9 Reasons to #ComeWander Ontario’s Highlands

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I’m not the kind of traveler who likes a strict itinerary. I don’t seek out monuments, or museums or have a check list of everything I need to do. Even when I travel with others I prefer to pick 1-3 things that are “must-sees” and then we can negotiate the rest.

I definitely prefer to let a new destination surprise me rather than scour random travel lists for what other people think I should do.

This is why I really enjoyed spending the last week in Ontario’s Highlands. It was a region that I didn’t know existed (oh…we have Highlands?) and one that didn’t need a formal schedule to discover.

Instead it was the perfect remedy for someone like me who adheres to a strict calendar each week to manage everything that happens between writing this blog, managing our restaurant Loka, and trying to fit in time with friends.

Like everyone else, I find my life is too busy.

But Ontario’s Highlands is a respite from all of that. It doesn’t demand that you unplug, simply that you unwind. You don’t have to spend your time waiting in line for some attraction, and rush hour there is…well, non-existent.

Ontario's Highlands are located in eastern Ontario, discover the best things to do in this region.

9 Reasons to Wander Ontario’s Highlands

Discover the best things to do in Ontario's Highlands.
The sugar shack at the Deakins B&B where you can maple your own maple syrup all year round.

1. Maple Syrup

This is why I came to Ontario’s Highlands. Initially to take the Ottawa Valley Maple Adventures tour and then onto Lanark County, the Maple Syrup capital of Ontario. I learned far more about maple syrup than I thought was possible.

Spectacle Lake Lodge offers a maple cooking class and other restaurants from Fall River in Maberly to Chesswood in Carleton Place incorporate it into their menu while Stone Cellar in Perth offers a 5-course maple dinner.

If you’ve been thinking about heading to Quebec during Maple Syrup season read this post about why you may want to check out Lanark County instead.

Shaw Woods is just one of many hikes in Ontario Highlands.
On the way to the lookoff at Shaw Woods.

2. Wilderness

As a rural area there are lots of opportunities to go hiking and exploring. I appreciate the small opportunities to go on 1-2km hikes like at Shaw Woods or walking with Don to the sugar shack at The Deakins B&B.

The Japanese may have coined the name for forest bathing but I think everyone knows getting fresh air is a good thing.

3. White Water Rafting

I am not an outdoor adventurer or extreme adventurer. And while I would never go white water rafting I know others love it. If you’ve never tried it Ottawa Valley is the place to go white water rafting.

There’s also stand up paddle boarding, mountain biking and many other extreme adventures I’ll never do!

The best things to do in Ontario's Highlands includes a visit to White Water Brewing Co. Discover our picks for the rest.

4. Craft Brewers and Distillers

One of my favourite ways to understand a region and its history is through beer and spirits.

I know that seems laughable but when you talk to people sourcing local ingredients they begin to talk more about local traditions and history than the act of finding the ingredient.

This was true talking to Chris Thompson from White Water Brewing about sourcing hops in the Ottawa Valley.

Perth Brewery and Top Shelf Craft Distillers also focus on using local product from the Ontario’s Highlands and love talking about it.

Coutts Country Flavours in the Ontario Highlands are just one reason to visit this region, check out our picks for the others.

5. Roadside Stands

City dwellers love farmer’s markets but roadside farmer’s stands are so much better – and without city prices.

Ontario’s Highlands are dotted with farm stands, u-picks and country stores. You can find fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables and so many baked goods like those at Coutts Country Flavours.

Picturesque towns from Ontario Highlands are just one reason to visit his region.
You cannot beat the view from the Almonte Riverside Inn.

6. Picturesque Towns

Maybe it’s my age but I really love walking around cute towns without any plans to see something specific.

Many times these towns exist only for tourists like Burano in Italy , Caminito in Buenos Aires or even Trinity Newfoundland.

But here towns exist for locals, not just your instagram feed. I loved staying over in Almonte, a former mill town that now has lots of little shops, galleries and the amusing owner of Don’s Meat Market.

