Top 10 Sicilian Food You Must Eat on Holiday

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The island of Sicily is an unique part of Italy that is proud of its local cuisine. With many of the ingredients being grown, produced or caught locally, the Sicilian diet is definitely one worth adopting if you want to make the most of your visit.

The Sicilian cuisine has incorporated many different international culinary influences over the years, reflecting the populations of French, Arabic and North African people who have been resident on the island.

It is also worth noting that the two sides of the island are quite distinct in terms of their Sicilian food. The volcanic side where the city of Catania is located has Greek influences, while the food on the west of the island around the city of Palermo has significant Arabian influences and couscous is common.

Sicilian Food You Must Eat!

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Many people will have a stereotype that Italian food is pizza. This Sicilian variety has a thick base rather than the more common thin crust, and is then topped with anchovies, cheese and onion.

Pasta Con Le Sarde

Fish is one of the biggest exports of Sicily, but they also eat plenty of it too. Pasta con le Sarde is most common in the Palermo district and made with bucatini or a  long pasta, which is then served with sardines, fennel, pine kernels and sultanas.

Pane Con La Milza

One of the distinctive dishes of Palermo, this sandwich is made with boiled pork spleens, which are then slow cooked in lard and deliver an amazing flavor. It’s then served in a fresh brioche, and are usually bought to take away from a stall or bakery.

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These superb little rice balls are found across the island, but are most common in Catania. Arancini are usually stuffed with fillings including cheese and tomato or chicken liver, with the rice balls then deep fried to provide a wonderful finish to these little treats.

Pasta Alla Norma

The most popular pasta dish on the Catania side of the island, this is made with salted ricotta and short pasta. It is prepared with a tomato and aubergine sauce that is truly wonderful. This is one dish which will often capture the hearts of visitors both for its flavor and simplicity.

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Pane Cunzato

These large rustic bread rolls are usually prepared with oil, salt and pepper. However,  the Sicilian version is then stuffed with cheese and tomatoes, along with a healthy portion of anchovies within the sandwich.

Panelle: just one Sicilian food you should try on your next holiday, discover the top 10 Sicilian food to eat.


When you first start exploring Palermo, one of the first questions you may ask is what are those little squares that people are eating. These are panelle, little squares of polenta which have been seasoned and deep fried, and they can either be eaten by hand like chips, or they can be used as a filling for a bun along with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Cassatelle Alla Trapanese

Sicilians are famous for their love of indulgent sweet treats, and when it comes to fillings, then sweet ricotta is high on the list, and these pastry crescents are stuffed with chocolate chips and ricotta, and are then dusted with icing sugar to make for a wonderful snack.

Sicilian food is delicious! Cannoli is just one of ten items we think you should eat during your next trip to Sicily.


If you are looking for an indulgent treat to enjoy during your visit to Sicily, these superb little sweet pastry cylinders are crispy and tasty. Cannoli are usually stuffed with ricotta and shaved chocolate, which makes this a truly wonderful dessert or snack.


Originally an Arabian dish, this Sicilian food is a highly decorated cake is made with sponge cake, sweet ricotta cheese and chocolate, and is then iced and elaborately decorated with icing and fruits such as glace cherries.

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