Bistro Sinne – There for Your Senses

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Porvoo, Finland

It was a long day visiting Peter’s suppliers, unfortunately afterwards he had to go to work but fortunately for me, I was also going to eat there.

Porvoo is only 30 minutes away from Helsinki and many locals from the city have been going to Porvoo just to eat at Bistro Sinne.

An interesting twist on the Finnish/Swedish relationship, Sinne means there in Finnish and senses in Swedish. 

bistro sinne

Having worked at previous Michelin star restaurants I had asked Peter if he was hoping his restaurant would be awarded one but apparently Michelin only grants stars to restaurants in major cities.

He wasn’t disappointed as he explained to win one you really needed to focus on some aspects of fine dining service whereas he just wanted to focus on great food.

He is doing something right because this was one of the best meals I will eat all year.

bistro sinne

Duck gizzard confit with green juniper berry mustard and salsify reminded me of the amazing pear sorbet with mustard I had at my first Michelin star restaurant.


Pan fried burbot with lemon potato, pickled jerusalem artichoke, fried shiitake mushroom and hollandaise.

Bistro Sinne

48h braised shank of lamb, carrot pureé, white cabbage with truffel, sea buckthorn berry and thyme sauce.

Sea buckthorn is a berry native to finland and one tiny orange berry has more vitamin C than an orange.

Finnish Cheese

Because he knows I don’t like dessert we also has incredible Finnish cheese: puna heidi, valdemar and aura gold.

bistro sinne

But then he also asked me to try dessert. Lemon and salt liquorice, lemon curd, Italian meringue and hard meringue with liquorice, raspberries, puffed rice flavoured with raspberries and licorice and peach sorbet.

I’m sure if you liked dessert this would be amazing. I thought it was interesting but liked the cheese better.

I had a really fun time here, I hate to describe the kitchen as adorable but really they were so nice. It’s clear they enjoy working with Peter.

He reminds me of a lot of other chefs I’ve met, like the guys in Winnipeg and some of the more innovative chefs in Toronto.

He has already held events where people can pay whatever they think is fair and will be running other interesting nights at the restaurant.

Disclosure: I was a guest of the Finnish Tourist Board as part of a Navigate Media Group project. They did not request that I write a favourable review or proclaim so early in the year this would be one of the best meals I had eaten this year. Who knew duck gizzard could taste so good.

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  1. Alexandra says:

    It is posts like this that make me miss my fine dining life I left for the adventures of the road! I am trying to figure out how to combine the two. After 2 years I really need some luxury in my life again 😉

  2. Andi of My Beautiful Adventures says:

    Yum yum yum! Oh how I wish I didn’t like dessert. I’d weigh about 50 pounds less haha.

  3. hmmm, I shouldn’t have read this before my lunch! 🙂

  4. Wow, all of the terrific food…none of which I have every really heard of, tasted or know how to spell!

  5. A Cook Not Mad (Nat) says:

    Looks like the tables have turned my friend. You are now making me jealous with your food adventures 😉

  6. Izy Berry says:

    Wow, the food looks delicious! Wonderful photos!

  7. Lauren Aloise says:

    Wow– everything looks great, and the dessert sounds amazing too. Wish I’d been there to take it off your hands! That lamb looks to die for. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Martine @ Chompchomp says:

    Sounds like you are having a fabulous trip! The dessert sounds so deliciously complicated….but you may be right a bit much for a non-dessert lover. Im happy to have BOTH cheese course and dessert! Not fussy! lol

  9. I feel hungry after seeing those photos. I’m craving for it now! LOL!

  10. I’m much more of a savory person as well! Not much of a dessert person – I always hand mine over the Shaun.

    …it explains my obsession with salsa.

  11. Raymond @ Man On The Lam says:

    I never met a gizzard I didn’t like. 🙂

  12. I’m so not a foodie, so I admit that pretty much all of this would be lost on me. I am fascinated by the concept of the Michelin star rating system though… someone should do a documentary on it! (Or have they?)

  13. Emily in Chile says:

    I had no idea Michelin stars were restricted to big cities. Aren’t some starred restaurants in the countryside though? I’m thinking El Bulli, French Laundry, and The Fat Duck. I guess it doesn’t really matter though, since with or without the star, this food looks fabulous.

  14. Pete @ says:

    We need to hang out more often, you always eat at the best places. I had no idea you could use gizzards like that. Wonderful!

  15. Yummmm… You know I’m a sucker for a tasty, good-looking meal.

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