Tatamagouche: Nova Scotia’s Foodie Village

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A vibrant artist community and the cutest village in Canada, there are so many things to do in Tatamagouche Nova Scotia all year round.

Tatamagouche is a small village of 2000 people in Nova Scotia, and while it is small it is full of artists, entrepreneurs and creatives.

Located on the Northumberland Shore, which is known for having the warmest beaches in Nova Scotia.

It’s not surprising that Tatamagouche is a popular town to visit.

But it’s not just about beaches, it is close to a golf course, Ski Wentworth and Jost Vineyards

But what may surprise you is that this small village also has so much great food!

Watch the video!

Creamery Square building

Brief History of Tatamagouche

Tatamagouche is the anglicized version of the Mi’kmaq name Takǔmegoochk.

It loosely translates to meeting of the waters, which could represent the meeting of the French and Waughs rivers.

Its European history goes back to the Acadians in the 18th century although it was brief as their homes were burned in 1755.

Today the dykelands remain and some names continue to have French names.


Tatamagouche was later known in the shipbuilding industry followed by the railway and the Tatamagouche Creamery, which supported over 1000 local farmers and made the region famous for its butter.

Unfortunately the railway tracks were removed in 1986 and became what we know as Canada’s Great Trail.

The Creamery closed in 1992.

You’d think all of this would destroy a village. But instead it has since flourished with art and entrepreneurship.

And despite being so small, it is one of the most popular villages in Nova Scotia.

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    Tatamagouche Chowder House seafood chowder on table

    Tatamagouche Restaurants + Bakeries

    The central area of Tatamagouche is small and very walkable. Park your car and spend some time strolling between food stops!

    Chowder House

    Although most tourists visit Nova Scotia in hopes of a lobster dinner elbow to elbow with locals, we eat lobster at home.

    The true local experience is eating chowder, because there are so many kinds and everyone has their own preferences.

    MAKE IT AT HOME: Nova Scotia Chowder

    And so going into the Chowder House in Tatamagouche we had high hopes and the restaurant lived up to its name!

    It is definitely one of the top 3 chowders I’ve had in the last year.

    If you’re wondering, the other two are in Yarmouth and Cape Breton.

    265 Main St, Tatamagouche, NS B0K 1V0

    Tipperary Cafe maple latte and breakfast sandwich

    Tipperary Bakery & Cafe

    I’ve been to this small café a few times. They always have interesting seasonal drinks, like this maple cider latte and they have great food and sweets.

    Unfortunately they are closing soon but until then they are serving Meeting Waters Coffee, so if you like what you’re drinking you can pick up roasted organic fair trade beans to go.

    Hopefully a new spot will move in!

    259 Main St, Tatamagouche, NS B0K 1V0

    Dexter from Dexter's bitcher shop

    Dexter’s Butcher Block

    Although Tatamagouche Brewing doesn’t have a food menu, they didn’t mind me bringing in my own.

    I popped next door to Dexter’s Butcher Block as I had heard he made great sandwiches for only $5.

    EASY RECIPE: Homemade Pancetta

    Service was so friendly and I love the modern decor here. The most popular options are black forest ham and smoked meat.

    They aren’t fancy sandwiches but they are really tasty and go well with a pint.

    233 Main St, Tatamagouche, NS B0K 1V0

    Sugar Moon dining room interior

    Sugar Moon

    A working maple farm, woodlot and restaurant halfway between Tatamagouche and Truro, Sugar Moon is a great place to spend a day.

    You can stop in for a maple inspired comfort food and you can easily book/pay on the website. At the moment it is take out only but dining in should return in the future when it is safe.

    Until then the weather is beautiful for take out, if cassoulet is on the menu definitely get it!

    There’s also a store to pick up, a variety of different types of maple syrup, maple butter and maple cookbooks.

    But first I recommend working up an appetite.

    Take one of the beautiful hikes – the 6.8km Rogart Mountain Trail loop OR the easier but just as beautiful 4km Jane’s Falls loop.

    I also appreciate on the website they acknowledge that they live in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People.

    221 Alex MacDonald Rd, Tatamagouche, NS B0K 1V0

    Ayngelina holding beer from Tatamagouche Brewing

    Tatamagouche Brewery

    A family opened business, Tatamagouche Brewing makes small batches of organic beer.

    It’s so popular you’ll find it throughout Nova Scotia but not all of the seasonal varieties so it’s worth coming in.

    It’s a small shop with a few tables inside and one or to on a makeshift side patio. But it is very busy as locals come in to get beer to go.

