20 Mississauga Restaurants to Travel the World

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Travel the world in just one city, Mississauga restaurants are serving authentic food from around the world.

Mississauga is my kind of city. It’s a traveler’s city. It’s a foodie city with stories of immigrants and entrepreneurs.

And despite being one of the largest cities in Canada it feels small, homey and welcoming.

There are over 1800 restaurants from over 150 countries in Mississauga. This is a city where you could nearly eat at a different restaurant each night for five years

Traveling the world I love finding the local spots, the entrepreneurs, the family businesses.

These places don’t often have marketing budgets or million dollar interiors with Instagram friendly decor, but they build their clientele on word of mouth.

People come for the food.

I thrive on finding these places, meeting the people and hearing their stories.

I realized if I really wanted to explore the energy of the city I needed to find the small independent businesses in Mississauga.

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Mississauga Lakeshore aerial view

What You Need to Know About Mississauga

I lived in Toronto off and on for nearly 15 years. And I am embarrassed to say that I’d never visited Mississauga.

Looking back it seems so silly to have so much great food and interesting culture at my doorstep, but I never went.

Despite being from a very small town in Nova Scotia, I quickly fell into a common belief in downtown Toronto that EVERYTHING you needed was in the downtown core and Mississauga was VERY FAR and too complicated to get to unless you had a car.

Spoiler alert, I was wrong in so many ways.

Mississauga is a city of 24 neighbourhoods and villages. Over three quarters of a million people live in Sauga. Of course there are lots of great things to see, eat and do there.

Today, living in Toronto is a distant memory and it’s so easy to get to Mississauga with public transit I feel silly for living so close all those years and missing out on so many great restaurants.


In the last year I’ve been to Mississauga twice and I know I’ll be back again. Because each time I go I pass by new restaurants I’d love to visit but don’t have the time and stomach room to try them.

So this post will be an on-going evergreen piece that I add with each visit. And I’m going to roughly categorize it by general region as that’s how I travel – Latin America, Asia, Europe, Canada.

Asian Restaurants in Mississauga

Asia is such a diverse continent with rich history and cuisine. I was most excited to explore this side of Mississauga as I am traveling to South Asia and South East Asia this year.

So this was a preview of incredible food to come.

Lion City Restaurant

Lion City was originally owned by a Singaporean woman who decided to open a restaurant at age 50. She made a name for the spot and today it continues to uphold its reputation with current owners Greg and Elle, former bankers in Singapore who moved to Canada 5 years ago.

To say it is located in a Mississauga strip mall doesn’t give the area justice. It’s a large outdoor space of restaurants, supermarkets, and miscellaneous businesses from karaoke to acupuncture representing food and traditions from all over Asia.

I could spend a month just checking out different places on this block. Perhaps next time.

On a cold and rainy day I was immediately offered hot tea while I looked at the menu. The menu reflects the diversity of Singapore, which is influenced by its surrounding countries Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

In fact, the restaurant is very popular with University of Toronto international students from these countries who are looking for a taste of home.

Lion City is known for their Hainanese chicken rice, which they warned me was a two-person meal and suggested the laksa, which is equally popular.

Thick rice vermicelli, spicy shrimp based coconut broth, tofu puffs, fish cake, chicken, shrimp, cucumber laksa leaves.

It’s light but full of flavour and the owner Elle stopped by to drop off house made sambal, which was just spicy enough.

She also kindly offered to send me recommendations for my trip to Singapore, which I will definitely be taking her up on.

The portion size is so generous I brought half back to my hotel and ate the rest that night.

I realized I shouldn’t have declined cutlery but I made do by using two coffee stir sticks from my hotel as chopsticks.

A bit unorthodox but there was no way I was missing out on these leftovers.

Lion City Restaurant
1177 Central Pkwy W Unit 70, Mississauga, ON L5C 4P3, Canada

Zauq Mississauga Reshmi kebab on wooden table


This is the year I finally visit Pakistan. It has been on my wish list for years despite never trying Pakistani food.

Thankfully so many people recommended Zauq on Reddit, a platform with such tough critics I knew it had to be good if they all agreed.

I popped in just after the lunch rush. Although it is a fine dining Halal restaurant they also offer an unbeatable lunch special for $12.99.

The focus is Pakistani, Indian and Hakka dishes. I must admit I don’t have enough experience with these cuisines to know the nuances of each.

