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Dave +Ayngelina

Travel and food consume our lives.

Our goal is to inspire you to lead an adventurous life, traveling to delicious destinations and cooking amazing food at home.

Five years ago Bacon is Magic was a solo female travel site. Ayngelina left what others defined as a successful life – long-term relationship, great career, apartment and friends

But something was missing. She wasn’t happy. She was living someone else’s dream.

She longed for something more substantial so she sold her possessions, left the relationship and career. As much as she was afraid to go, she was more afraid to regret not going.

She thought it would be a short-term career break but never went back to her old life. Instead she continued to explore the world through food, following her stomach and discovering new cultures.

One day Ayngelina walked into a restaurant and asked to meet the chef not knowing it would be the love of her life. Dave says he knew it immediately.

Dave is still as passionate and local, sustainable food as the day he started in the kitchen 20 years ago.


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Today Bacon is Magic is about how a professional chef and professional eater balance their passions of love and travel. Creating a delicious life both at home and abroad and sharing their tips along the way.

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