Carleton Place and Perth, which were once home to Scottish stonemason immigrants, have a surprisingly thriving downtown core for their small population.

Perth Ontario in Ontario's Highlands is the wedding capital with Stewart Park being one of the best places to hold the ceremony.

7. To Slooooowwwww Down

There’s something really nice about visiting a region that doesn’t have a long to-do list of tourist attractions you have to see.

There are no long line-ups, long waiting lists or traffic jams. You can take your time here and just relax.

Don’t get me wrong, there is so much to do – and so much to eat. But if you decide to sleep in that extra hour you’ll be fine.

Life here is about enjoying the moment instead of rushing from one place to the next. This was exactly what I needed- distance from the city, not just geographically but also philosophically.

Wheeler's Maple Syrup Camp includes this chainshaw collection.

8. Sugar Bushes

I know I mentioned maple syrup but I think sugar bushes (maple tree plantations) deserve their own category.

Local maple syrup producers often keep a store open all year round. You can just stop in and buy their product.

Some are smaller producers like Mapleside Sugar Bush where you can stop in for a tasting of maple syrup and others like Wheeler’s Maple Syrup Camp have a full restaurant, maple objects museum a small animal farm and this vintage chainsaw collection.

There’s something for everyone.

What to do in Ontario's Highlands, check out our best picks.
Don Deakin sharing what makes a good maple tree.

9. The People

Without a doubt the reason to come to Ontario’s Highlands is to meet the people. I love living in Toronto.

But as a former small town girl I miss the hospitality and friendliness of small towns.

I also love the energy of people who want to stay in their town and help it grow by building news businesses like artisan chocolate makers Hummingbird Chocolate, fair trade proponents Equator Coffee Roasters, and Doris and Ed from Healthy Food Technologies who invented a machine to create low-fat doughnuts.

It reminds me that the city isn’t the only spot to create, invent and inspire.

Sunflower Bakery in Perth is just one reason you should visit Ontario's Highlands, discover the rest.
I went to Sunflower Bakery in Perth for the Maple Pecan Cranberry Butter Tarts. But apparently the carrot cake is legendary.

I only spent five days in Ontario’s Highlands but there was so much more I wanted to do. More farms, cheesemakers, breweries, festivals…

If you’re craving a city escape you can take the quiz to find out what kind of wanderer you are for a chance to win a free vacation.

I’m already thinking it could be the right place for a fall adventure.

This post about the Ontario’s Highlands is in partnership with the Ontario’s Highlands Come Wander campaignOttawa Valley Tourist Association and Lanark County. I was so excited to see such an authentic experience that isn’t just a manufactured product for tourists but something locals do. For all my friends who ask me about going to a sugar shack in Quebec I’m happy to recommend sending them to Lanark County for the real experience.

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  1. Alex Steven says:

    Wow! those were some really amazing information about the beautiful Ontario. I certainly had clue about them except a few. Thanks! a ton for sharing mate.

  2. Wow, I didn’t know Ontario had a Highlands either!!! It looks so pastoral and gorgeous, I can just picture myself relaxing in a cottage with no self service now….

  3. Kelly @ trial and eater says:

    Beautiful nature pictures! I’d love to take that maple cooking class. This sounds like a great trip.

  4. Kavey Favelle says:

    We loved visiting this part of Canada on our trip last year, though we mostly stayed a little closer to the river as we meandered from town to town. We did enjoy the small historical towns, the food, the incredible produce and food markets, the restaurants, the landscape and certainly the friendly welcome!

  5. Thanks for your interesting reasons to visit these places,always looking for destination ideas

  6. This looks like my kind of vacation! Not too far from me, either! I might have to take a road trip!

  7. Annemarie @ justalittlebitofbacon says:

    What a beautiful area! It doesn’t look like much in the way of mountains but hills are more my speed anyway. And so much beautiful nature! We’ve only been to the Niagara region in Ontario. I hope we get a change to explore the region further soon.

