Where to Eat in Chicago on Your Birthday

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Wondering where to eat in Chicago on your birthday? It’s actually quite an easy choice. 

Guys I’m 40!

Can you freaking believe it.

It feels not so long ago that I was celebrating my 33rd birthday in Nicaragua with a hamburger the size of my head. Seven years passes by so quickly.

I’m not one of those people who worries about turning a certain age. I loved my thirties and all my friends in their forties are amazing.

I decided five years ago on my birthday I would not have children and perhaps it’s because I don’t have children but my life hasn’t changed much.

It feels like I stay the same age.

Although whenever I say that it reminds me on the infamous Matthew MacConanahey quote from Dazed and Confused.

But I’m not going to lie. Thirty-nine sucked. I spent most of it unhappy – at least the last half of it.

Too many tears…too much uncertainty…too much wondering what I was doing with my life.

So I’m ready to symbolically start fresh with a new decade. 40 will be great. I refuse to have another year that was as bad as 39 and I wanted to kick it off with an extreme indulgence.

This year my birthday was on a Sunday but that was perfect. Dave works 6 days a week at Loka but has Sunday off.

I planned everything so that my birthday would be as I wanted it. I wanted it to be in Chicago.

Where to Eat in Chicago on Your Birthday?

I wanted to eat at Alinea.

Alinea is a three-star Michelin restaurant in Chicago and graces every “best restaurant in the world” list.

I first heard about chef Grant Achatz years ago on a podcast.

He shared his story of dealing with stage 4 tongue cancer and losing his sense of taste – the worst thing that could happen to a chef. But also that he only had a 50% chance of survival within 2 years.

That was 2007 and today you’ll find him on every food show from Chef’s Table to Spinning Plates.

Alinea is known as an experience, on its homepage it begins with saying Alinea is not a restaurant…at least, not in the conventional sense. 

I’ve been craving some unconventional inspiration so I booked the 18 course tasting menu.

Where to eat in Chicago on your birthday.

Why Chicago?

Chicago is only two hours away and using Porter Airlines at the city island airport makes it’s a realistic overnight trip.

It’s a quick holiday but a memorable one.

We hadn’t traveled internationally in a while, our meatcation in Italy was so long ago. I wanted to get out of the country with Dave, if only for one day. Chicago was close enough to travel but felt far away.

Many people in Toronto lament that Chicago is the city that Toronto could have been if we hadn’t constructed our ugly Gardiner expressway separating the downtown core from the waterfront.

I have to agree it was a huge mistake.

But Toronto also had two great fires, the first in 1849 and the second in 1904.

Most of our buildings are newer (and ugly) and we don’t have the same beautiful architecture that Chicago has.

Where to eat in Chicago on your birthday
Where to eat in Chicago on your birthday, first start with a treat at your hotel.

Graciously, the Hyatt Centric Miracle Mile invited us to stay for the night to celebrate my birthday in a suite.

Probably the largest suite I’ve stayed in, with a separate room large enough to host a birthday party in our room.

They also helped us find a walkable but not-too-touristy place to eat Chicago deep dish pizza – something new for us.

Where to eat in Chicago on your birthday - starting off with deep dish pizza.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

I’ll leave the location unnamed because we realized we don’t like deep dish pizza and it’s likely not the fault of the establishment.

It should be called a greasy tomato and cheese pie – not pizza.

Maybe we went to the wrong place but I think I’ll tick this off the “Eat this before you die” list and never try it again.

Instead I’d recommending following Lisa’s advice for Chicago’s best non-deep dish pizza. It sounds much better.

Although if I’m wrong please let me know where to go in the comments below.

Chicago deep dish pizza sits in your stomach like a load of bricks.

We tried to walk it off by wandering the streets of Chicago as we needed to make room for the upcoming 18 course meal at Alinea.

But walking wasn’t enough, so we had a long Chicago-style pizza nap just up to the brink of our reservation.

As a side note, here’s what did live up to the hype in the States: 29 Awesome Items on the In-n-Out Burger secret menu.

My Birthday Dinner at Alinea 

As I posted some of the dinner on Instagram stories I started to receive a flood of messages asking for my reviews of Alinea.

