Mazatlan Moments

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Mazatlan, Mexico

I haven’t had enough time in Mazatlan. Despite becoming Princess Bacon and asking to eat two dinners and skipping ziplining to walk around Lanoria, I’ve only scratched the surface.

There are so many more things I want to see. But there is no time.

Instead I’ll post these photos as a promise to myself to come back and explore more.


Indigenous history

One of the things I’m most interested in when traveling is how the indigenous population evolved and how prominent it is in each country.

I’m afraid we don’t do a very good job of celebrating our indigenous culture in Canada, but I was amazed by it in New Zealand.

In South America it was different depending on each country. I didn’t spend enough time here to learn about it in Mazatlan.

mazatlan grafitti
mazatlan street art
mazatlan grafitti

Street Art

Mazatlan is an interesting mix of the old colonial part of town and the modern development.

Sikil Pak

The street art seems to be some of the most interesting I’ve seen in Mexico and apparently there are a few prominent artists that you can spot across the city.

I really wish I had found someone to give me a tour of the street art here and possibly meet one of the artists.

cliff diver

Cliff Divers

There is an area on the waterfront where these guys will dive for tips.

It’s pretty incredible and I really want to know the story behind why they first got into it, how much money they make, and if anyone gets hurt.

mazatlan cowboy

 Cowboy culture

While we have cowboys in Canada, they aren’t on the East Coast so I find this culture, especially the historical aspect for it, fascinating.

And of course the food, there is never enough time to eat!

Disclosure: I was a guest of the Mexico Tourism Board, they did not request that I write a favourable review or that I drink so much coffee so that I didn’t have to have an afternoon siesta and miss out on anything.

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  1. Frankie (Bird) says:

    This post had me at the first photo… I want that VW Beetle and preferably that backdrop on demand as and when too…

    Frankie x

  2. Elle of Solo Female Nomad says:

    The photos are amazing! They capture the best of that area of Mexico.

  3. These photos are beautiful! You really captured the essence of the area. I’m so ashamed that I lived so close to Mexico yet never actually crossed the border. Someday…

  4. InsideJourneys says:

    Fabulous shots, Ayngelina! I’m not sure why I haven’t been to Mazatlan — I know I’d love it.

  5. AAAHHH I hope you get to go back soon so you can tell me about each one of those things in detail! All of the photos in this post are beautiful, I can’t pick a favorite! I love street art in different places, Cuzco has had my favorite yet. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Stephanie - The Travel Chica says:

    That cliff diving looks crazy!

    1. Wow, beautiful pictures! I agree with Stephanie, cliff diving looks amazing, would love to know more about it and try!

  7. Wow, what great photos! The cars and graffiti look so cool. Love it!

  8. A Cook Not Mad says:

    Love your images!

  9. Sounds like a lot of fascinating stuff! I’d also want to learn about those cliff divers. That looks insane!

  10. Cliff diving for tips?! That’s crazy slash awesome!

  11. Your love of Mexico continues. I think you will end up at some point living there for a time again. I feel like I’ve dropped off the face of the earth on your posts. I get them via email so I get to read them, but rarely get to comment lately with the adjustment of Budapest. I am really loving my new adventure and life here.

  12. I love that you’ve promised yourself you’ll return to learn about these things.

    Indigenous culture is really fascinating. I love learning about it in this country. Unfortunately people are very quick to dismiss any indigenous blood they have here in D.F. :S

  13. Sally Stretton says:

    I have been to Mazatlan, Mexico once while on a cruise. The food was great and the mountains are picturique. Great diving picture!


  14. Matt at LivingIF says:

    Incredible photos! I think too often the visitors to Mazatlan never make it far enough from the beaches to capture the culture and imagery as you did.

  15. Torre – Fearful Adventurer says:

    Just love all your Mazatlan posts. My maternal Grandma lived there for 20 years and I visited her several times when I was little, so my memories are vague. Ripe mangos, hot nights, frozen juice icy-poles, chicken mole, my Grandma’s annoying talking parrot, her strange Mexican boyfriends. Ha.

  16. I love those street arts on the wall. Beautiful and fun illustrations! If I went I would take tons of those photos too haha

  17. Ayngelina, I am considering relocating to Mazatlan from the interior of Mexico. If you had to live in Mexico, would Mazatlan be on your top 10 list?

    Tu Amiga

  18. First visited Mazatlan in the early 80’s when tourism was just getting started. Must return again! Thanks for sharing the great photos!!

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