Nashville Hot Fried Chicken

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Nashville hot fried chicken is the hottest trend in fried chicken and is so easy to make.

I love spicy food so the first time I heard about Nashville hot fried chicken it seemed perfect. Fried chicken + spicy? Does it get any better?

Well…maybe with a drink.

Fried chicken seems to be the new taco, every restaurant in Toronto has it. Unfortunately not many people do it very well.

Nashville hot sauce is the hottest trend in fried chicken but so easy to make with your favourite hot sauce.

Spicy Fried Chicken

So when TABASCO® approached me to create a recipe using TABASCO® I knew exactly what I wanted. Most people use the hot sauce as just a topping but it’s great as an ingredient in a recipe.

Hot chicken takes chicken up a notch by slathering it in a hot sauce and placing it on white bread with dill pickles.

Although it was once pan fried in cast iron skillets, it’s most often deep fried now so that restaurants can keep up with local demand.

Hot fried chicken is serious business in Nashville Tennessee. It’s so entrenched there is a full cookbook: Hot Chicken Cookbook: The Fiery History & Red-Hot Recipes of Nashville’s Beloved Bird.

Prince’s Hot Chicken is generally accepted at the first joint to sell Nashville hot fried chicken in the mid-1930.

It took decades to catch on outside Tennessee.

With the new appreciation obsession for barbecue, even KFC has started to pilot their own hot fried chicken in select markets.

Like every good thing in the south, you know something is good when people line up down the street long before a shop opens.

This happened when I visited Killen’s Barbecue outside Houston – lines don’t lie.

Prince's Hot Chicken is accepted at the first joint to sell Nashville Hot Fried Chicken. You can make it at home with this easy recipe/

The Legend of Nashville Hot Chicken

A scandalous but colourful history, locals say hot chicken was born out of infidelity.

Although it was the Great Depression Nashvillian Thornton Prince III still liked to go out and enjoy himself in the evenings.

One night he stayed out a bit too late so his girlfriend sabotaged his Sunday fried chicken breakfast with hot sauce. But it backfired as Thornton loved it and he opened the BBQ Chicken Shack café with his brothers.

It is now the home of Prince’s Hot Chicken.

Prince’s isn’t the only joint in Tennessee that has made its name for spicy poultry.

Every barbecue chicken shop in town has hot chicken on the menu.

Everyone has an opinion of who has the best. The key though is how it’s served, you must have good white bread and dill pickles as a topping.

Most notably Hattie B’s is a newer popular shop in Nashville. It offers more menu options including chicken with waffles on Sundays.

It also also openly shares the hot fried chicken recipe. But there are so many recipes for it that there’s an annual contest in Nashville.

Hot Chicken Recipe Tips

The original recipe uses a secret blend of herbs and spices.

However, TABASCO® replicates many of these flavours so well that adapted versions of the recipe often call for TABASCO®.

It’s also a southern ingredient as it’s made on Avery Island in Louisiana and a perfect flavour for Nashville hot fried chicken.

The key to great spicy chicken is the marinade, which is why I’ve incorporated TABASCO® twice.

First I use TABASCO® Green Sauce in the marinade and then the original TABASCO® Sauce to coat the chicken.

I decided to create a traditional hot fried chicken recipe.

However TABASCO® has so many different types of hot sauce like Sweet and Spicy, Habanero and Garlic Pepper Sauce that this recipe is easily adaptable.

Nashville hot chicken is the hottest trend in fried chicken and so easy to make with TABASCO®.

Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Recipe

This recipe would also work on boneless chicken. You could also make a Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich.

The technique is also used for Nashville hot fish and while catfish is often used any firm fleshed fish would do.

Spicy fried chicken on a piece of white bread

Nashville Hot Fried Chicken

Yield: 8-10
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes

Spicy fried chicken is the hottest trend in fried chicken and is so easy to make.


