50 Best Christmas Cookies From Around the World

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Looking to step up for your holiday dessert game? Consider making some of the best Christmas cookies from around the world.

I grew up making my grandmother’s cherry balls in the Maritimes. And I know others in Canada had special Christmas macaroons or maple bacon shortbreads.

And Christmas in Cuba is not complete without crema de vie and another cherry cookie recipe called torticas de navidad.

But I started to wonder about other Christmas cookies from around the world. Cookies are found everywhere. But they can be really different depending on where you are, the availability of flour and other ingredients.

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So we reached out to our community of food writers and asked them about international Christmas cookie recipes.

Here are thirty six great Christmas cookies from around the world. Some of the Christmas cookies were passed down from previous generations.

Other Christmas cookies are inspired by travel. All are somewhat easy to make and have fantastic stories.


Great holiday cookies around the world, using classic Christmas recipes from different countries.

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  1. Valen Dawson says:

    Your article has given me a great idea for this year’s cookie exchange. I’m going to ask everyone to bring a cookie from around the world to have more of a cultural experience. Thank you!!

  2. I have never heard of the Mexican Buñuelos before, but they sounds SO SO good!!

  3. Fiona Maclean says:

    I’ve always loved those German gingerbread biscuits. I tend to hoard them when they are in the shops to eat later in the year! But the one I most want to try is the aniseedy Mexican Buñuelos

  4. Love this post, a glorious tour around the world via Christmas cookies! It’s lovely to see the shapes, the flavours and learn a bit more about them all!

  5. Really love this post! What a wonderful way to travel the world via its kitchens, seeing all the shapes, flavours and styles of these lovely Christmas cookies!

  6. Ah, the Italian fig cookies! I look forward to them every Christmas and love the tradition of a taste of family.

    I always say that not all sight seeing is done with your eyes and this post reminds me of that! I like to get the kids ready for a trip by reading, learning, and talking about our destination before we leave. Food is a GREAT way to get everyone thinking about vacations! Next year’s trip is to Greece and we’ll be using this recipe for Melomakarona to get us thinking about it!

  7. Sukhdham Yatri Bhavan says:

    Thank you for sharing such a delicious cookies for Christmas from all over the world.

    Sukhdham Yatri Bhavan in Haridwar is a modern Dharamshala located near the railway station on banks of the Holy river, Ganga.

  8. Charles McCool says:

    Awesome theme, stepping up your Christmas cookie exchange. I love the idea of spicing up the cookies. Now I need to actually go to one of these exchanges, because I have great ammunition.

    Travel Happy from McCoolTravel.com

  9. Kul kuls it similar with Indonesian cookies , hmm.. want to know the recipes

  10. mosantravel says:

    Here i find coconut cherry which is my most favorite food.I like it very much.iI is a very testy food.

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