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I’m Ayngelina

Travel and food consume my life.

I come from a small town on the East Coast of Canada but at 16 my mother sent me to France for the summer to learn French. My most vivid memory is a simple tomato salad with oil, vinegar and a few fresh herbs.

After university I completed an internship in the Philippines. I knew nothing of South East Asia and saw only photos online. It was an incredible time, and one of my favourites stories is when I realized my 12 cent tasty meat on a stick was pork intestines. This small town girl was grossed out by organs but went back for more.

Returning to Canada I moved to Canada and my career grew and travel was limited to measly vacations where I ate as much as I could in Italy, England, Fiji, New Zealand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and the standard all-inclusive in the Dominican Republic. A seemingly ideal situation, I traveled wherever I liked and didn’t worry about money.

But something was missing. I wasn’t happy. I was living someone else’s life.

A life filled with things I should do

I longed for something more substantial. I sold my possessions, left a relationship and career. The fear was petrifying but it was not paralyzing. As much as I was afraid to go, I was more afraid to regret not going.

I traveled solo through Latin America trying to figure out what my life is all about. Not knowing Spanish I connected with people through the universal language of food. I realized I couldn’t go back to my old life so I kept traveling and eating.

One day I walked into a restaurant and asked to meet the chef not knowing it would be the love of my life. He said he knew it immediately and now we balance travel and his crazy career.

dave mottershall

The longer I travel the more I see that the culture of a place is found in its food. So you won’t see us hiking many mountains, We’d rather stay at the bottom and meet the farmers, fishermen, winemakers and food producers.

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