  • 1 whole chicken cut into quarters
  • 1 cup buttermilk
  • 1 tablespoon TABASCO® Green Sauce
  • 1 tablespoon Kosher salt
  • 1 tablespoon Brown sugar
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons paprika
  • 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon Kosher salt
  • .5 teaspoon Black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons TABASCO® Sauce
  • 2 tablespoons Brown sugar
  • .25 cup unsalted butter melted


  1. In a large bowl whisk together egg, buttermilk, TABASCO® Green Sauce, salt and brown sugar. Add chicken parts and marinate in fridge for at least 24 hours.
  2. Combine dredge ingredients (flour, paprika, cayenne, garlic powder, kosher salt, black pepper) in a shallow dish.
  3. Dip each piece of marinated chicken in dredge to coast evenly. Shake a bit to remove excess dredge. Toss chicken with the sauce and serve immediate on white bread topped with a slice of dill pickle.
  4. Fry in small batches until the chicken reaches an internal temperature of 160F. Remove from oil and place on paper towel or cooling rack to absorb excess oil.
  5. In a small mixing bowl combine melted butter, brown sugar and TABASCO® sauce.
  6. Toss chicken with the sauce and serve immediate on white bread topped with a slice of dill pickle.


You will need 2 litres of fresh canola oil or fry the chicken. Or you can go really old school and use lard.

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Nutrition Information:
Yield: 8 Serving Size: 1 Amount Per Serving: Calories: 327Total Fat: 17gSaturated Fat: 7gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 9gCholesterol: 83mgSodium: 1393mgCarbohydrates: 20gFiber: 1gSugar: 6gProtein: 24g

Nutritional information is provided as a courtesy and is an estimate only. This information comes from online calculators. Although attempts to provide accurate nutritional information, these figures are only estimates.

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  1. Alexa Clark says:

    We do a dish we call “Blackout chicken” which is chicken marinated in tabasco, then coated in panko and pan fried.
    I serve it with a drizzle of honey (which I do with most good fried chicken).
    Fried chicken is a childhood favourite and I’ve never had a lot of success with it at home. It sounds like I”ll be trying your hot chicken at home very soon!

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Agreed, but I also love a lot of horseradish.

  2. Bernice Hill says:

    I took one look at this chicken and started drooling. I don’t see a trip to Nashville in my near future so guess I’ll pin this recipe for later!
    Now if I could only get over my frying fears….

  3. Jonathan White, Cheesemaker says:

    I buy Tabasco in the 1 gallon foodservice size! I also grow hot peppers and make a fermented house hot sauce, too, but there are a few dishes where only Tabasco will do:

    1. Cornmeal mush with cheese for breakfast is a family tradition here. We use heritage corn meal and our own raw milk cheeses, and each bowl gets a smiley face composed of droplets of Tabasco.

    2. During tomato season, we make bloody Marys with whichever tomato cultivar is at peak in the garden, fresh herbs, and of course, Tabasco.

    3. Any sort of bechemel sauce: cheese, wild mushroom, shallot, etc. All get tweaked with Tabasco.

  4. Jo Vanderwolf says:

    Favorite Tabasco recipe? That would have to be Tabasco burgers!

  5. Cassandrea Gascoyne says:

    Tabasco is a must in Caesars or Bloody Mary’s for me!! We also always have a bottle of the green Tabasco to put on eggs, potatoes, etc!! This hot fried chicken looks epic!!!

  6. gloria konelsky says:

    I like Tabasco in my caesar drink.

  7. Dominic cloutier says:

    Great- now I’m hungry!

  8. Karen Critchley says:

    Tabasco hamburgers

  9. I love using it in Chili recipes!

  10. Barbara Dye says:

    EGGS, chili, spaghetti, bloody marys….the list goes on

  11. Amy Heffernan says:

    YUM! My favorite recipe to use TABASCO sauce in is CHILI! 🙂 Shhh it is my secret ingredient!
    Happy New year!
    Email–> [email protected]

  12. My favourite drink recipe is Ceasar’s. I love to add Tabasco to my omlets, onion, green pepper, ham, plus eggs, topped with a few drops of Tabasco for spice

  13. your tabasco sauce is the secret ingredient i add to my turkey chili that everyone loves thanks for the great products!

