Vegetarian + Vegan Playa del Carmen: 16 Spots Even Omnivores Will Love

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Latin America unfairly gets a bad rap for meatless options. So many traditional dishes do not include meat as it’s expensive and considered a luxury.

Yet many travellers aren’t familiar (rightfully so) with traditional Mexican food.

However, in tourist regions like Quintana Roo locals are entrepreneurial.

For this reason so many openly advertise options for vegetarian and vegan Playa del Carmen.

Antojitos carts are one of the best places for vegan and vegetarian food in Playa del Carmen, don't miss the best picks in this veggie friendly city in Mexico.

Vegetarian and Vegan Playa del Carmen

Vegetarian food in Playa del Carmen has always existed, traditional Mexican food has always had many vegetarian dishes.

For example, one of my favourite dishes is chiles rellenos. Who needs meat when you have delicious cheese stuffed habanero peppers.

Vegan food in Playa del Carmen is trickier. It is not the hot spot of Tulum, which attracts so many travelers from Los Angeles with their many food preferences.

But it definitely possible if you know how to find the vegan restaurants in Playa del Carmen.

There are some traditional vegan dishes in Mexico. However, what is served to tourists is often vegan versions of Mexican food or universal vegan dishes like acai bowl.

Vegetarian and vegan travelers do need to be careful in regular Playa del Carmen restaurants or with street food.

Beans often include pork fat and some dishes are cooked on the same flat top as meat.

The good news is locals in Playa del Carmen understand what vegan and vegetarian are so just ask.


I spent three weeks researching the best restaurants in Playa del Carmen. Although I’m not vegetarian I love starting off the day with a great juice and lots of veggies.

There are plenty of meatless options in Playa del Carmen. This is not a city where vegans and vegetarians will need to resort to a week of salad.

Beach side in Playa del Carmen Mexico/

Is it Safe to Travel to Playa del Carmen?

Yes. I have not afraid traveling in Playa del Carmen as a solo female traveler. I’ve been here a handful of times without incident.

Unfortunately American and Canadian news media like to report the crime that happens in this region in a way that makes it seem Playa del Carmen isn’t safe.

It is true there’s a drug cartel here. However, they are not interested in pursuing tourists – after all they make money from the tourism industry as well.

Most of the shootings and murders are from rival gangs far outside the city in places that tourists never venture.

It’s like Chicago, yes lots of people are murdered there. Mostly locals, in gangs, far away from tourist attractions.

If you’re not looking for drugs or prostitutes you should not run into problems.

Insurance isn’t as expensive as you think, you can check rates here:

I’ve been robbed before, actually a few times, and I do recommend getting travel insurance. I was robbed in Saigon and they took everything from my passport to my DSLR camera within hours of arriving.

Because I had insurance I knew I was covered, bought a new camera the next day and had a fantastic holiday.

Vegan Playa del Carmen, this popular city has tons of great vegan options including Marvin's Burgers.

Best Vegan Playa del Carmen Restaurants

Although all vegetarian restaurants in Playa del Carmen have vegan options, these restaurants are 100% vegan.

But omnivores should not shy away, there are some incredible options here that just happen to be vegan.

Fresco Habito

This vegan restaurant is known for their fresh bowls, smoothies and juices. Fresco Habito is centrally located caters to tourists with buzz worthy menu items like acai bowls and avocado toast.

Fresco Habito
Hours: Open 8am – 7pm seven days a week.
Address: 10th Avenue, 10th Street
Payment: Cash only
Free wifi: Yes

Vegan Playa del Carmen, check out these great restaurants like the pitted date.
Vegan Chorizo Cheese (c) The Pitted Date.

The Pitted Date Vegan Cafe

This is the only 100% vegan bakery in Playa del Carmen.

They started with a bakery, which many claim is the best vegan bakery they’ve ever visited.

The bakery had a cafe with a small menu but they were so popular that they needed to move to a bigger space.

In addition to the baked goods they also have a large restaurant with 36 seats outdoors and 36 seats indoors with air conditioning.

Check out their egg alternative options, which are known to be incredible. Menus are available in English.

