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Day 433: Vancouver, Canada

Yay I am back at home in Canada! Well kind of, I am in Vancouver at a travel conference but I don’t want to bore you with the details.

Instead I wanted to share the music I have been listening to the last 14 months. I didn’t start using iTunes on my netbook until my first travel day so I could look back at the journey in music. Below are the ten most played songs from Latin America.

For the record, the title of this post is a reference to an iTunes ad. I don’t have any imaginary friends, although I do talk to myself all the time. Need to work on that….

Brandi Carlile – The Story

I saw Brandi live in Toronto before I left and I love the live version of this version. The first time I heard this song the opening lyrics drew me in: All of these lines across my face tell you the story of who I am. So many stories of where I’ve been and how I got to where I am.

Enrique Iglesias and Juan Luis Guerra – Cuendo Me Enamoro

Okay yes I know Enrique is really cheesy in English but his lyrics are so simple they are really good for learning Spanish and all excuses aside I really like this song.

Metric – Collect Call

I was surprised to see that although I consider Live it Out to be this journey’s theme song, I listen to Collect Call much more, but really I love everything they do. Emily Haines, the lead singer wrote the album in Buenos Aires, I guess Latin America is a source of inspiration for everyone.

Bob Marley – Three Little Birds

I haven’t listened to much Bob Marley in my 30s but this song always cheers me up when I am wondering what the hell I am doing with my life – which by the amount of times its been played seems often.

Jarabe de Palo – La Flaca

Flaca means skinny and the singer is talking about a girl. It’s from Spain but I have only heard this song in Cusco where every night there would be live bands and inevitably it would be played and everyone would scream the words.

Angus and Julia Stone – I’m not yours

No special significance to this song. An Aussie introduced me to this duo in Nicaragua and I listen to them a lot on buses.

Ricardo Arjona – Mojado

Although he is from Guatemala and very famous, I did not discover him until Nicaragua with the Balmacedas.

Mojado means wet and it’s about people leaving their country to survive as an illegal immigrant in the United States although it has been referenced with immigration and human rights in general.

The Black Keys – Everlasting Light

I discovered this on the road but from a friend at home and love the entire CD.

Ray LaMontagne – You are the best thing

If I were really into music I’d say LaMontagne felt like some kind of bluesy, Springsteen throwback but I don’t want to embarrass myself by trying to pretend I know about music all I know I like a lot of his music, especially Meg White.

Luis Enrique – Yo no se maΓ±ana

It seems that everyone in Latin America knows this song and it may be the only song that plays on the radio in every country. It literally means I don’t know tomorrow but is about being in the moment for that night and not thinking about what will happen the next day.

So there it is, I’ve flung my music choices out into the world for you to love, laugh, judge and make fun of. Have a look at your iTunes list and be brave enough to tell me what your Top 10 are.

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  1. Fun facts: “La flaca” doesn’t necessarily mean “skinny girl”–in many cases “flaca” or “flaco” is used just to mean “girl” or “guy” (usually is masculine).

    In other news, awesome playlist. Is the title from the CSS song? Appropriately South American! πŸ™‚

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      it IS CSS, I wasn’t a big fan but feels so appropriate, no?

  2. Monsieur Tofu says:

    Hmmmmm… four songs of your top ten are also on my top ten-The Story, Everlasting Light, Three Little Birds and….You Are The Best Thing, which is my #1. Weird. Why is there no Jack Johnson or Xavier Rudd on this list?

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I had to take a break from Jack and Xavier but they are top 20.

  3. You have some great songs on your list! I really love the one from Ricardo Arjona and the Three little birds πŸ™‚

    Some of my favorite ones include, Jimmy Hendrix – Crosstown Traffic, Eddie Veder – Society, Kaiser Chiefs – Ruby, Manu Chao – Luna Y Sol, Coldplay – The Hardest Part, Muse – Plugin Baby, Moby – Lift me up and Los Tres – Cerrar Y Abrir.

    ps, the first video seems to be broken?

  4. Katherina says:

    “La Flaca” is probably among the songs I’ve listened most to while in Spain. It used to be on every bar! (I still love it and can’t get enough!).

    You didn’t pick up some argentinian bands? I’ve recently realized that most of the artists I listen to are argentinian… my very favorite being Andres Calamaro! (he can’t make one song wrong, really!)

  5. Roy | Cruisesurfingz says:

    I’m kind of weird and don’t listen to music on my ipod! I have this “rainforest sound” that plays which helps me concentrate…I’m such a geek ha!

    1. Lindsay aka @_thetraveller_ says:

      HAHA OMG Roy… alas, when I was in Uni I took video and audio-art courses – if my ipod was on shuffle random sound effects would play all the time lol…

  6. You have come along way since Alvin and the Chipmunks…..

  7. Italian Notes says:

    Thanks for a great list of musical inspiration:)

  8. I love that you included Angus and Julia Stone on this list – they’re my fave aussie duo πŸ™‚ On my RTW trip I listened to their two albums over and over on long bus and train rides – I doubt this trip in Latin America will be any different! πŸ˜€

  9. Lindsay aka @_thetraveller_ says:

    Aww it warms my heart to know Emily Haines wrote that album in BA. I’m going to see the Black Keys in & Cage the Elephant at Molson Amphitheatre on the 7th… you should try to get tix if you’re still around TO.

