybe i will even move there.and to be honest just because most of you or people didn’t like it or found it too dangerous it shouldn’t stop anybody from finding out them self…have a good day all….

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I agree everyone needs to form their own opinion. My opinion, and I think that of many who commented with warnings here, was that Belize as a country is fantastic, but people should avoid Belize City.

  50. First time traveler EVER says:

    I’ll be visiting Belize next week for a wedding with my boyfriend and A LOT of his family members (more than 10). I’m going to Ambergris Caye to be exact. I’ve heard A LOT about Belize city, mostly bad things, sadly, and am a bit worried because I have to go through Belize City to get to the water taxi to get to Ambergris Caye. I’ve never been out of the country and this would be my first time ever being on a plane. Any advice?
    Also, I am a African American female, my boyfriend is caucasian. Would this make any difference at all since I would technically blend in with the locals?

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I got the water taxi to Caye Caulker and it was totally fine. I would just go straight from the bus station and get a cab to the water taxi and you should be fine.

    2. 1. No one gives a rats ass what the color of u an ur boyfriend skin is.’re not walking through Afghanistan, of syria in the middle of a war. So you don’t have to run in fear for life, unless u see drone coming down on you, then in that case call the leader of the free world for an explanation.
      Sick of people always bring downing a place because they made poor decision choices.
      I went to Colombia. Bogotá to be specific. People warned against. guess what best trip ever! walked the streets at 2 in the morning, no one tried to sell me drugs or robbed me, so just because you hear people talk bs about a place doesn’t make it true. Belize is a wonderful place to visit, it’s rich in culture, thank god it has not been completely westernised to fit their view of how the world should be.

  51. This is a very interesting read!

    My wife & two upper teen daughters are going to an island just off of Belize for a 5 day trip. It sounds like they should be fine. But this info is inlightening.

    I’m hoping they will be safe.


  52. Belize city sound like no different from city of Chicago.

  53. BelizeanAmerican says:

    To FirstTimeTravellerEver:

    Belizeans don’t give a shit if you are black and your boyfriend is white. Belize is not no racist country. Lol.

  54. Sorry you feel that way about Belize City. As gritty as it appears, it’s actually a very cool place to visit – and is at the heart of Belize’s historical background, with quite a few interesting sights. You just have to know where to go and not look flashy, that’s all… The tourism board also has an excellent walking tour map of the city.

    Aside from that, I found Belize to be one of the most beautiful countries I’ve visited in the Caribbean & Central America (long before I authored the guidebook for it ;)).

    If you return to Belize I’m happy to give you lots of pointers. As for the city, it’s not for everyone but like most places in the world, you have to know which side to avoid.

  55. Its absolutely sad the multitude of people who will be misinformed by this prejudiced review. You paint Belize City as though it is a mind field of bums and dangerous black people. Just like any other city there is the good side and bad side and ,sadly, your perception has been misshapen because, out of ignorance, you have chosen to condemn the city for the little bad you have seen. What did you expect coming to a third world country, a glamorous haven of a Caribbean paradise. Compared to other Caribbean countries like Trinidad which is much more developed and isn’t, ” a dirty, dodgy, scammy city”, Belize is much safer, and haven’t even neared the point of drug related violence or human trafficking. I assure you that I can go to your country and find several areas that are worse than what you have seen. Did you even go further north to see the other parts of the city? Yet, you deem the city dangerous.

    1. another canadian says:

      I don’t remember anything in her post about dangerous black people.
      Her report gave me some notion of where not to go in Belize city. The resposes to her report are what make me think it would be a lousy city to visit. They claim to be friendly but so many venemous responses… from the people that claim to be friendly?

      1. I think you nailed it, Canadian: that venom is characteristic of the jingo, the demagogue, the reflexive apologist for a navel-gazing national ethos that brooks no critical consideration. Its stock response to any, albeit objective, critique is: You betta Belize it! Now just shut up! Ah, my people, that’s one good reason why we’re the backward nation we are.

      2. Any one would get on d defensive side after reading what she wrote in her blog about there country including u.

  56. Primilene Courtney says:

    So sorry to hear all these horrible remarks that you seem to equate to a whole city. You were approach because, unfortunately, most young tourist go to the city for drugs so dealers automatically assume that is what you want. There is plenty to do in the city assuming you know what is available. Someone made a reference to 30 shootings in a month but a city like NYC has more in a month and no one says don’t go there. I’ve lived in Belize City for 11 years and in NYC for 30 years. Attributing a week stay in a city to how it always is- isn’t a fair assessment of any city. DO NOT limit a city to the boundaries of your vision.

  57. My boyfriend, his friend, and I are going to Belize in a couple of weeks. We are staying a night in Belize City after coming from Placencia. I am hoping our experience is fine. Someone told us we could drive from Placencia to Belize City; but I’m not sure if we like that idea. We shall see.

    1. I hope you haven’t left yet. Please drive. It’s a much better experience. I just went to and from Placencia on the bus and because there are many villages and stops it takes like an extra hour. Plus, they’re so much nice sites along the hummingbird and southern hwys. You’ll want to take some pictures.

      1. We got back on the 26th! We did not drive to Placencia, but we did drive from Placencia to San Ignacio so we were able to experience the Hummingbird Highway! I enjoyed Belize City, San Pedro (for their lobster fest), and Placencia. It was a good time.

        1. Ayngelina Author says:

          So good to hear!

  58. Belizean in Los Angeles says:

    Where exactly is Anygelina from?
    So two people begged her for money, two men were arguing about money and she got hissed at. But did anybody touch her? I live in L.A. and I can’t walk out my front door without someone begging me for money. These beggers are at the fast food drive through, at the gas station, at the doors of the supermarkets and everywhere else
    laying in wait. At the exit of almost every freeway, there is someone holding up a sign begging. Not only do they beg but they have the audacity to tell you how much they want!! (Miss can you give me $20.00?) As for the killings people kill for no reason just because they want to see what it feels like. Have Anygelina heard of the night stalker or the hillside strangler? What about all the school shootings in America? They even kill their own families (The Menendez brothers?) Anygelina look at the American news O.K. At least in Belize nobody kill another person just because he or she is black!!! If you don’t like Belize stay out of it, and stop discouraging others from going there!!!

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I knew when I wrote this post that I would have negative comments like this but I wanted to publish them and keep the conversation going.

      I am from Canada and the post is nearly 3 years old. I have traveled around the world and much through Central And South America and I stand by my post I think it remains good advice. I am not saying people should not go to Belize the country, but they should not stick around Belize City. People had warned me and I didn’t listen. If they are arriving in the airport they should keep going. A friend of mine is from Belize and writes a great site Belize Adventure about the country and all the wonderful things to do.

      1. Belize City is real nice

      2. WHere in Canada.. Vancouver has a shithole side to it.. if you go down the old side of Vancouver you will enounter endless homeless people and yes they shoot up with drugs right outside and yes they beg for money and yes they sleep all over the places.. stink to high hell and follow much for your perfect world..

      3. IgnoranceIsAHellOfAThing says:

        So you didn’t listen, you went anyway, and suffered the consequences by being…. hissed at? hmmm seems to me you have a warped definition of what danger is. This was never good advice…just a very good way to exercise your freedom of speech…no matter how dishonest.

    2. IgnoranceIsAHellOfAThing says:


  59. Born And rasied belizean/ american would say after many years its good to be back in america! wouldn’t go bk to belize for no reason i love my life n i dont need no one to take it for granted! i got a future! belizean as they finished school with a collage degree theres no job! poor country! buy sometimes nice evil people, food is gr8! but watch out for the roches in the kitchen! volients is crazy most of my friends and old school made is dead girls are all looking for a white man to go to bed with so that they could get their green card! streeets are horrible finding pot wholes every where!customer service! is no longer in servie! aids victim go to belize KHMH you’ll find them all there! theres no place like america 😀 except for England 😛

    1. Also live in America says:

      I don’t know who you are Jane Doe, but you obviously don’t have much education. You can’t even write proper English or spell – volients?? It is spelled v-i-o-l-e-n-c-e dear.
      Wholes? It is spelled holes. If you don’t want to go back to Belize that’s fine. But you are living in the land of opportunity. Take advantage of it. Go to school!!

    2. IgnoranceIsAHellOfAThing says:

      any* reason. any* one (“take it for granted” used improperly)
      have* a future
      finish* school
      college* degree
      there are* no jobs
      roaches* in the kitchen
      schoolmates are* dead
      pot holes*
      customer service*
      victims* go

      Seriously.They gave you a visa?

  60. I was born and raised in Belize City and i must say i am totally offended by this article. It is clear that you ventured to Belize with your mind made up about what you would find here. I mean honestly what kind of danger did you experience here?? 2 people begged you for money? Some guys hissed at you. You have painted a picture where i would more believed money was taken from you by force and those guys raped you. And to be very honest with you it is very common for females tourist to come to Belize alone and hook up with the locals. Honestly from this article no one should even entertain your suggestion of Belize City being such a bad place. Belize City is a small city and the tourist industry is very young. not everywhere is propered up and polished to give an impression that real life doesnt happen here. You stayed in one of the poorer part of the city what did you expect? did you even bother to visit the north side of the city, visit areas that cater to tourist, done anything but found a spot to complain about and settled there? And even at that how bad was it? it is natural to be a bit scared when alone in a new place you know nothing about. but what really happend to you? Nothing. You mentioned talking to different locals who gave you advice and talked to you. did they seem like bad people, did they try to hurt you or take anything from you. Belize has violence yes but where on earth doesn’t. I do hope people who read this article will take the time to think about exactly what you said and realize that your fear and “experience” are just ways for you to attract more audience to your blog. Nothing you said should detour anyone from coming to this wonderful paradise. You mentioned you might want to come back some day but please do not, you have done your damage and offended every Belizean who have read your article. I wish we could ban you from ever coming back to our wonderful city and country.

    1. IgnoranceIsAHellOfAThing says:

      Absolutely right! She has no backing whatsoever.

  61. I was born and raised in Belize City and i must say i am totally offended by this article. It is clear that you ventured to Belize with your mind made up about what you would find here. I mean honestly what kind of danger did you experience here?? 2 people begged you for money? Some guys hissed at you. You have painted a picture where i would more believed money was taken from you by force and those guys raped you. Honestly from this article no one should even entertain your suggestion of Belize City being such a bad place. Belize City is a small city and the tourist industry is very young. not everywhere is propered up and polished to give an impression that real life doesnt happen here. You stayed in one of the poorer part of the city what did you expect? did you even bother to visit the north side of the city, visit areas that cater to tourist, done anything but found a spot to complain about and settled there? And even at that how bad was it? it is natural to be a bit scared when alone in a new place you know nothing about. but what really happend to you? Nothing. You mentioned talking to different locals who gave you advice and talked to you. did they seem like bad people, did they try to hurt you or take anything from you. Belize has violence yes but where on earth doesn’t. I do hope people who read this article will take the time to think about exactly what you said and realize that your fear and “experience” are just ways for you to attract more audience to your blog. Nothing you said should detour anyone from coming to this wonderful paradise. You mentioned you might want to come back some day but please do not, you have done your damage and offended every Belizean who have read your article. I wish we could ban you from ever coming back to our wonderful city and country.

