31 Rhubarb Recipes You Need to Know

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These rhubarb recipes celebrate the begin of summer with a mix of sweet and savoury.

This year I decided to explore rhubarb. In the past I’ve never looked forward to rhubarb season, mostly because nearly all the recipes are desserts. 

And I don’t get excited about dessert.

So this year I asked fellow cooks to share their favourite rhubarb recipes and I also explored a few of my own. 

The most successful was an experiment of sorts.

I’ve already posted about pickled green strawberries and pickled blueberries. But I wasn’t quite sure how that would work with rhubarb, which is already tart. 

Turns out that rhubarb + spice + pickling is delicious so I’ve included the recipe below.

It has inspired me to pickle more this summer.

rhubarb on a baking sheet on a worn down wooden background

How to Buy Rhubarb

As an ingredient rhubarb seems intimidating. Rhubarb looks like swiss chard or celery. It is very tart and should not be eaten raw.

And rhubarb is almost always paired with another fruit, like strawberries.

While I love strawberries I think the flavour of rhubarb is just as lovely on its own.

Instinctively we think that bright pink or ruby red rhubarb is the sweetest. However, colour is not an indicator of how sweet or tart rhubarb can be.

In fact, the common Victorian variety of rhubarb which is pale green and pink is usually the sweetest. If you’re at a farmer’s market it’s best to ask.

Chopped rhubarb with sugar and spices in a pot on a rustic background

Cooking with Rhubarb

To prepare for most recipes simply cut off the top, leaves and bottom section that is close to the root.

You want to buy fresh rhubarb that isn’t too stringy.

Although if you find that it is stringy simply use a peeler to take off the top layer.

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Freezing Rhubarb

Yes if you’re planning to cook with rhubarb you can freeze it and use it for later.

Simply cut it into smaller stalks, freeze individually on a tray so they don’t stick together and then throw in a freezer bag.

My only tip is to either weigh or measure the rhubarb in advance so you know how much you have for a recipe later on.

When you defrost the rhubarb it becomes a bit mushy, which isn’t an issue when cooking but it will throw off your measurements in the recipe.

So plan ahead…I learned that the hard way.



The perfect mix of tart and sweet these rhubarb recipes are a great way to kick off summer.


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