Valentine’s Day is For Lovers…Unless You Work in a Restaurant

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I’m not really the sentimental kind of person to celebrate Valentine’s Day. but it was the day Chef_Rouge and I finally arrived in Toronto after a crazy ride across country with a terrible U-Haul Experience but amazing night in Quebec City.

He made crazy crostini type nachos from what we could find in the corner store. It was perfect.

So while Valentine’s Day is a cheesy holiday, February 14th is special because we could finally be together in one city. That may be the only Valentine Day we celebrate alone. Because the brutal truth to being with a chef is that you’ll never have holidays to yourself – not on the actual day. Because that’s when people celebrate, go out, have fun…and eat in restaurants.


chocolate dinner

I’m actually thrilled we’re not alone this year. Le Dolci, an amazing bake shop in the city, asked Loka Snacks to host a chocolate dinner tasting menu on the 14th and it sold out so quickly we also hosted one on the 13th. Our Valentine’s weekend was helping others celebrate.


Le Dolci Toronto

Loka Snacks is a one-man business with my help and this meant our rent for next month was paid (yay) and we are continuing on the path to find an investor to turn Loka Snacks nomadic restaurant into Loka, the bricks and mortar restaurant. And it was exciting because the food being served was pretty incredible – can you imagine paying only $80 for this?


loka snacks pig heart tartare
“Burger and Shake” – Pig heart tartare and chili chocolate shooter.


Loka Snacks Parsnip Veloute
White chocolate parsnip veloute, parsnip chips, white chocolate crema, herbs.


Loka Snacks Squash Mole
Squash and cauliflower mole.


Loka Snacks Chocolate Granite
Palate Cleanser: Chocolate granite.


loka snacks slow roasted duck
Slow roasted duck breast, chocolate jus, cocoa nibs, carrots.


Loka Snacks panna cotta
Roasted white chocolate panna cotta, cocoa liquor, raspberry.


So yes we worked while serving strangers in love, but I was so thankful they chose us over some restaurant because they’re helping us get one step closer to our goal.

Loka Snacks at Le Dolci

It may not have been the most romantic night but it was still perfect all the same.


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  1. Stephanie - The Travel Chica says:

    That looks tasty enough to book an international flight.

  2. That food looks amaaazing!

  3. That looked wonderful!

  4. Mike | VagabondingMike says:

    Bottom line…looks like the chef absolutely killed it! I’m not much of a Valentines Day person myself either. That said, with food looking that tasty, I may have to make it a point to go out next year.
    Well done with the pics!

  5. Carmen Allan-Petale says:

    Um… that’s amazing! When is the cook book coming out??

  6. Michelle | Lights Camera Travel says:

    All of this food looks amazing!! Sounds like a perfect Valentine’s day to me 😀

  7. mole, parsnip…panna cotta. I think I’m in love 🙂 xo

  8. Elizabeth Friesen says:

    That looks wonderful! I’m all about love & romance, not to mention great food! Congratulations on what looks like a match made in heaven. 😀

  9. I can totally relate. I’ve been in the restaurant business basically my whole life. 😉 It’s definitely created a different outlook on holidays like Valentines Day, for sure. I admire that you are working together to achieve your goal. That is what love is really about. Not a Hallmark holiday.

  10. George Dionne says:

    Chicken Enchiladas in a Spicy Sour Cream Sauce is it? 🙂

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