Welcome to the Jungle Part 2

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It was only noon and we still had 6 hours left of the tour. Luis told us that there was a waterfall he wanted us to see and it would only be a ten minute walk into the jungle and it was an easy walk.

Luis is a lovely man, but none of this was true.


Ecuador Jungle Tour

We met up with his nephew Cesar and hiked into the jungle for thirty minutes, often needing to be helped down steep hills or trudging through water and realizing that refusing rubber boots may not have been wise.

Cesar warned us as we walked through a bunch of termites but it was too late, they were quick and stung us through our open toe sport sandals.

But all was not complaint-worthy, there were some highlights. Cesar stopped every so often to point out some local flora and fauna and how the indigenous used some of the plants and trees.

After crossing a river he gave us each a mud mask. Finally, nearing the 40 minute mark we made it to a beautiful, but cold, waterfall. Although it was freezing Ryan and I decided we had to go in.


fruit dye as face paint

We walked back another route, which was much easier and faster. When we arrived back Cesar showed us how the indigenous used fruit pulp as natural face paint and we were off to lunch at a local village.

At this point we were all tired and content with the tour but we weren’t finished.

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After lunch Cesar took us on a canoe ride down a river and as it was approaching dusk Luis wanted to take us on a hike to the look off. But I had to politely decline as we had had enough hiking and were exhausted.

Luis seemed disappointed but understood.


Luis, Tour Guide in Banos

Nearly 12 hours after we were picked up by this strange man in a questionable car, we were exchanging kisses with a kind friend and thanking him for a wonderful day.

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  1. Part one made me think you might not be in for such a great time but part two sounds awesome, glad you had a good time!

  2. Awesome pics!!!!!! That waterfall looks awesome. Cool shirt too btw. I love that logo. 😉

  3. Michael Hodson says:

    cue the Guns & Roses music!! Looks like a heck of a fun time.

  4. That’s one long day. Tour guides never seem to be the best at providing accurate information! But good to see you smiling at the end of the day!

  5. I love your Mom – she´s awesome.

  6. That sure seemed like a great day of adventure. One of these days I’ll get to Ecuador, and not just via a Lonely Planet video.

  7. I loved your stories.

    Thinking about going to Banos very soon.

  8. Loved your stories.

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