    1. erick molina says:


    2. Stephanie Gill says:

      Well said. I love Belize! 😀

      1. IgnoranceIsAHellOfAThing says:

        STEPHANIE! 🙂

  62. This is one of the most offense materials I have read about the city I lived in for 25 years of my life (I’m 27 and moved to another part of the country 2 years ago. I am in the city 5 days a week).

    For the record I would like to state some facts…

    In Belize we had less that 150 people killed last year.

    That’s the lowest in all of Central America. The murder rate is around the middle for the region. Now considering that 90-95% of these murders involved gang related persons, the average Belizean & Tourist in Belize probability of being murdered is about 7 in 300K. This is for the whole country.

    … but you say Belize City is so dangerous.

    Please get your facts right before making unfounded, unjustified, false claims about a country you spent a couple nights in…

    we also have no terrorist attacks, a child doesn’t go missing every 5 mins, and women are not randomly targeted for rape.

    Just an FYI.

    1. Stephanie Gill says:

      Exactly, especially ‘we also have no terrorist attacks, a child doesn’t go missing every 5 mins, and women are not randomly targeted for rape.’

      I visit Belize and walk around at night without issue. At least people take the time to bid you the time of day, unlike back in Los Angeles. Granted, I was born in Belize and visit often, so I’m very comfortable with my people. Cheerio! 😀

    2. Seriously? Her article “Offended” you? What kind of a world do you live in where one woman’s words hurt your feelings so bad? Unbelievable! Especially since their are so many people that have posted here who are from Belize City and confirm exactly what she said. For the record my wife and I are traveling to Belize in a few months for our honeymoon, after doing quite a bit of research we will not be staying in Belize city, as its not quite what we are looking for. Long story short her article was extremely helpful in helping us evaualate where to stay/visit. About the crime/murder rate..Regardless of WHOM the murders were committed against there is no getting around the fact that the per capita murder rate is high. We live in Los Angeles and obviously their are violent, crime ridden areas that we avoid like the plague. Certainly if someone told me that they booked a room on Skid Row I’d point them in a different direction. All without “hurting my feelings” I can’t tell you how excited we are to visit your beautiful country..your a lucky woman! Cheers!

  63. I found this blog while doing research on Belize for my family’s move here. I cannot share in your harsh criticism of this wonderful city. My family visited Belize City in January of 2013 and ever since have been working on a plan to move to this wonderful country. We had nothing but wonderful experiences with every local we met. Yes we were warned about areas we should be more aware of our surroundings, however, I never felt any more concerned than I do in a shady area of Denver,CO where I would be cautious. Large cities have dangerous areas regardless of the country they reside in. In fact we all enjoyed this city, country and the people here so much we are planning to move our family including our two daughters, ages 13 & 8. I understand this is your opinion and not fact, you have however managed to needlessly frighten many people away from a beautiful place and wonderful experiences. I want people to use common sense when in a new city or country and keep an open mind, you may be pleasantly surprised.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Angel I appreciate you taking the time to post a thoughtful comment.

    2. IgnoranceIsAHellOfAThing says:

      Thank you! Needlessly frightened people away indeed.

  64. Jacqueline Burgess-Waight says:

    Its nice to give advice about things we do or places we travel but to say Belize City is the worst is disenhartening. Its because you did not take the time to look at a visitors map prior to your visit and expected that things would have been layed out for you. Crime is everywhere so next time book with a walk with me guide like Rodney Waight Jr. at 501-635-7190 who let you visit the sites in the city like the cathedral. the house of culture the old prison the museums to name a few. Its sad people will listen to just about anyone about a sad experinece which was due to lack a preparation.

    1. The places you mentioned are really not that big of a deal, Jacqueline (be totally honest now), but I guess that for Belize they will have to do. (From someone who has had opportunity to see, and compare, what far-flung cultures have to offer.) But, lest I come across as self-hating, suffice it to say that I value objectivity and truth, and can cheerfully admit my (and my country’s) faults, an’ who bex, bex, as E. Hyde like seh. We DO have some DELICIOUS food, though, second to none, and an uncommon degree of racial harmony, and a most welcome degree of lebensraum (highly prized by one who detests living cheek by jowl with his neighbours). 🙂

  65. I live in Belize for many, many years. I used to party there a lot on weekends in the 90’s. Have never had anything bad happen to me.
    I still love Belize City as it is always bustling and busy… BUT Belize City is a f…ing dangerous place now.
    I now might go there once a year at the most. The people of Belize City will kill you and each other like a fly on the wall. Life means ZERO.
    I know more persons who have been murdered than people who have been in auto accidents.
    Too bad I still like the place but stay far away.

    1. IgnoranceIsAHellOfAThing says:

      This is ignorance at its best.

  66. I am at the present moment in Belize city as i write this from my barbed wire fenced in hotel.. yes i have never been in a place like this before.. where you walk on the streets and you feel everyone noticing you because you stand out.. there are no tourists in this place anymore.. just to go to the shop to get some food a man approched me and escorted me to the shop for exchange of some dollars.. on the way there people tried to approach me from all angles but this man shooed them away. I haven’t felt in danger yet but then again i am not really going out much or at night anyways.

    1. Here we go again @ Daniel. Why do you people insist on wanting to spend a little money and get a lot?? I’m a Belizean and i wouldn’t stay at the hotel you’re staying. When i go to another country a wouldn’t stay at a cheap hotel just to save some bucks. Plus they probably won’t be in a good neighborhood either. I’m just saying… seriously. Y’all need to learn, if i go to new York i ain’t staying in the ghetto….

  67. I am so glad I came across this post as I have been planning a trip to SA that would involve passing through Belize City. As my as I love a bit of adventure this is not what I go for…thanks for the tip 😀

  68. Born Belizean says:

    Dear Ayngelina,
    I was born and raised in Belize City, and I will not try to buck the essence of your article. Belize City is rough. However, I need to point out a few things to put Belize City (and Belize) into perspective for the benefit of your readers:

    1. You got off the bus in a rough city on the wrong side of town.
    2. You chose to stay in a very low end hotel/motel in a crappy part of town.
    3. Nobody in their right mind or who was done any research comes to Belize to hang out in Belize City. Placencia, Caye Caulker, Ambergris Caye, and San Ignacio are the most well known destinations. In addition to these locales there is a host of smaller, truly amazing places in between to choose from. My main issue with Belize City on a whole is not safety, but that there is truly a lack of beauty and worthwhile activity. However, I am sure you have found that Belize City is not representative of the rest of the country.
    My advice to visitors: you probably have somewhere between 7 and 10 days here in Belize. Don’t waste any of it in Belize City, not out of fear for your life, but because of the multitude of amazing places and adventures that can be had in virtually any other part of the country.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      This may be the best comment on this post as it offers really sound advice. I wrote this post over 3 years ago and I stand by the experience but it would never prevent me from going to Belize again. There are so many things that I want to see in that country and if I have to go through Belize City it will be quickly.

      1. Please DO NOT go back to our country. We DON’T want you there!!

        1. Ayngelina Author says:

          I do think there is an opportunity to go back and share more about the country. My experience in Belize City wasn’t positive but I certainly don’t think it’s representative of the entire country.

  69. I have been to Belize City before to pick up research papers with my professor, we didn’t stay long. Yeah it’s dodgy, but, it is a developing country and that is one of the largest cities in Belize, so it’s to be expected. I spent 3 weeks in a town an hour north of there called Orange Walk. I loved it there. The people were nice and the food was really good. We spent most of the day in the surrounding villages and the people there were even nicer. Belize City is not a good place but I would recommend Orange walk to anyone.

  70. I wouldn’t expect much more from a country who’s populace earns a DAILY average wage of $15! Besides, even so-called 1st world cities have their bad areas – try Vancouver’s DTES area if you want a visual explanation of the word: depravity.

  71. allex martinez says:

    who the hell are you for saying bad things about that country. Belize is dangerous if you walk at the street by your self, I agree. Belize is one of the best country in the world. You have not even see the beauty of Belize or San Pedro town( Ambergris caye).

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I completely agree I haven’t been to those towns. Have a second look at the post and you’ll see I was not speaking of the entire country but my experience in Belize City and why I felt that way.

  72. Nothing wrong with having an opinion. To express it this way and offend an entire city and all of its inhabitants is. You stayed there how long? Less than 24 hours? You shouldn’t be travelling.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I think it may be a bit harsh to tell someone they shouldn’t travel. I wrote this three years ago and while I’ve been traveling since then I stand by my original post. People told me not to go to Belize City and I didn’t listen to good advice. You’ll notice I have posted everyone’s comments both for and against the city so future readers can see not only my opinion but others as well.

      1. Sweet Belize says:

        How dear u feed these lies about Belize,we don’t have 30 murders in 3 months,that so misleading,And you felt offended when Mark told you,”you shouldn’t travel”,imagine how i feel,me a proud Belizean woman,crime is everywhere,if u were in Toronto and someone hissed at you would u feel offended,if someone begged you for change would you feel offended,and that picture u posted its a Pharmacy but did you say that ohhh no,you want ppl to think that we are so poor here in Belize that we have to put up a sign and sell drugs,plz don’t come back to Belize we don’t need your negativity here.”Belize City is the dirty, dodgy, scammy city that everyone says it is” and yet you came so someone must have said something good.Living life with a different set of rule indeed.Then you said you met someone who told you to take a cab even if its 1 or 2 blocks away,woman you walked 10 mins and got hissed at and your still here to tell a fictitious tale,again plz DON’T COME BACK TO BELIZE,thks

    2. Mark, You are so right! Kuddos to you! Ayngelina, goes to Belize city, stay’s in a bad part of town at a cheap hotel then writes, bemoans and loathes the city as a terrible place, all in 24 hrs! I have been to restaurants, hotels, tourist sites in Belize City and have never had any trouble, the food was great the people were hospitable.. Is Belize City a pretty town like Toronto, no, is Belize City modern like Toronto no! Does Toronto have rape, murder, drugs, and all sorts of crime YES! It is worse than Belize City if you take into account crime per capita in their neighborhoods! Don’t you just love how she act’s all innocent about her affairs?

  73. Common Sense says:

    Why do TOURIST want to visit Belize City? Specifically WHITE FEMALE TOURIST? If you would have done your research, staying in Belize City is like staying in Kingston, Jamaica, the slums of Brazil, Villa Crespo in Argentina. There are bad areas EVERYWHERE. You could have watched an episode of Belize on the AWE or Travel channel to see the beauty Belize has EVERYWHERE ELSE. It’s so many areas but like most tourist you just choose to remain unaware. There are actually even good parts in Belize City, I took the water taxi to Ambergris Caye, got some great food along the way for a great price before heading to the tourist area. There is nothing wrong with giving your opinion however you could have highlighted that Belize is more than Belize city. And not everyone that lives in Belize (belize is HUGE) knows someone that died from gang violence. You had a horrible experience because you did not do your research. I hope you don’t go back to Belize, you don’t deserve to experience possible the most culturally diverse country in the world.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I actually agree with you 100%, people warned me not to go and I didn’t take their recommendation seriously, which is why I wrote this post. I don’t want people to make the same mistake. I don’t think my experience is representative of the entire country at all. Many people who comment negatively mistake that I am saying this about the entire country and I’m not, I was talking about the city and what I was told. In fact I know there is so much more to see and I definitely will come back at some point.