Was it worth it? Is it the best food I’ve had? Would I recommend it?

After building Loka for the last two years I’ve really started to question the necessity of any critical review from the New York Times to a local online food writer (actually, many times I trust the local more).

There are too many personal preferences and bias so what one person may love another person could think is only ok.

And how can any one critic be an expert in every type of cuisine. It’s not possible.

I’ve also found that in the rise of social media it appears critics feel threatened with relevance and the need to attract traffic.

Reviews have become unnecessarily savage and cruel in order to stay relevant.

Food journalism has changed and unfortunately a lot of traditional media resorts to click-bait headlines and reviews.

But that is another rant for another day…

Where to eat in Chicago on your birthday

But I will say this, Alinea is definitely an experience.

From the moment you arrive you know you’re there for something special. Service is surprisingly casual but on point.

Many people, like me, are there for a special occasion and you are treated so well. There are theatrics and pageantry and timing which is so precise.

You begin at a communal table, head to the kitchen for a cocktail (very nice touch so you can see the kitchen) and return for a lengthy dinner of modernist cuisine.

Where to eat in Chicago on your birthday

At any tasting menu you’ll find you love some things and hate some things.

Somewhere in the middle I was confused by the progression of the food and felt it started to falter with Korean and Thai flavours or the mastery of illusion of making something look like a rock but in fact it was edible.

But those were only a few courses, which were capped by a grand finale where they crank the music and the kitchen serves the final course.

I don’t want to say too much as it’s a great ending that shouldn’t be spoiled.

It’s wasn’t the best food I’ve ever had but I didn’t go for just the food. I wanted the experience.

But it was the right experience for my birthday. I was surprised by dishes and inspired by their unconventional approach.

So should you go there? I don’t know. But I don’t think I could have chosen a better place. 

So…back to turning 40.

Chicago was a whirlwind 24 hours but I’ve left feeling hopeful. I shed the last bit of misery of 39 and was ready for a fresh start.

But in the end I don’t believe life happens to you. You choose how your life will be.

In 2010 I didn’t like where my life was going so I sold all my possessions, left my job and bought a one-way ticket to Mexico.

Perhaps it doesn’t need to be that drastic now.

But on my birthday I committed to one thing – happiness. I won’t allow another year of tears.  If I don’t like what is happening I will change it.

You can hold me to that.

Where to eat in Chicago on your birthday

Where We Stayed

We liked the location and found it was great for walking around during the day as it was central.

Alinea is a bit of a walk from all hotels so you’ll need a taxi regardless. Staff here were really lovely and we joked that me not liking deep dish wasn’t their fault.

Note: There are two Hyatt’s in Chicago and our taxi driver dropped us off at the wrong one so make sure you give them the address.

Unlike in Toronto, Chicago cab drivers don’t seem to know major hotels or restaurants so be prepared to provide the address anywhere you go.

Read Reviews on TripAdvisor or Check Room Rates on Expedia

Hyatt Centric Miracle Mile
633 North Saint Clair Street, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 60611

Photos of our hotel are (c) Hyatt Centric Miracle Mile.

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  1. Love your honesty and openness. So much I didn’t know about last year. I know you will take charge and find what you are looking for…maybe it’s closer than you realize. Good luck!

  2. Carmie Brogan says:

    Great way to spend your birthday….doing what you want. Who wouldn’t want to hop a plane, fly to a new city and experience a dining feast. Your 40’s should be fabulous.

  3. Though I haven’t been to Alinea, I agree that a meal at some of these restaurants is more about the whole experience than it is about the food. Of course, the food is most always beautifully prepared and executed, but there’s a whole “show” that comes with it.
    I was debating about booking a table for my trip to Chicago with my parents, but we decided not to in the end. I felt like it would be too “out there” for my dad 😉
    P.S. I wish you a fabulous 40th full of success, good things and fun times (and less tears!)! Lots of love!!!!
    P.P.S. I haven’t been to Chicago in probably a decade, and I didn’t enjoy the deep-dish pizza when I went. I was debating if I should give it a 2nd chance. I’m not sure based on your feelings (which were similar to mine).