My server was patient, explaining the menu and answering questions. Not surprisingly I can be a bit high maintenance as I like to know everything about a dish.

Together we settled on the reshmi kebab and they urged me to upgrade to the garlic naan cooked in clay, then brushed with garlic and parsley.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting much. I have had a lot of kebabs in my life. But now I realize I’ve been eating mediocre kebabs all my life!

The reshmi kebab is common in northern India and Pakistan. Boneless chicken is marinated in curd, cream, cashew nut paste, ginger, garlic, spices and then grilled in tandoor.

It was so tender and delicious and now I understand why it is called reshmi, which means silk in Pakistan.

After eating this I immediately started looking at requirements for entering Pakistan because I need more of this food in my life.

Zauq is a great choice for group dinners to share dishes and try new things. The dining room features big tables and I overheard staff taking reservations for groups of 8-16 people.

This spot is very popular with regular customers. It only takes reservations for groups of 5 or more but they do encourage smaller groups to just call ahead and they’ll tell you if they have any available tables.

1325 Eglinton Ave E #12, Mississauga, ON L4W 4L9, Canada

Pork Sigsig on a table at Bella's Inasal in Mississauga

Bella’s Inasal

In 1999 I moved to Cebu for an international internship after university. The internet was new-ish and so I had no idea what to expect.

I have so many wonderful memories of incredible landscapes, beaches and the friendliest people. I also laugh at things I ate, because I rarely knew what it was but often discovered later I may not have tried it if I knew what it was.

I was much pickier back then. Now I want all the organs and offal – which is what Filipinos cook so well.

There are so many fantastic Filipino restaurants in Mississauga, with a sizable community I had lots of recommendations. But Bella’s Inasal seemed to be a favourite amongst so many.

And the sizzling pork sigsig was calling my name! Minced pork face and belly along with chicken liver, onion, chili and calamansi citrus.

They drizzle a bit of mayo on top. You get an almost nutty flavour from crispy and soft pork. It knocked me off my feet and reminded me how simple but flavourful Filipino food is.

If you order just one dish to try Filipino food this has to be it.

Bella’s Inasal
848 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5C 2S3, Canada

Samara Kitchen

A few months ago I visited Indonesia and immediately fell in love. Over seven weeks I discovered the warm, welcoming people, and the traditional food on Sumatra Island really opened up a whole new world…for my taste buds.

So much so that I booked a return flight before I left. With 17,000 islands I knew I needed to explore more.

But I was shocked to see that there was an Indonesian restaurant in Mississauga. I didn’t think there would be a large population in cold Canada.

Samara Kitchen is a small restaurant with only three tables. It is very popular for take out and I tried to visit three times before I could get a table because so many Indonesians are there at lunch.

You see Canada might be cold, but we also have a reputation for being friendly and offering a good life.

And so I had a late 2pm lunch. I shared the small space with a man from Jakarta who was introducing food from his country to his new girlfriend.

I ordered nasi padang, a common dish on Sumatra, with the iconic rendang. Rendang is one of five national dishes in Indonesia but the most revered as it is beef slow cooked in spices for hours.

I learned how to make it in Padang and it was so complex I knew I would never make it again!

But owners Iwan and Nanik have brought this flavour to Canada. The couple moved here over a decade ago and have traveled from coast to coast.

I had tingles eating the rendang. The familiar flavour took me back to that not so faint food memory.

If you want authentic Indonesian food this is the place. You can order take out as many do but I think it’s work going at 1:30pm so you can talk to them as they are such lovely people.

Samara Kitchen
6033 Shawson Dr Unit 13, Mississauga, ON L5T 1E7, Canada

Server placing soon tofu on table at buk chang dong soon tofu Mississauga Restaurant

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu Korean Restaurant

Korean food is another cuisine where I have no idea what I am eating most of the time. I only know that I have enjoyed every single dish.

I love spice, fermented flavours and pickled radish. But that’s where my knowledge ends.

So many people recommended I go to Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu that I had to comply. Although this is a franchise, it is independently owned and is known for its high standards.

My server was amazing. I told him my knowledge level (zero) and that I hoped to go to South Korea this year and he walked me through the menu.

This restaurant is known for its 7 options of spicy tofu stew. What I love about food in Asian countries is that unlike the Americas, tofu is not just for vegetarians. Everyone eats tofu and often you can have meat in tofu dishes.

The soon tofu is accompanied by a number of unlimited sides of fermented and pickled items, like that delicious radish.

