Thoughts from a Beautiful Anguilla Beach

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(Tall stools in the sand make for pretty shots but take about 5 minutes to climb and then constant fear you’re going to fall over.)

The last few months I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how to balance creating content that is useful for people planning a trip with how I started this site – just writing about my life, travel and what am I really doing with my life?

Back in 2010 I just shared daily thoughts, what I did that day and, of course, what I ate. And if you followed along – thank you!

But really you can’t plan your own travels with what I was writing back then.

I know this because I get tons of emails asking for actual information for trip planning.

So a few years ago I started writing more posts about how to do things and what you shouldn’t miss eating, seeing or doing.

It was more in a guidebook style writing format. 

It’s made writing difficult. I’m not quite getting writers block because I know what I need to write.

I just didn’t want to do it.  

For the last year I have been in a mental battle of wanting to be more helpful for readers but also not wanting to write those kinds of posts.

But to be completely honest, I also hid behind those posts when my relationship with Dave was sinking like a ship.

I couldn’t share personal posts because I didn’t have anything emotionally to give anyone. 

But that time has passed. I have healed. And I’m ready to open up again. 

Anguilla gives Cuba a run for its money on best beaches in the Caribbean.

So what does this rambling article mean?

Did you miss my old posts of random ramblings of what I was thinking while traveling? They were self-indulgent, but always very honest.

I have also missed the free flow style of writing.

Although I don’t consider myself a writer (I’ll never win a Pulitzer) I’ve been a journal writer since I first learned to write.

Traditional Anguilla Food

But along with writing personal articles two years ago I also stopped writing in my journal regularly.

When I left Dave I just pushed forward – I was focused on where I was going instead of being in the moment and acknowledging how I was feeling. 

But I think it’s time to bring back the navel gazing. Good thing, right?

I bought a moleskin journal in the Miami airport and I’ve been writing again.

I’m not writing daily, but I’m no longer avoiding my feelings.

In fact when I start to feel stressed or anxious I try to write my way through it. 

I had two massages in 5 days in Anguilla, maybe that’s why I look so relaxed?

What about Bacon is Magic?

I’m still going to write the posts about how to plan a trip like I have recently. I travel differently and I often have opposing views from mainstream sites.

Every time I go to a bar or restaurant that a guidebook recommends I curse myself because it’s horrible.

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes.

I’ll also share this old-school type of posts sharing whats going on behind the scenes.

They will likely be a ramble like this one. My mind works like a run-on sentence.

At times it’s hard to wrangle.

I think the combination of both types of posts will keep things helpful for your travels but keep things fresh for me too. 

Back to that Anguilla Beach…

I know I write about so many places and I say they are wonderful, but let me tell you Anguilla is amazing.

I’m a sucker for places that have that small town feeling.

Anguilla doesn’t have all the typical souvenir hawkers, or people really trying to sell you anything.

I know I went on a curated press trip with the national tourist board but I’ve been doing this a long enough time to know when something is special.

While I was there I actually wanted to go back.

I obviously adore staying in luxury hotels but I would really love to share a different way to travel there that shows the non-luxury side to the island, being able to stay longer and eating at local joints.

Maybe I should pitch that…

Anguilla is as close to a deserted island as you can get, while still having amenities.

There are no crowds on the beach no noise. It was a really good time for me because I was just able to let go – something my type A personality hates to do.

I loved it so much I’m writing a big resource post on how to travel to Anguilla island.

I know I just said I hate writing these posts.

But in this case I really wanted to share the basics because I knew zilch before visiting and it’s a pretty spectacular place.

Tropical cocktail aside, look at the colours of the sunset in Anguilla – why didn’t I get a photo of that?

What’s Next?

In two days I’m traveling to discover Antigua food.

I haven’t had time to be excited about it yet because I want to write about Anguilla first while it’s still fresh in my head.

So I’m bound to my laptop for the next 48 hours, only popping out for food as needed.

The reality of my life as a travel writer is prancing around beautiful beaches one week then the following week working at my laptop until my eyes dry out.

I swear I’m trying to get more balance. 

After Antigua I have a week to catch up on work in Playa del Carmen (did you read my vegan Playa del Carmen guide?) and then I’m visiting Havana for a week.

I convinced myself that I was going there because I need to pick up some of my clothes there for a conference in Los Angeles but it’s a bit more than that. 

I haven’t been there in 11 weeks…life got complicated…more on that in a future post. 

So with clothes in hand (err…carry on bag) I head to Los Angeles.

I was invited on a pre-conference trip for Torrance restaurants, a city I’ve never heard of but I checked it out and the food looks great. 

After the conference I’m heading to Austin.

I’ll probably drink and eat tacos and I’ll try to work. 

Then I think I’m going back to Cuba…but as I said more on that in a later post.

If you’ve read this scattered article until the end please let me know in the comments below that you made it! 

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  1. Stephanie Ockerman says:

    Made it to the end, and I’m happy to see both types of posts in the future of Bacon Is Magic.

  2. Lorraine LeLievre says:

    I ‘m here! I have enjoyed reading about Anguilla and am game for a visit there.
    I am always eager to read/hear about what’s going on with you; you are fearless.

  3. I look forward to updates!

  4. Always here for long rambling posts.

  5. Margaret says:

    I must admit I do like both kinds of posts; however, the courage it takes to be so honest is truly impressive. I know I’ll keep reading no matter which way you roll!

    Looking forward to reading more ….


  6. You’re so freaking tan! Que envidiaaaaaa
    I’m still here too, secretly reading yo stuffs!!
    Besos x

  7. Candice Walsh says:

    I love the personal posts! Hoorah!

  8. I like how you tell us about your experiences. You really inspire people to travel more!

  9. Julia B. Wilde says:

    I think that the most important thing is for you to write in the way that makes you happy. I constantly struggle with the same kind of dilemna, so it’s very interesting to read your thoughts on the topic. My blog is still very small and more of a hobby. I debate whether I want to take it to the next level and start treating it more like a business, but then I remind myself that I started blogging because I loved writing (and food!) and this was a way to express that passion. I believe that if you write about what you love, it will come through in your writing.

  10. Your Sista says:

    I wanna hear about the drama!!

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