Rhubarb Drinks

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Both tart and sweet, these rhubarb drinks are perfect to sip on a hot afternoon.

This year I became a rhubarb lover.

I was never attracted to it in the past because it seemed that any fruit (it’s actually a vegetable) that needed a ton of sugar or strawberries to make it taste good wasn’t worth trying.

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And that’s because I just wasn’t eating or drinking the right things. I took inspiration from Scandinavia and northern Europe, where they embrace with tart and bitter flavours.

I started with an easy rhubarb cordial, then made an incredible spicy pickled rhubarb, was surprised I liked cold rhubarb soup and finally made a basil rhubarb shrub using a century old method to preserve fruit.

And now I really love rhubarb.

But one of the things I appreciated the most about rhubarb was its ability to balance both tart and sweet.

I don’t like sweet drinks and so most cocktails are far too sweet for me.

The pineapple daiquiri recipe I once shared is in response to sickeningly sweet daiquiris people often drink.

And a gin sour or Boston sour my go to drink if everything else seems just a bit too sweet.

…and now I’m kicking myself for not working on a rhubarb sour.


And so while rhubarb season is starting to wind down. I wanted to take one last opportunity to share rhubarb drinks from fellow home cooks.

This is a list of rhubarb cocktails but also lots of non-alcoholic rhubarb mocktails that are great for kids or simply when you’re wanting a crisp drink.



Both tart and sweet, these rhubarb drinks are perfect for a crowd or easy enough to make just one to sip on a hot afternoon.

Let me know your favourite rhubarb drinks in the comments below!

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