30 Summer Drinks that are Perfectly Pink

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Refreshing drinks that are pink are always a hit at gatherings. But these summer cocktails are so easy to make that you’ll want them all year round.

I do not consider myself girly or ultra feminine BUT I do like a good looking summer cocktail.

And this may be the year of pink cocktails as my rosé sangria recipe is on fire on Pinterest. I wrote that drink recipe a few years ago as I am so tired of sickly sweet sangria.

But this one isn’t sweet. It’s refreshing and easy to make.


I’ve learned that the colour of pink drinks tend to signal that they aren’t as sweet as others, like red drinks with lots of raspberries or strawberries.

They often use club soda or sparkling water to make a lighter pink cocktail recipe.

Last year I experimented with rhubarb recipes and discovered that the tart fruit makes for a fantastic cocktail base with an easy simple syrup.

19 DELICIOUS: Rhubarb Drinks

So whether you are looking for summer cocktails, Valentine’s Day, Easter or Mother’s Day I think I have you covered with these easy pink drink recipes.



Easy pink drink recipes that will please a crowd. Refreshing and light, these will be the hit of any party.

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