      1. IgnoranceIsAHellOfAThing says:

        What experience of yours made you decide that it was dangerous?

  74. ‘Born Belizean’ is right. I have been travelling to Belize on almsot a yearly basis since 1986 and always try to avoid Belize City.

    There are lots of beautiful parts of the country especially Cayo and down south, as well as the Cayes which are amazing, so it’s not necessary to go to Belize City unless you like a bit of ‘adventure’.

    Belize City is sometimes unavoidable but get a taxi(a properly licenced one!), don’t walk the streets, especially at night, don’t carry/wear valuables and avoid the rough parts of town and you should be ok.

    I shall be there again this Xmas having a great time in Cayo and the Cayes with my Belizean wife, who by the way, does the same as me and spends as little time travelling through Belize City as possible.

    Most Belizeans avoid the place too unless they’re from there.

    But the country itself is amazing, especially the people, so I wouldn’t let the city put you off.

    One tip, when in Belize City, act like a local, walk with a confident air and exude a ‘don’t fuck with me’ attitude, and usually no one does. But that applies everywhere.

  75. Stumbled upon this while researching retirement possibilities, as there’s currently a huge ad campaign in the US promoting Belize as a retirement haven. I recalled a sailor friend’s warning to avoid Belize City way back in the mid-1980s. The candid opinions are edifying and the hostile ones from several Belizeans here has me crossing it off my list. Yikes, the violence of the comments reinforces the negative reputation of that city. That retirement areas would be some distance from BC is not terribly comforting; I don’t relish compond living for a vacation much less a permanent lifestyle. There are many gorgeous, friendly and safe retirement spots, and as seniors are often targets of crime, why not choose a safe, serene locale? I appreciate the info here, because the blogger is an experienced traveler and more than fair in her comments.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I think there would be some options in Belize, outside of the city, that would be much safer. I don’t think I could feel safe in Belize City to retire but the city isn’t representative of safety in the city.

  76. Any comments on Dangriga I’m considering a trip there. Opinions on crime rate weather economic opportunity/ investment in this area would be appreciated

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I’ve never been there so I couldn’t comment. I am definitely not an expert I can only speak to my experience there.

    2. Wayne, Dangriga is really out of the way, the beautiful part is the road trip through the Mayan Mountains and the Hummingbird Highway. I went to Dangriga years ago and stayed at the Pelican, reasonably priced and enjoyed the food there.. I think a better choice down south would be Placencia.. here is the link for Pelican

  77. Danny Chung says:

    I am a photographer from the country of Belize and after reading most of the above comments, I must agree that people are either for and against your post here.

    Every city will have a negative side, you just happened to be at a wrong part of town in a pretty cheap hotel. I do agree that certain parts of Belize City are a bit shady. Next time, if people tell you not to go somewhere, don’t push your luck and be a such rebel lol.

    I urge you to return to Belize and visit parts of the country that people DO recommend you visit. Check out San Pedro, San Ignacio, Placencia, Orange Walk (my hometown). Trust me I have traveled all over the country and I have yet to capture much more of the beauty Belize offers.

    Btw, I’m a friend of Lorenzo Gonzalez.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Aww Danny so nice for you to comment. I don’t know if all of the readers of this post understand that this site is just about my experiences traveling and that it wasn’t to slander Belize as a country but to warn people. People told me about Belize City and I didn’t listen so I wanted to share my experience.

      I have actually talked to Lorenzo a couple times about coming back to write about the rest of Belize – although I can see the comments not everyone wants me there 🙂

      1. Lastly, I have read your post on Lorenzo’s blog (which is awesome – his blog).

        Your story simply doesn’t add up. You didn’t know anything, yet friends told you not to go. *Confused*

        I have a feeling that Belize just isn’t “Latino” enough for your liking… Maybe we aren’t Iberian-influenced enough, or “Mestizo” enough for you. I am sorry that Belizean hindered your “Latin American experience”…

        You had better avoid most of the Caribbean coast of Central America, from Belize all the way to Panama then. Since you’re not a fan of African and Amerindian influenced English creoles.

        We are Belizeans, we are kind of Anglo-Caribbean, kind of Central American, but mostly BELIZEAN, in culture….

        You seemed to have loved Honduras, despite them having a higher crime rate and murder rate, as well as a lower capita income.

        1. Ayngelina Author says:


          I wrote this 4 years ago and now Lorenzo and I are good friends. There is much truth to what you have written. Looking back I think in general I was looking for a Latin experience and I would agree that Belize is not Latin America. In reality most people do not know that, in fact they expect Lorenzo to speak fantastic Spanish when mine is now far better than his.

          Oddly enough I think because I spent such little time in Belize I may have given the wrong impression. I would absolutely go back to the country (although this time trying to avoid Belize City) as I know there is so much to offer. However, I have no desire to ever go back to Honduras, I was always on edge there and the number of people with hand guns tucked into their jeans really bothered me.

          But don’t count me out. Just because I didn’t like the capital city doesn’t mean I wouldn’t return to visit the rest of the country.

          1. IgnoranceIsAHellOfAThing says:

            Finally, a justifiable comment.

  78. Akeem Genus says:

    @ Ayngelina

    I am not sure what you were expecting to get when you decided to visit Belize City. You could have easily gone straight to San Pedro, San Ignacio, Hopkins, Placencia, Caye Caulker, Caye Chapel, even the Toledo District and had the time of your life.

    Belize City is a place where:

    1) Colonialism
    2) Slavery. The same people you see begging for money in Belize City have even had a fighting chance
    3) HORRIBLE city planning, and inadequate sewage disposal. The city is built over a SWAMP.
    4) Two crippling hurricanes
    5) The strained resources the old central government utilized to protect it’s territory against Guatemala
    6) The capital being relocated to an actual planned city – Belmopan
    7) Ridiculously high emigration
    8) The South American drug trade

    All of these… on top of people from the developed world expecting a little bit of home, have made an absolute fool of Belize City and it’s people.

    I’m 99% sure that this is your most highly responded blog entry. Good for you….Please stop kicking a dead horse.

    Except for a few nice museums and some old colonial architecture (along the coast), there is NOTHING Belize City can possibly offer a tourist… Except the same type of urban decay they might see in Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, Memphis etc… Just a little more “Third World-ish”

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      You know when I wrote this in 2010 I didn’t realize it would be so popular. All I wanted to share was that people had told me not to go and I scoffed at them because I was an experienced traveler and then when I arrived I realized I should have listened to other people’s advice. The point of this post is not to insult Belize City or the people who live in it but to let other travelers know that when they head to Belize they don’t need to spend any time there.

      1. You may have wrote this 4 yrs ago, but you did it all wrong.. bad choice of where to stay etc etc etc.. you really should shut this down.. you might have a few friends, but I really think you offended a lot of people..there are a lot of shit holes in Canada and the U.S. and everywhere in the world.. I know from experience, but am I going to write a blog about each shit hole I have been to, no! why?
        What do you have to gain from writing a story about an obviously poor choice of hotel and area where you stayed in Belize City.. I just cannot see why you did that?

        1. Ayngelina Author says:

          This is why I have also allowed all comments on this post, including ones that are quite harsh. I stand by my sharing my experience but also for people reading they can view other people’s opinions as well. And as you’ll read I’m not the only person who wouldn’t recommend Belize City for people visiting the country.

  79. Akeem Genus says:

    Which in itself is a LIE too. Belize City is NOT the U.S. state of Kansas… There are things to do and see.

    I am not the greatest fan of that SWAMP city, BUT there is:

    1) The Museum of Belize
    2) Old Belize Cultural and Historical Center and Cucumber Beach
    3) St John’s Cathedral (The oldest Anglican church in the western hemisphere)
    4) Orchid Garden Eco-Village Museum Belize
    5) The old Government House

    Not far from the city, but within the Belize District:

    6) The Belize Zoo (voted, “the best little zoo in the world”)
    7) Bacab Eco-Park
    8) Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary
    9) Altun Ha Mayan Ruins
    10) Community Baboon Sanctuary
    11) ACES Educational Crocodile Eco-Sanctuary
    12 The Belikin Beer Brewery
    13) The Traveller’s Liquor Brewery

    I honestly believe you were LAZY in your research of what to do in Belize and just decided to “wing it”… You have also offended many people with your INSENSITIVE comments, while not at all, taking into account the outside influences and historically context of why Belize City is how it is…

    1. IgnoranceIsAHellOfAThing says:


  80. Akeem Genus says:

    The fact of the matter is that you never made a blog entry suggesting people to not go anywhere else. You singled out Belize City. This is what people are trying to figure out.

    And this is 2013, even back in 2009… Google Belize… Do a wikipedia search, pick up a Lonely Planet book… GO ON TRIPADVISOR…. ARGHHH!!! Belize IS on the planet of earth after all.

    And I don’t think I’m getting through to you AT ALL.. Because you’re still referring to Belize City as this “Capital City”, WHEN IT’S NOT…. BELMOPAN is the CAPITAL of the COUNTRY of BELIZE. This is the third post where I have had to make that clear… WOW!!!

    If you do go back to Belize PLEASE just follow this route…

    [San Pedro, Ambergris Caye] – Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Shark Ray Alley, Toucan Jumper Bungee Trampoline, Kitesurfing…

    Go to the “Chicken Drop”, take a catamaran cruise, go to Sol Spa, The Gallery of San Pedro Ltd., Belizean Melody Art Gallery, Black & White Cultural Entertainment Center, ACES/American Crocodile Education Sanctuary, Belize Chocolate Company <If you are out of shape and/or elderly)

    [San Ignacio] – Xunantunich, Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins & Museum, Belize Botanic Gardens, Crested Caracara Reserve, Chaa Creek Natural History Museum, Masewal Forest Garden Medicinal Trail, Iguana Conservation Project, Belize Soul Project…

    San Ignacio Market, Back to My Roots, Rubba Dub Soap Shop.. The list goes on…

    Go to Placencia, Hopkins, Orange Walk, the Toledo District…. ATLEAST 30 each of caves and waterfalls….. I even named THIRTEEN HIGHLY rated things you can do in and around Belize City….

  81. I stayed in Belize city for almost a year. it was extremely great. I would love to go and stay there again. I had better experience in Belize city than I had in New York when. I was robbed in New York But not in Belize

  82. Belize is a beautiful country with beautiful people and a great place to enjoy.. For all of the people reading Ayngelina’a blog, please don’t think so badly of Belize City or Belize. Belize City does have nice tourist places to visit;

    Check out Trip advisor.. or other web sites.. don’t let one person dim your view..
    Have you ever gone to Mardi Gras in New Orleans and had a blast..did you know New Orleans has the highest murder rate in the U.S.,, great place though, totally enjoyed it!
    Check this out;

  83. Angelina,

    I think that you have to come back to Belize and get to know the awesome parts of my country.

    Hit me up if you decide to visit.


  84. James DiCintio says:

    Wish I had read this earlier, I am currently in Belize trying to get out, I have seen the North and the Central parts of the country. Nothing is what is promised in ads or online, violence is everywhere, I would never advise a woman to be alone here. There is nearly no police force and what little there is is fond of bribes. I am supposed to fly out tomorrow cut trip a week short, would have cut trip to one day but airline websites would not work here. Came down here with the idea of retiring here would not even visit again.

