Have You Met Rocky?

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Day 106: Fortuna Cloud Forest, Panama

I met Rocky my second night at the Lost and Found Lodge. Rocky is a kinkajou and while I thought he was a type of monkey, he’s actually a type of raccoon.

Kinkajou’s are also known as honeybears because of their soft light brown fur.

Rocky has had an interesting life. At a young age he was taken from the jungle, castrated and given to small boy who named him.

Once the boy went to school his family made him give him up and he was adopted by the hostel. Unfortunately Rocky had been badly hurt and after many vet bills it was determined he would not survive in the wild.

In addition to his domestication his nose is damaged and he makes sniffing noises that would attract predators.

A nocturnal animal, Rocky awakes every night and backpackers are carefully let into his area so they can play with him.

His owners thinks that the boy played with him every day and now he’s addicted to human affection. He Loves to have his belly rubbed and will nip like a dog. He’s as odd as an ewok but adorable as a puppy. 

I’ve heard kinkajous are becoming popular pets and I can see why.

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  1. Who couldn’t love that face and look at his little fingers…now that is an animal I would like to see…great picture.

  2. TOO CUTE!

  3. Castrated and named Rocky? Oh, cruel irony.

    Before your time, but I vividly remember the kinkajou from an appearance on The Tonight Show, probably 1978 or so. It crawled onto Johnny’s head, looked adorable and then relieved itself. It’s one of my all time favorite scenes from the show.


  4. This is the cutest little story I’ve EVER read. Those eyes!

  5. CUTE! He looks like a bigger version of my ferrets! Super cute!

    @Joel: LOL! That’s bad. <3

  6. Cornelius Aesop says:

    Not everything cute and furry is a monkey you know, but I’ll excuse the slip up. @(^_^)@

  7. ooooh, like the honeybear!

  8. I swear I have never ever seen something so freaking adorable before! I WANT HIM!!!!!!!

  9. ann wellwood says:

    That is so cute! You just want to grab Rocky and hug him!Hey, bring him home with you!Your friends will love him!!

  10. Adorable!!

  11. I want one!

  12. Aww… send one over as a souvenir! haha!

    Ewoks are as cute as they are strange… and they are VERY strange…

  13. Aww… send one over as a souvenir! haha!

    Ewoks are as cute as they are strange… and they are VERY strange…

  14. memographer says:

    raccoon? too cute to be 🙂

  15. just go and see him, the place is well worth a visit 🙂

  16. I stayed at L&F recently.. LOVED Rocky!

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