Serendipity of the Solo Female Fraveler

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Sometimes traveling alone really sucks. You get lonely, tired of being alone and write really cranky blog posts.

But as hard as it is to be a party of one you do meet some really wonderful people on the road that feel like you’ve been friends for years.

In my hostel dorm in Cuenca I met 5 wonderful girls in their 30s (okay Jessa is 25 but we won’t hold that against her) traveling in South America.

And as wonderful as it is to Couchsurf or meet groups of people, there’s nothing compared to meeting girls who are going through the same thing you are, wondering:

what is going on with my life? do I want to go back to the same job? do I want kids? should I make out with the DJ?

It’s a special bond and it doesn’t happen often.

The past few days I spent with them drinking, eating and laughing have been wonderful. I think back to the weeks before my trip when I was petrified of traveling alone.

But I’ve learned so is everyone else but we travel alone anyway and open ourselves up to ridiculous and wonderful experiences such as this:


And more non-sober photos:

These girls were fantastic. Viva Cuenca!


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  1. ” there’s nothing compared to meeting girls who are going through the same thing you are: wondering what is going on with their life? do they want to go back to the same job? do they want kids? should they make out with the DJ?”

    Your words really hit home. When we realize we are just wondering about the same things, that’s when friendship happens. It would be so great to meet up with you. It’s a small world after all..

  2. Awww so glad you found some soul sistas! Happy Tday!!!!!!!!

  3. AndreaAndrea says:

    How wonderful! I’ve never really travelled alone; not extensively with a backpack and all. And I don’t think I will get the opportunity because now I travel with my husband. But it is definitely something I wish I’d taken the time to do when I was single.

  4. Purdey Spooner says:

    Love this blog entry, your so right with everything you say.

    It was such a pleasure to meet you guys, those 5 days in Cuenca were one of the highlights of my trip, I dont think Ive laughed so much in all my life.

    If only we had a photo of Goggles man, that would have been the icing on the cake……

    P xx

  5. Watching that lil movie makes me want to leave right now!!! I can not wait to meet so many other amazing people & bond!!! Im glad you found some girls to hang with & bond!!! If you ever get lonely I am only a tweet away~

  6. The Rambler says:

    Sounds lovely! I haven’t been on any extended solo trips – yet – but hope when I do I’ll make some wonderful friendships along the way.

  7. Mariellen Ward says:

    Enjoyed your post as always … and … I also want to add that there is another joy to solo travel, which is meeting local people. I ALWAYS travel alone in India, and it’s deliberate. You can’t come with me, no matter how nicely you ask 🙂 The main reason I like to travel alone is because it forces me to engage with the local people and culture. I’ve had such amazing experiences hanging out with the locals — being driven through the Rajasthan desert on the back of a motorbike, attending weddings and pujas with Indian families and visiting highly revered gurus with my Indian yoga teacher.

  8. Claire (Travel Funny Travel Light) says:

    Yes, make out with the DJ. 😉

  9. Agree – traveling solo can be lonely – whether you’re female or not. Eating in a new place is probably one of the main challenges for me when you’ve just arrived somewhere new and you don’t know anyone yet – and everyone else around you is laughing with their friends or family.

    Glad you met some great friends though – the best thing about traveling solo is that you have to get out of your comfort zone and wind up meeting some amazing people!

  10. Meeting like-mind and fun people like yourself when you travel is great! I’m glad you met all these wonderful girls and had a blast with them. I usually travel with my fiance but when I went to Los Angeles alone I met some cool people too. The questions they asked are actually what I asked myself too. Do I want to have kids? When I get marry.. tons of questions that you share only with girls. haha great post!

  11. Lindsay aka @_thetraveller_ says:

    Awww this is so great Ayngelina! And I know exactly what you are talking about. I love being on my own, but I met two amazing girls in Peru and we travelled on and off together through the rest of South America. I know they will be great friends for life now and that I will always have a couch in Holland or England that I can sleep on!

  12. Your blog is so inspiring. I have never travelled on my own before and now that I am married with a child I probably never will but I do sometimes look back on my younger days and wish I had the courage to have explored the world on my own.

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