A Maritimer’s Guide to the Best Eats in Shediac New Brunswick

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Although it’s a small town, locals know the best places to go. Restaurants in Shediac New Brunswick are an experience you’ll never forget.

I am living my best life.

It’s true. Now I usually loathe that phrase but there’s no better way to explain a holiday in Shediac.

Did I mention my favourite food is lobster? Because Shediac is the place for a lobstercation.

I caught your attention didn’t I?

This small town is one of the most popular places to visit in Atlantic Canada.

Although there are well under 10K people living here (2016 census says 7164) 300,000 visitors flock to Shediac every summer.

Yes it’s that amazing.

And yet this Atlantic Canadian mother of pearl is still very much off the radar in mainstream tourism.

Which for me makes it the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the wealth of the ocean without being elbow to elbow with tourists.

With a difference in language, quaint town and incredible seafood, it’s a spectacular get away.

Aboiteau Beach Cap Pele Aerial View

10 Things to Know About Shediac New Brunswick

  1. It is the Lobster Capital of the World! If you plan ahead, visit in July when they have an annual festival celebrating their lobster fishing heritage.
  2. In the mid 1700s many Acadians who were expelled from Nova Scotia migrated here as it was still controlled by the French and started a community. And today Acadians make up 75% of the population in Shediac.
  3. Shediac is home to Parlee Beach, if you’re a Gen X Maritimer you know this was the place to go in the summer to see the best concerts on the East Coast.
  4. It’s also where you’ll find the Great Lobster, which weighs a whopping 90 tons. No trip is complete with a photo here.
  5. Shediac is close. It’s 3 hours from Halifax, 2 hours from Fredericton and less than 30 minutes from Moncton.
  6. Shediac comes from the Mi’kmaq word Esedeiik, which some say means which comes from far away or running far in. People believe it could be referring to the current of the Petitcodiac river or perhaps Shediac Bay or in general the tide which comes in from a far distance over the shallow sand.
  7. You can practice your French! As an Acadian town expect to see and hear a lot of French in Shédiac . But have no fear, these friendly Acadians also speak English so no need to break out Google translate. Although a merci is a nice touch.
  8. They call it the community of firsts: the province’s first steam sawmill and shipbuilding firm, the Maritime’s first passenger railroad and the home of the first Acadian World Congress / Congrès mondial acadien.
  9. You can take a warm dip! In the summer months, especially later in August the ocean water can reach up to 24C/75F making it one of the warmest spots to swim north of Virginia. 
  10. It is believed that chiac, which is a well-known French accent, was named after Shediac.

Restaurants in Shediac NB

Le Moque Tortue restaurant interior

Le Moque Tortue

It’s like an Alice in Wonderland meets game room meets seafood cafe. Le Moque Tortue is a family run business and this is the most fun restaurant I’ve been to in ages.

There are 300 clocks on the walls that do not work, and the logo is a turtle – you are meant to slow down and enjoy your time here.

They also have every board game ever invented and a weekly trivia night.

There are so many great seafood options on the menu as well as local New Brunswick oysters. Of course being in a fishing region you know everything here is fresh and local.

Lobster dishes are the most popular so I chose the chowder. Not too thick and full of flavour. The portion was large with a claw on top and included a side of basmati rice, salad and bread.

I loved the colourful, playfulness of this spot. And service was just as delightful.

Reservations are a must as this place is so popular with locals.

Le Moque Tortue
402 Main St unit a, Shediac, NB E4P 2G1

Poutine Hot Dog and Strawberry Slush at Euston Social at Parlee Beach Provincial Park in Shediac New Brunswick

Euston Park

Maritimers take summer seriously, very seriously. We survive the winter cold, the spring sleet and when it becomes patio season we take full advantage of every last ounce of sun.

Parlee Beach Provincial Park is just on the edge of town in Shediac so I popped over to check out the beach and Euston Park Social beer garden.

Euston Park has a short menu and that’s how I like it. There aren’t too many options, just the things they do really well that pair perfectly with local craft beer.

The fried chicken burger and regular burger are the most popular, and then hot dog poutine.

I was not expecting much but it actually worked! The hotdog with cheese curds and rich gravy was delicious.

I also got a strawberry slushy, mine was virgin but you can add rum/gin/tequila/vodka.They source everything locally and also have a spot in Moncton.

Definitely worth checking out as it was also the prettiest hotdog I’ve ever had.

Euston Park
221 Ch Parlee Beach Rd, Pointe-du-Chêne, NB

Menu Acadien

I have loved discovering Acadian food in Yarmouth Nova Scotia. So I couldn’t go to a region in New Brunswick where 75% of residents are Acadian without going to an Acadian restaurant!

Menu Acadien isn’t far from Parlee Beach and is only open on weekends 11am-7pm.