  14. i want Dave to make us fried chicken (hot or otherwise!) next time we’re in Toronto! It is almost impossible to find really good friend chicken in Vancouver and this made me drool, for real. I’m so hungry now!

  15. I love adding Tabasco to our chili recipe. Cooking it on a slow cooker makes the flavour even more intense.

  16. thomas rusinak says:

    2 ozs vodka, 5 ozs clamoto juice, t healthy splash(4-5 shakes) tobasco sauce, celery stick iv a tall slim glass Happy New Year all myear around!

  17. Classic Canadian Caesar! Or adding tobacco to homemade pho.

  18. Mary Warner says:

    My husband loves Bloody Marys with a wack of Tabasco Sauce. Wakes you up in the dark winter.

  19. I mostly use Tabasco Sauce in chili and in omelets, and in anything that needs a pick-me-up.

  20. Debbie Bashford says:

    Hot wings!!


    I use Tobaasco sauce in my Red Hot Chili Con Carne!

  22. eggs steak, bloody Marys anything is better with Tabasco

  23. I love spicy food what a great post and blog!

  24. Chris Andersen says:

    Macaroni a la McIlhenny. (Tabasco Twistaroni). My original and personal fave. Macaroni and shredded cheddar cheese with an egg, bacon bits, and a liberal dose of Tabasco original baked in a casserole with a panko crumbs crust. Classic comfort food with a bit of a bite. Ya gotta love it!

  25. nicoleroannef says:

    My favourite recipe is hot wings with Tabasco and butter sauce.

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    spicy tacos with tabasco sauce

  27. Homemade Buffalo Chicken (eg. Wings, Fingers and Chicken Breast) using Tabasco and Butter. the spicier the better 🙂

  28. Daniela Plume says:

    I love Tabasco in my caesars, omelets, soups, & stews and especially with chicken.

  29. Tabasco on eggs in a wrap – yum!

  30. I love to put Tobasco Sauce in a lot of dishes especially my Chili…it flavours so divinely…hey Chili is a ranch hand dish but why not have it divine !!

  31. bruce sommer says:

    my fave is Hawaiian Beeef, equal parts ground beef, pineapple tidbits and lidney beans with just enough tomato soup mix to moisten, then stir in a little mustard powder ant tabasco of coure, heat slowyt togethrer to meld the flavors.

  32. Joanne Saunders says:

    My favorite recipe to use Tabasco Sauce is chili. My Mother puts it in her chocolate cake when she bakes one and it takes amazing.

  33. Debby Kulchar says:

    We like to put a little splash in the gravy – it really adds a nice bite!

  34. Jessica Rutledge says:

    My favorite recipe to use Tabasco Sauce is chili. Always is a big hit!!

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  36. barbara hardie says:

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    Grilled Pork Chop T-Bones with Maple Chipotle Glaze. yummmy

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    When we were kids I used this in everything. Macaroni, dipping grilled cheese, tacos, scrambled eggs, burgers, chili, pretty much anything that needed a bit of kick. I still keep a big bottle in the pantry for Caesars and mixing with shrimp sauce etc.

  44. I use it in my Cajun meatballs

  45. Christine Mcdonald says:

    I love tabasco in chilie.

  46. Jo-anne Snyder says:

    Tabasco is my secret and one of my favourite ingredients in many dishes – spaghetti sauce, curry, steak marinade, drinks, breakfast eggs etc!

  47. Wanda Perrier says:

    My recipe for great burgers. Groudbeef( lean) 1 egg, some cracker crumbs, a few shots of Tabasco, a few shots of Worcestershire Sauce, Onion(optional) diced small, garlic salt(optional). make in to pattys..cook on BBQ. You might Freeze outside but the burgers are worth it 🙂

  48. Connie Sahn says:

    Tabasco in chili recipes.

  49. My favorite recipe to use Tabasco Sauce is Tabasco hamburgers

    TWITTER @demon1102

  50. I put Tabasco on mac ‘n cheese!

  51. Kevin Linkie says:

    I always make spicy chilli con carne and have to spice it up with tobasco.