    1. James, Just curious, but where did you visit exactly and why did you say violence is everywhere?
      Did you have to bribe a police officer? What is not as promised. Most ad’s I see talk about the resorts or the place’s to purchase or rent. What are you looking for the Key’s in Florida? You can buy a place there and enjoy life.

      1. IgnoranceIsAHellOfAThing says:

        Exactly!!! How do these people think its is justifiable to make ludicrous claims based on…what?…a feeling they had?…What is the violence that is occurring all over the place?

      2. Most ads tout Belize, somewhat dreamily, as a version of “paradise on earth” or something along those lines. And there is no shortage of natural beauty, of all sorts and even if modest by comparison to spectacular sites elsewhere, to see and enjoy. But, more likely than not, it is a case of “over-promising and under-delivering”. I should know – I live here.

    2. Wow, really? We’ve been going to Belize every year for the last 5 years and love it. We’ve traveled all over and never had any interaction with the police, let alone had to bribe them. We have been ripped off exactly zero times, been robbed zero times, experienced no personal attacks nor even felt uncomfortable anywhere. We’ve driven all over the place, picked up locals hitch-hiking between towns (though there is a fantastic bus service so it was only slightly more convenient for them). We had great food, great scenery, weather, wild-life. Let’s not start on the Mayan culture inland, the Garifuna culture on the Placencia coast up to Dangriga, and friendly people throughout. I really have no idea how you had such an awful time, it doesn’t tally with our experience at all. Mind you, we spent no time in Belize City, though one of these years we do hope to do some of the things suggested above by Akeem Genus.

      1. Ayngelina Author says:

        Thanks for your perspective I think it’s important to distinguish that I’m not saying this about the entire country just Belize City. In fact I would love to explore the rest of the country. I just wouldn’t want to spend much time in Belize City again.

  85. i think you went a little overboard by teling people not to visit belize. you may have had a bad expernince but belize includingb belize city is fullof beautiful loving people. im not from belize butmy wife is and have nothing but wonderful things to say about it. yes its a poor coty but being poor doesnt make it bad.

  86. Ok, we have crime all over the world, actually America is the worst, I really need the truth….hear a lot of trash and would like to know the truth…what city is best, what district is best, I hear in orange walk distric their is a lot of Mennonites is this true? Has anyone been in Corozal district? tell me all about it pros n cons

    1. IgnoranceIsAHellOfAThing says:

      Note: Belize City does have crime…it’s not the Vatican… and it is underdeveloped. It is very simplistic and, whether or not you would like it really depends on what type of vacation you are looking for. If you do like laid back culture, loud but jovial people, and Historical sites, Belize City is safe enough to visit (contrary to the unjustified article above). Belize City is, however, not the best Belize has to offer, and, as in any urban area, it would be well advised to take certain precautions when walking the streets.
      The Mennonite Villages are in the Districts of Orange Walk and Cayo. Cayo district is Best for Jungle Excursions: Cave Tubing, Zip lining, Maya Ruin, etc. The District of Stann Creek (Placencia and Hopkins) and the Islands of San Pedro and Caye Caulker are simply breath-taking, and excellent for beach activities. This is just a fraction of what Belize has to offer including the city. I hope that anyone wishing to travel here does not write it off based on this article, and without doing the proper research and planning. You would be missing out on the chance of a lifetime.

  87. @ USain

    Im glad to be of help. I’d like to think i put that Ayngelina in her place. Did you see hiw many times she called Belize City the “capital”? Nothing she explained was at all objective. It was way too opinionated to take seriously.

    Side Note – I honestly wouldn’t pick up hitch hikers anywhere. Thats just me.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:


      I don’t think you put me in my place. I never said I was an expert and I made a mistake and admitted that I was wrong. In fact I have published all of your commented because I think you are providing a valuable perspective but there is no need to be petty.

      And yes this site is opinionated, it is a personal blog and it’s my opinion.

      1. What i dont undetstand is why you chose to stay where you did in Belize. Its as if it was just a transit stop or something. Like there wasnt anything to see in your opinion. It seems that you would have avoided Belize completely if you could.

        You keep avoiding the reality that you DID NO RESEARCH

  88. @ Donnalea

    Yes there are Mennonites in Orange Walk, Cayo and Corozal. Also a lot of Yucatec Maya. But you will the typical Mestizo and Kriol majority through out the country.

    Corozal is pretty boring other than Cerros, Santa Rita, Consejo and close proximity to Chetumal. The water is probably the bluest you will ever see.

    I love Hopkins, Placencia, Cayo, Toledo and San Pedro. Orange Walk is nice with alot to do, but too dusty IMO.

  89. It is a pity that people who have no idea of the realities of Belize City dare to pass crude judgement on the city and its people. I happen to have traveled to the USA and have stayed in many of the major cities and believe me the realities are similar. Chicago has worse social, economical and crime news than the entire country of Belize in a decade. I’ve seen dirt in places where the pamphlets are beautiful and tourism is sold to flourish. The truth is that Belize City has historical sites. It all depends on what you want to see, that is what your reality will be. I wish some of you would look in your very communities and see beyond the perfect pictures you are painting here. I am pretty sure that robbing and murder happens on a daily basis where some of you live but no mention of that will be made. Yes there are issues we, as a people, need to deal with but as Belizeans we stand proud behind our national identity with Belize City being apart of that. Instead of lashing out hefty criticisms why not bring possible solutions to the forefront. For a third world country I know we have a lot to offer hence the reason this futile discussion on all the negative things about my country. I AM A PROUD, WELL EDUCATED BELIZEAN WHO IS NOT ASHAMED OF THE COUNTRY I WAS RAISED IN. If you were approached to buy drugs that may be because some of your other “1st world country citizens” come here and use it to do a lot of illegal activities. Don’t be quick to point your fingers when others may be pointed back at you.

  90. andrew allen says:

    The ignorance of some (especially American) tourists is legendary, but you have to be patient with them. Take a look at US television and tell me honestly whether anyone raised on such mind-numbing stuff has a fighting chance of ever understanding the world in a sufficiently nuanced context. I live in a tourist country too, and have heard criticisms that were born of misconceptions, prejudice and just plain ignorance. One has to carefully select the legitimate gripes, deal with them and simply benignly ignore the ones that derive from ignorance. Another thing to bear in mind is that most Americans see the world in starkly racist-stereotyped terms. So an area that may look run down in a harmless, neglected way, to many of them looks violent and dangerous when the locals are nonwhite. It is the lense through which they simply see the world, and that will be the case even after a thousand Martin Luther Kings, Rosa Parkses and Barack Obamas – the impression of improvement is merely optics.

  91. @ Andrew Allen

    Well said. I think the sight of poor black people made her EXTRA scared. But it’s probably how she was socialised and she probably doesn’t know any better. Racist stereotypes have long been embedded in her subconscious, and her industrialized mindstate made her feel like a “target” in the darker, developing world.

  92. andrew allen says:

    You must remember that most of them do not travel in any meaningful sense and, when they do, have little cultural reference by which to understand the world. They are also so brainwashed by their political system as to view the USA as the best place on earth. The irony is that people who actually do come from the best societies (in terms of fairness, access to healthcare, education, low crime, social investment), places like Europe, usually have a far more understanding and nuanced view of the world.

    1. Not bad writing skills, Andrew, but your analysis devolves into trite generalizations and wishful aphorisms. Fer instance, how do you travel, or keep from so doing, in a “meaningful sense”? When I jump across the border to newly-unfriendly Chetumal (boy, tell me how it was in the 70’s and 80’s) am I traveling meaningfully or unmeaningly / inconsequentially?
      And Ayngelina happens to be Canadian – you know – a citizen of that large country to the north of the U.S.
      And if you think Europeans have “a far more understanding and nuanced view of the world” ask Hollande, for instance, what his government, and French society, thinks of all those roaming Roma in its midst.

  93. I read with a lot of interest about Belize and believe if you go looking for trouble you may very well find it. We are going there for the first time for 5 weeks, we have done extensive research and think we are prepared. Thanks for all the info. Sad about Belize City, but I am sure there are some good spots as well.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:


      I completely agree with you and talking to Lorenzo he’s shown me some wonderful sides to the country. This was my experience in the city and while I wouldn’t want to go back to Belize City I’d definitely visit the country again.

  94. I find this review useless. Ok, based on your concept on what is good and bad, you have projected them on a city that is part of another culture. Did anything actually happen to you, based on the article, no. Were your judgement calls based on your concept of what is nice, yes. You want dangerous, it’s Ghetto anycity USA. I am from Kingston, Jamaica and I can tell you that if you are scared by what you described in Belize, then you would be shitting in your pants in Kingston.

    1. Nadia Hinkson Irizarry says:

      Amen Colin, I just came back from Belize and did not feel that I need to tell people not to go to the city. Take NYC for instance, you hear people cursing and yelling all day long on the street and people beg you for money at every damn corner. Know how many people die in Chicago each weekend, please, Belize is no more dangerous than your average city. I walked in town and did not have any issues.

  95. Jade Johnston says:

    I had to come read this after you mentioned it on the facebook group. It’s funny how few people read the article fully and failed to notice that you repeatedly mentioned you were not talking about Belize, but only about Belize city. Meh.

    I think in general the big cities in South and Latin America should be avoided.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I’d agree with you. I’d give the same advice about Guatemala City and Managua.

  96. Michael Orobona says:

    This was an interesting article for someone who only saw Belize City on the other side of the fence. I also learned from the above comments that you can’t make everyone happy – just give your own opinion.

    As an allegory, I don’t think any woman who suggests to take precautions in India would be disparaging all of India, just that recent events make awareness of (remote) possibilities common sense. I’d say the same for Detroit or Toronto.


  97. I am Belizean, well my Mother and Father are…and EVERY WHERE IN THE WORLD IS DANGEROUS. How dare you scrutinize a country that is not of your origin. My ex-wife and child who both were born in NYC and the ex being a third generation New Yorker…now lives in Belize and most recently started a school. You cant tell the brightside of things, but can only be a fear monger…said.

  98. at I’m not the kind to leave comments, but I was reading all the comments and whatever… here goes..

    I travel always alone and never stay in hostels (just don’t like to ascosiated with other tourist). I never plan my trips, I book last minute and see a different country every month for a week. I get out of the plane go pass all the cab drivers that ask me if I need a cab and pick one that I feel is the right one.. ask how much per hour (usually deal them down to 10$). I asked them to show me the city and if I its not satisfying me I just ask them to drive me to a different city. I’m really impulsive in everything I do, I trust my instinct so I’m the only one to blame if something happens. I’ve always traveled light and don’t flash any electronic or any valuable (learned it quick, was in Mexico DF subway and I wasn’t wearing anything valuable except a watch my ex gave me for my bday, some guy in his 20 just stared at my wrist for 1 sec.. took it off. problem solved lol not many white dude use the subway late at night they stared for a bit then if you act like you belong there they stop looking. been a year I’m doing central/south America. I’m getting a lil bit too confident/careless coz I never got any trouble. Getting drunk at night walking by myself from strip clubs to casino, totally wasted (I stopped drinking after Panama.. was getting too out of hand.. some city just bored me so it would make it better.

    anyway I’m in Guatemala right now went from Guatemala city then Antigua, I’m in panajachel (lake atitlan) came here to dive and had in mind to go to Belize to dive but I’m traveling heavy this time (got camera and diving equipment) like I said careless… was so much easier to travel knowing nobody can steal much from me.