    235 Main St, Tatamagouche, NS B0K 1V0

    Appleton Chocolate exterior

    Food Shopping in Tatamagouche

    There are lots of great entrepreneurs in Tatamagouche making products from local food.

    Bring a bag with you so that you can bring some of it home!

    Appleton Chocolates

    A family owned business that uses local maple, berries and other goods combined with fine chocolate from France and Belgium.

    The most popular items are the maple wild blueberry truffles. The ruby chocolate fossil bar is worth trying as are the many varieties of truffles and chocolate bars.

    261 Main St, Tatamagouche, NS B0K 1V0

    Tatamagouche Ice Creamery

    Tatamagouche Ice Creamery

    Most ice cream in Nova Scotia is made by the same producer so I love that there is a local ice cream shop in Tatamagouche.

    This is a small batch, ice cream business that makes so many fantastic flavours it’s tough to choose.

    The cranberry orange ice cream is perfect for autumn!

    In warm weather there is a shop on main street but you can also find small tubs of their creamy goods at Jamieson’s General Store.

    271 Main St, Tatamagouche, NS B0K 1V0

    Jamieson’s General Store

    THE spot for all things local.

    Lots of shops say they support local but Jamieson’s is the type of place where you will discover local products you’ve never seen anywhere else.

    They have local meat, dairy, produce and preserves.

    Almost everything is from Nova Scotia except for cod from Fogo Island and some grain from New Brunswick.

    Located in Creamery Square, this is a special spot and definitely a must visit!

    44 Creamery Rd, Tatamagouche, NS B0K 1V0

    Tatamagouche Farmers’ Market

    Open Saturdays from 9am-1pm, it’s next door to Jamieson’s General Store and is a great spot to meet local vendors.

    The region has a rich history in farming. So don’t rush your visit here as you’ll find everything from pies to apothecary.

    41 Creamery Rd, Tatamagouche, NS B0K 1V0

    Earltown General Store exterior

    Earltown General Store

    If you’re heading from Tatamagouche to Truro don’t blink as you go through downtown Earltown in the Cobequid Mountain hills.

    The Earltown General Store is a food lover’s paradise with a mix of local baked goods, preserves and international ingredients and spices that are hard to find in Nova Scotia.

    It’s the perfect spot to grab a road trip cookie. If you’re lucky they’ll have bacon fat molasses cookies.

    5556 NS-311, Tatamagouche, NS B0K 1V0

    Masstown Market Butcher Shop

    Masstown Market

    This spot actually isn’t in Tatamagouche but it’s such an iconic local spot in Colchester County you don’t want to miss it.

    On one side of the road the market is full of fresh produce, groceries, a great spot to buy plants and a cafeteria style restaurant with good seafood chowder.

    And the newest addition across the street is home to the butcher and creamery.

    There are lots of local and hard to find items. It is definitely a hot spot for foodies.

    10622, Nova Scotia Trunk 2, Debert, NS B0M 1G0

    Butter Trail bridge

    The Butter Trail

    While it’s not literally a trail of butter, it is a great way to spend your time between meals.

    The Butter Trail is a 5km stretch of the Great Trail – which is a trail in Canada that stretches from coast to coast and is the longest recreational trail in the world.

    It’s great all year round and gives some spectacular views of the region.

    Tatamagouche train station inn room car

    Where to Stay in Tatamagouche NS

    Perhaps one of the most unique places to stay in Tatamagouche is the Train Station Inn.

    The railway cars have been converted into hotel rooms and still sit on tracks and there is a dining car.

    The station is now a cafe, museum and gift shop. If you can’t get reservations to stay overnight you can eat here.

    But book reservations as it is popular.

    Although we stopped in at the Train Station Inn to check it out, they were (not surprisingly) fully booked.

    So we stayed at the Balmoral Motel, which seems to be doing so well with new ownership.

    Rooms have been renovated and are a great price, there is also an onsite cafe with fantastic pastries.

    Photo of street art in Tatamagouche

    Tatamagouche Weather

    Tatamagouche is a very popular cottage area because of its warm waters.

    Like most of Nova Scotia it tends to have its warmest weather June through September.

    But it’s also a fantastic spot for winter activities with Ski Wentworth nearby and many cross country ski along the Butter Trail and snowshoe at Sugar Moon.

    Like all of Nova Scotia, Tatamagouche may have heavy snow at times.

    So you should absolutely have snow tires on your car, and some days AWD wouldn’t hurt.

    Top view of a plate of Cape Breton crab cakes garnished with dill

    Looking for Nova Scotian Recipes?

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