  10. Dave and Deb says:

    What a wonderful idea to share the music that was close to your heart through a magnificent year. Welcome back to Canada. I didn’t know Luis Enrique – Yo no se maΓ±ana, I like it. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Dalene Heck says:

    AGH! I kinda hate you right now for putting that Luis Enrique song in my head…I thought that when I left Latin America, I had left it behind!! πŸ™‚

  12. Hmmmm, nothing cheesy about Enrique Iglesias πŸ™‚ Hope you have a great conference, sounds like fun.

  13. Lisa at Wanderlust Women says:

    As a travel crazed salsa dancer thanks for all the new great music. Yo no se has been in my car for months πŸ™‚

  14. I live downtown Vancouver (Robson and Richards) and am curious what you are up to in Vancouver!

  15. Yo no se maΓ±ana has been on my Ipod since I heard it last summer in El Salvador. And I have a very unhealthy addiction to Ray Lamontagne. Love this list!

  16. Seattle Dredge says:

    Great idea for a post, and nice list :]

  17. adventureswithben says:

    My top 10 List in no particular order…

    1. Born this Way
    2. Waka Waka
    3. Livin La Vida Loca
    4. Like a Prayer
    5. Shadowland (Lion King on Broadway)
    6. Seasons of Love
    7. One Night in Bangkok Remix
    8. Happiness
    9. Nobody
    10. He Lives in You (also from Lion King)

  18. I love Jarabe de Palo, have you listened to any other songs of the group?

    Music helped me a lot to learn Spanish too!

  19. Aww La Flaca brings back so many memories, I love that song πŸ™‚

  20. Sebastian says:

    I knew most of them but some of them were new to me. Loved all of them πŸ™‚

  21. The Travel Chica says:

    Great idea for a post. Mine would probably show Radiohead and Ben Folds and Regina Spektor as my most-played. And this one random mix salsa album (including yo no se manana) that I couldn’t stop listening to in Central America.

  22. I love music and I love how inspiring it is. I do a weekly post on musicians that play great music and also give back to the community. Music has been a big part of my life, thanks to my father when he took me to my first concert at 5yrs old. (Beach Boys) Thanks for sharing, I always love to hear what other people are listening too.

  23. Actually, the blogger conference sounds interesting. πŸ™‚

    How are you liking your time back in Canada?

  24. Peggy McPartland says:

    Ayngelina, I love your song list! Great way to share your travels. Can’t get enough of La Flaca! πŸ˜‰

  25. Oh God, not Arjona.

    There’s much more to latin american music than what you got there (and some much closer to the songs in English you posted).

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Arjona seems to be really polarizing. I have a lot of Latin American music on my iTunes as I collect it in each country, for some reason I seem to have listened to these more than the others.

  26. I only know half the songs.. but wow! great idea to share your playlist! Mine would not fit into top 10.. try 100 πŸ˜›

  27. dtravelsround says:

    Awww!! I love posts like this. We def listened to different stuff during our travels. My list is on my site .. Love Ray!! I discovered him on my travels.

  28. Yay Metric!
    I also tend to use my Ipod only when n long bus rides, but occasionally I NEED it for gruelling days in the saddle.

    And as far as talking to yourself, keep it up! You are your own best friend!


  29. Vitaly Tennant says:

    Cool picks. As music goes … lots of it is mood based.
    Most people talk to themselves most of the time anyway =P

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Oh yeah I totally talk to myself all the time.

  30. 1. Sugarland Love on the Inside
    2. ABBA Voulez Vous
    3. Abraham Hicks meditation
    4. Kenney Chesney When the Sun goes down
    5. Bon Jovi It’s My Life
    6. Sugarland Settlin
    7. Kenney Chesney No Shoes No Shirt No Problem
    8 Martina McBride Anyway
    9. Carrie Underwood Mama’s Song
    I loved seeing your list πŸ˜‰

  31. Dominique says:

    Love the video for Cuando Me Enamoro. So sweet!

  32. Art Sonic says:

    Nice post and some cool tunes! Here is my list (I call it “Positive Vibe Mix”):

    The John Butler Trio – Groovin’ Slowly
    Dreadzone – American Dread
    Matisyahu – Time of Your Song
    Dreadzone – Tomorrow Never Comes
    Blue King Brown – Say Peace
    Matisyahu – One Day
    Xavier Rudd – Come Let Go
    Michael Franti And Spearhead – Hey Hey Hey
    John Brown’s Body – Conquering Heart Dub (Be At Peace Remix) Blue King Brown and Chris Macro
    High Tone – rub-a-dub anthem feat pupa jim
    Dubmatix meets Nate Wize – Give Thanks & Praises – feat. Ranking Joe
    Horace Andy & Alpha – Make My Day

    You can listen to this set at either:

    1. Ayngelina Author says:


      I see you and I have some music in common. I also love John Butler Trio, Xavier Rudd (have seen him 5 times) and Michael Franti. I’m going to look up the others.

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