How to Make Pancetta in 60 Seconds

How to Make Pancetta at Home. This is an easy recipe for how to make pancetta with a quick video from a chef.

So many people ask us how to make pancetta, it’s so easy Dave created a video of how to make pancetta in 60 seconds: seriously watch below.


Often called Italian bacon, pancetta is also made from pork belly but is salt cured with spices then air dried, whereas bacon is first salt-cured then often wet cured by brining or injecting. Some people say that the difference between pancetta and bacon is that pancetta is never smoked but that’s not really true.

American style bacon is difficult to find in Italy and so often an English translated menu will say bacon when it really means pancetta. What’s also interesting is that it’s common for Italians to eat pancetta raw on its own, something we never do in North America.

How to Make Pancetta at Home. This is an easy recipe for how to make pancetta with a quick video from a chef.

Pancetta is one of my favourite cures. It’s also what brought Dave and I together. 

I visited his restaurant Terre Rouge on my quest to discover where to eat in Charlottetown and had such an amazing charcuterie board that I had to meet him. While in his kitchen I confessed my secret desire to make my own charcuterie and he told me it was much easier than I thought. In fact, having a kitchen fridge that it frequently empty is the best scenario.

Charcuterie is something I have always wanted to learn. But with my lifestyle I always thought it was unrealistic as I’m often not in my apartment and I don’t have any kind of dark, cold cellar to store the meat. Dave first started in his fridge and then bought an ordinary bar fridge and started curing meat there.

To prove it was simple, Dave made this video to show me how to make pancetta in 60 seconds.

It was the first cured meat I made and take it from me, pancetta is easy to make at home.

Here are the details on how to make pancetta.

Easy Pancetta Recipe
  • Ingredients
  • 1 Split pork belly
  • Thyme
  • Juniper
  • Pink salt
  • Kosher salt
  • Brown sugar
  • Garlic
  • Fennel seed
  • Black pepper
  • Bay leaf
  1. Refrigerate for 7-10 days Cover with 20lbs weight, flip bellies daily and then roll and tie and hang to air dry for a week and crisp and enjoy!



If you think this is still too challenging but enjoy charcuterie check out Dave’s Instagram, it’s beautiful.


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  1. Kristy says

    I am also a meat eater and I devoured all meat foods. I just can’t get enough of pancetta, ham and bacon. Sigh. Facepalm. That’s why don’t ask me why I have this sexy body. LOL. How I wish.


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