Who is the world’s worst salsa dancer?

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Could it be me? I have seen people who are worse but they were not at tonight’s free exhibitions for the World Salsa Championship at the cultural center.

I attended the last one before the weekend finals and somehow was able to finagle front row seats.


I wasn’t able to catch the name of this group but I had seen them in the qualifying rounds and am sure they will be in the finals. If they’re lucky, some day they’ll be performing in salsa shows all over the world.



I was impressed but then they brought out the children I was blown away. These kids weren’t even tweens and could dance better than me.

Again inspiring but intimidating, I’m sure at the ripe ages of 8 and 9 they have already put in hundreds of hours of dance in.

I think it may be time to realize that it doesn’t matter how long I stay in Cali, I may never be good enough to make it on So you think you can dance?

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  1. I guarantee it, if there is a world’s worst salsa dancer, it would be me. In fact, world’s worst any kind of dancer would be me 😀

  2. I swear if you have any Latin in you, you are automatically born with the ability to shake your hips. So jealous!!!

  3. Tandem World says:

    Tandem World would take the title! We did take Tango lessons in BsAs, but I don’t think it really helped.

    Perhaps we would be better if we first did our make up like the girls in your last post!

  4. That’s their culture. I bet you would kick their asses in the luge.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:


      Well I’ve never been luging but I have to be a better ice skater…

  5. Jesus! (mouth still open) I am definitely the worst salsa dancer compared to those kids! wow!
    Ok, I’m definitely going to Cali, just to see them dance… lol

  6. Adventurous Kate says:

    WOW! Those kids are amazing! Great video.

  7. That is some awesome fast salsa dancing! Love it.

  8. Caz Makepeace says:

    I’m a certainty for the show so you think you can fall over! Amazing videos. If only…

  9. I’m white and I can’t dance. Ok, I do have a little rhythm and I think there is a video out there to prove it. However, it’s great to have an appreciation for dancing in other cultures. And those kids are awesome!

  10. Hehe, it sounds like someday we need to get a bunch of backpackers together for a ‘who’s the worst dancer’ contest, I’m sure I’d make the top 3!

    One hostel I stayed at in Mexico had free salsa lessons every night, sadly I really didn’t get any better.. had a great time trying to learn though!

  11. Alessandra says:

    I love Salsa!! My boyfriend and I started taking Salsa dancing!! We love it! We just need to bust our moves out in public now…which might not be the best idea yet… haha!

  12. The world’s worst salsa dancer? That would be myself. Video footage is not available at this time.

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