Stenciled Cuenca

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If you live in a city it is difficult to see change as it seems so gradual, but for me the two years that has passed in Cuenca has made a considerable difference.

One of the most notable aspects is the graffiti.

Cuenca is a beautiful colonial town and so I was saddened to see so much random tagging on the old buildings.

As much as I love street art, it has it’s place and I feel very conflicted about tagging.

But one of the most curious aspects of this were the stencils found around the city.

I’m not sure if it is a movement by a group but stencils have become the new fashionable graffiti in the city.

stencil face
stencil art

Some of them seem to be for fun without any real message. But others seemed to be more thoughtful.

stencil art
election graffiti
plumber stencil art
stencil graffiti art

The ones I liked the most, and wanted to see more of seemed to be from an artist that used a rooster symbol to sign the stencils.

I asked around but no one seemed to know him.

I’m still conflicted I do love a good stencil but I don’t want to see it on historic buildings.

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  1. Kae Lani | A Travel Broad says:

    Is graffiti art legal in Cuenca? I ask because these stencils look like they can just tag and run really easily.

    Cool choice of symbols though. The rooster has to be my favorite!

  2. Mike | Earthdrifter says:

    This reminds me. The option of graffiti gazing and shooting is a great bonus to being in an Ecuadorian city.

  3. I love the graffiti in South America. There’s so much to see!

  4. Izy Berry says:

    Wow, it seems as if they can just freely put graffiti anywhere! I also agree with you on the last part “I’m still conflicted I do love a good stencil but I don’t want to see it on historic buildings.”

  5. Kristia Domingo says:

    The first graffiti photo says it all – I “heart” spray paint! They really do! 🙂

  6. I love photographing graffiti, although I don’t really think they should be done on historical buildings :

  7. such a great picture.
    congrats on your adventure, I absolutely love latin america, i had an amazing time there.

  8. I understand what you mean about beautiful buildings ruined by street art. I, however, have come to appreciate graffiti and I do enjoy seeing it throughout the city. I live in Berlin, so there’s street art everywhere and I think it really adds to the culture of the city.

  9. TammyOnTheMove says:

    I love art, but find art museums too boring to be honest. I love street art, because it has something much more interesting, personal and rebellious about it than traditional art. I went to Berlin in April and went on a street art tour. It was an amazing day. I would have never spent a full day in a museum, but exploring a city whilst checking out street art was the perfect combination.

  10. I think that stencils have become the choice lately because of how fast and easy they are to convey a message.

    Once the stencil is made you can get your message on a wall in a few seconds and then be out of sight.

  11. Get more graffiti art taste in India’s great caves and visit the place for exploring new adventure, bu be prepare well before leave.

  12. Emma @ GottaKeepMovin says:

    Cute pictures and I do love the little rooster guy, but I know what you mean. Especially considering that the city of Cuenca is a UNESCO World Heritage site! I’m always torn between street art being cool and hip, or just plain vandalism.

  13. Venturists says:

    Just made it to Cuenca and really love the street art here.

  14. John Valente says:

    Are ever any senior travel groups traveling to Cuenca Ecuador? I would love to visit and have never traveled to the Andes. There are post of the best weather to be had on the planet is in Cuenca.
    I live in San Diego & New York State

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I’m not sure about seniors groups but a good travel agent would be a great person to talk to. Cuenca does have great weather although it’s not for everyone. Some people prefer the sun on the coast.

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