And I was introduced to a Korean tradition. Although many Asian restaurants will make rice at the beginning of the day to deal with high demands in the kitchen, this spot makes it to order.

It’s cooked in a stone bowl and put into a serving dish water. Then water is poured into the stone bowl with its crispy rice bits on the bottom to make for an after dinner snack.

Korea has after dinner snacks? Count me in!

On my way out my server warned me that when I go to Korea to order one small dish because if I thought this meal had a lot of sides I hadn’t seen anything yet!

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu Korean Restaurant
3085 Hurontario St, Mississauga, ON L5A 4E4, Canada

Salwaa Shawarma

I noticed their sign for Hyderabadi biryani in an unremarkable row of stores and thought immediately, why not? Google reviews are great for both the biryani, shawarma and service so I went in with solid expectations for the food.

But what really stole my heart was the family who runs this restaurant. They opened the winter of 2020 in the thick of it all. And despite everything they have such fantastic attitudes.

This isn’t just an all compassing Indian restaurant in Mississauga but specially Hyderabadi.

While his wife Muna was preparing the regional biryani, Ali took the time to explain what makes this biryani special, how it’s prepared, the State of Hyderabadi and a brief relevant history of India as it pertains to the dish.

It was so light and just the right amount of spice. Vibrant pungent flavours that really enticed me to eat more when I was already full.

I can never finish a meal, especially when portion sizes are as healthy as here. So I took the rest with me and ate it for breakfast.

It was absolutely one of my favourite spots. Highly recommended!

Salwaa Shawarma
939 B Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5E 1E3, Canada

Ayngelina holding tacos from Pa'l Antojo Mexican restaurant in Mississauga

Latin American Restaurants

Getting authentic Latin American food in Canada can be tough. Mexican restaurants are rarely authentic and usually owners need to adapt to Canadian tastes like chimichangas and giant burritos.

But Mississauga has a healthy Latino population and that means several restaurants making fantastic food.

tacos from Pa'l Antojo Mexican restaurant in Mississauga

Pa’l Antojo

Although this Mexican restaurant has been open for less than a year, it’s clear that owner Tavita has a strong following for home cooked Mexican food.

Food in Mexico is so diverse and I find it discouraging that most people only know tacos. Or worse, they think that chimichangas and big burritos are what you’ll find there.

But the menu at Pa’l Antojo has so much authentic food that I love including gorditas and tortas. The most popular items are not surprisingly the tacos el pastor and birria.

But as tempted as I was they also have tacos with tripa (tripe), lengua (beef tongue) and suadero (part between belly and leg).

I love offal.

Mexicans know how to cook offal well and I had to try it. Usually when I’m shooting videos I only eat a little bit and take the rest to go. But these tender tacos and glass of tamarind juice brought me back to eating from street carts in Mexico.

I ate all of them and took a long walk to make room for more food!

Pa’l Antojo
1885 Drew Rd, Mississauga, ON L5S 1J5, Canada


Las Delicias

I was only in Colombia a few weeks ago and this spot took me right back there. The food. The energy.

Las Delicias is Colombia in Canada.

As soon as I entered the owner introduced himself. He’s from Medellin and said everyone calls him Paisa, which means countryman.

Paisa has a big personality that is warm and inviting. He assured me at 4pm I could have the calentao, which is on the breakfast menu. And then jokingly dismissed me for spending 5 weeks in Colombia and not visiting Medellin.

As I waited for my meal I saw a constant stream of Spanish speaking people coming in, running into friends. Hugging Paisa and catching up.

It is the unofficial Colombian community centre.

Although gringos are welcome too. When Paisa introduced himself in Spanish I responded in Spanish that alas I was gringa. He reassured me everyone was welcome and later introduced me to the family at the next table and to Pipe a local musician from Medellin.

Las Delicias is just another example of what makes restaurants in Mississauga so great. It is truly a global experience.

And the food was just as good as the people. Calentao means heated, and it is a traditional Colombian food locals eat for breakfast where the previous night’s leftovers are warmed up.

In this case rice, beans, sweet plantains, pork belly and beef. It is served alongside a giant arepa and salty cheese. It is devastatingly good but also large enough for 2 or 3 people!

Las Delicias
59 A Dundas St W, Mississauga, ON L5B 1H7, Canada

Ecuadorian hornado on table at La Bonita Latin American restaurant in Mississauga

La Bonita Latin American Restaurant

Although most of the items on the menu are Colombian, La Bonita strives to serve the best of Latin America.