  52. We use Tabasco on our homemade Mexican panuchos! Delicious!

  53. Marcelle Stott says:

    Tabasco in Sparerib sauce is great

  54. kevin snyder says:

    I\am in the military and Tabasco makes any ration pack edible. When you gou on mission always pack a bottle

  55. A few drops in a grilled cheese sandwich

  56. my favorite is adding Tabasco sauce in our chili!

  57. LILLIAN BROWN says:

    My favourite recipe and most requested drink Caesar Cocktail
    1 1/2 oz vodka
    fill with clamato juice
    3 dashes Tabasco® sauce
    3 dashes Worcestershire sauce

    Line the rim of a glass with salt and pepper. Over ice, add vodka, fill with clamato juice, then add the remaining ingredients. Garnish with a celery stick. Add more tabasco sauce if desired.

  58. Heather Swanson says:

    A good shake in my homemade lentil soup is a must!

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  60. Vesper Meikle says:

    When making an omelette I add Tabasco to give it that extra kick

  61. Sarah De Diego says:

    My husband loves Tabasco in his eggs and I always add it to my chili!

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  62. Nothing like a sack of fresh caught oysters from the dock, your favorite shucking knife and a bottle of TABASCO® original or my favorite flavour, smoky Chipolte to drizzle all over!!!

  63. Johanne Laurin-Castonguay says:

    I like Tabasco in my caesar drink and with hamburgers!

  64. I use it on almost everything. But my favorite is in my caesars.

  65. We do a tabasco bbq sauce..and put extra in our caesars!

  66. Jessica M Walker says:

    Love putting tobasco on my chicken wings

  67. I love Tabasco sauce on eggs, macaroni & cheese and I also started putting some on popcorn! The mix of salty & spicy is delicious!

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  69. I love Caesars and one of the main ingredients is Tabasco! Love it!

  70. In eggs, in soup, in chilli. A little dash will do.

  71. Janine Rutledge says:

    I use my Tabasco in Tequila Chilli Grilled Shrimp! Just the right amount of spice to make the shrimp pop and disappear!

  72. bill beavin says:

    Tobasco sauce is a must in my Caesars , and of course my Caesar salad dressing !

  73. Linda Svarovsky says:

    We use Tabasco in our chicken wing recipe mixed with creamy galic dressing.

  74. Catherine Brown says:

    I like mine in my eggs.

  75. Tabasco has to be the only hot sauce for Caesars!

  76. My favourite use for Tabasco is in my Caesar cocktail. I add dill pickle juice and together it makes for the best flavour.

  77. We all love spicy foods! We add Tabasco to many dish, one of our favourite would be our Mexican rice dish,

  78. Morris Elfenbaum says:

    I use the chipotle tabasco as a major ingredient in my omelettes. It gives it great flavor and a touch of heat.

  79. Jason Whaley says:

    Does a Caesar count? Because that is my favourite recipe to use Tabasco in! 😉

  80. Justin Disher says:

    Normally I’d have Tabasco in my Caesars and on my wings but seeing that Nashville Hot Fried Chicken recipe I may just have a new favourite!

  81. I make one of those premixed rices, cheddar and broccolli and then i add tobasco as it’s cooking. Gives it a nicer color and tangier taste!

  82. Mild salsa is less expensive than hot salsa, so I just buy mild salsa and heat it up to taste with tabasco sauce.

  83. We like Tabasco because its has the perfect taste of Hot & spicy!!

  84. Dan McCormick says:

    Tabasco sauce in my brother Max’s barbecued spare ribs recipe:

    This recipe serves two.