It’s worth visiting because Acadian food is very regional so they have dishes you won’t see in other provinces.

I wanted to try the most traditional dish of the region, poutine râpée!

They were so welcoming and kind to explain what it was – mashed and grated potato dumpling with minced pork in the middle.

The ultimate comfort food, you can eat it with butter/margarine and pepper or brown sugar. I really enjoyed it and it reminded me of a typical Ecuadorian dish called bolon de verde made with plantains and a filling inside.

They have great regional Acadian dishes including fricot. I also tried their poutine à trou, which is like a baked apple dumpling or apple pie ball? It’s so delicious I want to try to make this at home.

They also have lots of seafood options and for pickier eaters just plain hamburgers and club sandwiches.

And if you’re looking for something fun to do they have mini golf out back.

Menu Acadien
55 Chem. Ohio, Shediac, NB E4P 2J8

Chez Leo

If you’re looking for locals you’ll find them at Chez Leo.

This roadside favourite has been around since 1961. It has been run by the Bourgeois family for generations.

Admittedly I like clams but they are probably at the bottom of my seafood list. And while Chez Leo has lots of seafood items, the most popular item is their clams and chips. So I had to get it.

And Chez Leo has forever changed my thoughts on clams.

They were light, tender, sweet and briny. I absolutely loved them.

But now Chez Leo has ruined me for life because no one else will ever be as good as they are. And I’ll have to drive to Shediac if I want delicious clams and chips.

Chez Leo
3868 Route 134, Shediac Bridge, NB E4R 1V2

Aboiteau Wharf Restaurant

A working wharf in Cap-Pelé, most people who work in town are connected to fishing.

And while the town attracts a lot of tourists because of the beach, if you’re going to have a seafood restaurant it has to be good enough for locals too.

And locals know seafood.

Thankfully the restaurant takes this seriously. It is literally connected to the fish market.

Inside is light, bright and airy and they have a rooftop patio overlooking the water. On weekends they often have live music.

Service is small town friendly, my server not only took the time to honestly tell me her favourite item on the menu, but also how to pronounce Cap-Pelé and Aboiteau.

And the lobster roll is worth the drive. A buttered toasted split bun with just enough mayonnaise, a bit of lettuce and generous portions of lobster.

And if you want to take some seafood to go, the market next door has freshly cooked lobster, uncooked seafood as well as some canned and frozen options.

Aboiteau Wharf Restaurant
77 Chem. du Quai, Cap-Pelé, NB E4N 1S5

Adorable Chocolate in Shediac New Brunswick

Adorable Chocolat

A French style chocolate shop and café with locally roasted espresso and freshly baked croissants. This is a must stop for chocolate lovers.

I popped in for a later afternoon snack and the drink menu is diverse enough that non-coffee drinkers have lots of options.

I sat on the patio with a hot chocolate and chocolate croissant and just enjoyed the heavenly flavours in the afternoon shade.

It brought back memories of pâtisseries in Paris.

Adorable Chocolat
395 Main St, Shediac, NB E4P 2B1

Captain Dan’s Bar and Grill

Pointe-du-Chêne is a 150 year old tourist wharf with lots of great restaurants overlooking the water. It includes Captain Dan’s Bar and Grill, which has so many seafood dishes available including chowder, lobster roll , lobster plate and a lobster bake.

I chose the seafood pasta in a white wine cream sauce with garlic and tomatoes. It comes with a generous portion of seafood, including a lobster claw, healthy sized scallops and shrimp and perfectly cooked pasta

Although virgin Caesar’s weren’t on the menu, they were happy to accommodate me as I was driving

They have lots of happy hour specials and tons of seafood dishes. If you’d like to sit outside it’s best to reserve in advance.

Captain Dan’s Bar and Grill
50 Pointe Du Chêne Rd, Pointe-du-Chêne, NB E4P 4V8

Where to Stay in Shediac New Brunswick

The day I arrived at the Hôtel du Vieux Port – Bower Hotels + Suites started accepting online reservations and the hotel was buzzing as it also owns very popular properties in Moncton.

It’s in a gorgeous heritage home and has given it a fresh new life with modern clean lines, while also keeping true to the home’s natural wood floors and structure.

It feels like a vintage beach home.

The front garden patio was busy throughout my stay as people stopped in for drinks from the Port, the onsite bar and people checking out the new Seaside Grazing menu with familar favourite, but also new items like a seacuterie board using local seafood.

I would absolutely stay here again, it was cozy, modern and true to the spirit of Atlantic Canada.

Hôtel du Vieux Port – Bower Hotels + Suites
310 Main St, Shediac, NB E4P 2E3, Canada

Map: Shediac Restaurants

This post is in partnership with Tourism New Brunswick, I reached out to them because I have loved exploring the province in the last few years. But little did I know this would be one of the most delicious!

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