    I have 2 friends that went to Belize city (one is an ex drug dealer and the other is a club manager.. they are not Caucasian.) they laugh about it and said it was sketchy and beside fishing there’s nothing else to do.

    So I can only imagine how it is for a girl to travel alone in cities where cops can only do so much before risking their own lives. there’s cities I didn’t go out at night because the hotel staff where dead serious about not going out at night lol but sometimes I would just not listen. just trust your guts feeling because in the end its only you out there facing the consequence of your choice.

    To the girl who was getting insulted : really mature not to insult them people back. Just by the way they talk they obviously never traveled.

    I do what I want when I want coz I can. I don’t care about what people say and leave behind anybody that tries to tell me what to do.

  99. I AM FROM Belize. I no longer get upset with negative characterizations of Belize. Tourist with negative views are usually viewing the place through their own cultural lens. Is Belize city rough? Yeah. But I lived there my first 20 years. I got my education there and most of the people I met were great people. I remember my cousins from L.A. visiting in 1978. They commented how primitive the place was. After a fews weeks of being around with us taking them place and getting a real feel for the place, you could see they began to understand that first impresssions isn’t the whole story. Belize was better back then in many ways. It will be good again. Yes Belize city is a frog. But mark my word one day it will be a prince.

  100. I stayed at the Belcove inn a few months ago. Nice ladies there!

    I agree with this article though.. Don’t stay in Belize City unless you absolutely have to, stay in at night or it is very possible you’ll be killed and stick to the tourist areas in the day time.

    If you walk down the wrong street people will shoot you from their window because they don’t know you…

    However visit Hopkins Village (avoid Sittee River at Night)
    Hopkins is awesome I stayed there for 3 months made a bunch of friends and can’t wait to return!

    1. Caribbeangirl says:

      this is such a lie no one will shoot you from their window I can’t believe the things you people are saying about our beautiful country.

  101. Amanda Fernandez says:

    Yes, Belize City is not that safe. I agree that many crimes have happened there but its just like going to other countries where there are the areas with drugs,slums etc. Just keep in mind not all Belize City people are dangerous. I was living there when I was younger and there are some nice places and people there. Next time please try to not make your statements so dramatic and unappealing to the city. I am however glad to here u liked the food. Every country has its good and bad. Unfortunately Bze city is our bad. Be reminded that some people there are nice and respectful. You had your bad experiences but that could just mean you were unlucky..other people might enjoy it there..and when going anywhere its best to look up information and not go in blindly..just a bit of advice…you know..find a good place to stay and learn more about the society…different country means different norms so its best to know what to expect…hope you do visit again…plus the city isnt the only place here…i recommend going to placencia and going snorkeling…its really beautiful… XD

    1. I am from Belize City and I fully agree with you.

  102. Saude Porto Alegre says:

    Too bad you had your worst experience in Belize. Although most of the country side areas in Brazil are dangerous there are still perfect spots to enjoy the holidays.

    Nice read

  103. if u visit the bad part of the city and stayed at a hotel that not even Belizeans stay at, what do u expect.

  104. melz bermudez says:

    i myself is a resident here in the country of belize and i believe this article is disrespectful to belize and its culture……we are not that bad!!!!

  105. James Cameron says:

    Wow! interesting article. I have been to Belize 15 times in the last 3 years. I love the country the culture and the people. I have even purchased some property there. Been to most parts of the country and yes I do my homework in every country city and region before I book any place to stay. I am surprised at some of the comments I read here. When in Belize city I stay at the Princess, I have never felt a sense of danger however I generally prefer to stay anyway but Belize city. I would suggest you take another trip there again if possible and tour the other parts of the country. Your post is very interesting, however I do understand why some of the people can offended. Good luck on your next trip. By the way try Placencia if you get a chance to go back.

  106. you all need to visit the Commonwealth of Dominica. the nature isle of the caribbean

  107. Greetings, I read about Belize in a travel magazine over 20 years ago. Finally got there and Stayed in Dangriga in 2012 for two weeks. LOVED IT!!. Food was amazing! People most friendly and helpful (older women kinda took me under their wing)- I was a single, black female traveling alone. Met many people from states who showed me the country. The lodging host was charming and gracious. Looking forward to returning in 2014 or 2015 to stay for a year. I used their public transportation (which was colorful) or taxi service. I went through Belize City on my way to other places. My experience with Belize (Dangriga) left me wanting more. Tootles!

  108. cassandra goode says:

    Lots of the huge metropolitan areas throughout Main North america are really sketchy — Belize Location is far from on your own. I love Nicaragua, but Managua is usually a complete heck ditch. Ideal guidance in most each Main American nation is probably to avoid the particular capitals usually.

  109. I enjoyed the airport in Belize City and did not see much of Belize City besides what was on the road in and out of town.
    My son and I drove toward San Ignacio and stayed in the Cayo District by the Guatemalan border. We had an amazing time. The San Ignacio market on Saturday is a can’t miss, great food, fun, friendly and helpful people. I know I will be back there.

  110. Its not our fault you chose to be cheap and stay at a crappy hotel… so dont bash on my country and it is just the way we like it despite the crime we have heck all countries have criminals and all country has a bad side to it and you are such a narrow minded person who would bad talk about a country. Atleast we don’t have people terrorising our country nor do we have people kidnapping others against their will and CERTAINLY WE DO NOT HAVE people who are really stupid to go to another country and talk bad about the country. KEEP IN MIND THAT THERE IS ALWAYS A BAD SIDE TO EVERY COUNTRY. AND NEXT TIME MAKE SURE YOU KEEP YOUR WORTHLESS COMMENTS TO YOURSELF BECAUSE IN REALITY NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK!DONT BOTHER TO VISIT BELIZE AGAIN!

  111. Also our country isn’t “dodgy” or however you want to call it Belize is a beautiful developing country. And when d pharmacists says license to sell “drugs” and “poison” not literal drug like heroine but flu medicine but an ass like you would not know that and poison meaning dog flee you idiotic good for nothing.

    1. Calmez vous, s’il vous plaît! It’s Belizeans like you who reinforce negative views created in the minds of visitors to these lovely, idyllic shores. 😉
      And Ayngelina is spot-on in describing the City as “the dirty, dodgy, scammy city that everyone says it is”. So chill out, paisan, and show the world that there are indeed Belizeans with half-a-brain. Just kidding. Now go learn something in school, kid.

  112. Many Belizeans are blind to this reality because of their pride. They put their politics and pride first, and that blinds them from anything critical, as what’s posted here. While it’s true that your experience in Belize City doesn’t necessarily apply to the whole country (or to the whole city for that matter), it is still a side of reality that Belizeans would rather ignore and not care to think about, but nonetheless tourists will see if their eyes are open. While a lot of countries may have such problems, it doesn’t make our problem any less nor does it make “she’s being too critical or too negative” a valid response.

    1. IgnoranceIsAHellOfAThing says:

      It’s not about being too critical or too negative. It’s a complete exaggeration of the truth! It is true Belize City is not the nicest place in Belize, and it is rather underdeveloped and disorganized, but that does not make it dangerous. When was the last time you heard a tourist was murdered?

  113. A Very Irritated Belizean-American says:

    How the hell can you judge a THIRD world country and blatantly say “DONT GO THERE” just because you didn’t like the city? In the US, Russia, Asia, and many other first world places, you dare not go outside after hours. Why? For the fear of being robbed, mugged, kidnapped, etc.
    So before you bash a country you hypocrite, look at your own country, and show us that it is spit spot perfect compared to a developing 3rd world country.

  114. My name is Jasmine, I am 19 years old and have lived in Belize City all my life. I find it sad that you had the type of experience that you did as I know that those types of experiences are rare and few. While I will not lie and say that Belize has no crime, I think the level has been exaggerated a bit in this post. It is easy to walk the streets of Belize without being bothered, and the only real threat comes if you wander into gang turf, or if you have – in your short time – created some type of rivalry (which I highly doubt). I believe there is a reason that an internationally known tourism magazine ranked Belize among the top 5 happiest countries in the world. The Travel Channel has also featured our beautiful jewel in many, many articles. I believe that if you favor the negative articles and post solely about them in your blog, then this is definitely the impression that you and others will hold about Belize. You had a negative impression of the country before you even got here n that is so very sad. Maybe one day you should come back and really, truly give our people and country a chance.

  115. You go to Belize, clearly on a cheap ass budget, stay in the most run down places in the City, on the SOUTHSIDE, and expected a grand experience? Are you retarded? Also, where on this planet are you getting this crime statistics? I swear…Listen, stop being cheap and come back and do Belize the way Belizeans do. You’re giving our city a bad wrap, and it’s one of the safest cities in Central America. Shame on you…and to think you almost had me at bacon.

  116. Kaila from Belize City! says:

    Maybe the title should be changed. I find it quite offensive. I choose Belize over England any day. Everyone curses, everyone ha their way of getting drugs. The city is quite nice and developing fast. Maybe you should have looked at a map and travel guide like most Americans with common sense did. (:

  117. I’ve just made this comment over on your Facebook page but wanted to add it here too. I did a very similar thing – I went to Belize City on the way to Caye Caluker so I could see for myself whether things were as bad as people made out. And I couldn’t agree more. I got nearly robbed twice and actually robbed once (ironically by the people running the guesthouse who helped themselves to stuff in our room while we were out being nearly robbed). We were then threatened when we tried to report it to the police. Needless to say, we left that day. It’s one of the very few destinations I didn’t feel safe. Of course, different people will have different experiences and everyone is entitled to go see for themselves. You’d just never find me recommending the place to anybody. Quite the opposite.

  118. The people of Belize City are nice, friendly people. For the most part, they are respectful, very nice folks. Very safe during the day. However, due to a few unsavory punks, I do not recommend going out after dark. Like many cities.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I met a lot of nice people as well. Unfortunately they were also the ones who warned me to just stay in for the night.

  119. Boing Zahiri says:

    Any time you let primates control govt you’ll have deze problems mon. Look at the US ! If you want to visit the Carib in safety, cleanliness and comfort go to Cuba ! Or the Fl Keys.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I don’t think it’s fair to call anyone primates. A lot of people have posted really negative comments about me and even though I didn’t have a good time in Belize City I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the country or its people – which is why I wanted to share my friend’s Lorenzo’s site which can give people a better idea of what the rest of Belize is like.

  120. Belize City is no different than any other city people to kill their just like they are in the country . I’m married to a Belizean. yeah I probably wouldn’t walk outside at night by myself and unless it’s right around the corner. fortunate for me I know the city and the streets very well. well if you want to talk about dangers then move to the city of Detroit or maybe Chicago. people are nice there in Belize but I don’t think its so bad that you have to make a blog site for it. What a waste of time

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Definitely if you know where to go you are much better off. But I shared this experience, as I shared other experiences in Central America, to let people know what it was like for me to be there. I was warned not to spend time in Belize City and to move onto other areas in the country and I didn’t listen. I hope people can take something from my experience and then head over to Lorenzo’s site to see what to do in Belize – avoiding spending the night in Belize City.

  121. Akeem Genus says:

    So this Ayngelina agrees that Belize’s govt is run by primates? We already knows she doesn’t like us because we are too black and too Anglo.

