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There’s nothing better than surprising people with food. Today to kick off the weekend I surprised staff at Loka with a Panago pizza party in partnership with their #RandomActsOfPizza campaign.

Panago Pizza, Share the Love
True Canadian Pizza from Panago.

Just in time for summer, Panago’s best seller, the Canadian pizza, is on sale. Panago also launched two new limited-time Ultimate Canadian pizzas, which not only have bacon but also premium Canadian back bacon.

I’m not exactly sure why around the world, the addition of bacon signifies that a pizza is Canadian. Actually not everywhere, in Quebec it’s not Canadian but pizza québécoise but that’s not really so surprising. A Canadian also invented Hawaiian pizza, which is pretty impressive as pizza didn’t appear in Canada until the 1950s.

Like many other places in the world, pizza has quickly become one of the most common foods in Canada and is one of Dave’s favourites so he was the most excited with the surprise.

Ultimate Canadian from Panago

Ultimate Canadian:

This takes Canadian pizza up a notch with amazing Canadian back bacon, also known as Canadian bacon, along with pepperoni, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, mozzarella and cheddar.

I’ve always found Canadian pizzas to have too much meat but it wasn’t too salty and didn’t feel overwhelmed with meat.


Ultimate Canadian Ranch from Panago

Ultimate Canadian with Ranch

Jalapeno ranch as a base with Canadian back bacon, pepperoni, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, mozzarella and cheddar. At first it sounded strange but actually makes a lot of sense, as ranch dressing is a great dipping sauce so this just takes the work out of dipping.

To celebrate Panago has been sharing other #RandomActsOfPizza, surprising community groups, volunteers and lucky people on social media with free pizza. And for all the non-eating bacon Canadians there is a vegan deluxe pepperoni pizza – actually they have an entire line of vegan pizzas…but I don’t think we’ll be ordering that one any time soon.


Disclosure: This was a paid partnership with Panago but the look of joy on everyone’s faces was completely sincere. Life lesson – you make friends with pizza parties.


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  1. Dan at Budget Jetsetter says:

    I was recently in Montreal and looking at your post I did a quick search and saw there are no locations for Panago. I’ve never had “Canadian Pizza” but the pictures you posted are making hungry.

  2. These all look so delicious! I need pizza. Stat!
    I live in a small town where good pizza is nonexistent, I almost forget what a good pizza tastes like.
    I am totally going to look for a Panago next time I hit the city.

  3. I love that they have vegan pizza. As a vegetarian with a dairy allergy, I’m usually left to making my own pizza, which works for me. But sometimes, I just want someone else to make dinner. I’ll have to try theirs and applaud them for adding items to their menu for folks like us.

  4. This is totally drool worthy and something I need in my life.

  5. Great campaign! I’m a huge fan of random acts of pizza in my own life, but I don’t understand this phrase ‘too much meat’, it’s not a concept I’m able to grasp…

  6. José Roberto Soares says:

    Bacon + Pizza = 8th Wonder of the World

    Feel like eating these photos 😀

  7. I should not have seen this around dinner time 🙂 I m getting hungryy!!!Yum1

  8. Murissa Shalapata says:

    Panago (or Panagopolous as it was known when I was a kid in Prince George) was all the little town of Grand Forks had while I lived here during high school. I ate too much of it as a teenager lol. So when I moved to Kelowna – I did lots of moving! – I was so happy to find other chains.

    10 years later, just last month, was the first time I went back to Panago. I forgot how good it was. I would definitely order the Ultimate Canadian but add banana peppers on mine!

  9. This made me so hungry! I don’t think I’ve ever been to Panago but will have to check it out.

  10. Maria Han says:

    The post is yummy and pizza is delicious but what is exotic, picture number 3. 🙂 Tattoos and Pizza go well. Lovely shot.

  11. Wow! I don’t think they have locations this far east but I definitely keep my eye out for them when I travel. Yum!

  12. Cristina Kaway says:

    Comi com os olhos!! Que delícia!!

  13. As far as chain pizza goes in Canada, Panago is among the best of the bunch. Just had a Bacon Cheeseburger pizza from them today. I also love their New York Deli!

  14. Rodrigo Trindade says:

    Omg this is such a great article!! Very tastyyyyy! I need it!Yum!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Perviz Surti says:

    I love pizza

  16. Lombok Wander Tour and Travel says:

    Pizza is love, pizza is life

  17. Your site’s name is awsome, haha I love it, and love bacon!

    Looks really good, nice!!
    Keep the good work!

  18. Everything goes well with bacon! 😀


  19. Analise de Produto says:

    I Love Bacon <3

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