50 Amazing Maple Syrup Recipes

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It’s not just for pancakes, here are 50 sweet and savory maple syrup recipes that are also easy to make!

I have traveled all over the world, and I usually bring a small bottle of maple syrup to give someone as a taste from home.

Inevitably the recipient thanks me and says they’ll make pancakes.


I usually explain that you can use maple syrup the same way you’d use honey.

I actually use it as a sweetener in my coffee or in homemade salad dressing.

There are so many uses.

Pancakes with bacon and a side of maple syrup

But it wasn’t until I went to Lanark County in Ottawa Valley to learn about maple syrup in Ontario that I truly appreciated it.

Outside North America maple syrup can be very expensive.

And that’s because maple syrup is valuable. It’s over ten times more valuable than oil.

In 2012 there was the great Maple Syrup Heist where three men stole $18 million dollars in maple syrup.

As Canadians making maple syrup is in our blood. Or at least our geography.

85% of the world’s production is in Canada and most of that is in Quebec.

But it’s also throughout eastern Canada and it’s a common Nova Scotia food.

Various colours of maple syrup against a window.

Here are 50 sweet and savoury recipes using maple syrup. You’ll see some incredible maple desserts but also don’t forget maple with bacon!


50 delicious sweet and savory maple syrup recipes. Easy to make and naturally sweet.

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