  4. Catherine Mcdougall says:

    I’ve always loved your posts and the raw style of your writing. Wishing you happiness and peace. I’m grateful to have known you “way back when”. Makes me smile. All the very best . Xx

  5. Ayngelina I look to you as a source of strength and inspiration in an industry that is constantly evolving. Aside from considering you a friend I also really enjoy reading your blog. I think we all need a little refresher sometimes in our lives, a chance to check in with ourselves and find out what’s working and what isn’t. Part of the challenge in working for yourself is that you are ultimately always in charge of where you end up. Most days I consider it a blessing but some days it’s hard and can leave you wondering what you should do next. I admire your openness in this post. It looks like your birthday was absolutely fabulous and I think you started 40 off on the right foot!!!

  6. I’m so sorry to hear that the past year was an unhappy one for you. I’ve had more than one of those come along in my life, and they’re challengings, but also teach us what we’re made of. I’m reminded of Queen Elizabeth’s comment about her own “Annus Horribilis.” I don’t speak Latin, but I guess even the Queen can have a horrible year too. All that said, it was uplifting to see that you’ve chosen happiness for the year (and all the years!) ahead. Wishing you that and more good things, in abundance. Happy birthday!

  7. The 40s are amazing! Thanks for being so open about your struggles. Sometimes we only see the best on social media and forget there are tough parts too.

    I agree about Chicago deep dish, I just don’t get it! But love the city and hope to try Alinea myself someday.

    Wishing you happiness this year!

  8. No idea about your struggles, but I am thinking of you and sending a hug. I love your life but am sad that you’ve been sad. Here’s to happiness-you deserve it!

  9. Loved this Ayngelina! Restaurants are like art (or rather, they ARE art!) – very subjective. What appeals to one won’t appeal to another from the food to the atmosphere but I really enjoyed reading what you had to say.

    I’ve got a few years on you but, the 40s for me, so far, have been pretty alright (knock on wood and all that). They feel like… like you’re suddenly at peace with who you are. You understand what makes you tick and you let go of things that don’t work for you more easily. The old body needs a little extra TLC and I can’t eat the way I used to but that’s all the more reason to embrace positivity and happiness! It helps keep your physical body operating at it’s best! I wish you a decade of awesomeness my lovely friend! xo

  10. Samantha | My Kitchen Love says:

    I don’t know you very well, but I know what it’s like to spend half a year (or longer) in tears, uncertain of who or what I am. Sometimes relaxing on who we used to be or who we thought we ever would become makes living so much more enjoyable (as oppose to tolerable).
    I wish you nothing but laughter and love in figuring out your destiny. Knowing ultimately sometimes just being is enough.

    And yes, on Alena. I was winery touring this past week and some wineries had outstanding wines, while other had outstanding experiences that made the wine taste better than it was.

    All the best!

  11. Gregory George says:

    Been a couple of bad years myself but came out the other end January 2016, and I’m approaching 60! It only gets better!
    And my Chicago friends feel pretty much the same about Alinea: the experience of it all was what they took away, but certainly don’t feel the need to return. ‘There are much better-dining options and experiences here in the city’ is what they told me.

  12. thank you for keeping it real! hope you have a fantastic year!

  13. Alex Steven says:

    The deep dish pizza simply looks mouth watering. Had a lovely time reading your blog. It was really informational and real too. Thanks a ton for sharing.

  14. I can sense the honesty in your post. And having said that Alinea is such an experience, I can’t wait to dine in this restaurant to see what you are talking about. By the way, Congratulations on your 40th birthday.

  15. Happy Belated Birthday! Splurging on a great weekend sounds like it was worth it. Here’s to an amazing year ahead! xo

  16. Belated happy birthday! I hope your enjoyed being thee and those pizza are really mouth watering , would love to try some of those smday soon.

  17. Biplab Bala says:

    Can I have Indian food there?

  18. Great location for birthday party, your article is very detailed. I love it.

  19. aiman Parween says:

    great idea for celebrating your birthday on a trip to Chicago.

  20. Did Alinea offer specific birthday packages to the customers?

    1. Ayngelina Author says:

      No I think a lot of people go for special occasions and I was likely not the only birthday. But they did bring an extra course to celebrate my birthday and it was very sweet.

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