    I think we can all pick the motive of this blog entry.

    1. another canadian says:

      “Ayngelina” said “I don’t think it’s fair to call anyone primates”. That doesn’t sound like she agreed. She never mentioned anything about “black” and fyi Canada is anglo. Akeem, what could be the motive of your post? So many of the responses defending this city are so hateful. Do you realise you are proving her discomfort justified?

  122. Saint Golstan says:

    In what sense was Chetumal rough for you? I stayed there three days before heading to Guatemala and I found it just a relaxed, friendly Mexican town.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Have a look at my previous post about it. I wasn’t prepared at all and ended up in less than desirable accommodation because I didn’t want to be impolite. But yes I did go out to eat in town and didn’t have an issue with the town.

  123. kirk douglas says:

    I was born in belize I left at 18 I am now 62 I have returned 2 times since what do you expect every place you go there will be problem try Japan England I have been there right here in the USA the crime rate is worse so stop black balling belize take the prick out of your eyes first before you try taking it out of someone else eye read the bible you will see the answer

  124. kirk douglas says:

    Look for the good things about belize and stop trying to spread negatives just be yourself and pay attention to your surroundings and always walk in groups of 2 or 3 and you will be able to have some fun an also you have other district cayo corozal stann creek orange walk pontagorda an belmopan

  125. andrew allen says:

    For the education of the idiot who mentioned a place being run by ‘primates’, this is a group to which humans and all other great apes belong. So maybe you can recommend to Ayngelina a secret vacation spot run by gutter rats or bush pigs…..where you would both doubtless fit in.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I give everyone the courtesy of publishing their comment so that they may weigh in but I don’t think it’s appropriate to attack other commenters.

      1. Indeed. But that’s all some of them know, friend. Anyway, I’m sorry you’ve been dumped on in this manner but hypersensitivity to criticism is one of the less-than-charming traits of the Belizean hoi polloi post-decolonization. Let it slide, amiga, just slide, the way I let it do, like water off a duck’s back.
        I like how you write (although I frown on your pantheism), so do drop a line to [email protected] if you ever want the unvarnished, warts’n’all lowdown on this here backwater once typecast thus: “If the world had any ends (Belize) would certainly be one of them. It is not on the way from anywhere to anywhere else…”
        It need not be so, Ayngelina, for Belize may well find itself on a future itinerary of yours. Consider yourself welcome.

  126. you must have not been to any major US cities before… try walking though the tenderloin district in san francisco.. every person will ask you for money, and a handful of them might chase you down the street holding a weapon. there are also people shooting up heroin and smoking crack like it is a cigarette… belize is an amazing country, if you cant handle some people asking you for change, dont go to the city seeing as you cant handle it.

  127. Hi, I was in the forces in Belize and served there in two stunts, one being 6 months and another extended for a year.
    I had the best time of my army career and you could say R&R going to the islands, visiting the blue hole, scuba diving on the barrier reef off st Georges island and BBQs on an island with less than 14 palm trees and many interesting places on land also.
    The people where friendly in the early 80s and times have changed, but the city was and could only be described as a place to travel through, it’s what you make of it that counts.
    I used to jump onto the boats of local suppliers to the islands and give them $10-$20 dollars and you’re on your way to an island of paradise. It was heaven.
    It’s such a shame people are taking & bad mouthing Belize city, just remember it try’s its best and it’s the few that spoil it for the rest.




  129. I am a Belizean and I will not defend they wickedness. Belize is dangerous and people shouldn’t go there if they value their life, and property. There is a lot, not some, but a lot of killing in this country and they rob you like crazy. Iv seen them snatch chains, so dont bring your shit. The Police and the government are corrupted so there is no justice. Im keeping it real. It may be beautiful but there’s the truth that goes behind it. Its not a country that is safe to be and all you all living there know that but because you want recognition you are lying to people and over looking the truth.All countries are like that but Belize is excessive!!! peace out!

    1. Left the swamp says:

      @ Kate
      I appreciate your honesty. If more Belizeans had your mindset, the country would be a better and safer place to visit and to live in. Having lived there myself for 10 years, what you say is true.
      “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge”. The people who defend the murder and mayhem in the country are part of the problem, because they choose to remain ignorant instead of working towards bettering their beautiful country that is no longer a jewel.
      Data from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime 2011 rated Belize City as having the 4th highest murder rate per capita in the world.
      And shame on all those who pounce on Ayngelina for saying what she did. That was HER experience, even if it was not everyone else’s.

  130. Aria Lightfoot says:

    That is like saying don’t go to America because of South Central LA or Detroit…

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      If you read the full post I don’t say to not go to the entire country but just the city.
      And I’m not keen on going to South Central LA although I would reconsider some areas of Detroit as there is a movement to try to rejuvenate the downtown area.

      1. Left the swamp says:

        “You can’t argue with a fool”!

  131. I was there I the 70’s and Belize City was very safe. Such a shame, but the advent of big drug business has spoilt the place as it has many other places in the world.

  132. QwertyJuan says:

    I was in Belize a few years back and met some nice people(up in Orange Walk District… one of the safer areas of Belize.) and I met some very nice people.

    One young guy that grew up in Belize City, but now lives in Guinea Grass told me(when I asked how dangerous Belize City was) that he could EASILY take me to Belize City and drop me off and within 200-300 hundred feet I WOULD be dead. Not “maybe” dead… but WOULD be. He said that there are places in Belize City that a forgeiner would never make it out of there alive.

    FWIW, I stayed in Orange Walk town for nearly a week and although I didn’t go out at night, during the day I walked around quite a bit and didn’t feel in danger in the least. I DID stay in Belize City ONE day (and no nights… just wanted for friends to pick me up) and spent most of it in the tourist village. Once out of the village I felt nervous…. VERY nervous. There is a deptartment store right beside the tourist village and the “guards” (guys with machine guns) just stared at me.

    Moral of the story? Go to Orange Walk… I felt MUCH safer there.

  133. They also say don’t go to Chicago without security, Europe without security and a money belt,New York without security, a money belt and someone accompanying you. Of course it’s dangerous. Everywhere is dangerous. Just be smart, nice. It’s not like as soon as you cross the boarder someone rob you or slit your throat. They even say don’t go to Mexico. Be street smart and have common sense. The majority of the rest of the world is poor. There’s people in America asking you for money. There’s people trying to sell their stuff to put food on the table. Even in America, you have to avoid alleys and yes suspicious looking people. There has been many murderers who seemed like normal people to their victims. Just be smart, and nice. If a stranger tries to talk to you just ignore them. Many people visit Belize and they come back better than before from their vacation. No matter where you go you have to be safe. Who would purposely wander deep into a forwst by themselves not expecting anything to happen. Something you should worry about is money. Everything’s expensive over there except for fresh nearby fruits. But of course they’re not selling mugs as if they were made out of gold. It’s a beautiful place worth checking out.

  134. Anaya Hyde says:

    you act as if the states don’t have crime too!! so what if someone hissed at you that just mean you look nice or they like what they see its these kinda review that gets Belizean’s pissed off. And on top of that you were told about it before you came you took that risk. so try fi mi…that why we say in Belize haad ers pickni feel

  135. Just retired and considering buying a condo, apartment or house by the beach. Out of all the places and countries all of you have been, which would be the best? And I mean safest, most affordable, beautiful etc……I live in the U S and want to live elsewhere.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Wow that’s a really tough question. I don’t think there is any country that is the best. I love so many parts of Latin America and safety really differs from city to city within a country.
      I know a lot of people are really happy living in Belize, you can see this as you scroll through the comments. Heading to my friend Lorenzo’s site may help with alternate cities there. Panama and Ecuador are also big retirement communities for US citizens. But wherever you go it’s important to understand that life is different, you won’t have the same style of living but just in a cheaper more beautiful location. I’d actually urge you to rent for a year before you buy. Cuenca, Ecuador is a beautiful city that I love but so many retirees come down and they don’t make it a year because they are frustrated by how life is different. Unfortunately they buy a home that only another foreigner could buy from them due to the price and are stuck trying to sell it.

  136. I have lived and worked in many countries including Moscow. Is a very dangerous city. Despite its historic value and beautiful architecture. Bermuda too, these countries are like any other country . You must find out where not to go. Become streetwise. Drugs and the criminal element are everywhere unfortunately. There is no need to go or visit these high crime areas do not let curiosity curb enjoying the safer locations after all curiosity killed the cat

  137. Brittney BELIZEAN Samuels says:

    Okay so, I’m Belizean and this is totally rude and offensive. If you really don’t like it, DON’T GO. If you choose to go anyways, then keep your nasty comments about my country and city to yourself. Like, be respectful. My people are born and raised there, and we LOVE it. It’s our home and to see this is beyond upsetting. You didn’t grow up there, you haven’t lived there, so in reality… you don’t know what Belize City is really like. It’s rich of culture, my future, our culture. Next time, think about things like that and be respectful.

    1. Brittney BELIZEAN Samuels says:

      my culture*

    2. it is rude to tell the truth, that is the big trouble with bELIZE you all just allow it to happen

  138. Brittney BELIZEAN Samuels says:

    Yes, the city isn’t physically appealing but, the rest of the country is. Don’t knock Belize.

    1. Brittney: kudos. I’ve been to Bz City for a couple of weeks at a time when i was fifteen and again at eighteen. During both stays, i made a couple of trips to Turneffe for fisheries work and Belmopan for permits to export specimens. I only had one bad encounter (couple of blocks from bus station to Belmopan) while popping a couple of candid shots of locals in exchange for stories and cigarettes. Nothing came of it, just packed up and left without looking back at (probably drunk) native looking fella that stepped off bar patio yelling in comprehensible spanish/creole/garifuna. (Keep in mind i was walking around BzCity with two slr cameras out, one for b&w, the other for colour and a backpack with film, lenses, tripod, etc, etc.) Not that race rightly matters, but i stuck out a bit with long blonde hair and white skin. If anything, most locals were curious as to what i was doing there in the first place and were quite friendly. When i was there on the second stint, i worked up some guff and hit a local dance/drinks bar and got a load of attention from beautiful ladies and some local regulars. Had some drinks, belikin, snacks, and one guy, Chico, brought out a jar of sea turtle eggs to go with the beer. That was new.

      Bz is one, if not my favorite place on earth that i will definitely return to before i take a dirt nap. The op on this blog sounds like a pampered ninny that thinks the whole world oughta appear like European capitals or some shit. For a cuisine lover/chef/whatever they’re sure narrow minded, bigoted, and ignorant of what this country has to offer.

      I still listen to Punta rock every now and again and tap into a now pretty old bottle of 1 barrel with 7 up and try to remember the taste and smell of baked breadfruit and grunt with that red spice paste (riccado?) with rice. Mango and papaya isn’t the same up in the states, and even now I’m really missing little green mangoes dipped in sea water after they’ve been peeled. Not to mention fresh coconut, more fish, “all fruit” jam, black riccado black bean chicken soup, jungle honey, local coconut oil… and I’m hungry again.

      Really the most unpleasant part of my trips to Belize was trying to eat Mennonite cheese with a straight face out of propriety.

      That and mosquitoes.

