Maui Food Tour: Maui According to Bonnie

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I met Bonnie on Maui last year and immediately liked her. She is extremely opinionated and that is the type of person I like to talk about Hawaiian food, especially as she runs a Maui food tour.

Originally from New York, Bonnie has lived on the island for a decades and while the island tends to mellow people out I often wonder what she was like before she arrived because no one would ever call her mellow.



This is what I like about her, she never minces words. You always know exactly what she thinks. This is why I was so excited to meet up with her for a night of eating.


stuffed poblano

Main Street Bistro

We started off at Main Street Bistro for a Lilikoi Lip Balm martini and I met her friend Tom who had worked with David Paul in Lahaina for years and finally decided to open up for himself.

The Bistro has been open for eight years and is really popular with locals at lunch and first Fridays. We had a grilled poblano pepper stuffed with white stone ground cheese grits and it was heavenly.



Tiffany’s Bar and Grill

This is definitely a local’s place and funny enough I had been here today for lunch with a friend. Apparently if you go right after work it’s impossible to get a seat.

Earlier I tried the mochiko chicken, bibimbap and shared the Vietnamese crepe with Bonnie.


Tokyo Tei

Tokyo Tei

No one would find this place unless specifically looking for it. It was here I learned that what a “Korean Bar” means strip club as I could not figure out why the restaurant next door had naked women on television.

But the neighbours don’t stop the locals from coming for the bento box or tempura green beans.


home maid

Home Maid Bakery

Last year Bonnie insisted I could not eat spam musubi for the first time without her and we didn’t meet up so I didn’t try it! Next door to Tokyo Tei, I have to agree the musubi is pretty good and I heard the sweets are good but you know how I feel about sweets.

While Bonnie offers tours to everyone  through Tour da Food the really incredible thing she does is the Cuisine Confidential service where she gives you a detailed questionnaire about your preferences and for $20 she will send you a list of restaurants and markets to visit.

She won’t recommend the big names as you can find that information anywhere.


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Disclosure: I was a guest of the Maui Visitors Bureau, they did not request that I write a favourable review of the Maui food tour or pester Bonnie to take me out to eat.

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  1. Bonnie sounds like my sort of person – shoots from the hip and loves food!

  2. Annette | Bucket List Journey says:

    I could use a Lilikoi Lip Balm martini right now! Sounds delish!

  3. Lip Balm? Is that the secret ingredient?

  4. Matthew Karsten says:

    It all looks delicious as usual, but the best is obviously the spam musubi.

    I lived on that stuff for about a year!

    1. kristin addis says:

      While I, too, can appreciate the deliciousness of spam, I must disagree, Sir Vagabond. Bibimbap must be crowned most delicious.

  5. Stephanie - The Travel Chica says:

    Love the Cuisine Confidential business idea. I have to think there is demand for that in any tourist destination or big city.

  6. It all looks so delicious! That bibimbap is drool worthy. 😀

  7. TammyOnTheMove says:

    I love it when locals show me places that other tourists usually don’t find. The food looks gorgeous!

  8. Great idea for a business! All this talk is making my mouth water!

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