Have You Met Juan?

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Day 1: Cancun, Mexico

I met Juan over breakfast at the hostel and while his English isn’t great, my Spanish is non-existent so we conversed in English; often not understanding what the either one was saying.

Juan lives at the hostel and plays guitar on the tourist cruises each day. He loves rock, listing U2 and Oasis as his favorite bands; I asked if he had any non-European favorites but he couldn’t think of one.

But he did agree that country music was terrible and added it was for gringos.

He leaves in the morning shortly after breakfast and doesn’t return until well into the night. Although after playing all day he still had a few Santana songs to sing for us in the hostel courtyard.

He told me music was his life and he was always happy to play one more song.

Juan was particularly concerned about me losing my bags and that night offered to give me something to wear. I reassured him that I would be fine and I didn’t need his clothing.

He also took a particular liking to a blond German girl, who didn’t care for his attention, referring to him as the creepy guitar guy.

I don’t know, she could be right but he was very kind to me.


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  1. What’s not to like about a man who serenades you, offers you clothing, and puts date rape drugs in your drink?

    Christine’s gonna love this one! 🙂

  2. an auspicious beginning to any RTW trip, to be sure!

  3. and ps-just think…..many more of these stories are coming up straight ahead for ya 😉

  4. Hey there! Glad to hear that you are meeting some kinds folks and enjoying the locale cusisine!

  5. Wow what an adventurous first week…bags lost, men offering you clothing lol i’m enjoying the stories already, and btw i am totally using your experiences as my travel guide from here on! stay safe, and looking forward to your next story!

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