  139. I absolutely can’t not react to the title…
    Actually, I personally loved Belize City, it’s a beautiful place — you probably wouldn’t know given the experience you had, but you missed out! I guess my experience was quite different as i was staying with a local friend and his family (and also I’m a guy!).
    Agreed, BC is pray to gang warfare and the surgeon of the local hospital, a friend of my friend, told us they have about 167 shootings a year in BC alone; yes, it’s a lot, but it’s all gang-related and no tourists that he knows of have been shot.
    There’s so much else to do than visit BC in Belize, in places more beautiful than the next! BC’s probably not a mandatory destination but I find it quite ballsy to tell people straight up “don’t go” like in the title – that’s a little extreme. People have had and will continue having a different experience than yours 🙂

  140. Belize Is The Most Beautiful Place On The Universe It Is My Hometown I Was Born In Belize City I Can’t Believe You Said It Was Dirty… I Went To The Holy Redemeer Primary School..

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Belize is a beautiful country but I did not enjoy my time in Belize City. I was warned not to spend time there and I should have listened and moved onto another town in Belize which I would have enjoyed more.

  141. White Americans (and whites from other countries) will always find fault when traveling. They are entitled and selfish. They are good at destroying anything that they are not pleased with. They expect to be spoon fed and cater to like slavery days. Instead of finding good in whatever they experienced they look for only the negative and going in for the kill. The same white woman that walks around in the US and other predominately white countries looking down on minorities believing that are above al by using her skin color to intimidate the black woman or other minorities are the one that are traveling to these country that they truly can’t afford and complain on website how bad their experiences are. Next time you want to travel and need to stay in the city for a night take my advice, have enough money to stay at the Renaissance Towers in Belize City on the NorthSide across the Caribbean Sea, have dinner at Sumathi Indian Restaurant and grab a drink after at Tavern Bar and Restaurant. After, take away near the lighthouse relax and take in the trade winds. Belize City is awesome for a night if you have enough money to stay away from the crab holes. And I don’t expect to hear anything too nice from these white entitled ignorant people. When go to Belize go with an open mind. The people there are truly nice even the thugs. I work in the ghetto of Belize City helping the less unfortunate, something many of you can’t do. Don’t go to Belize unless you are opened hearted and mind.

    1. Then don’t take our money. Stop whining. Your country would be a drug hole with out tourists. It’s literally the only source of national revenue.

  142. 30 deaths in 3 months is a lie. I am from Belize and we don’t have that many deaths in 3 months. Lyers

    1. Yes it’s true. Where do you live? By yourself in the forest?

  143. Texascharterbus says:

    We recently traveled to Belize and stayed in Hopkins. We rented a vehicle at the airport. When we first left Belize city, we noticed the filthiness. Whenever we drove anywhere, Hopkins, Belize, Placencia etc., we noticed how the people beg you for rides and curse you if you don’t give them a ride. There are human trafficing signs everywhere. One Saturday evening we were driving in later than normal and everyone in this town seemed to be out. There was a group of young thugs in the rode. They were trying to get us to stop for some reason and when we didn’t they reached to open the door of the car. I was so scared. We were warned not to go out after dark in Belize and now I know why. We found out that a expat lady had been murdered there recently. We never felt safe in Belize. It is a very poor country with not much to offer. It was a very scary place and I would never go back.

  144. Carlos Carrillo says:

    Its so sad how the smallest country in central america and the less populated country in central america has a bad review. Iam a proud and born Belizean. Yes Belize City is dangerous i dont recommend no one to walk at night or worst party at night. The danger are that gangs in the city are really serious its sad, alot of shooting and drug works at night soi think its not to recommend Belize City. I do recommend the Cayes and Orange Walk and all the other district but Not Belize City. If you are going to Cayo or the south go tru the Hattiville road u will miss the whole city and it saffer.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Agree 100% Carlos, which is why I wanted to share that people should avoid spending time in Belize City and move onto more beautiful regions in Belize.

  145. Carlos Carrillo says:


  146. Carlos Carrillo says:


  147. This has been join bon in Belize for years and years its really sad to watch all the hotels and web sites about Belize try so hard to keep all this from every one, they don’t care if you get killed coming to Belize just don’t tell and one and leave your money…The place is a shit whole

  148. Even tourists are regularly raped and robbed (although rarely murdered thank god). This place is horrible and I’m from there. Your article is on point. I don’t know where all this pro Belize garbage comes from. Even my mother who is religiously pro Belize admits that the country is too dangerous to live in now.

  149. We have been traveling to Belize for about 15 years. To really experience Belize you have to travel and see all it has to offer, and you will meet some amazing people along the way. The Mayan ruins are incredible, and the beaches on Ambergris Caye and Placencia are great. The best fly fishing is in Belize where you can snag and fight some big Bonefish. There is so much to do like cave tubing, zip lining, touring their beautiful zoo, hiking in the secondary rain forest, diving and snorkeling along the world’s second largest barrier reef, fishing, and more..

    My favorite memories are of all the great people I have met, Belizeans have been the friendliest of all my travels. I was a C-130 Crew Chief in the Air Force and traveled all over the world. I never cared for the sand, surf, and sun until I visited Belize. I immediately fell in love with the country and the people.

    We have many Belizean friends on the cayes and the mainland. Recently we have encountered more Jamaicans moving to Belize and they are not laid back and friendly like the native Belizeans. Belize has its own share of crime and corruption; which is no different than any other country in the world. Belize also has incredible experiences and people, so don’t miss an adventure of a life time.

  150. I used to go to Belize often for bike races in the ’90’s. Being based out of Miami during my racing time, tickets were cheap and travel easy.
    Got lucky and met a local who showed me all of the beautiful things Belize can offer. Diving, fishing, rain forest, all a blast. San Pedro, Placencia. 7 sisters, cool place. Mayan ruins.
    People are a lot of fun. East to talk to. Learned a lot of Creole while there, am loosing a lot of it.

    I loved the place and still might retire there one day.

  151. i heard so much about belize. i cant wait to visit that place.
    I need an invitation letter to visit Belize.
    who can help me out?

  152. Jason Santiago says:

    Yikes. Sounds like a frightful yet memorable adventure. Might you have visited the Philippines already? Give that country a try: Davao City is one way to go.

  153. Lisa silver says:

    Ok that was the worst garbage I ever read you think you can just hate on a town or city like that how dare you I don’t know what shitty state you came from but for a fact it’s way worse than my belize.

  154. william newton Lee says:

    sorry to see so much bad talk here. been thur this country a number of times. and had never been fronted with what people are saying ….in fact I found the people very helpful and kind . Do wish some of the tourest would show some respect for the people there. Do belive that some of the tourest think they can get away with anything when traveling. this is where the trouble lies for the world.

  155. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the country of Belize – that it is extraordinarily beautiful! BUT, when you travel with the kids you have to be even more aware of the safety of your surroundings than when you are traveling exclusively with adults. Not only do you take on the responsibility of their safety but they don’t have ‘street smarts’ like adults do to keep an eye for shady things. I find that opting for safe places worth it because of them.

    We’ll have time for the ‘closer to the edge’ places when they are older! In the meantime, I’ll daydream through your posts!

  156. Harley Burn(river of fire) says:

    To the person who wrote this article about avoiding Belize. Be aware that Belize is highly influenced by American culture due to the exposure of Media to a developing poorly educated nation not due to their own fault but there leaders lack of taking responsibility to educate the people.American cable companies allows Belizean elite to sell. Cable to the local people at 20 dollars a month while not billing the elite with a service fee so they get rinch. Our children view American pop culture get rich or die trying mentality with no parental supervision , no job opportunities in an economy where if you are lucky enough to get a job you earn a $1.65US an you may have met two of those unemployed person that was hoping for a job , begging you for something for their child to have something to eat when they go home.where you robbed? Did someone attack you???

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Harley I appreciate your comment and I’ve definitely seen similar situations throughout the world. This post is not meant to sway people away from Belize the country but to share my story of people who warned me that Belize City was not safe but I thought I was an experienced traveler and didn’t need to listen. Instead I share the story to others that they should move onto other areas of the country.

  157. ИнтерДизайн says:

    My opinion, and I think that of many who commented with warnings here, was that Belize as a country is fantastic, but people should avoid Belize City. This journey through an underground cave system requires visitors to maneuver around stalagmites jutting from the river and stalactites looming from above.

  158. Sin city!! 😀

  159. I did hear a good canadian friend tell me that he married a girl in a resort town or small island near the city of Belize and she had a baby for him. They plan to get married.However, just before he was to go down and marry with plans to bring her to Canada, she called to say she and the baby had been kidnapped and a ransom was demanded. He later found out that she was just bluffing/lying and wanted him to pay her money.What a joke. I not so sure if he ever brought her to Canada. With an attitude like she should have left her to fend for herself kid or no kid.Who wants to go to a Country like this. Some years back, my Irish friend worked there and his fifteen yr old daughter took a summer job with a local tour bus company in Belize City.She was raped on the first night on the trip by the driver of the bus. Animals are not like that.
    On their first trip on the bus with tourist, the bus driver raped her.

  160. Jack kemp says:

    Someone posted earlier that Belize was dangers due to American culture the the people see on tv. That is far from the truth America is to blame for the crime in Belize and the rest of Central America it started when the us started reporting those Harding criminal gang members by the 1000’s I the 80’s and not telling the government what it was doing.

    A lot my argue that those gang members were from those countries but most of them were reared in the US since they were infants so if you look at it America sent back aground of semi American to train the young youth of those countires and now we are seeing the ending results.

    Ms-13 is a low Angels street gang the. The members started getting deported now we see the ending results through out Central America

  161. Kai Itswana says:

    Belize is a dangerous country given the number of murders per capita. Particularly Belize City. It is a shit hole. If you are from larger cities in other developed countries, you will be accustomed to crack heads and know to avoid them, but I would steer clear of Belize City. Furthermore, you need to account for the fact most citizens have less than an 8th grade education so prepare to dumb everything down. You will get charged higher prices for everything as a foreigner, same money grubbing as in every other “developing” country.

  162. Sandyjeanie says:

    And violent crimes in Belize….involving Canadians and Americans as victims….continue to rise….at a somewhat alarming rate!! So….are the same people still promoting Belize as a safe place to visit??

  163. Jonathan Roberts says:

    30 shootings in 3 month? Where do you live, Beverly Hills? Detroits gets more shootings than that. Seriously think you should reconsider your attitude towards developing countries and have a bit more respect to their locations. No body asked you to go invading their space. Most people living in Belize city are there because its where they were born and don’t have the same luxuries you have in terms of being able to leave when ever they want and go galavanting of to another country for fun. Seriously.

  164. I was just in Belize. I had to stay in Belize City for two days extra because Houston was closed. I did get to visit different parts of Beleize and say it was very safe and the people were great. Well the 2 days in Belize city was terrible. I was yelled at after I did not give this lady some money at the bus station. She followed me and my family and threatened to kill us. Finally a local helped us out. We were heckled and laughed at. Finally went back to the hotel to stay in our room and wait for our flight.

  165. Kenneth Alanson Baker says:

    I have traveled the world myself, In the last ten years I have been to Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia and Namibia, Last year I was in Berlin Germany for 21 days visiting a very Ill friend, I have spent many years in Central and South America as well and I can tell you straight-up that in all of my travels Belize is the most welcoming with the kindest and warmest people that I have ever had the pleasure to meet… Crime, Yes they have that too, To a degree, But still I will take this most hospitable little chunk of the Planet over my own county (USA) or any other part of the world…. If you want to see how true human-beings live, love and enjoy life and one another, Look no further than Belize Home is where the heart is, Mine is in Belize…..