    The main ingredient
    3 pounds pork side ribs (not back ribs)

    * 1 cup Heinz ketchup
    * ½ cup water
    * 2 garlic cloves crushed (don’t use garlic salt or garlic powder)
    * 1 medium onion, chopped
    * ¼ cup Soya sauce
    * ½ cup maple syrup (in a pinch, liquid honey)
    * 2 dashes Tabasco
    * Several large splashes of Worcestershire sauce
    * Salt, pepper & paprika

    Put it all together
    * Combine sauce ingredients in a suitable pot. Bring to a boil, then simmer for 30 minutes with the lid on but slightly askew to let steam escape. Stir often. Beware of caramelizing.
    * Boil the ribs in water in a large pot for 35 minutes. Add a tablespoon of white vinegar.
    * Place the boiled ribs on a medium-hot barbecue with the grill about 3” above the coal/flames
    * Baste with the sauce, turning often.
    * Cook 6 to 10 minutes.
    * Cut into single ribs.
    * Serve with lemon quarters.

    You won’t need side dishes, but if you must, sweet coleslaw, beans and/or Spanish rice with a dash or two of Tabasco are fine.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I love that you shared a recipe! I know what I’m making next 🙂

  85. Lisa English says:

    Among the many things (everything) I use tobasco for….I use Tobaasco sauce for my hot wings.

  86. My families fav. hot sauce is Tabasco.
    Our fav. recipe is putting Tabasco
    on scrambled eggs made with chopped,
    onion and green peppers. Yummy.
    Would love to snag this HOT SAUCE

  87. judy Bohmann says:

    i dont cook but my sister sure does. she is always comeing up with new to me dishes,

  88. My absolute favorite tasting recipe to put Tobasco in is CAESARS!!! I also use Sriracha Vodka and add pickle juice to them. I make the best Caesars around! Or so I’m told 😉

  89. Probably my favourite recipe is just putting Tabasco on everything.

  90. Jeannie Smyth says:

    My favorite recipe would be Spinach and Artichoke dip. Tabasco sauce adds just the right kick to make it nice and spicy!

  91. Tabasco chips, and popcorn!!

    Also tabasco cookies

  92. Corry VanHooft says:

    I love Tabasco,sauce in my fried rice

  93. Sandi Tymchuk says:

    I like to make a Christmas morning casserole with hot sauce in the egg mixture, and served with Tabasco hot sauce after baking (cheese, bread, and back bacon included).

  94. Debbie Browne says:

    If you have a cold coming on: use 1 oz of Canadian Club whiskey (or any whiskey), 1/2 cup hot water, 4-5 dashes of Tabasco, a dollop of butter, a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice to taste. Stir it all together and sip it up. You will clear your head and sleep well!

  95. Carey Hurst says:

    I love Tabasco in my soups , it is really good on fresh made Portuguese popsook ? their buns , with goat cheese and it splashed on it to give it a kick , of course since I love Vodka use it in there as well .

  96. tabasco popcorn

  97. I love Tobasco in my shrimp dip! Yum!

  98. We use it for our honey garlic chicken wings, its a must have!

  99. I love using Tobasco in breakfast burritos. I bought a bottle just for that purpose. Potato hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, and cheese in a wrap along with tobasco. MMMMM.

  100. I use it on my scrambled eggs!

  101. I will only use Tabasco hot sauce to make my Bloody Caesar.

  102. Donald Cannon says:

    Tabasco is by far the best; I use for everything, soups,drinks,steak.and eggs.

  103. Christopher Snodden says:

    Ceaser drinks hands down favourite recipe

  104. Alison Braidwood says:

    I add Tabasco to a lot of dishes, but my favourite is plain scrambled eggs (eggs, grated aged cheddar, tabasco). I also add ketchup and some sweet Thai chili sauce.

  105. I love Tabasco on my home fries or in a buffalo chicken dip

  106. Sara Muzzatti says:

    Hard time deciding between Tabasco burgers. Or my Tabasco chilli

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    My favorite recipe using Tabasco is Grilled Chipotle Shrimp Lollipops.

  109. Connie Bocsik says:

    I add tobasco to quite a few things.. chilli and gravy etc.. Love it in the chilli. Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Recipe looks amazing though!

  110. Sheila Russell says:

    We like to use Tabasco on our Oysters. Grilled in the shell with spinach, provolone cheese and a couple of drops of tabasco when they are ready to come off – heaven!!

