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Ayngelina Brogan in Mexico City

Avoid Tourist Traps and Eat With Locals

I don’t consider myself adventurous. But my life has certainly been an adventure. Nine years ago I left a boyfriend and a career in advertising and bought a one-way ticket to Mexico to travel on a career break. I didn’t speak Spanish and I had no idea where I was going.

Later this site became my full-time job. But I also fell in love with a chef, opened a pop-up restaurant with him and then the first restaurant in Canada funded by Kickstarter. 

When that relationship went south so did I! I’m currently based in Havana writing an independent guide to travel in Cuba.

Maybe I am adventurous?

My goal is to inspire you to lead an adventurous life, but my kind of adventure doesn’t mean hiking Everest. It’s getting out of your comfort zone, traveling to delicious destinations and cooking amazing food at home.

I Won’t Let You Look Like a Stupid Gringo

I don’t call myself a foodie. I’m a food hunter. I’m lucky enough that I can travel places longer, make friends with locals and find out how to get off the tourist track.

I create guides to make you feel comfortable knowing that you can go to a country and know exactly how to order, what to get and how to fit in with local slang. Learn:

* Where locals eat and which restaurants are worth the hype
* How not to look stupid, with local etiquette from what time to eat to how to pay
* Should you haggle over price, when and where it’s appropriate
* How much to tip
* Where to stay

I too love Anthony Bourdain but once he features a place it becomes a tourist trap. He’s famously admitted some places he won’t share because they are that good.

Luckily, I’m nowhere near as famous as Bourdain and so I know my secrets are safe with you!

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Ayngelina Brogan in Victoria BC

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