I came for the pupusas, an El Salvadoran stuffed cornmeal cake. They are difficult to find but one worth seeking out. Sadly at the counter Wendi, who is from El Salvador, told me that you need to order them in advance.

So asked about the Ecuadorian ceviche, she lamented it is only offered on weekends (it was a Tuesday). I was dejected and wasn’t sure what to order.

But in typical Latin American hospitality, Wendi would not allow me to be disappointed.

She shared that although she’s from El Salvador she spent time in Ecuador. And if I could wait 30 minutes she would make me Ecuadorian hornado.

Yes please!

Hornado is Ecuadorian roasted pig. It is one of my favourite Ecuadorian foods. I was shocked at the beautiful plate of food she brought out, enough for a party of four.

She may be from El Salvador, but this was a pure taste of Ecuador, complete with llapingachos (potato cakes).

I was really overwhelmed with her generosity to make something I would like.

This s a special place with fantastic food. And next time I’m calling ahead for those pupusas!

La Bonita Latin American Restaurant
1065 Canadian Pl #109, Mississauga, ON L4W 0C2, Canada


Latin Hut Cafe & Bakehouse

Latin Hut is owned by Victor and Mercedes from Caracas, Venezuela. They serve traditional South American food and baked goods in a small cafe.

Incredibly they opened in 2020 and survived by serving fantastic food and keeping costs down with two employees – themselves.

They have also developed a local reputation by offering a dish, which happens to be Victor’s favourite – arepa reina pepiada.

Arepas are eaten in Venezuela like we eat bread in Canada. They are present at every meal and can have different fillings.

But this one is special.

In 1955, Susana Duijm because the first Venezuelan (and Latina) to win Miss World. It was such an honour that a local arepera created the Reina Pepiada, a play on the phrase Curvy Queen, to celebrate the momentous accomplishment.

Today it is one of Venezuela’s most popular arepas. It’s a simple mix of shredded chicken breast, mayo and generous portions of avocado.

The only problem is you’ll never want a plain chicken salad sandwich again, it is that good.

Latin Hut Cafe & Bakehouse
1960 Dundas St W, Mississauga, ON L5K 2R9, Canada

Rotisserie chickens on spit at restaurant

Latin Super Chicken

As soon as I walked in the door and heard Marc Antony blasting I was transported into Latin America. Latin Super Chicken is home to a restaurant, money transfer spot and fantastic Latin grocery store.

A family run business, Pati is from Puebla Mexico and her husband from Lima Peru – two of the most cherished food cities in Latin America.

They have been in Canada for almost 20 years, running this business for 14 years without a single day off. Until this year when they finally went back to Mexico for the holidays.

And while most people think of Peruvian food as limited to ceviche and other raw fish dishes like tiradito, one of the most common is pollo a la brasa or rotisserie Peruvian chicken.

Latin Super Chicken offers it on weekends with traditional aji amarillo and the green sauce, which are so delicious you’ll want to buy it to take home.

You can also make it at home as they have all the ingredients in their store. And I was thrilled to see so many rare ingredients like chicha, jarred Peruvian yellow peppers and Cuban coffee.

While you’re shopping ask them for a Venezuelan pabellon empanada with beef, beans and sweet plantain. You won’t regret it!

Latin Super Chicken
17 Queen St N, Mississauga, ON L5N 6A1, Canada

Colombian antojitos pan de guayaba, bunuelo, empanada de carne and carimanola in a red basket with paper


Although I had only left South America a few days prior I was immediately drawn to this Colombian bakery.

Colombians make fantastic bread, killer empanadas and are some of the friendliest people in the world. I had intended to just go in and try a beef empanada but it all looked so good.

After ordering a beef empanada, pan de guayaba (guava bread), carimañola (cheese stuffed yuca) and buñuelo (fried dough) I had to stop.

Though I now regret not also trying the pan de queso (cheese bread) because everything was delicious.

If you’re curious about Colombian food this is a great place to start. They also sell prepared foods such as sancocho, frozen foods, and imported drinks and candy.

803 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5E 1W8, Canada

Huevos gourmet Mississauga restaurant signature dish huevos rancheros on a black table

Huevos Gourmet

A mix of Mexican flavours and French cuisine, Huevos Gourmet is a family run brunch spot owned by a couple from Guadalajara.