  111. Brad Kinchen says:

    My favourite use is in a Caesar but I do enjoy Tobasco on eggs.

  112. Darlene Davis MacLean says:

    I put sunflower seeds, parmesan cheese, basil leaves, lemon juice, and olive oil in my food processor, add a large dollop of tabasco and then mix it in with hot pasta for a delicious spicy pesto dish. So good.

  113. Thérèse De Bellefeuille says:

    I like Tabasco in my Bloody Ceasars

  114. Garnet Leib says:

    I like Tobasco on everything!

  115. Wandalee Newell says:

    My house loves Tabasco and our recipes are simple…we put that on everything 🙂 Some of my favorites are when I eat chicken I mix Tabasco and vinegar and use it to dip and when I make scrambled eggs I put a few drops in and it gives a nice kick and a great way to start the day 🙂 Happy New Year!!

  116. I use tabasco in a recipe I call hot and spicy chicken. Tabasco for the heat and I cook chicken with garlic, tomatoes and peppers. Served with my favorite pasta.

  117. Just made chicken and waffles with Tabasco!

  118. Gingey Bites says:

    This looks so great, I’m going to have to try the recipe because we love spicy food and hot sauce in our house! I think I’ll add Nashville to my travel wish list too!

  119. I love the Smokey Grilled Wings with Chipotle Honey Butter and Blue Cheese recipe on the Tabasco site ! It is so good !

  120. Joel Baskin says:

    Buffalo Chicken Wings!

  121. I make an appetizer that is bacon wrapped water chestnuts marinated in brown sugar, soy sauce & a hint of Tabasco. Yum!

  122. Ring a glass with celery salt and add three dashes of Tabasco and two dashes of Worstshire sauce. Fill with clamato! Yummy Casears!

  123. Kavey at Kavey Eats says:

    Wait a second. JUST WAIT ONE SECOND HERE. You are part of the Loka team??? How did I miss this? Pete and I went to Loka when we were in Toronto in September! OH my goodness! Super excited by this! (We loved it!)
    PS Nashville fried chicken looks fabulous!

  124. Cynthia Thomas says:

    I add some bite to my chili with tabasco.

  125. Chicken with Tabasco Sauce…I love heat and I love, win…

  126. Angela Newsome says:

    Tabasco in my Chili is a must!

  127. Mustafa Kadhim says:

    Chicken wings with Tabasco Sauce

  128. Kimberly Snyder says:

    Our favorite Tabasco recipe is to use for Grilled Hot Wings. Fry naked wings, toss in Tabasco and Butter sauce, then grill to perfection.

  129. Karla Sceviour says:

    I love putting Tabasco on my eggs. No real recipe,,just friend eggs,hashbrowns and toast!

  130. I’m all about using some tabasco in any marinade for extra flavour, especially when i bbq. whether its hot wings or short ribs it goes great!

  131. Catherine Burke says:

    In my family the boys are addicted to tabasco so when on vacation (just now I have to make sure we stock up). This Nashville hot fried chicken sounds awesome & I can see myself cooking it up for them.

  132. My favourite is taking left over shredded pork or shredded chicken. I put the chicken or pork in a frying pan with a little bit of oil, 1/2 cup of maple syrup and about 10 shakes of tabasco. I cook the chicken or pork until the syrup/tabasco sauce reduces and candies the meat. Serve with rice. It’s the best.

  133. My favorite recipe to use Tabasco sauce is stir-fry recipes.

  134. Looks like an excellent recipe, some spice but not so much you don’t enjoy it

  135. I love putting Tabasco on everything especially when making my pho noodles! Instead of thai chillis, I put a few drops of Tabasco sauce to kick it up a notch.

  136. Doris Humber says:

    I use Tabasco quite often when I’m preparing meals; one of my favourite homemade recipes that I use it for is Chili.

  137. elaine douglas says:

    i love this pasta dish that i make
    it has bacon, onions, chicken, cream of mushroom soup and Tabasco
    its so yummy!!

