Gourmet Food at Galeries Lafayette

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I loathe shopping. If only someone would pick out all my clothing and send me a very small bill. But we spend far too much money on food and travel to also afford a personal shopper’s picks.

I wasn’t excited about a visit to a Paris department store until I realized there’s SO MUCH gourmet food at gourmet food at Galeries Lafayette.

It was a brisk visit but it’s worth a trip, especially if you’re looking for food souvenirs. Amazingly Galeries Lafayette is still family owned after all these years.

This French department store is so popular that they are expanding into new buildings throughout Paris and other cities around the world.




Where to Find Gourmet Food at Galeries Lafayette

The Ice Cube bar on the Galeries Layfayette rooftop is just option for gourmet food at Galeries Layfayette. Ice Cube Bar at Galeries Lafayette rooftop, just one option for gourmet food at Galeries Lafayette.

The Rooftop Terrace

One of the best kept secrets is the seventh floor Galeries Lafayette rooftop terrace, with a spectacular view of the city and champagne bar.

This Christmas they turned it into an Ice Cube bar complete with heated domes to mimic igloos.

As well, there’s also a rooftop beehive that you can visit and a garden wall that grows strawberries used in the Galeries Lafayette cafe.

Pro Tip: Sign up for the Galeries Lafayette newsletter. They often promote special offers and freebies for items like champagne and oysters, which are perfect for this view.


The famous Angélina tearoom in Paris has many locations and is a great option for gourmet food at Galeries Lafayette

Angélina Tearoom

With several locations throughout Paris, Angélina is known for its hot chocolate but you can also eat here.

Similar to the most famous location on Rue de Rivoli, it’s located on the first floor of the Lafayette Dome luxury department.


Gourmet food at Galeries Lafayette, the bottom floor is a supermarket and is a great place for souvenirs.

Gourmet food at Galeries Lafayette, the bottom floor is a supermarket with affordable souvenir ideas.
Oh hey there wall of mustard.

Galeries Gourmand – Gourmet Food Hall

Across the street from the department store at 35 boulevard Haussmann is Lafayette Gourmet, a four floor gourmet food hall.

It’s a choose your own adventure shopping experience here as some items are as affordable as the Monoprix supermarket and others range up to a $60,000 bottle of champagne.

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The bottom floor is a supermarket and perfect for buying inexpensive souvenirs. I picked up foie gras and a number of confit and canned items.


Gourmet food at Galeries Lafayette, a four floor food hall in Paris

The main floor includes a number of food counters where you can eat at the bar. Each specializes in something so Spanish tapas or this generic “Asian” bar, which made me laugh.

Interspersed are shops for spices and other ingredients.  You’ll also find a number of high end patisserie counters. I bought Dave a sampler of Chef Alain Ducasse’s chocolates.

This was considerably more expensive than the bottom floor purchases. But I was feeling guilty that I was enjoying Paris without him. And chocolate eases the guilt, right?

If you’re feeling like splurging there is a Petrossian caviar tasting counter as well as a a wine cave. You could really spend all day here.

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Venture upstairs for beautiful but pricey kitchen and housewares. I made the mistake of falling for a beautiful plate only to turn it over and see the price.

If you love unique beautiful plates make sure you have lots of room on your credit card.

Pro Tip: There’s a concierge desk on the 2nd floor of the department store for Canadians and Americans.

Non-European Union residents are entitled to claim back the 12% tax paid on purchases made at Galeries Lafayette over €175 made on the same day. Maybe I should have picked up that plate.




Disclosure: I discovered the gourmet food at Galeries Lafayette on a press trip with Atout France. This trip also included writing about what to eat in Marseille, the best bakeries in Aix en Provence and restaurants in Aix en Provence. Furthermore, they did not request I write about Galeries Lafayette or spend $50 on a box of chocolates and then another $50 on duck and rabbit canned goods. 

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  1. Holly - Choosy Traveler says:

    THIS is the kind of shopping guide I like, lol. Food is the first thing I think about when traveling 😉 The rooftop alone looks worth the visit.

  2. It’s been so many years since I visited Galeries Lafayette and like you, it was the food section that interested me the most! And Angelina’s for hot chocolate!

  3. It’s been so many years since I visited Galeries Lafayette and like you, I was drawn to the gourmet food. And Angelina’s for the hot chocolate!

  4. Agra Overnight Tour says:

    Great, that food court is looking so beautiful and so good things you shared about that palce. Food is one of the best thing of that palce.


    Love shopping! If only my pocket book could keep up I would do it all the time.
    Especially at these locations! Wow! Such fantastic finds.

  6. Nicoletta @sugarlovespices says:

    Too bad that you don’t like shopping, I love shopping! 🙂 And that includes shopping for food items, especially some “exotic” ones that you find in department stores abroad, like the Galeries Lafayette. Love the rooftop terrace!

  7. This is incredible! I LOOOOVE food souvenirs (actually, souvenirs in general, I’m a total postcard junkie and my mum is a total fridge magnet junkie, ha!) and I also love poking around the gourmet food and housewares sections of department stores, I’ve found so many adorable things like teacups and teapots and candies and chocolates. I’ve never been to France before (or Europe for that matter) and while this whole post is fab, you totally had me at Angelina Tearoom!

  8. Heidi Roberts says:

    I haven’t been to Paris for a couple of years but next time I am going to look for some of these!

  9. Been to Paris…but never visited food section in Galeries Lafayette. On my next trip, I’ll go there for sure !!!

  10. This is great info to know for when I do travel to Paris! The food looks delicious and the place is beautiful!

  11. Borneo Adventures Tour says:

    Too bad that you don’t like shopping, I love shopping!

  12. Very good place for shopping. You can buy lots of Asian foods and veggies here. Very nice Shop for fresh items. I have to there again.

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