They serve an all day breakfast that ranges from traditional eggs benedict to huevos rancheros, the house specialty.

Although they mention Tabasco hot sauce on the menu, ask for their homemade hot sauce, but beware that even just a tiny bit packs a punch.

The brunch spot is packed on weekends offering the “warmth of a Mexican family and the allure of the Parisian passion” so go early.

Or do what I did and arrive early on a weekday where service is just as warm and you won’t feel rushed to finish so other eager diners can feast.

But make sure to get your fix early as it closes at 4pm daily

Huevos Gourmet
241 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5G 1G8, Canada


Middle Eastern

Woman holding chocolate covered dates

Palm Bites

I was tempted into Palm Bites when Malak, standing outside, offered me a delicious date and I realized there was so much more inside.

This is the first store in Canada to specialize in chocolate covered dates. If you’ve never tried a chocolate covered date you need to head over there right now.

They have samples, but I warn you that it will result in buying some because they are outstanding.

They also have fantastic coffee, a number of nut butters and lots of different healthy snacks. And if Malak is working be sure to spend time and chat, she’s very friendly and so helpful.

Palm Bites
167 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5G 4T9, Canada

European Restaurants

Maranello Cafe veal sandwich on a table

Maranello Cafe

Perhaps the best kept local secret along the Mississauga Lakeshore, although there are lots of new flashy restaurants this small cafe is busy with a steady stream of take out orders and neighbours just stopping in to say hi.

It’s known for generous portions of home cooked Italian pasta classic sandwiches at unbelievably reasonable prices.

The Macerola family operated Aielli Alto since 1973 in the restaurant space next door. It was an incredibly popular Italian restaurant in Mississauga for over 40 years. In 2022 they decided to downsize. The former space is now occupied by Colossus Greek Taverna that was previously its neighbour next door.

And while the space is smaller, I don’t think the demand for their food decreased. I was greeted so warmly like I was a regular and promptly devoured the popular veal sandwich with tomato sauce so rich I contemplated buying it (yes, they sell it).

Other popular menu items here include the chicken sandwich and the tomato gnocchi.

Maranello Cafe
286 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5G 1H2, Canada

Pizza nostra cheese pizza in a box

Pizza Nostra

There is lots of pizza along the Mississauga Lakeshore, but none was recommended as much as Pizza Nostra.

It’s a family owned New Jersey-style pizzeria. The two brothers grew up at their father’s butcher shop in Toronto. One brother decided to go to New Jersey to work at their cousin’s pizza shop. The other stayed to learn the art of salumi/ curing meat.

Today Pizza Nostra combines their strengths using house cured meats on thin crust pizza with incredible pizza sauce and rich cheese.

It’s been a local favourite since it opened 7 years ago but it really skyrocketed when Barstool Pizza Review gave it an 8, which means it’s worth traveling for and now they are opening a second location.

They are so busy that they open at noon and serve until they run out of pizza, which can be as early as 5pm. The wait time is around 45 minutes so call in advance.

It’s worth the wait.

Pizza Nostra
362 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5H 1H3, Canada

Caribbean Restaurants

Wanda's Caribbean Kitchen oxtail in a take out container

Wanda’s Caribbean Kitchen

I’d heard Wanda Thomas was serving the best food in Clarkson and so I had high hopes coming into her restaurant.

It was just after the lunch rush and she was cleaning, although the place already looked spotless. Opening during 2020 wasn’t easy but her reviews are consistently great.

I knew I wanted to try the oxtail with rice and peas, which was remarkably tender and so delightfully rich.

And her macaroni salad has become so popular that they go through the equivalent of 4 buffet sized trays a day. And if people come late in the day and she’s out they turn around and return earlier the next day.

Although she’s trying to encourage people to instead get the coleslaw, which she says is just as good as the macaroni.

Although I arrived at an empty restaurant it was clear that it was a fleeting moment. A handful of minutes later there was a procession of people entering, all greeting her with enthusiasm and talking about how much they loved her food.

A young guy said he always orders the boneless chicken because it’s incredible and so he has no need to try anything else, of course he had a double side of macaroni salad.

Wanda is familiar with all the regulars and already knew he didn’t like rice and would want the double mac salad. When I asked her about the boneless chicken she shared it was the most popular and asked if I wanted to try a bite.

Very kind of her but also a savvy move as she knows her food is so good that it gives me yet another reason to return.