  138. gayle bellemare says:

    Hot Potato
    Mini potatoes, scrubbed well, toss in mixing bowl with 2 tablespoons tabasco, freshly ground black pepper, salt, garlic powder. Then wrap each potato in one piece of bacon, wrapping well and using toothpick to keep in place. Place on backing sheet and bake for approx 1 hour at 325, broiling for last few minutes. 1/2 way through baking, pull out of oven, place a few tablespoons of hot water in mixing bowl with remnants of Tabasco, swirl around or use spoon to mix, drizzle this over potatoes and pop back in oven.
    These are delicious! Enjoy!

  139. I love making a
    Spicy crab cheese dip in my slowcooker using Tabasco sauce

  140. i aint a cook i just put it on popcorn

  141. Ive never cooked with it…You learn something new everyday. I usually put the tabasco sauce on my food after cooking for the heat and spice. I also mix it with mayonnaise or ranch as a dipping sauce for Fries, fry chicken or pizza.

  142. Denae Boucher says:

    My favourite recipe with tabasco is my homemade chili.

  143. Mitch Altman says:

    I love to use Tabasco Chipotle with my home-smoked pulled pork!

  144. Katheryn Rade says:

    I add hot sauce to eggs,tomatoe juice,chili.Goes really well in Cuban black bean soup!

  145. My favourite recipe using Tabasco is our suicide wings, we love our wings hot

  146. I like to add tabasco sauce to grilled cheese sandwiches 🙂

  147. We put it in our chili recipe! It’s so good!

  148. sylvia ferguson says:

    i love tabasco in any caesar i have!

  149. I love it on baked chicken!

  150. We’re not fancy…we love it on wings, mixed up with some butter!

  151. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    our favorite recipe is chicken wings with Tabasco – a family favorite 🙂

  152. Shelley Butcher says:

    I always use Tabasco in my guacamole. It gives just the perfect amount of heat and spice. Yummy!

  153. A dash of Tabassco in my beef stew and dumplings makes it so yummy and unique …the family loves it.

  154. michelle matta says:

    I add it to my cheese/nacho dip for that necessary-or-else-its-not-worth-it kick. I dont really have set numbers for my dip, but it involves cream cheese, shredded cheddar, jalepenos, green onion, diced tomatos, and tabasco.

  155. Allison Matz says:

    I love to make Ceasars, Tabasco is an obvious staple in my favourite drink.

  156. We do a shrimp & sausage boil with potatoes & corn a couple times a month & it would suck without Tabasco!

  157. I add Tobasco to my salad dressing before throwing it on my salad.

  158. melanie dekoker says:

    I enjoy having tobacco in ceasers, it is my favourite drink, and adding tobacco makes it much better.

  159. Juliee Fitze says:

    My favourite recipe is tobacco on my eggs for a nice punch of taste.

  160. Red Hot Chicken Wings are our favorite !!!

  161. My favourite receipe using Tobasco is a bloody mary 😉

  162. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    My favorite recipe with TABASCO sauce would be lentil soup!

  163. Ruth Rutteman says:

    We use Tabasco when we make chili to give that extra little ‘kick’!

  164. crystal porter says:

    We use it in Chili, tacos, Burritos and so many other things.

  165. Very fantastic post. I love to eat spicy foods. This looks yum I have to try this at home. Nashville hot fried chicken sounds delicious. Thanks for this detailed post. Loved it:)

  166. My favourite recipe is spicy shrimp with tabasco and ginger

  167. stephanie caddick says:

    good old Caesar’s!

  168. Tobias Stevenson says:

    I always use Tabasco in my home-made hamburgers!

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      What a great idea!

  169. Rose Santuci-Sofranko says:

    My husband likes to add Tabasco to soups and also to scrambled eggs!

  170. My favourite recipe using Tabasco is Chili Con Carne.

  171. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    I make homemade burgers with chopped onions, garlic and a few splashes of Tabasco sauce.

  172. I make a great roasted vegetable soup, but it would not be complete without a dash of Tabasco

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