  8. I didn’t know we had Ontario Highlands, either! The area definitely looks worth a visit.

  9. Heidi Roberts says:

    I come from a small town in New Hampshire – another place famous for it’s maple syrup and somehow no matter where I live or travel that small town is always home!

  10. I love this list. Like you, I wont do extreme adventures either. But I’d love to do the other 8 things and stay at Almonte Riverside Inn.

  11. Lisa | Garlic & Zest says:

    What a lovely little travelogue. I’ve never been to the highlands, but I think it needs to be on my list. It’s just charming — beautiful, picturesque — what a relaxing time. Jealous!

  12. Allison - Celebrating Sweets says:

    So much to love! Beautiful photos! I’d love to try that maple cooking class – sounds awesome!

  13. Ginny McMeans says:

    Sold! I would love to take this trip too and even wander some more. What a memorable trip you had!

  14. What a great trip! New bucket list item!

  15. What an amazing place. I am ready to pack and go, and stock up with bacon and maple syrup

  16. Chanel | Cultural Xplorer says:

    There is so much more of Canada that I am longing to see. I cannot believe I have spent the majority of my life in NY and not taken advantage of my dear neighbor. If I went there, I would probably eat so so much maple syrup.

  17. Sarah Newman says:

    Wow, stunning countryside! I’ve only been to Ottawa, not to the countryside… but I do love maple syrup! 😉

  18. Tracy | Baking Mischief says:

    The highlands seem like such a lovely and restful place to visit. I feel more relaxed just from scrolling through your photos! 😉 And I agree, there’s nothing quite like spending the day wandering through small towns just seeing the sites and enjoying the local atmosphere.

  19. Cindy Rodriguez says:

    I was convinced from the very beginning but your 9 reasons just pushed me over the edge. I’ve wanted to go white river rafting forever and haven’t made it happen… I’m packing my bags, on my way to Ontario!

  20. I have never been to Ontario. I need to put this on my bucket list. You had me at maple syrup!

  21. This sounds like the perfect relaxing vacation. It looks beautiful there, and so peaceful. Wandering around a small town is my idea of the perfect day. I can’t wait to take a trip like that! And your pics are beautiful.

  22. I’ve never heard of the Ontario highlands before! It looks very scenic – your photos are lovely.

  23. We’ve really been considering Canada as a travel destination and this sounds amazing! I love the idea of unwinding, not unplugging! And maple syrup and craft beer- I’m in!!

  24. It looks like a lovely place to visit! I haven’t explored much of Ontario outside the big cities. This would be a fun area to explore.

  25. I prefer visit quieter places too. I went to Sunny Beach in Bulgaria this year and it was a little too loud for me.

  26. Wow… For someone living in London this looks like the perfect place to go explore something completely new! I love your pictures and I would love to try some real, tasty marple syrup ( we can’t really get good ones here in London)

    X Louise

  27. Mariellen Ward says:

    I also wandered Ontario’s Highlands this summer, a different part though — the Haliburton Highlands. All of these reasons are good ones. I particularly love the beautiful, natural scenery — the rolling hills, clean lakes, rugged Canadian shield and fresh air. It’s such a great area, just a few hours’ drive from Toronto.

  28. Doreen Pendgracs says:

    Thanks for this super post. I’ve never heard the term “Ontario Highlands” before! I’ve been to the Ottawa Valley and Almonte, but didn’t know it was considered part of that region. Such a beautiful area to slow down and enjoy the sights and happenings.

  29. Marc Smith says:

    Believe it or not, I discovered the Highlands on a trip 3.5 years ago and loved my time there. I also found some great coffee shops and a wicked burger at Heirloom Bistro.

  30. Love the Ontario Highlands region! Great post highlighting some of the fabulous places to visit. I still have never been to Almonte. I’ve heard it’s so beautiful and it sure looks like it from your photo. I have been to the White Water Brewing Company. They’ve got great brew 🙂 .

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