Wanda’s Caribbean Kitchen
1842 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5J 1J7, Canada


Canadian Lakeshore Mississauga Restaurants

Clarkson Fish and Chips on a white plate on a table

Clarkson Fish and Chips

As a Maritimer, as a rule I do not eat fish unless I’m on the coast, but Clarkson’s has been around for 43 years and known as the best Mississauga restaurant for fish and chips.

It usually has a line-up and the dining room is packed so I visited mid-afternoon on a weekday for fear that I wouldn’t get a seat during peak hours.

I immediately saw that they offered several options for fish (halibut, haddock, cod), which is always a good sign that they know what they are doing.

And then two options for coleslaw (creamy or vinegar), wow!

It’s not fancy here but as someone who grew up on fresh fish and chips I was really impressed.

It just goes to show you that you should never say “I never…”

Clarkson Fish & Chips
1848 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5J 1J7, Canada

Sweet Black Bean tacos on a white plate

Nourish Moi

As much as bacon is magic, it takes much more confidence in a cook to allow vegetables to sing.

It’s true, this is a vegan joint up on my list of best Mississauga restaurants. But I’m a firm believer that vegan restaurants are the most exciting and innovative.

I love that Nourish Moi makes all the food from scratch and serves vegan wine, beer and has great cocktail options. It’s accessible to everyone who just wants delicious food.

I arrived early on a Saturday for a snack and the sweet black bean tacos were full of flavour. I loved the balance of sweetness, spice and the warm tortillas served on a warm plate.

The brunch options are plentiful and one of the most popular items is the Beirut Bowl, which is worth coming back to try.

Nourish Moi
229 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5G 1G8, Canada


Dairy Cream

Only open during the summer months, Dairy Cream is a must- eat in Mississauga according to locals. And it’s not just lip service as all weekend long there is a long line to this historic ice cream shop.

Many come for the nostalgia and the tradition of visiting since they were children. They have been around since 1958 serving funnel cake and soft serve ice cream.

Although the funnel cake is the long reigning popular dish at this 60+ year old ice cream parlour, that doesn’t mean it has not innovated.

Along with the traditional chocolate dipped soft serve, you can get brightly coloured dip flavours including cherry, blue raspberry and birthday party. For the more conservative try the white chocolate or tasty peanut butter dip.

Dairy Cream
715 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5G 1J7, Canada

Stonehooker Brewing Company

On a sunny day the Stonehooker Brewing front grassy area reminds me of a European beer garden with lots of space for friends, strollers and pets.

That said, I visited on a rainy afternoon and I have no complaints as the small cozy interior is warm, dry and encourages conversation between tables. It starts out with a remark about when the rain will end and evolves into more interesting topics.

Service is as delightful as the Gollywobbler IPA – Session, the nautical theme suits it well as it reminds me of hospitality in the Maritimes.

Stonehooker Brewing Company
866 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5E 1E1, Canada

mississauga lakeshore

Where to Stay in Mississauga

While there are many places to stay along the Mississauga lakeshore I absolutely adored the Waterside Inn.

The waterside views looking out onto the lighthouse and boats are so picturesque both during the day and at night.

It’s a comfortable spot that is a great location for walking everywhere. And you’re only a couple of blocks from the Port Credit Go Train Station.

The Waterside Inn
15 Stavebank Rd S, Mississauga, ON L5G 2T2, Canada

Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto Mississauga

This hotel is central, close to Square One and not a far Uber ride from anywhere in the city.

The building is older but has recently been renovated. Rooms are spacious and the downstairs lobby has lots of light and a Starbucks if you’re not keen to make tea or coffee in your room.

Delta Hotels
3670 Hurontario St, Mississauga, ON L5B 1P3, Canada

Would I Recommend Mississauga as a Foodie City?

Absolutely. Without a doubt. 100%.

Mississauga is for food travelers. Those who love to explore the world on a plate. It’s a city of global flavours and local stories.

I regret not visiting sooner, when it was right at my doorstep. But now I am hooked.

There are 24 neighbourhoods and villages in Mississauga and I have only visited a few yet ate so many delicious foods.

I can see more Mississauga trips in the future as I have been getting so many recommendations for more places to eat in Mississauga.

And if you are living in Toronto I urge you to learn from my food revelation. It’s a great day trip to experience new cultures and is easier than buying a flight!

Map: Best Restaurants in Mississauga

Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Tourism Mississauga. They did not request that I visit any specific restaurants in Mississauga, only to share what I loved.

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