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For some, the most frightening aspect of my trip was where I would be sleeping. Hostels appear terrifying if you’ve never stayed in one and hostel horror movies haven’t helped the cause.  This is not the case with my hostel in Valladolid.

Hostels can vary dramatically, in Phnom Penh I realized that mine was doubling as a brothel, but in Rome it was more like a boutique hotel. 

So below is an overview using Hostel Candelaria in Valladolid, a sleepy town in the Yucatan often used by backpackers on the way to Chichén Itzá.

I had planned two nights here but liked it so much I stayed four. This hostel was about CDN $10 a night.

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The Bed

I stayed in a female dormitory and was the only person in the room. It was pretty basic with clean sheets and the standard  bunkbeds.

While the photo is sparse you will see that the floor is immaculately clean. This hostel had two girls who swept, mopped and windexed all day, every day.

I often choose female dorms over mixed because women snore less than men. But there are exceptions; in Tulum I woke up to seismic ranking snoring only to find out it was the girl next to me, not the man across from me.



The Common Room

This is where you meet fellow backpackers. In Valladolid, the television was never on and instead Latin jazz played most of the day.

People often congregated here with their netbooks to connect to home with the free wifi, which has become a mandatory feature for most backpackers.



The Kitchen

The second area you will meet people and inevitably drink, trade stories and play cards with them. This hostel had two kitchens, the first indoors but also this one outside.

You will find purified water here, basic cooking ingredients (oil, salt, pepper and whatever the last inhabitants left for you) and pots and pans to cook.



Private Rooms

While hostels originated with dormitories, nearly all of them now include private rooms, which may have a private washroom and often a television.

Traveling couples stay here and because there are often options with two twin beds, friends traveling will often choose this option.



Your Furred Companions

A lot of hostels seem to have dogs, cats and/or birds. In this case, two devilish chihuahuas and two cats roamed the grounds but were not permitted inside the hostel.

However, my friend above always perched on the doorway hoping that someone would invite him inside.


So, now that you’ve seen my hostel in Valldolid, would you choose a hostel when traveling?


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  1. Some amazing colors and great photos!

    I’d never even heard of this place, but now I want to go. After Europe and Asia, here I come!

    Are you carrying the dog along in your pack?

  2. 1) it’s cleaner than my house
    2) you forgot to cover the “dungeons”… lol

  3. wow a great place – too bad we couldn’t pull ourselves away from the beach.

  4. Carmie Brogan says:

    I want dibs on the bottom bunk cause I don’t see a side railing on the top bunk!

  5. re: side railing…um yeah, scary!! But other than that looks like a really nice spot…somehow I don’t think they are all this clean!

  6. I’ve been to both good and bad hostels. I always consider them as an option, and I’ve made sure to skip hostel horror movies as well. Cos’ really, I don’t need to be thinking about the bloody mattresses I’ve slept on.

  7. Those photos really make me want to stay in a hostel right now.

  8. SassyGirl says:

    I’ve never had a fear of hostels and even stayed in a hostel twice in my own city for a weekend of partying when I didn’t want to go home after clubbing (I live in the suburbs). I also stayed in a hostel in NYC alone and I’ve never felt unsafe. The truth is, most hostels are filled with people like you and me, normal people who want to see the world on a budget. The likelihood of meeting a psychopath on a killing spree is very low.
    The hostel you stayed at looks so clean! I’m traveling in Europe with a few friends for two months and we’re mostly staying in hostels, but I’ve heard that they can be quite dirty, especially in the “party cities” like Barcelona and Amsterdam.

  9. Ayngelina, I still don’t want to stay in a hostel having seen the movie! But I feel better after seeing where you’re staying- I am still not comfortable with the couchsurfing….

  10. I love the looks of this place! Nice hostel.

  11. Your hostel looks better than my apartment!! >=(

    No really, it looks like a great place. The only hostel I’ve stayed in was one at Picadilly Circus in London, and it was pretty weird… ie. dude sniffing mushrooms in the middle of the night…

    Hope you’re having fun.

  12. I agree with SassyGirl. Most folks in a hostel are just looking to see the sights and have a good time just like you are. Nothing to be scared of and I like them better than hotels for the new friends you make.

    “Hostels can vary dramatically, in Phnom Penh I realized that mine was doubling as a brothel, but in Rome it was more like a hotel.” – so maybe I missed this but you’ve got to explain Phnom Penh and tell where you stayed in Rome.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      The one in Cambodia is the first on the list in Lonely Planet, I think Guesthouse #5 or something like that. Our tuk tuk driver tried to tell us not to go but we thought he was scamming us to go somewhere expensive. It was only $5 a night and worth less than that.

      In Rome I stayed at the BeeHive which was a hotel/hostel hybrid. My only complaint was that they didn’t like you drinking your own wine in the common room which I thought was a bit much as their prices weren’t great. But they gave you a book which had the non-touristy places to eat, drink and shop. One restaurant recommendation was a little hole in the wall where two grandmothers made one meal and you ate whatever they had and drank homemade wine. It was amazing. I think if you google the hostel they have the guide online.

      1. Beehive is great, I drank my wine outside in the garden. 🙂 Being in the Uni/central station district is great for cheap food too.

        1. Ayngelina Author says:

          The first night I didn’t know you couldn’t bring your own alcohol in and shared wine with two other travelers. They said nothing but there was a note on the chalk board the next day – oops!

  13. That place looks realy nice, I wanna stay there! and like some others have said that place is a lot cleaner than my house.

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  15. DTravelsRound says:

    This hostel looks lovely!! Great post on where you stayed! I love hostels — especially the ones with outdoor common areas and kitchens!

  16. I love the pictures of this hostel. It may be simple but very charming with the bright colors! I’ve had my share of nasty, horrible hostels, but most are great and I love the community atmosphere it provides to solo travelers.

  17. This is such a pretty hostel! I know Shaun and I are wanting to go through there so I definitely have to look this place up! <3

  18. Michael Hodson says:

    colorful spot — and men snore more than women??!! Well damn, that probably is true

  19. Globetrottergirls says:

    Thanks for mentioning it – I had to find it right away! Day 9 – wow, that was a long time ago!! You were still at the very beginning of your trip… Glad to hear other people liked it too – Barbara from Hole in the Donut is also a fan of La Candelaria, btw.

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      I know I thought spending 4 days somewhere was eternity, how little I knew back then!

  20. This looks gorgeous. I’m planning to go to Mexico next year, so thanks for the great tips!

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      You will love it, so many travelers think this is one of the best hostels, certainly one of the cleanest!

  21. Hi, I was in this hostel with my son – that was the best experience ever!!!!!! So I returned years later and the lady next door told me it is closed due to some water problems or something like that…I am so happy they open again – anyway…just one question. Have you or your friends stayed in hostels in Ecuador???? Thanks, Jaga

    1. Hi, I was in this hostel with my son – that was the best experience ever!!!!!! So I returned years later and the lady next door told me it is closed due to some water problems or something like that…I am so happy they open again – anyway…just one question. Have you or your friends stayed in hostels in Ecuador???? Thanks, Jaga

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