Viva Cuenca!

Ecuadorian Dancer

Day 216: Cuenca, Ecuador

After a long 14-hour bus ride from Otavalo I arrived in Cuenca on a Saturday night without any idea that it was the beginning of the city’s 190th anniversary of their independence from Spain.

This was not as great as it seemed when the first hostel I tried told me everything in the city was booked, but someone was looking down on me and a wonderful hostel owner saw me wandering the streets and gave me her last hostel dorm bed.

I’m not known to turn down a party so now that I no longer had to sleep in the streets I decided to stay a few days as the celebrations promised to be plentiful.

I was not disappointed as there were throngs of people everywhere, dance troupes and bands lining streets. This afternoon I stumbled upon this parade and was overwhelmed by the energy of this group.


Yes, I definitely think I’ll stay awhile.


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    I was going to say “how fortunate for you to stumble upon this festival” but it seems more unlikely to NOT stumble upon a street festival. It’s one of the things we loved about South / Central America – there seems to be innumerable holidays and festivals.

    Once in Alicante, Spain, we started following a procession (not having any idea where it was going or for what reason) and ended up walking like three miles. We didn’t figure out what was at the end (a statue of a saint or the Mother Mary no doubt) but we had a blast!

    Did you say you almost slept on the streets in Cuenca?! Girl, you crazy!
    No Vacation Required recently posted..Passports with Purpose – Build a Village and Enjoy Paradise

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    YNice one Ayngelina, Cuenca Ecuador is high on our ‘Must do’ list. We spent a magical time in Cuenca Spain some years ago, so exploring it’s namesake in Ecuador draws us. Thanks for the vid and I’ll be reading everything you write on Cuenca.
    Jim recently posted..First steps and new boots

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    Cuenca is a magical place any time of year, but especially during the festivals (Holy Week is the other major festival time here).

    You were definitely lucky (blessed, even) to have found a room. The city is filled from Friday until Monday or Tuesday (especially this year since it was also Day of the Dead on the Tuesday after).

    If you’re still in Ecuador and plan on returning to Cuenca, send us an email or reach us through the contact page on
    Jeff recently posted..Why am I interested in Cuenca


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