The Pitted Date
Hours: Open 9am – 10pm six days a week, closed Mondays
Address: 1st Avenue and CTM
Payment: Accepts credit cards
Free wifi: Yes

Vegan Playa del Carmen, check out these great restaurants like La Senda Vegana

La Senda Vegana

This is one of the oldest vegan restaurants in Playa del Carmen.

It recently went through a facelift from looking like the typical bamboo hippie vegan cafe to a sleek modern vegan cafe in Playa del Carmen.

But it didn’t forget it’s roots. It has always maintained a focus on providing vegan Mexican food options. 

For those missing modern food you can still get lentil burgers or kombucha but for a real taste of the region order Mexican food like the jackfruit tacos or vegadillas.

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I apologize for the photo but I popped in to get take out and ended up with a lentil burger with a side of steamed broccoli and potatoes.

It was FANTASTIC with awesome sauces on the burger. I’ll definitely be back and promise to take better photos.

The menu includes symbols to mark raw food, gluten-free and spicy items. English and Spanish menus available. Delivery available.

La Senda Vegana
Hours: Seven days a week, 9am – 10:30pm
Address: 10th Avenue between Calles 10 and 10 Bis, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

Sikil Pak

Clorofila Green & Vegan

A newer vegan restaurant in Playa del Carmen, Clorofila is wedged between two Nativo locations, across the street from La Ceiba de la 30.  

It also has a small adjoining store using many self-produced organic ingredients.

Although there is no soy Clorofila has coconut and almond milks, vegan mayo, seed cheese, cold pressed drinks, and more.

Mostly tourists and expats here, you’ll hear classic music like the Beatles. If you’re missing great bread Clorofila also has German-style bread in the store.

Hours: Open 9am – 10pm six days a week, closed Sundays
Address: 30th Avenue, 20th Street
Payment: Accepts credit cards
Free wifi: Yes

Comet diner vegan restaurant in Playa del Carmen.

Comet 984 – 50’s Diner

With straight of out 1950s decor, Comet 984 claims to be the world’s first vegan diner. I’m not entirely sure if this is true but regardless it’s a great option for meatless greasy spoon diner food.

It is highly praised with a 5 star average rating on TripAdvisor for its milkshakes, cheeseburgers and ‘Snickers’ cake.

Gluten-free options also available.Comet Diner Facebook Page
Hours: Open 1-9pm Monday to Saturday, closed Sundays
Address: 77710 Calle 8 Norte LB Entre avenida 20 y 25, Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R.
Payment: Accepts credit cards
Free wifi: Yes

Marvin's Burger is one of the best places for vegan and vegetarian food in Playa del Carmen, don't miss the best picks in this veggie friendly city in Mexico.

Marvin’s Burgers

Burger joint toward the quieter end of Quinta Avenida selling vegan burgers, sloppy joes, hot dogs and fries. This may be the best meatless burger I’ve had. Marvin’s Burgers has a visual menu in English so you can decide what number you want.

They take veganism seriously with plenty of PETA anti-meat stickers and photos of vegan celebrities. Don’t be intimidated, staff are very friendly.

Note Marvin’s just closed it’s doors BUT they promised me they are re-opening soon.

I know it was a very popular spot so it must have been an issue with the building rather than not selling enough food. I will share the new location once are in their new spot.

Marvin’s Burgers
Hours: Open 12pm – 9pm six days a week, closed Mondays
Address: 5th Avenue North, 48th Street (old location)
Payment: Accepts credit cards
Free wifi: Yes

Discover the best places for vegan and vegetarian food in Playa del Carmen, don't miss the best picks in this veggie friendly city in Mexico.

Best Vegetarian Playa del Carmen Restaurants

Nearly all restaurants in Playa del Carmen have a vegetarian offering.

For example there are many traditional antojitos stands around the city that sell incredible cheese empanadas, vegetable quesadillas and will often substitute egg for meat on a tostada.

However, if food is cooked on a flat top it’s likely your vegetarian tortilla has been heated where meat was once cooked.

The following restaurants are 100% vegetarian, except for the street food stand.