  166. I don’t understand why, more than trolling, people from Belize are so offended by this post…… I can’t see why locals are hurt. The lady was talking about the city not its people….and I bet that all the crimes and bad things are done there by a minority, like everywhere else in this world.
    So – the statistics are right, Belize is a dangerous country where you can be robbed and killed, compared with other places where you can be robbed and live (doesn’t matter the same can happen in US) BUT this is not because people are bad, ugly, etc there and rather because the authorities are not doing enough to lower these figures.
    As a rule of common sense, do not advertise a dangerous place as safe just because you did not encounter any troubles…it is not fair.

  167. Belize Real Estate says:

    Every country has some area where you will find crime rate more, that doesn’t mean that whole country is violent country, you should not go there !
    Many foreigners are investing in Belize for retirement.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I completely agree, this is why I’m warning people against Belize City and not the entire country of Belize.

  168. hi
    i want and i m thinking abt Belize to visit or maybe to live,But after reading many comets i m so confuse.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Before you move anywhere I think you should visit first, for a few months to decide if it’s right for you. Also not all of Belize is dangerous, this post is about how people warned me about crime in Belize City and I didn’t listen but I shouldn’t have.

  169. TANYA L MCCAIN says:

    Geesh people, some of you are acting as if Belize is one little area. That’s like me telling you, oh dont go to the United States because its dangerous. But there are different parts of the country and so is Belize. Yes Belize City may be a dangerous area but…so are places in the U.S. No matter where you are in the world, there is crime. I went to Belize for training and we were in Ladyville living on a camp. When we went outside of the gate, I have to say for me, it was quite an amazing place. Different from where I lived but amazing. The streets were very busy and the food is to die for. The locals talked to us as if we were family. So if you’re worried about crime in the city, there are places Caye Caulker or San Pedro you can catch a water taxi to. The islands are beautiful. Please, do not pass judgment from an article you read until you’ve experienced the country.

    1. Anthony Nugent says:

      Well said miss.?????????????????????

  170. I arrived in 1978 to Do archaeology in the caves where.the ancient Maya did ritual sacrifices. Our crew moved into an enormous cave and set up camp in order to live just outside.the cave entrance. The burial chamber was downstream from the main cavern and there were about 7 sacrificed bodies that had been there for approximately 1,000 years. We mapped the caves, collected artifacts, but did not disturb the bodies. We found the, the pot where the skin was cooked off the bones after being dismembered and next to the large pot was a bone needle about 6 inches long with a eye in it for sewing. We spent 6 months in there and carried artifacts out to our field house in Belmopan and took supplies back in. We were safe there because the local people are afraid of the caves.
    While rappelling down a 400 foot rope. Drop over the cave entrance, at the bottom of the rope was a handsome Englishman who had come to Belize to make his first wildlife documentary about Belize. After the cave project was finished, I moved in with the now world renouned Belize film maker, Richard Foster. I spent 2 years with Richard and we made his first documentary on Belize called “Amate-The Great Fig Tree”. It was aired on PBS in the U.S. and the BBC in England.
    We lived at what was known as “Mile 30, Western Highway. I NEVER felt unsafe there.
    40 years later, Richard Foster was abducted from his home in his own truck, taken somewhere and murdered brutally with 10 Stab wounds and blunt force trauma to his head.
    This is heartbreaking because not only had Richard had done a lot of education regarding.the.wild life of Belize, I had fallen in love with the Belizean people along with its beautiful jungle and spectacular islands with turquoise blue water, white sand and palm trees. The country was still pristine, you could drink out of the rivers.
    Now I read about the rampant crime and something needs to be done about it. Belize has been improving partly due to the tourists money, but also because the Belizean government has been taking steps to protect its natural beauty.
    Please, please save Belize. It is SO.worth it.

  171. I would like to retire in Belize some day. I am very excited to be visiting next June but my first trip will be on a cruise which I think pulls into Belize City. I have always had an open mind and will not pass judgment so quickly. I would like some information in finding a local tour guide while I am there. Thanks for all the great information here.

  172. I’ve visited Belize as well as other Central American Countries on a regular basis for the last 20 or so years. The crime rate in Belize is not the worst in the world but you have to do research when you want to go travel. I am fortunate to have never been touched by crime when I travel. I think Belize is a beautiful country and enjoy the Belizean culture and people a lot. I live in NYC and I don’t put my self in unsafe situations if I can help it, you have to do the same when you travel. If that person did not like the place he/she has a choice to not go back, but don’t tell others not to visit there. For the most part you have good and bad people all over the world, when you know someone or something is bad avoid it. Be a little kinder to each other and If everyone does the same IT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.

  173. Don’t lesson to anyone on here just google Belize Murder and killing expats

  174. Thanks for sharing Ayngelina! We also do agree that there is a need to really be careful in the country. Violent crime rates are here, though good news is that it’s generally due to gang violence and not generally targeted at tourists. We would also advise avoiding these hotspots: Southern Belize city (George Street, Kraal Road), Borders with Guatemala (Caracol), Mayan archaeological sites.

    Other than safety, there are also scams such as hair braiding scams, drug scams and fraudulent/unofficial tour operators and guides to watch out for. Otherwise, wishing all a great time in Belize! 🙂

  175. Owned property there for almost six years…….paradise……..lighthouse reef atoll ………Itza Lodge……..nothing like it anywhere else on the planet….but…….found that being home was a lot easier… need to be really young and adventurous to be a settler in Belize…….most beautiful reef left on the planet…

  176. Some of these defensive comments are laughable. Pointing out certain areas of crime shouldn’t be viewed as a negative but a service to ppl from Belize or tourists who wish to visit but aren’t familiar with those areas. I live in NYC and crime has died down alot compared to the 90s but we have tons of sites and forums dedicated to informing ppl where the crime is highest and where to avoid. It’s part of life and living in NYC I grew up in one of the worst neighborhoods and never took it personal.

    Thanks for all the info posters. Has given me some insight.

  177. Wow! Must be published by a very privileged person. Come to Chicago and Belize will be the paradise that he expected.

  178. Born Belizean here and you are right! the place is dangerous and corrupted. Only Idiots that deny the truth wont agree. Do not let them scare you from stating your opinion cause they damn well know the truth. There are many theives and murders.

  179. Jennifer Armstrong says:

    Currently on a trip through South America and Central America. We stayed in the same hotel as this article and also felt unsafe in this part of Belize City. We didnt leave the hotel after dark for this reason. It was also a sunday so not that many people around during the day. The rest of the country is beautiful and if I were to visit again in the future I would skip Belize City and enjoy the beaches, ruins and rainforest

  180. Tornadofairy says:

    I was in Belize for 9 weeks back in 1977 with the RAF. I don’t remember it being particularly crime ridden – there were places locals warned me not to go and the advice generally was not to wander around certain locales after dark, but on the whole I did feel reasonably safe. Maybe it was getting to know people and a guy I worked with being in a relationship with a local lady made it easier, who knows?
    I sometimes wonder if Miss Lee’s Chinese Restaurant is still going – oh those Tia Marias! I imagine some of the places frequented by the military are now long gone and the airport has changed out of all recognition, all to be expected. But all in all, many happy memories of lovely people (mostly), stunning scenery and interesting food…

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Belize has definitely changed since 1977. But I can imagine it was a lovely time to be there.

  181. Well, one thing is for sure: not one single person from Belize (on this thread) knows how to spell. (And very few, it seems, from the USA either.)
    And, there must be at least one criminal gang in BZE — they’re stealing all the periods from people’s run-on sentences!
    “I very intellectual you bearly not know nothing” really does not cut it, folks. (LOTS of mistakes, in case you don’t quite understand what I mean.) You will never convince someone you are smart if you write like an imbecile.
    I understand that Kriol may be a lingua franca in the spoken word, and beautifully expressive in speech, but it simply doesn’t work when writing in English, especially when you are trying to lecture a non-Kriol speaker about how wrong they are. He/she will never understand you unless you use the common English language that you were supposed to be taught in school. In Belize. In the USA.
    (Don’t tell me they taught you Kriol in school — you already knew that talk; they taught you English — for just this reason: so you could communicate with other people in the world in a shared language.)
    If the schools are good, where is the skill in the written language? There isn’t any on display here. (And I include the Americans posting here.)
    Please, try to be clear when communicating in writing. A lot of arguments that don’t need to happen will be avoided. I’ve tried to read hundreds of the comments here, and I can barely understand any of them (though they are clearly trying to be in English).

  182. Cancelled reso says:

    Too many Belizeans here keep saying to the OP: “Belize City is not at all dangerous. Not dangerous, no! How dare you say it’s dangerous. Everyone here knows it’s not dangerous.”
    Then, next sentence, a lot of them say, “What are you, stupid?! You went to the dangerous hotel! No one goes to the dangerous hotel, stupid! We Belizeans never go to the dangerous hotel. Oh, you went to the deadly part of town. What are you, stupid?! If you’re stupid enough to go to the deadly area of town, well… you get what you get. Don’t be so stupid, stupid! You’ll get killed there, stupid! All of us Belizeans love one another and there’s never any trouble at all, even for stupid privileged white folks like you. But we don’t go to the deadly part of town, or the dangerous hotel. You’re stupid to go there! It’s deadly and dangerous, stupid. But how dare you say Belize City is dangerous.”
    Someone on this thread actually said, “The people there are truly nice, even the thugs.” What?!!!
    Can’t wait to cancel my reservation.

  183. JEFFERY WHEATON says:

    I just got back, November 2022. Great reef for snorkeling and diving, great fishing, otherwise…total dump, total sh!^hole, and this was Ambergris Caye! Do not be deceived or tricked by one-sided, glossy travel or expat articles. DO NOT GO!! Dangerous and filthy. Hate to say it. I’ve been to Israel, Africa, Jordan, Mexico and other places in Central America. Not worth it.

  184. Joe Jones says:

    As someone who has visited I completely agree with you. Belize is such an amazing country and so beautiful. It is my favorite place I’ve visited and I highly recommend that you visit Belize…just try to avoid Belize City. I stayed in a hotel in a suburb of Belize city and it was perfectly safe. I spent most of my time in Caye Caulker and San Pedro (Ambergris Caye) and not once did I have an issue there. It was totally safe, relaxing, beautiful and amazing. Now the one time I didn’t feel safe was when I got back from the ferry from Caye Caulker and had to wait in Belize City for my pre arranged ride. They were running late and I was very close to just having the taxi driver who was standing there and urging me to get out of there to take me. Even he said it was unsafe. It was a very sketchy, dirty area and I watched military with shotguns drive around in a pick up truck (did not see this anywhere else I was in Belize). Yes heed the warning Belize city is not safe, try to avoid it if you can and if you must go there even just to get the ferry, make sure you have a taxi or arranged ride everywhere you go. If you’re going to the islands you’ll be fine just take normal precautions and relax and enjoy. Please don’t miss out on Belize just because of Belize city it is truly an amazing country with wonderful friendly people who love life. Also, the airport in Belize city is safe don’t worry about that just make sure you have a ride arranged.

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