How to Shuck Oysters with a Hockey Puck

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I feel fairly confident in the kitchen but when it comes to oysters I shy away because I’ve never learned how to shuck oysters.

That all changed when I met Dave, having cooked on the East Coast he’s shucked more oysters than he cares to remember and shared a secret with me.

shuck oysters with a hockey puck

It’s easy to shuck oysters with a hockey puck.

And if you’re Canadian like us, there’s always a hockey puck nearby. The rubber coating helps keep the oyster in place, which means the oyster doesn’t slip and you end up shucking your hand.

Watch this video to see how to shuck oysters with a hockey puck.

Oysters are a delicacy but also quite pricey in restaurants, use this technique and impress your friends with half the cost of this shellfish at home.

How to Shuck Oysters

1) Place oyster on a hockey puck.
2) Insert knife into hinge of small point of oyster.
3) Twist the knife to open.
4) Hold the oyster open as you slide the knife down the length of the body.
5) Place on ice and top with hot sauce, lemon juice or mignonette.

Do you have any kitchen hacks for working with oysters?

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oysters on a train

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  1. This is awesome! We actually went for oysters last night (Rodney’s Oyster House) and thought about doing oysters at home for more reasonable prices.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Really quite reasonable if you make it at home.

  2. Stephanie says:

    LOL! I love this kitchen hack! And yes, there is ALWAYS a hockey puck (or two, or twenty) floating around my house. I can’t wait to “borrow” one to try this (any excuse to eat oysters!)

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      It’s a great way to safely shuck so the oyster doesn’t slip.

  3. This may be the most Canadian thing I’ve ever seen…

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Haha indeed!

    2. Ayngelina Author says:

      I know! But Dave swears by it as being such a safe way for people to shuck oysters.

  4. We Canadians are so resourceful … thanks for sharing this cool tip!

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Well there’s always a hockey puck lying around!

  5. Angie @ Friday Cake Night says:

    Very Canadian! I love your table you shot the photos on!

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      Our backdeck, I can’t wait for the weather to get better again.

  6. Will Hatton says:

    NIce cooking Hack! I got hungry by watching your video hahaha! Thanks for the tip!

  7. Clara Harper says:

    Wow, Yummy tasty, I would love to taste.

  8. Digital Nomad says:

    Sweet! Going to try this. We bought a shucker thingy once and still couldn’t do it right.

    Thanks for sharing.

    – Rossi

  9. Handy skill to have! Thanks for the Video.

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