However, they have a depth of vegetarian options and fully understand what vegetarian food means, such as beans cannot be cooked in animal fat.

Vegetarian and vegan Vegan Playa del Carmen, check out these great restaurants like Aloha Cafe.

Aloha Raw Bar

One of the newer vegetarian restaurants in Playa del Carmen. It does not have a big storefront and I walked by it several times without noticing it was a restaurant.

Inside it has a tropical beach/flamingo kind of vibe, instagrammers will love it.

But it’s worth making a special trip for brunch, with lots of great healthy options like a variety of acai bowls and waffles with real maple syrup. But really I think the service stands out.

The first time I went there I had just missed the morning shift and they had closed, but they were really sweet and offered the menu so I could come back.

That may not seem like a lot but usually when restaurants are cleaning up they want everyone out, and the staff were happy to let me sit and read it.

Aloha Raw Bar
Hours: 7 days a week, 8:30am-2pm
Address: 20th Avenue, between 38 and 40
Payment: Accepts Credit Cards
Free wifi: yes

Bio Organicos

Bio Organicos focuses on healthy, organic, vegetarian food with many vegan options.

This restaurant also has an adjoining health food store if you’d like anything to go. It caters to tourists and expats with English-speaking staff.

Bio Organicos
Hours: Monday-Saturday 8am-10pm, Sunday 9am-4pm
Address: 26th Street between 5th and 10th Avenue
Payment: Accepts Credit Cards

Street carts are one of the best places for vegan and vegetarian food in Playa del Carmen, don't miss the best picks in this veggie friendly city in Mexico.

Taco Stand Park at Benito Juarez and 15th Av

No doubt the best tacos in Playa del Carmen are not in a restaurant but on the street. Yes you can get street food vegan tacos in Playa del Carmen.

There are vegetarian options at nearly all street carts but when you enter this street cart hub you’ll find signs in English for vegan and vegetarian options.

However, street food in Playa del Carmen can be an issue for some as vegetarian dishes are often cooked on the same flat-top as meat.


If your Spanish isn’t great or you are concerned about eating street food this is one of your best options vegetarian or vegan Playa del Carmen street food options.

There are signs that let you know what the vegan and vegetarian options are in English and Spanish.

Street carts usually change from day to evening but it appears that this one manned in shifts.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for at one street food stall the others here are the same price and can accommodate meatless options.

Vegetarian and vegan Vegan Playa del Carmen, check out these great restaurants like Choux Choux Cafe

Restaurants in Playa del Carmen with Vegan and Vegetarian Options

La Cueva del Chango

A mainstay for vegetarian food in Playa del Carmen, this omnivore restaurant doesn’t need to be on this list because it’s so popular that it’s on every tourists “must eat” list.

One of the older restaurants in Playa del Carmen, its located just south of Quinta Avenida on the way to the beach.

It’s a beautiful outdoor setting underneath a canopy of trees and often has a line, especially for breakfast so get there early as plenty of brunch goers will already be sipping their chelada beer at 10am.

La Cueva del Chango
Hours: 8am-11pm seven days a week.
Address: 38th Street, just south of 5th Avenue on your right on the way to the beach
Payment: Cash Only
Free wifi: Yes

El Sangha-Rito

This healthy vegetarian friendly Mexican restaurant is popular with locals, particularly those practicing yoga next door at Palapa Suuk.

However, it is often missed as it is on the edge of the tourist hub. It’s a great opportunity to try authentic flavours of the region without meat.

El Sangha-Rito
Hours: 7:30am-10pm six days a week, Closed Sundays
Address: 46th Street (also known as CTM) Between 5th and 10th Street
Payment: Cash

Choux Choux Cafe

This eco friendly French cafe is another favourite of tourists and expats who live in Playa del Carmen. It’s a bit off the strip but conveniently closer to the supermarkets like Mega and Aki.

You can eat inside under the large palapa so it’s great for groups. Or if you’re a couple you can eat on the side patio.

Choux Choux is also a good spot as it has many vegetarian options and has recently started expanding its vegan options as well. If you’re with a mixed party there is a kids menu.

