Best Mazatlan Restaurants

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Mazatlan, Mexico

In some cases press trips mean you eat at wonderful places you could never afford. In other cases you end up at some generic expat restaurants you would never frequent.

My first night Matt Gibson gave me the nick name Princess Bacon and perhaps I deserved it as I told Salvador, one of the senior officials at Mazatlan tourism that I preferred comida tipica.

He asked if I had room for another dinner.

Oh he had misunderestimated me. Remember how I ate three lunches in Playa del Carmen.

I am fully committed to food in Mexico.

mazatlan food

And so we went for another meal at La Copita one of Salvador’s favourite restaurants that serves great Mexican antojitos and he ordered one of everything:

Asado de plaza
Gordita de pollo
Flauta de carne
Shrimp tacos
Papas con res tact

I met the women of the kitchen – Yolanda and Catarina so gracious to share their food at a late hour.

Dish after dish was the best food I had eaten in ages. And while I love the food of fine restaurants, it really doesn’t compare to women who have spent years in the kitchen.

Disclosure: I was a guest of the Mexico Tourism Board, they did not request that I write a favourable review or eat two dinners my first night in Mazatlan.

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  1. Mark Wiens says:

    I think a few of my best memories in life are a result of late night Mexican food.

    The simple dishes, prepared by mothers (or fathers), are often the absolute best.

  2. This sounds absolutely delicious! Also, I’ve gotta say, I wish I had a nickname half as cool as Princess Bacon…

  3. Waegook Tom says:

    This sounds delicious, Ayngelina. I love your last line. I prefer food made by women who may not be what you’d call “professional” (i.e. “fine cuisine”) chefs over that of a luxury restaurant any day. Maybe I have an unsophisticated palate but hey, if it tastes homemade, then that’s what makes me happiest 🙂

    p.s. I’m impressed with your having room for another dinner. My kinda person!

  4. Emily in Chile says:

    I’m glad Salvador was able to take you off the official schedule to a place like this! We actually just had Mexican last night in a place with a similar set-up – little lady cook in a small kitchen – and it was SO good.

  5. A Cook Not Mad (Nat) says:

    I love going into the kitchen and meeting the chef/cooks.

  6. Yum, that looks, and sounds, delicious!

  7. Sounds amazing. I fell in love with Mexican soup when I was in Playa del Carmen last month. And I’m not even that much of a soup person! Love Mexican food.

  8. Raymond @ Man On The Lam says:

    And here I thought I was the one who gave you that nickname. 🙁

    Late to the party as usual… 🙂

  9. Connie A Biggs says:

    Yes, but what about the food? And the restaurant? I’ve been following your posts, and haven’t seen anything recent in Mazatlan. Do you know if this one still exists? What’s your review of what you had there?

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