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I don’t know what it is about the holidays but it makes me a little crazy. Not in the mad/angry way but I tend to shed inhibitions and plan atypical travel.

Remember last year I decided that I would voluntarily live in Canada for the winter, I went to a restaurant on a frozen lake for dinner in -49C weather and my only trip outside was to Finland so I could jump in a frozen lake?

I am a bit crazy.


But again this year I have renewed hope that I am not a pansy.

I’m staying in Canada again for winter and my first trip will be to Jasper, Alberta. I haven’t spent much time in Western Canada other than to drink wine in Kelowna and eat at the night market in Richmond. This time I’m heading to Jasper to visit during the 25th Anniversary of Jasper in January. The whole month there will be lots of music and winter events like polar bear dips – don’t think I’ll be doing that again after Finland!

Jasper seems like an interesting town, it’s not a luxury resort place like Banff. I’ve heard people are more laid back and it’s down to earth. I’m staying at the Tonquin Inn and I hope my room has a fireplace too because Jasper is in Northern Canada and it will be cold!

But the cold doesn’t entirely scare me as I’m attending events like Hops and Scotch, visiting the Jasper Brewing Company and looking to eat lots of game. But I’m also doing something scary…


jasper snowboarding

I’ll be snowboarding for the first time!

I have wanted to learn to snowboard for years and while I’m a great ice skater and I can ski but I feel like I’m the only Canadian that’s never been snowboarding. I’m not petrified, I’ve always thought I would be good at snowboarding, maybe because I’m so low to the ground? And as much as I make fun of how lazy I am (and really I am) I was once quite a coordinated person, played soccer and volleyball for years and considered myself sporty.

How things have changed!

But seriously. I am actually looking forward to learning at Marmot Basin and I’m hoping it won’t be too cold so I can strap a camera to my body so you can see.

But the adventure is likely going to stop there, so I need to know folks – where should I eat??



Images (c)Marmot Basin


Disclosure: I will be a guest of Jasper Tourism through a project with the Navigate Media Group but they did not request I write a favourable review or insist I snowboard at all. It was my, potentially foolish, idea.




      • Vivian @ Amani Afrika says

        Or Australians who don’t know how to swim! I’m a Canadian and I don’t trust having two feet strapped on the same board. Skiing and skating I can handle.

  1. vakta mondal says

    Snowboarding is an interesting game. I am curious about this. Although I don’t do it. But I always try to learn. Please give me tips for learning snowboarding??????

    • Ayngelina says

      I think it could be my age, when I went on school ski trips snowboarding hadn’t made it mainstream yet. Wow I sound old.

  2. says

    Ayngelina, I’ve lived in Colorado for almost 12 years, and have yet to strap myself to a snowboard. And probably because of my creaky knees that could bust any time now, I probably won’t attempt it. But welcome to the world of adventure travel, even if it’s short-lived. You just might like it later on… :)
    Janice @ Californian in Exile recently posted..Happy New Year from Santa Cruz

  3. says

    Great article! I’m actually thinking about doing the same thing, but with skiing. I just moved to a ski town in Colorado and I snowboard, but really want to be able to do both. Would you recommend trying to figure it out on your own, or taking a lesson??

  4. MickiK says

    Sadly, I think I’m in a worse position than you. I’ve been snowboarding multiple times, and even taken lessons (twice!), and can barely get off the bunny hill. Sigh. I love it though, but I just have to take the attitude that snowboarding teaches me humility.

    • Ayngelina says

      You and I may be the same…I am totally prepared for the fact that I may not get off the bunny hill.

  5. Carmie says

    It is very reassuring to know that their is a bunny hill in snowboarding. You will look good on that bunny hill…good and safe!

  6. holly says

    Good Day! A trip to Jasper wont diappoint.Just learned of your blog and in checking it out says your making your way out west .I am your cousin,Holly,Ritas daughter.Live in Edmonton a few hours from Jasper.If up our way make sure to pay us a visit.Hope you enjoy your stay in Western Canada.Remember to dress warm,just saying….

  7. says

    That sounds great1 I have never tried snowboarding before, but recently gave sandboarding in Huacachina a go. Let’s just say, my balance wasn’t as good as I imagined, so I mainly went down the dunes on my belly.

    • Ayngelina says

      I went sandboarding on my butt, I wonder if there’s an option for that with snowboarding. Oh yeah that’s sledding.

  8. Kristy says

    So how’s your snowboarding experience so far? Is it good? Like you I also didn’t know how to snowboard but maybe in the future I can try it and be good at it.

  9. says

    We’re making some wild boar bacon treats for your mixology class at Evil Dave’s on Sunday. Looking forward to a few cocktails before the Super Bowl!


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