There are tons of smoothies and some include leaves and exotic fruits from trees on premise.

Although it’s most known for brunch it’s open for dinner and often has music in the evenings.

Choux Choux Cafe
Hours: 7am-9pm seven days a week.
Address: Corner of 20th Avenue and 24th Street North
Payment: Accepts credit cards

Nativo is one of the best places for vegan and vegetarian food in Playa del Carmen, don't miss the best picks in this veggie friendly city in Mexico.

Restaurante Nativo

The first few days I noticed many locals drinking a giant tropical fruit printed styrofoam cup and I finally I realized they were from Nativo, which has two locations that bookend Clorofila “vegan and green.”

Restaurante Nativo is not a vegetarian restaurant but there are many vegetarian options and staff understand vegetarian and vegan needs.

Diners rave about the vegetarian tostadas. It’s also great for breakfast.

But the vibe is different from Clorofila next door, you’ll find more locals and instead of tourists and the music is in Spanish – often MTV or another music channel on television. Locals stop in often to buy juice and smoothies.

Restaurante Nativo
Hours: 7 Days a week 7am – midnight
Address: Avenida 30 Norte Mz 26 Lt 2, Gonzalo Guerrero
Payment: Cash and Visa but you’ll need to show a photo ID

Tres Mundos Hostel and Ceveceria in Playa del Carmen Mexico.

Cerveceria Tres Mundos

Attached to the Tres Mundos hostel, this is a low-key spot that many walk by but has been getting great reviews for its reasonable prices, charro negro drinks, and friendly staff. 

Vegan chickpea burritos (65 MXN) and soy based large tacos (30 MXN) are available along with vegan and vegetarian snacks (french fries and quesadillas).

Cerveceria Tres Mundos
Hours: Wednesdays – Mondays, 8am-12am. Closed Tuesdays
Address: Calle 6 entre Av. 20 y 25 Nte, # 184, Centro

La Ceiba (de la 30)

A very popular vegetarian-friendly restaurant adjoining the gourmet DAC market that has many items for expats like balsamic vinegar, soy sauce etc. With about 20 seats La Ceiba is often full so avoid peak hours.

If you’re looking for vegetarian food in Playa del Carmen but options for your meat eating friends you can find many local dishes, La Ceiba specialties and plenty of big salads.

DAC Website
Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-10pm, Saturdays 7am-9pm, Sundays 7am-2pm
Address: Avenida 30, Between 34th and 38th Street
Payment: Cash

Las Quekas restaurant in Playa del Carmen, women making quesadillas

Las Quekas

Specializing in quesadillas, there are many vegetarian options like zucchini blossoms and huitlacoche (corn smut).

Quesadillas are a bit different in Mexico and not simply tortillas with cheddar or mozzarella, instead with a local fresh cheese.

I preferred the meat options but for less than a dollar for a very generous portion it’s worth dropping into this location or one of the eight others in Playa del Carmen.

La Quekas
Hours: 8am-11pm seven days a week.
Address: 30th Avenue, Between 32nd and 34th St(Gonzalo Guerrero)
Payment: Cash

BONUS: Vegetarian Delivery Only Restaurants

Vegetarian delivery restaurant in Playa del Carmen

No Vives De Ensalada

Playa del Carmen restaurants can be very innovative. As there are such high costs for rent in Playa it has become newly popular to run delivery only restaurants.

They become popular with locals through word of mouth, have great prices and are often shared on social media.

Unfortunately tourists don’t often know about these places but if you’re visiting Playa del Carmen for any amount of time you know at some point you just want your food delivered.

Whatsapp is the easiest way to reach many restaurants and other businesses in Mexico and they reply almost immediately.

If you can’t reach them on Whatsapp they also reply almost immediately on their Facebook page.

This vegetarian burger in Playa del Carmen is well liked and it’s completely plant based.

No Vives de Ensalada

Open Monday – Friday, 6pm-11pm 

What have I missed? Let me know your favourite vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Playa del Carmen and I’ll add it to this list!

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There are plenty of meatless options in Mexico, check out our top picks for vegan and vegetarian food in Playa del Carmen that even omnivores will love.

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